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1. Biria Basket Hooks Removable Bicycle

Biria Basket Hooks Removable Bicycle

It's possible to re-locate. The frame of most handlebars is not easily damaged. Water resistant bag can be removed from the metal frame when not in use. The children basket is made of wire mesh. The distance between the hooks is 3. 18 Inches or 8CM. This is a small basket that has only a few dimensions. It's easy to put on with the swing up handle. White is the color. The basket is made of plastic coated. The Best Kids Bike Baskets are smaller to fit on kids bikes, which is why they love them. Some options come with playful emoji decals, which are available in a variety of bright colors for boys and girls. They have a handle for off the bike as well.

Brand: Biria

👤The box was smashed and the basket was damaged. The basket is bent, not sure if the damage is the reason the handle doesn't move easily, but it's very stiff in movement. Had to request an exchange. My daughter wanted to use this for a bike ride. It is a good size for her bike and is cute. The packaging and basket were in great condition when the replacement arrived. The handle is a bit better. We had to bend the hooks to make it fit the handlebars, and drill a small hole to make it sit against the neck. The small hole made the basket sit right. It's cute, it works after some modification, and my daughter likes it.

👤My daughter wanted a basket for her bike, but she didn't want the typical plastic, babyish baskets they sell at the store. This is perfect! My husband squeezed the handles down onto the bike bars to make it stable, and because it's metal, it doesn't get damaged by the sun or the rain. She uses it to carry things. Her friends have been asking where we got it.

👤The item arrived on time and was undamaged. I had to bend the hooks a bit to get them onto the bike, but that helped secure them to the frame better. My daughter transferred the basket to 2 other bikes after it was bought. Over time, the paint has held up well and hasn't faded.

👤The basket is small and cute. It installs quickly. The basket bounces off the bike when hit by a bump. The connection to the bike is not great if you have bumps on your ride. The baskets are secured with zip ties.

👤The fit is perfect for my daughter's bike. The handle bar has padding over it. The snug fit is just right. I follow on foot and fit three boxes of Girl Scout cookies for her. She likes to have a basket on her bike. I haven't had it long but it feels sturdy and I hope it can transfer to her next bike when she grows into another one. I would buy again.

👤This is a good basket. You can't fit the helmet inside. It holds a phone and a snack. It is small. A little kids bike is what I would recommend.

👤I know it's for kids. It's perfect on my adult bike. This is perfect because I wanted a bottle of water. I can fit other things as well. It's useful, but not as big as the larger adult baskets.

👤It was small and made everything look awkward. There is a The phone and keys are woven steel.

👤It arrived bent and had to return. It would have been nice. A tad pricey.

2. Basket Streamers Bicycle Tassels Accessories

Basket Streamers Bicycle Tassels Accessories

The bicycle baskets are hand-woven and have flaws that can be washed with water. Kids bike decorations set. Every child will be happy to decorate their bicycle and show off to the buddy, a simple and interesting way to enjoy their childhood times. The bike basket size is not known. The gift is a big basket so kids can bring their favourite toys with them. It's easy to install. You can attach the basket on your kids bike with the help of 2 straps on the back. The basket is strong and safe to keep on the bike. Kids will be happy to show off their basket. The bike streamer is beautiful. When your girl rides a bike or scooter, blue streamers will wave. It is like a smart elf. Your kids should be more attractive when riding. It's very easy to install, can fit all models. The present is wonderful. It is a pleasure to decorate the bike, choose it as a birthday and school opening gift, or a new year gift to your kids. The decorations set will make every kid happy.

Brand: Irichna

👤My daughter is very excited about the additions to her bike. Can't wait until the weather clears up so she can ride again. The little girl's bike is complete without streamers.

👤This was the final touch up for her bike. It looks brand new. She loves the basket. The price is pretty good.

👤Excellent quality for the price. My granddaughter loves the set on her bike.

👤The basket was made from junk. The plastic will most likely break in a week. Not worth anything. Not worth $5.

👤So far, so good. I attached it with white zip ties. It was easier than the ones provided.

3. YMhoart Handlebar Detachable Children Tricycle

YMhoart Handlebar Detachable Children Tricycle

Washed with water. The product has braided joints, which will not affect the use. It's suitable for children's bicycles of 12-16 inches. There is an error of -0.2in in the size 9.1. It's suitable for children's bicycles of 12-16 inches. It's suitable for children's bicycles of 12-16 inches. The wicker basket has 2 straps that can be adjusted to fix the basket on the handlebars. It's suitable for children's bicycles of 12-16 inches. It is normal to have joints and fall wicker, which does not affect the use or appearance. It's suitable for children's bicycles of 12-16 inches. The actual product will prevail over the product color.

Brand: Ymhoart

👤It's what I wanted it to be, it's cheap, but it's not perfect, it's nice, but it's on the cheap side. The price was good, I signed up for that. I won't complain much.

👤The basket is cute, but the quality is not 5-star. It will be fine.

👤My granddaughter likes this basket. She is able to carry her water bottle on her trike. The construction of the basket is top-notch and the leather straps attached it easily.

👤I didn't realize this was a kids size basket. I was surprised at how small it is. I needed a tandem bike. I will send this back. It would only fit a small stuffed animal and a cell phone, so it would be perfect for your child.

👤This is a bike accessory that I love.

👤It was too small for an adult beach cruiser.

4. Qiuhome Handlebar Bicycle Streamers Accessories

Qiuhome Handlebar Bicycle Streamers Accessories

The bicycle baskets are hand-woven and have flaws that can be washed with water. The basket is pink. The bow knot is great. The basket is handmade. Attach the basket on your bicycle with the help of 2 straps. The bike accessories for kids are easy to install and compatible with most bikes. Don't worry about losing the accessories, they can be attached with ease. Children can put their toys and snacks in the basket to share with their friends. Colorful streamers fly in the wind as you ride your bike. This is a bicycle accessory for a girl. She can carry around her items while pedaling around town.

Brand: Qiuhome

👤My daughter loves them. The basket hooks on with something similar to a ziptie. It came loose once, but only once.

👤Muy bonito, pero demasiado finito.

👤I bought a bicycle for my granddaughter, but it didn't come with a basket. This was a great fit for a toddler bicycle.

👤Good but cheap.

👤I got these for my niece's bike. She loved it that they fit perfectly.

👤I wanted to give it to a little girl. She loved the color and glitter.

👤It was very weak and lasted one bike ride.

👤The g baby loved this addition to her bike.

5. YL TraV Bicycle Scooter Balance

YL TraV Bicycle Scooter Balance

The plastic is strong and durable. Even kids can do it. It's easy to remove. It's a good way to hold small items on the ride. The bright color and cool pattern is right for them. It fits most bicycle handlebars. Installation dimensions: handlebar diametre: 22.2mm. The perimetre is 70mm. Smaller or larger size may not fit in. The deal is suitable for children.

Brand: Yl Trav

👤It works great on an adult bike. It's perfect for putting a phone, wallet, and keys in, among other small items.

👤The perfect size for my son's tricycle. It is secured enough that it won't fall off.

👤I did not fit my toddler's bike. The hooks were too long and the bike didn't have a top bar, so they hit the front wheel. The hooks were too small and difficult to put on, scratching some paint off in the process. The plastic of the basket and hook was thick and sturdy. If your child's bike has a smaller top bar, this is a better fit.

👤My son's bike is perfect. He likes it.

👤This product is easy to install and sturdy. My grandson likes this basket.

👤I was worried about the quality of the product. It is a sturdy basket. The clips are very strong.

👤I had to find other resources to hang the basket after only having one yellow handle.

👤My son likes this basket and so far it has held up. We attached the bike with zip ties because the attachment was too big for the smaller bike.

6. Toddler Tricycle Bicycles Baskets Accessories

Toddler Tricycle Bicycles Baskets Accessories

The bag is made of water-resistant fabrics and zippers. The bicycle basket size is not known. The basket is about the size of a bike and it's a great gift for Christmas and birthdays. The basket is fixed to the head tube of the bicycle, it has obvious advantages in stability, because they use a new bike basket holder. The basket was mounted on the handlebars of the bicycle. When riding it is more stable. lightweight Fix the bicycle basket to the head tube so that the weight of the items in the basket will not be on the handlebars when the kids are riding. The bike basket is easy to install. The bike basket can be installed with a screwdriver. It's very convenient. The bike basket is easy to install. The bike basket can be installed with a screwdriver. It's very convenient. Anti-corrosion. The bicycle basket is painted to prevent it from corroding. The bell can be placed on the handlebars of children's bikes.

Brand: Roetelo

👤The basket is of good quality. The design of the mounting hardware is poor. The hardware in the box has bolts and nuts. The reason they tell you to secure the basket multiple times is because a phillips head won't let you crank down that hard. It doesn't come with a wrench to hold the nut while securing, relying on the flange and hope to hold the nut from turning. You can potentially scratch the metal when you turn the bolt. There is a I replaced the bolts holding the basket to the frame with a washer and used locking nuts to prevent them from shaking themselves loose. I used two tools to tighten it. It's made of scuplture and will protect from rust. I attached zip ties from the top of the basket to the handle bars. It's not possible to fit this in my frame. anyway I went a little higher on the handle bar. I stuck a couple rubber pads to the top because it's a little loose and it scratches the paint when you use it. Closes more securely now.

👤It was perfect for the scooter basket. I was looking for a small thing. Sturdy but a bit heavy. Bolts are easy to install. The bell and screw driver were included. I would have given a 5 for the bolts.

👤I wish I'd looked at the neck of the bike I wanted to mount it on. I have another bike that I can use. It seems very well-made, but not as large as I 888-276-5932s I wanted to be able to put a helmet inside so it wouldn't be stolen while my daughter was in school.

👤I bought it for my scooter as the one they sell from the factory was big. I ordered this one because the screw holes were perfect for the mount brackets under my seat. Just what I wanted.

👤I didn't put the bell on. My friend bought the same bike with the same basket as my friends.

👤I bought this basket for my daughter. Fit is perfect! She holds her bottle and mine.

👤The basket has hardware that does not fit toddlers bikes. I used black zip ties. It's still worth it.

👤A good solid basket that is more suited to a male. The straps are easy to attach.

7. MattiSam Bike Handlebar Basket Pocket

MattiSam Bike Handlebar Basket Pocket

Protect your belongings. Do you need a bag that can hold a lot of things? Here you are! The bag is stylish because it has the top wider than the bottom, which adds more volume. A water-resistant bike cooler. Do you need to carry food? It keeps your lunch warm or keeps juice cold. Iced juice is great to drink immediately after riding. Yes! You can use your phone while riding. Someone calls you while you are riding. The bike phone holder allows you to answer the call, view the map, and switch songs without taking the phone out. The phone test passed with a score of 6.5. The Night Ride Protector is a product. You are safe now! The reflective straps on this bike handlebar bag make you very visible at night. Car drivers can see you and avoid you. The latest Quality has been upgraded. The 600D Oxford fabric is Sturdy. The bicycle basket is secured with 2 3 reinforced straps. It's suitable for most of the bikes. It is mounted on the handlebars and will not rub your knees. 4 Don't worry, you will receive a magic strap to organize the brake cables, they won't affect the installation of the bag.

Brand: Mattisam

👤I love it so much. It is medium size and perfect for carrying small items like keys, phone, a shirt for changing after riding, and the walls of the bag look like somehow insulated and waterproof, that is what I wanted. Extra pockets on the side hold other items and the mounting was easy. I like the free gifts, a magic scarf? I use the straps to tie my trousers so that they won't be rolled into the chain and stained with oil. I don't think the reflective stripes are bad. The bag works well.

👤This bag is light. I like that I can keep a cold drink in the insulated part of the bike, it was hanging too low on the front of the bike, but it works perfectly on the inside. I can see my phone on the screen.

👤The first thing you need to do is make two adjustments, because the straps are too long and the design is simple. The clear cover on top is blindingly shiny, so I luckily found a translucent, matt-finish shopping bag and cut a piece of it to fit over the cover with double stick tape. It is no longer shiny. If you are willing to work with these small design flaws, it is a sturdy bag that is just the right size.

👤Small but efficient. Can hold three bottles of water. The phone can be used without having to take it out. There is a The cables in front of the handlebars made it difficult to attach to the front handlebars. It ended up between the cables because you can't see your phone. I don't have to look at my phone for mileage or trail maps. There is a It is ok for the price.

👤The straps do not work. You have to stop frequently on the road to tighten and fix it because the bag cannot take much weight and keeps coming off.

👤I bought this because it was the cheapest option, but it turned out to be an amazing bag for my bike. I like to have my phone maps up on my phone so I can see where I am going. I can keep my food cold on the way to work. I can trust that the bike will stay intact because you can easily wrap the pieces around it. It was a good bang for the buck.

👤I went back for another bag. I returned because of the delayed shipping. I was glad I did since the transparent plastic doesn't allow you to use your phone like the one I ended up with.

👤If you put your phone on top of clear plastic, it will get hot in the sun. The side pocket is used with the mesh. There is room for all my stuff in the bag.

👤It's not hard to get it on the handle bars, the quality is good. If you want to have your phone inside the transparent pouch on the top and actually follow a map on the phone, it is impossible to get the proper tilt toward the rider as it always tilt forward to an angle that make the phone' It won't tilt properly on a bike with different cable configurations.

8. Toddler Tricycle Accessories Decoration Accessorieskit

Toddler Tricycle Accessories Decoration Accessorieskit

The basket comes with a plastic body, which is easy to clean. The weight is approximately 4.9 ounces and the size is approximately 6.3 inches. The product is a little different. Man-made plastic is Woven. The product is more comfortable to hold. Two leather buckles on the back are easy to disassemble. The spacing of the leather buckle is fixed. The leather is soft. The basket is suitable for bicycles of 12 to 14 inches. Before buying, be sure to check the size of the product. Washed with water. The product has braided joints, which will not affect the use.

Brand: Ymhoart

👤The basket is cute. I bought a few. They fit a phone and drink. Good quality. One person is on a bike and she drops it a lot.

👤The first day of use, one string came out. Looks like we'll return it. If you put an 18 ounce water bottle in it's dying state with its weight, it will jump out quickly. The basket is called TINY.

👤The description was not clear enough for me to see that it is a very small basket. I would have kept it if I had a girl, but there was no use for it in my household.

👤I should have looked into it more. It is plastic and very small.

👤The price for a plastic basket was overpriced.

👤The basket is large and made of material that I liked. Synthetic is better because it holds up to the weather and rain. The leather straps hold it in place. Quality and value are important. Thank you!

👤The color is beige and has buen material.

9. ONEVER Handlebar Basket Bicycle Accessory

ONEVER Handlebar Basket Bicycle Accessory

The pattern is lovely. The wicker basket is healthy and safe. The food in the frame is not at risk of being contaminated by the basket. It is important to create a happy and healthy childhood for your children. The size is 6.9inch. The natural wicker weave is waterproof and soft, and can be used in all weather. It is easy to clean. One-step easy installation. The installation is done by snapping on the handlebars with the two mounting buckles on the back. You can easily adjust the length of the buckle. A multifunctional recreational basket. The basket can be put on the bike. The basket can hold books, stationery, school bags and food. You can take this container to the beach or pool. After-sales guaranteed. If you have a question, you can consult at any time. You will get the best answer to any questions you have.

Brand: Onever

👤It was very cute and well made. I would have liked to have ordered the larger size. A young child's bike is more suited for the small size.

👤It was great, while it lasted. I could tell the quality wasn't great but it was what I wanted for my daughter's bike. She has been using it for 2 months now and this is the result after a couple of falls. It didn't last very long. I would not purchase it again because I want to use it.

👤I ordered a large and small for my girls bikes. The small and large were perfect for my girls bikes. It took a long time to get to us but it was worth it.

👤My daughter has a Trek mountain bike. The quality was good. The basket color had an orange tint. We wanted the black straps on the basket to be shown in the picture.

👤The basket is easy to use. The color of the faux leather straps is ugly. It doesn't look like real wicker. It looks like anorangy. I would prefer a more natural look. The size is perfect for a 5 year old bike, and it fits a small teddy bear inside.

👤I was looking for a basket that was small. I put it on the child's bike so he could take some of his treasures with him. The leather straps are sturdy and can be attached to the handlebars.

👤The basket is not good. I received it and it was falling apart, but the shape was completely off. The front is oddly shaped. It took months for it to be delivered.

👤The kids were ordered the wrong size. It's small. I was not able to use it for what I needed. There is an adult size available.

10. Schwinn SW75328 6PK Bicycle Basket

Schwinn SW75328 6PK Bicycle Basket

The easy assembly-Royal Baby is pre-assembled with an instruction manual and tools in the box. It fits most bicycle handlebars. Personal items should be brought along for the ride. Assembly and removal are easy with the use of straps.

Brand: Schwinn

👤A great basket. It contains chemicals that are not good for you. The information was printed on the label but not mentioned in the online posting. Had I known, I wouldn't have bought this. Consider another option if this concerns you. The basket is very cute. Good size for toys and dolls.

👤Cute. There are cute lights that flash when going over abump. There is no way to change the battery when it dies. There is a The straps that attach it to the handlebars are very chintzy. I used zip ties.

👤The ties used to hold the basket on the bike don't work. I gave up on it on the first day. Some reviews say that they needed to use zip ties to keep the basket on. I need to buy some before I can attach it again. The basket is large and lights up nicely. Ties need to be improved to keep it attached. If zip ties are what everyone ends up using, why not give them?

👤This basket has been very enjoyable for us. My daughter wanted a princess bike with a basket for her dolls and we wanted her to have a better quality bike, so this was a great addition to her bike. It uses cheap bolts, so I think better bolts could help keep it on the bike. I am using the ones that came with it. She puts her toys in a basket and takes them around. The lights on the flower are nice, but they won't last forever. They still light up when we use this for three months.

👤I bought this basket for my daughters. It fits perfectly on my daughter's 20 inch bike. My older daughter has a 24 inch mountain bike. I like the size because she can't over load it with big items that might distract her while riding. It is a cheap basket. It's holding up well. I used zip ties instead of straps to make it more secure. The colors are bright. My girls love their baskets and that's what matters in the end.

👤I bought this for my 4 year old daughter because she wanted a basket to hold her water bottle and other items when we go scootering for longer distances. I was willing to take a chance because I wasn't sure if it would work. The package was in good shape when we received it. My daughter was excited because the flowers lit up. The basket was easy to install. There are two plastic straps around the handle bar. It was easy. We have had the basket for almost a year now and it looks new even though we have a 4 year old. This basket is very good. Schwinn makes good stuff.

👤It's easy to install. I secured the basket with zip ties after reading reviews from other buyers. The attachment device that comes with the basket looks unreliable. There is a The basket is very cute. Not too big or too small. The flowers are light up. When the bike moves, they light up.

11. MINI FACTORY Crystal Stickers Bicycle Handlebar

MINI FACTORY Crystal Stickers Bicycle Handlebar

The Best Kids Bike Baskets are smaller to fit on kids bikes, which is why they love them. Some options come with playful emoji decals, which are available in a variety of bright colors for boys and girls. They have a handle for off the bike as well. Children can have fun creating and designing their own bike basket. Extra storage within easy reach allows kids to bring their personal items with them on the ride. Small personal items like water bottle, toys, snacks and other small items can be held in this way. Premium materials, light-weight, easy to install. Bike gift accessories for kids. It fits most bikes. The basket is 7.5" x 4.5" The package includes a pink basket and cute bling crystal stickers.

Brand: Mini-factory

👤I bought this for my daughter. She used to decorate it with stickers, but they fell off after she applied, so she gave it 4 stars instead of 5. The basket is sturdy and the main purple flower is still intact. She can collect treasures during the bike ride if she has her bike.

👤My 6-year old picked out the basket and we had to get it. You will need to glue the handles in. The gems are cute, but they won't stay in place unless you glue them on. You will need to tie the basket onto the bike. The basket is large enough to hold a small stuffed animal and a water bottle, and my daughter wanted it so we kept it.

👤My daughter is not happy with this product. The flower was not in the basket. She can stick it on herself. There is no sticky on the flower, so no dice. The slick surface of the basket does not allow for manipulating it. The fluff of the flower would be ruined by glue that requires a certain amount of clamping.

👤My 5 year old loves it. She hasn't noticed that some Stickers fell off, but most are still on. It's easy to clip to bike and hold water bottles.

👤It's not strong enough to stay in its own. The hooks don't stay attached when the jewels fall off. The basket had to be tied to the bike with pink hooks. My 3 year old loves it.

👤My 6 year old was happy. The basket was decorated with flowers and stickers. She was able to share her second basket with her little sister because of the pretty stickers that fall off easily. It is on the smaller side, but large enough to hold a light jacket.

👤Handlebar clips don't fit. To go over the bar's rubber grip is too small.

👤The basket is easy to assemble. There are a lot of stickers for decorations. The flower is secured to the basket with the help of a strip of glue. Good purchase for the price.

👤The stickers were as advertised.


What is the best product for bicycle basket kids?

Bicycle basket kids products from Biria. In this article about bicycle basket kids you can see why people choose the product. Irichna and Ymhoart are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle basket kids.

What are the best brands for bicycle basket kids?

Biria, Irichna and Ymhoart are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle basket kids. Find the detail in this article. Qiuhome, Yl Trav and Roetelo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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