Best Bicycle Basket Front Handlebar Womens

Handlebar 6 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. DockMoor Handlebar Woven Basket Adjustable Accessories

DockMoor Handlebar Woven Basket Adjustable Accessories

You can return the front bicycle basket for any reason within 90 days after purchase. Please contact them if you have any questions, your satisfaction has always been their service principle. The basket is classic casual. The handlebars can be attached with leather straps. Storage and decorative function are provided for outdoor leisure activities. Light and durable. L-Size is for adult. L x W x H is the size. A great container holds food, books, flowers, bags and other items.

Brand: Dockmoor

👤There are fake leather straps and holes in the plastic basket. We won't made at all.

👤I will put my puppy in the basket on my bike tomorrow and go for a ride. Thanks.

2. Retrospec Bicycles Rectangular Authentic Leather

Retrospec Bicycles Rectangular Authentic Leather

Their baskets are woven with cane to stay strong. The rectangular shape was influenced by the century-old baskets. The basket is attached to the front handlebars with authentic leather straps. The dimensions are 14 x 10 and 8.5 inches. There is a suggested weight limit. 5 pounds.

Brand: Retrospec

👤I bought this product for my daughter's bike. She uses her bike to commute to school and work. Her bike is only exposed to the elements in the day time. She only used it for two months before it fell apart. The product was disappointing.

👤I bought this basket for my wife. She just started using it. If you intend on using this basket, look elsewhere. My wife loaded her basket with one beach towel, one blue tooth radio, and one beach towel, and we were on our way to the beach. The wicker in the basket started to rip as she went to the beach, and by the time she got home there was a big hole in the basket, which was attached to the handle bar area. For the price of this basket, I expected better quality, but I think that is my fault. You are looking for quality, so look elsewhere.

👤The dog and I love this basket. It's the perfect size for my handbag, for trips to the library, and for putting books in. It's a great place for bike rides. It is heavy duty and sturdy. It fits the bike handlebars perfectly and it doesn't drag on the front wheel when it has stuff in it.

👤It feels like a good quality basket. I threaded the artificial flowers through the wicker to add color.

👤If I could, I would give it a 4.5. The wicker and leather handles of the basket will make it hard to find a better one. I found this after a lot of research and it can hold our 8 lbs pom chi. This is perfect for him. In order to support the basket, you need to have the underneath support up front, as noted by another reviewer. The basket is too fragile to hold anything more than cell, keys, and you must have this. The wicker was peeling when I took it out of the box. You'd be hard up to find a better model that can transition to other bike models. There are a lot of reviews for people who want to put their small dog in here and a good idea is to use a dog seat belt and attach one end of their harness and the other with a carabiner to the slack of the leather strap. I wanted to share my thoughts with other dog people. I would say more than 10 lbs is pushing it.

👤I love this basket. It's perfect for my needs on a leisurely bike ride because I don't carry anything heavy in it. I would get a wire basket for heavy groceries. This one is for looks and carry alongs. The size is perfect. There is plenty of room for a small blanket and book. It's a good thing.

👤The basket was broken on a few parts. There is a It is cheap and made in China. As many other items as possible. Is it possible that it will be ripped new in a box? Others commented the same. Cheap, cheap, expensive... This company is all about marketing. I purchased a basket and a bike, both of which gave me headaches. I returned both as they were damaged. There is a This basket is not going to last. Be aware.

3. Chanwei Removable Installation Handlebar Accessories

Chanwei Removable Installation Handlebar Accessories

The quick-release shoulder strap can be quickly and safely removed. Safety warning reflective strips are used for night driving. It is not suitable for road bikes before buying, according to some customer feedback. If you also have the same problem, please contact them. After being left for a few days, there will be a smell. The basket is 33 x 20 x 22 cm and has a folding size of 13*11.8*1.97 inches. Rust Proof Steel Construction. The steel construction of the bicycle basket is anti-rust. The hooks of the bicycle basket are protected from scratching and damaging by using plastic tubes to surround them. It's big enough for carrying a lot of things and easy to fold up. The basket for bikes can carry a lot of things, but it can also be folded to fit in a smaller size for convenient storage. It's easy to install, just push the folded basket a little bit and lift the buckle, it will open in less than 60 seconds. The steel wire they use to make this basket is thick and strong, it has a heavy load of more than 55 lbs, you can carry a large pet with confidence.

Brand: Hoyuuoo

👤I wanted to return the baskets I bought for the back of his bike because they were missing bolts. We went to the hardware store to get them. They don't install on the back of the back like they are advertised. We are trying to find a way to install them. I want to return them, but my grandson likes the way the basket collapses. Very angry. I went to a bike store to see if they could help. I wouldn't buy these baskets again.

👤It arrived on time. Was completely disappointed. . There were no straps for the handles or screws for the basket. I used double tape to keep it in place.

👤These are lifesavers. I try to bike as much as I can, but a backpack is not big enough to hold it all. I have a couple on my bike.

👤There was a missing hardware for one of the baskets. Very sad.

👤I sliced my hand open because it didn't come with instructions for the screws. It was a lot harder than it should have been and I had to have my hand operated on.

👤The front of the bike tends to come unlatched and forward when it hits flop bumps. I wouldn't put anything in there if it broke. It's easy to install and folds away nicely.

👤The basket is spring loaded and opens with a flick of the switch. It's great when you have enough hands to open it with one finger. When not in use, it folds out of the way and opens automatically.

👤The wire basket is perfect for my electric bike.

👤El material se ve resistente. Ademas de una quita. y se monta

👤El producto est una sesin para el precio. el.

4. Colorbasket Handle Basket Resistant Leather

Colorbasket Handle Basket Resistant Leather

The L is 8.25" and the W is 8.5". All weather is standing. Hand-Woven is water resistant and will not crack or splinter, safer for your fingers than wicker baskets, and it is sturdy enough to take. The synthetic cord is safer for your fingers than wicker baskets. There are adjusted pantyhose. Make sure your basket is tightly fastened to your handle bars by using two genuine leather straps in the back of the basket. The straps are strong enough to keep your items safe. It is compatible with a wheelchair, a walker, or even a chair or other railing. Beach outing necessities, food prep produce, and study-sash essentials are in your basket. DIMENSIONS L 14 is the size. The measurement is 5 x W 10. 75"x H 9 There are 2 straps included. The weight limit is 10 lbs. per basket. Will fit school supplies, personal beat boxes, and all mobile devices.

Brand: Colorbasket

👤The basket is beautiful and well made. I decorated it with fall leaves and ribbon and purchased it for my mother's walker, I did not purchase it for a bicycle. It looks cute, it makes her helpful with simple tasks like setting the table, simply load the basket and push yourself back in. The dining room is large. When she walks around the block, she puts her water bottle, keys, glasses, and book in it. She has received a lot of praise for her basket, it has given her back some independence. It was a hit and my mom was very happy to have received it. It is unique and has a retro appeal, I would recommend it to everyone.

👤The basket is deep and strong. I usually load it with a few water bottles, a light jacket and a small tool kit. My only complaint is that it hangs a bit crookedly on my Townie bicycle and it also moves around a bit when I hit bumps. It is functional and attractive. The leather straps on the basket had a slit. The Colorbasket company sent me a replacement after I email them. The customer service was swift.

👤I like this basket. I was interested in the actual wicker ones, but it seemed like they might rot in my climate. I liked the idea of something low maintainance, and I knew there was a chance I would get caught in a sprinkle. The price was good. There is a The basket is attached to my handlebars and I have not had a problem with it bumping around. I usually have my things in the basket. There is a It looks great with my cruiser style bike. I'm very happy I ordered it.

👤The belt buckle type strap is easy to install. The buckles looked cheap compared to the rest of the basket. I love the look of the room I have for my art supplies.

👤She is so flustered. The basket is large but not huge. My fat cat can fit in a small backpack.

👤The shape is very good. I returned it. Please make one with a classic shape.

👤I need a good size for my needs of picking up the mail, carrying a bottle of water, phone, keys and a towel for the pool. The weave is well made and Sturdy. Would buy again.

👤It's a great addition to my bike. I like it! It looks sturdy. You can't tell it's made of high quality plastic. You have to be really careless and negligent if this breaks.

👤It was better than I had thought. Good quality basket, good depth, decent leather straps. My daughter went to the local corner store to get her sports bike.

👤It fits on my bike. The leather straps were wearing out overtime. The basket is strong.

👤The size is great. It fits perfectly on all bikes. I was a bit worried about straps after long use.

👤A friend received this bicycle basket as a gift. She looks great on her bike.

5. MOHEGIA Basket Front Handlebar Waterproof Baskets Natural

MOHEGIA Basket Front Handlebar Waterproof Baskets Natural

Nine inches deep, with a top of 12.25x7" and a bottom of 9 inches. The size is. L 10.67 x W 8.17 x H 8.07. The basket is suitable for various bike types. The high-gravity materials are listed. It is simple and elegant and made with imitation wicker plastic. Scientific design. Make sure your basket is tightly fastened to your handlebars for maximum load capacity and keep your items safe. There are adjusted pantyhose. Make sure your basket is tightly fastened to your handlebars for maximum load capacity and keep your items safe with 2 leather straps in the back of the basket. It is a good container that can hold and protect items and can be used for a variety of purposes.

Brand: Mohegia

👤The product needs to be packaged better. It was only made of plastic and was completely destroyed on the back right side. We were able to mold it back into shape, as seen in the pictures. I wish I had taken a picture of it. It is almost in its normal shape. It took two people to fix it. It's easy to install, sturdy, but be careful, it needs to be shipped in bubble wrap or something similar.

👤This is the third basket I have bought. There isn't much room for a basket on the handle bars. The Cofit collapsible was the first basket I bought. It is a beautiful basket. It uses clips that don't fit in the space. The second one I bought was the Rhino walk. It was small. Couldn't carry anything in it. The basket is easy to fit with the leather straps. It is not big but it has everything I need. I don't think a bigger basket would fit in the handlebars.

👤When I opened the box, it was so small, I laughed. I can't give it away. Looking at something. The straps look thin and it is small, so we will see if they hold up.

👤It's easy to install. Well built and sturdy. The belts are made of high quality leather.

👤It was much better in person. It would definitely recommend, fast shipping too. A number.

👤The size was bigger than I expected. It was easy to move the straps over because one was too close to the center of the basket. I like that it's imitation wicker, it will handle the rain better. Can't wait for the nice weather to return so I can ride.

👤I love the basket. It is small enough that it does not sit on the front tire, but large enough to hold a phone, water bottle, or something similar. It is easy to install. I don't have to worry about the leather straps getting wet.

👤The basket is easy to put on and it is the perfect color.

6. Lixada Bicycle Insulated Handlebar Reflective

Lixada Bicycle Insulated Handlebar Reflective

The minimum clearance is 28 cm from the top of the handlebars to the bottom of the fender. The leather is water-resistant and abrasion-proof. Quick access to your items is achieved with a dual zip closure. Interior mesh pockets keep your items visible. You have your phone, keys, pet food, and more. Higher visibility. The reflective strip can increase cyclist safety at night. It is easy to install. All types of bicycles, such as mountain bike, road bike, etc., can be fastened with a set of straps. Lixada guarantees. Lixada has a guarantee. Their priority is your satisfaction. Customer service and the sales team will always be available if you have any problems.

Brand: Lixada

👤It's perfect for a kid's bike. It's small, but it will fit a small bottle of water. It's too small for my daughter's bike, but it's perfect for my son's.

👤Very nice. Good size. The clear top pocket of my phone doesn't seem secure, so I would probably put it in the zip up pocket. The bottles are on the sides.

👤... It's the bag for you if you're only going to take a sandwich and a banana.

👤I have had these bags for 8 years and replace them occasionally. It's not very tough and I wish the straps were longer, you'll want to hang it in front or behind your bars depending on your bike model. This bag has a see-thru top envelope which is very helpful for map jottings. Cell phone maps can only do so much. The sun is shining down on them. I can refer to the direction cards I have in there. I tried putting my phone in the envelope, but it was not secure and I had to go back to putting it in the box. Sometimes you can find these bags at Walmart for the same price, but since the Pandemic, forget about finding any bike supplies there.

👤The bag is well made, and it is good for a few hours, as I used it with one small ice baggie. There is a The flimsy mounting straps/latches are the exception. They are difficult to attach to. The images with the mounted bag in front of the handlebars are not real, as the newer bike has a lot of cables in front of the handle bar. The cables are not supposed to be squishy or warped, as this will affect the function of the bike parts. It is impossible to mount the bag. There is a I used it on the back rack on my bike, however the strap positions weren't ideal, again. I would like them to use a sewn-on band with several loops so I could change positions. It's a bad single-tasker because of the fixed position of the mounting straps.

👤It works great on my son's wheelchair. He loves being able to carry things around in it, and it has held up well for the past two months. It is not very sturdy, and it gets crushed-looking. Still functional, but not great at times. It's still worth it.

👤The bottom of the bag is where the strap is supposed to go on the top bar. The strap has to be attached to the top bar in order to work. I had to strap a piece of pool noodle on, it was too big. I tied it up to be done with it. The bottom button on the phone doesn't respond to my touch, so I can't use it.

👤I only use a strap that wraps around the front fork as it makes it easier to take off and bring into the office. I've never had an issue with the top tube strap and it would probably make it more secure. I've given up trying to use my phone's screen when under the case's plastic because it doesn't allow me to use the fingerprint sensor. It's a well-known commute, so I make a long podcasts playlist before I head out. I don't need to consult maps. There is a I haven't installed front fender yet, but this is close to my face, so I don't have to worry about muddy water reaching my face. Shirts/pants is not the only story.

7. Rhinowalk Insulated Handlebar Bag Bike

Rhinowalk Insulated Handlebar Bag Bike

The bike handlebar bag is easy to install and remove, it is suitable for most bikes, such as folding bike, road bike, mountain bike, knee scooter, etc. TheHandlebar Bag for Bikes can be easily attached onto the bike handlebars as a bike basket. This is a good companion for outdoor or daily work, with the convenient shoulder strap. The material is made of qualified nylon fabric, which provides good water resistant performance to protect your valuables from water and dust. There is an extra rain cover. The insulation layer keeps drinks cold or warm. The capacity is 4L. There is enough space for the necessary items such as a phone, camera bag, water bottle, wallet, keys, glasses, bike repair tools, earbuds, etc. The three-point strap design is easy to use and suitable for most kinds of bicycles. Application It's suitable for most kinds of bikes, such as Mountain Bike, Road Bike, Kids Bike, Commute city bike and so on. It's a good choice for daily use.

Brand: Rhinowalk

👤It is nice to be able to see the screen on my phone while I ride my bike.

👤It was very easy to put on. There are tons of insulated rooms inside. It's perfect for a small picnic. There is an extra holder on the outside. Useful and sturdy!

👤The bag is nice, but it seemed to slow down with the function on my brake handle. It was inconvenient to have the cell phone in a horizontal position.

👤This fit perfectly on my car and held water bottles. The phone holder was very nice.

👤The bag fits perfectly on the new radrunner. The clear phone case on top is hard to get your phone out of. Exactly what we needed.

👤Really enjoying the purchase. I put it on the inside of the handle bars. I was able to fit my bike better that way. This makes it easier to get to my phone and inside compartment. I can see my phone on the bike. I can use the touch screen on my phone. That is great. I can still use my corded headphones with my phone. Very happy with the purchase. I wanted a small case for my phone, keys and snack, and this is what I got. It came with a bright blue cover. That is what makes it waterproof?

8. AceList Shopping Detachable Removable Released

AceList Shopping Detachable Removable Released

This is a great gift for Christmas, you can give it to a child, friend, or wife. Stable for most bicycle industries. If you want to install most handlebars quickly and easily, make sure the distance from the handlebars to the tire is longer than 9.8 inches. The basket is more stable when it is installed and used. You can easily take the basket off when you're not using it, which will make it much easier to remove the handlebar when you need it. The front bicycle basket can be used as a tote bag for grocery shopping, pet cages and outdoor baskets. The fully stretched is 8.6 x 8.6 x 8.6. Pets and items up to 11 pounds can be carried with nice accessories. Even in the face of rain, the built-in high-quality waterproof coating on the Oxford cloth is safe. There is a zip pocket for valuables. You don't have to worry about the items falling apart because the top zip is tightened. There is aBONUS CELL PHONE MOUNT. A universal mobile phone mount for a bike or motocycle. It is easy to install and release.

Brand: Acelist

👤This is perfect for a small dog and carrying items and a phone holder is a plus, because I am a review junkie and bad at writing reviews. My dog likes going for rides with us. There is a button to remove the basket if you don't want it there.

👤He loved the 25 mile charity bike ride with our 13lb hava 800-381-0266 The second bike basket is better than the first. Installation. It's easy to install. It's pretty easy and you don't need much. It's important to make screws tight so they don't move. Make sure you engage the lock/unlock mechanism. We looped the collar retention strap around another strap as a secondary prevention to jumping out, as there wasn't an obvious place to secure it. The cinch cord was enough to keep our little guy in there. There were pockets on the side for transporting treats. The basket should be angle upward so that the heavier dog won't get onto the front wheel. Ours was dragging on the front wheel. If you need more strength for your dog, you could put something sturdy in the basket.

👤Yes in one product. I'm using this for my Segway. And it's great! You're getting a great deal on the phone holder and the item in question. The basket is waterproof and has a cover that is great. There is a The basket is to the left of the scooter because the metal that connects the extender to the scooter is in the way, but this is fine because I have a bell next to the basket. The cell phone holder fit between the basket. It was great and saved space. There is a Hope this helps!

👤This is a basket that I love. I bike about town with my morkie, and he loves it. The basket is sturdy and deep. I don't worry about him falling out. There is plenty of room to put a small blanket under him for comfort, and there is also plenty of room for my glasses case, water bottle, and even a small bag. The cell phone holder is a bonus and works well holding my phone in place on the handlebars. The pieces were installed quickly by the husband. My bike is a standard model. This product is what we need. An excellent buy and highly recommended.

👤I am loving it. I got it tonight and took a test drive with my dog. She seemed to like it so far. She'll get more comfortable as we take more rides. I put a blanket in the basket to make her like it. We don't have to leave her behind when I ride my bike. It was easy to install and it came with a phone holder. My husband is jealous of my phone holder.

9. Allnice Handlebar Insulation Resistant Reflective

Allnice Handlebar Insulation Resistant Reflective

Contact them if you have a question about their bag. Within 12 hours, they will reply to you. If you don't like the bicycle handlebar bag, they will give you a full refund or a new one. The bike bag has a 4L capacity and 2 mesh pockets for essentials like gloves, tools, lunch box, phones, bottles, keys etc. Any kind of bicycle has an amazing addition. The reflective straps and thermal insulation make the bicycle storage bag visible at night for a safe ride. Cold preservation effect and excellent thermal insulation can keep your lunch warm for hours. The bicycle bag is water-resistant and ripstop 900D fabric is easy to clean. The PEVA material lining protects your items from the elements. It's not a good idea to use water in heavy rain. The bike phone bag has a transparent screen on the top that makes it easy to use the phone without taking it out. You can use your phone, gps device or map easily. 7.4x4.7in items can be supported. The bicycle handlebar bag with 3 useful straps on the back is easy to install. It is used for one day bike riding.

Brand: Allnice

👤The quality is good. The 3 hookup straps are not very good. They work. I paid more for better bike bags. You get what you pay for. I like this bag, but not thrilled with the hook up straps. I don't plan to carry a lot with this bag and have a smaller one that hangs from my seat to carry my lock, cable, and bike tools.

👤There is plenty of room inside on my bike handlebars.

👤This is small. Not as pictured. This couldn't carry even half that with ice and drinks. A small lunch tote. For sure.

👤Product was too small, not as pictured, and a third of the size of the pictures, so don't be deceived.

👤It's nice to have a carrier for things. It's the perfect size to keep the drink cold. No more bsckpack!

👤My groceries are brought home without a sweat. The bars are welded on and the construction clings to them. Side pockets are great for small things. Excellent quality as well.

👤I'd like to remove the need for it. There are pockets for bottles on the side. It isn't much. An ice pack. Quality is what it is.

10. Syiniix Wicker Handlebar Bicycle Basket

Syiniix Wicker Handlebar Bicycle Basket

Bright colors can increase your riding fun. The wicker material is durable and natural. The wicker basket is fastened to the handlebar with 2 PU belts. Easy installation, no tool required. The basket top is 8.25in. 0.2inch measurement tolerance is normal, the product is handmade. Kid's front handlebar bike basket is also suitable for balance tricycle and scooter. Sturdy and convenient to hold small items. The D shape design adds style and art to your bike.

Brand: Syiniix

👤The basket works well on mountain bikes. The belts that are attached to the handle bars are adjusted. A cell phone and a water bottle are inside.

👤It's almost impossible to fix it after you put the tea in. Trying to get all the tea back together. Doesn't come apart easily either. What a mess.

👤It is perfect for my phone and water bottle.

👤Very bright color. Just a tricycle. I bought it for my bike. I will put my phone in it.

👤It was strong. Will know how it holds up when summer arrives.

👤I needed a basket for my scooter. This was perfect.

👤The wicker was cracked.

11. Bicycle Handlebar Bag Bike Accessories

Bicycle Handlebar Bag Bike Accessories

It can be used as a holiday gift. It's convenient to answer the phone when riding without taking out the phone. You can put a phone in the waterproof film. You can see the phone's map with the practical design. The bag has a short-term heat insulation and cold protection function so you can bring food during ride. The inner is scratch proof and easy to wash. Enlarge storage and 2 mesh bags make it possible to store more stuff like umbrellas, pens, mini pumps, keys, and bottles. It won't shake or droop because of the weight. High. The bike bag is made of a durable material that is scratch resistant, waterproof, and easy to clean. Different. Perfect bike accessories are from the rest. There is a stand at the bottom of the bag and 3 sets of Velcro on the back, so that the bag won't collapse while carrying items. Different. Perfect bike accessories are from the rest. There is a stand at the bottom of the bag and 3 sets of Velcro on the back, so that the bag won't collapse while carrying items.

Brand: Meimesu

👤It is easy to install and hold securely. There are two pockets for water bottles. This is the perfect size handle bar insulated bag. The bag would not be held securely. The handle bar neck has a second strap which locks the bag on securely, and the straps on the handle bar are well spacing for horizontal load support. I will be ordering two more.

👤It's a great accessory. There are lots of places to keep your stuff. I pack a lunch in it, with a phone, water bottle, wallet, keys, and a phone. There is a It's easy to install. It takes about 2 minutes. There is a If you have a lot of stuff to bring, this is the bag for you. There is a It's great.

👤The product does not fit the case of the s21 ultra because it does not have the right twisting to get it in. If you have brake cables on your handlebars, this bag won't fit.

👤The product was delivered on time. It was a gift to my husband who was very happy that he could attach his bike.

👤It's very handy for phone, keys and water bottle.


What is the best product for bicycle basket front handlebar womens?

Bicycle basket front handlebar womens products from Dockmoor. In this article about bicycle basket front handlebar womens you can see why people choose the product. Retrospec and Hoyuuoo are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle basket front handlebar womens.

What are the best brands for bicycle basket front handlebar womens?

Dockmoor, Retrospec and Hoyuuoo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle basket front handlebar womens. Find the detail in this article. Colorbasket, Mohegia and Lixada are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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