Best Bicycle Basket Front Handlebar with Cup Holder

Handlebar 8 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Gugou Removable Handlebar Detachable Mountain

Gugou Removable Handlebar Detachable Mountain

Small dogs can hold their pets up to 11 pounds. It is easy to disassemble and reassemble when you use it as a dog bike basket, so you can use it as a pet bed or dog car carrier. Strong aluminum and durable Oxford Cloth are lightweight durable. If it gets dirty, just rinse it with water and dry. It can carry up to 10 pounds. It's very easy to install the quick-release handlebar mounting system. It is used as a pet carrier, grocery shopping bag, commuter organizer, camping and outdoor container.

Brand: Gugou

👤The connecting hardware is good. I have an issue with the plastic part that holds the basket to the handlebars. Time will tell if it is strong. Not trusting anything over a pound.

👤It won't fit my bike because the brake lines are in the way. I wish it would work.

👤The product was real quality and provided additional adapters for different size handlebars.

👤My chihuahua is only 8.3 pounds.

👤I love that I can remove it when not in use and put it back on. It is a study. I wouldn't put something heavy in it.

👤It is easy to assemble and secure Mocha.

👤The dog was very unbalanced in the carryall and the rider was too heavy to travel with the dog. It would be great for a tiny dog who could lay down.

2. Ibera Handlebar Holder Multi Way Commuters

Ibera Handlebar Holder Multi Way Commuters

Do you want to find the right song? Do you enjoy seeing a map in landscape view? These mountain bike accessories allow you to do both without risk of injury. A range of handle less cups, like your morning coffee, tea or hot chocolate cup. The cup is securely held on your handlebars so you can ride your bike without having to hold your drink. The rim has an angle that allows it to fit cups and mugs. You can place the cup into the clamp or take your drink with you on your bike.

Brand: Ibera

👤This may be the most useless device I have ever purchased. There is a The idea of holding your drink cup on your handlebars was sound when I ordered it. It has a flaw that is absolutely and tragically fatal; the ring which holds your cup mounts onto a piece that's strapped around your handlebars, and this junction has some give. The lose connection between the cup ring and the mount acts like a trampoline to increase the force transferred to the liquid in your cup, ensuring that even the smallest of bumps will translate to hot liquid launching from your cup. I use cups with a small drinking slit. It's a Yeti mug. I was wearing a rain jacket this morning when I tried it out, and I'm glad I did because I would have been soaked by all the hot tea flying out of my cup on what felt to me like a perfectly flat road. I'm inclined to agree with some people that the thought counts on gifts. I bought this product and I don't care if it was a good idea on paper, the implementation is horrible, and I would give this zero stars.

👤My main goal was to find a cup holder that would hold at least one of my cars for neighborhood rides. The baby is holding 2 of them. When you hit bumps, make sure you have the mag-slider with you to hold your cocktail. I fell over on my bike when one of these came out of the cup holder. There were only about 10 people around to share my embarrassment, and the cup holder was undamaged.

👤Great product. I relocated the 28mm section of the handlebar as I tried to locate the things I need to hang off the front of my e-bike. I adjusted the pin to fit the 31mm portion of the handlebars. There is a It's important. I used the thin rubber spacer because the plastic is very slick when in contact with the handlebars. I use it for coffee cups and mugs. The holder vibrates a little but doesn't affect its holding ability or spillage through the breather holes. The cup ring is easy to use and the plastic attaching bracket is $ more expensive than the metal version. The metal version of the PDM has an alternate but equally functional handlebar attaching brackets. The first time I tried the Bell no Tools Cup holder, I had no luck. It is not cast well. I haven't tried to put the vise grip on the pivot point in service yet. The cost and function of the Ibera is the choice for cruising with coffee.

👤The larger handle bar of my mobility scooter is larger than the smaller one. I tried several but couldn't get any. They wouldn't work on the larger diameter of the scooters handle bar. When I opened the package, I thought it was the same as before. It will not fit in the way it ships. There is a small silver bar or tiny rod that can be removed from the hinge point. There is a second hole when you pull it out. The design is from the manufacturer. This will make the bar fit much larger. I almost missed this feature and sent it back, it is very flexible to fit small to large handle bars. I hope it helps others. I was very pleased with the fit of my scooter.

3. Retrospec Bicycles Rectangular Authentic Leather

Retrospec Bicycles Rectangular Authentic Leather

Their baskets are woven with cane to stay strong. The rectangular shape was influenced by the century-old baskets. The basket is attached to the front handlebars with authentic leather straps. The dimensions are 14 x 10 and 8.5 inches. There is a suggested weight limit. 5 pounds.

Brand: Retrospec

👤I bought this product for my daughter's bike. She uses her bike to commute to school and work. Her bike is only exposed to the elements in the day time. She only used it for two months before it fell apart. The product was disappointing.

👤I bought this basket for my wife. She just started using it. If you intend on using this basket, look elsewhere. My wife loaded her basket with one beach towel, one blue tooth radio, and one beach towel, and we were on our way to the beach. The wicker in the basket started to rip as she went to the beach, and by the time she got home there was a big hole in the basket, which was attached to the handle bar area. For the price of this basket, I expected better quality, but I think that is my fault. You are looking for quality, so look elsewhere.

👤The dog and I love this basket. It's the perfect size for my handbag, for trips to the library, and for putting books in. It's a great place for bike rides. It is heavy duty and sturdy. It fits the bike handlebars perfectly and it doesn't drag on the front wheel when it has stuff in it.

👤It feels like a good quality basket. I threaded the artificial flowers through the wicker to add color.

👤If I could, I would give it a 4.5. The wicker and leather handles of the basket will make it hard to find a better one. I found this after a lot of research and it can hold our 8 lbs pom chi. This is perfect for him. In order to support the basket, you need to have the underneath support up front, as noted by another reviewer. The basket is too fragile to hold anything more than cell, keys, and you must have this. The wicker was peeling when I took it out of the box. You'd be hard up to find a better model that can transition to other bike models. There are a lot of reviews for people who want to put their small dog in here and a good idea is to use a dog seat belt and attach one end of their harness and the other with a carabiner to the slack of the leather strap. I wanted to share my thoughts with other dog people. I would say more than 10 lbs is pushing it.

👤I love this basket. It's perfect for my needs on a leisurely bike ride because I don't carry anything heavy in it. I would get a wire basket for heavy groceries. This one is for looks and carry alongs. The size is perfect. There is plenty of room for a small blanket and book. It's a good thing.

👤The basket was broken on a few parts. There is a It is cheap and made in China. As many other items as possible. Is it possible that it will be ripped new in a box? Others commented the same. Cheap, cheap, expensive... This company is all about marketing. I purchased a basket and a bike, both of which gave me headaches. I returned both as they were damaged. There is a This basket is not going to last. Be aware.

4. AceList Shopping Detachable Removable Released

AceList Shopping Detachable Removable Released

This is a great gift for Christmas, you can give it to a child, friend, or wife. Stable for most bicycle industries. If you want to install most handlebars quickly and easily, make sure the distance from the handlebars to the tire is longer than 9.8 inches. The basket is more stable when it is installed and used. You can easily take the basket off when you're not using it, which will make it much easier to remove the handlebar when you need it. The front bicycle basket can be used as a tote bag for grocery shopping, pet cages and outdoor baskets. The fully stretched is 8.6 x 8.6 x 8.6. Pets and items up to 11 pounds can be carried with nice accessories. Even in the face of rain, the built-in high-quality waterproof coating on the Oxford cloth is safe. There is a zip pocket for valuables. You don't have to worry about the items falling apart because the top zip is tightened. There is aBONUS CELL PHONE MOUNT. A universal mobile phone mount for a bike or motocycle. It is easy to install and release.

Brand: Acelist

👤This is perfect for a small dog and carrying items and a phone holder is a plus, because I am a review junkie and bad at writing reviews. My dog likes going for rides with us. There is a button to remove the basket if you don't want it there.

👤He loved the 25 mile charity bike ride with our 13lb hava 800-381-0266 The second bike basket is better than the first. Installation. It's easy to install. It's pretty easy and you don't need much. It's important to make screws tight so they don't move. Make sure you engage the lock/unlock mechanism. We looped the collar retention strap around another strap as a secondary prevention to jumping out, as there wasn't an obvious place to secure it. The cinch cord was enough to keep our little guy in there. There were pockets on the side for transporting treats. The basket should be angle upward so that the heavier dog won't get onto the front wheel. Ours was dragging on the front wheel. If you need more strength for your dog, you could put something sturdy in the basket.

👤Yes in one product. I'm using this for my Segway. And it's great! You're getting a great deal on the phone holder and the item in question. The basket is waterproof and has a cover that is great. There is a The basket is to the left of the scooter because the metal that connects the extender to the scooter is in the way, but this is fine because I have a bell next to the basket. The cell phone holder fit between the basket. It was great and saved space. There is a Hope this helps!

👤This is a basket that I love. I bike about town with my morkie, and he loves it. The basket is sturdy and deep. I don't worry about him falling out. There is plenty of room to put a small blanket under him for comfort, and there is also plenty of room for my glasses case, water bottle, and even a small bag. The cell phone holder is a bonus and works well holding my phone in place on the handlebars. The pieces were installed quickly by the husband. My bike is a standard model. This product is what we need. An excellent buy and highly recommended.

👤I am loving it. I got it tonight and took a test drive with my dog. She seemed to like it so far. She'll get more comfortable as we take more rides. I put a blanket in the basket to make her like it. We don't have to leave her behind when I ride my bike. It was easy to install and it came with a phone holder. My husband is jealous of my phone holder.

5. Chanwei Removable Installation Handlebar Accessories

Chanwei Removable Installation Handlebar Accessories

The quick-release shoulder strap can be quickly and safely removed. Safety warning reflective strips are used for night driving. It is not suitable for road bikes before buying, according to some customer feedback. If you also have the same problem, please contact them. After being left for a few days, there will be a smell. The basket is 33 x 20 x 22 cm and has a folding size of 13*11.8*1.97 inches. Rust Proof Steel Construction. The steel construction of the bicycle basket is anti-rust. The hooks of the bicycle basket are protected from scratching and damaging by using plastic tubes to surround them. It's big enough for carrying a lot of things and easy to fold up. The basket for bikes can carry a lot of things, but it can also be folded to fit in a smaller size for convenient storage. It's easy to install, just push the folded basket a little bit and lift the buckle, it will open in less than 60 seconds. The steel wire they use to make this basket is thick and strong, it has a heavy load of more than 55 lbs, you can carry a large pet with confidence.

Brand: Hoyuuoo

👤I wanted to return the baskets I bought for the back of his bike because they were missing bolts. We went to the hardware store to get them. They don't install on the back of the back like they are advertised. We are trying to find a way to install them. I want to return them, but my grandson likes the way the basket collapses. Very angry. I went to a bike store to see if they could help. I wouldn't buy these baskets again.

👤It arrived on time. Was completely disappointed. . There were no straps for the handles or screws for the basket. I used double tape to keep it in place.

👤These are lifesavers. I try to bike as much as I can, but a backpack is not big enough to hold it all. I have a couple on my bike.

👤There was a missing hardware for one of the baskets. Very sad.

👤I sliced my hand open because it didn't come with instructions for the screws. It was a lot harder than it should have been and I had to have my hand operated on.

👤The front of the bike tends to come unlatched and forward when it hits flop bumps. I wouldn't put anything in there if it broke. It's easy to install and folds away nicely.

👤The basket is spring loaded and opens with a flick of the switch. It's great when you have enough hands to open it with one finger. When not in use, it folds out of the way and opens automatically.

👤The wire basket is perfect for my electric bike.

👤El material se ve resistente. Ademas de una quita. y se monta

👤El producto est una sesin para el precio. el.

6. Retrospec Bicycles Detachable Half Mesh Handles

Retrospec Bicycles Detachable Half Mesh Handles

The universal mount makes sure that this seat will fit any exercise bike. The big padded bike seat has a rails mount system that makes it stand out. The bicycle basket has a mesh bottom. Steel construction with handles for carrying. Don't worry about balancing your belongings. No tools are required to install on a bicycle. The dimensions are H, W, and L.

Brand: Retrospec

👤A great basket. The main base clips onto the handlebars and the basket is secure with the folding and unfolding of the carrying handles. The basket rests on two small bars that if you are carrying something heavy, the basket will fall through them and not sit level. I just bought a long bolt and put it through the frame holes to fix the problem. I wanted to show you a picture of what I did. There is a The basket has a small mesh around the bottom so that small items don't fall through it.

👤The basket is easy to mount and it is very sturdy. I have an 18lb jug mix that fits comfortably in the basket, it still sits well and holds his weight.

👤The basket will have 2 parts inside. There is a basket and a mount. Attach it to the handle bars with a hook and loop fastening. I put the basket on and went for a ride. The basket fell off three times. It is possible to lock it on. The handles are upright and you can pick up the basket there. Lower the handles and it will lock into place. It was perfect. It's so simple. You have to know how to do it.

👤The basket looked great when I attached it to my bike. It was easy to set up and I liked the idea of a carry basket when I wanted it. The lower part of the brackets was attached. It's easy, right? I loaded it up and went for a ride. The basket flew off the bike when I hit a bump. The lower part of the brackets did not stay stable, and the top part came off too easily, when I tried again. I went to the hardware store and bought some black zip ties, which I affixed to the brackets permanently. The carry basket idea was ruined by this, but it keeps the basket from flying away. It is hard to steer due to this. The bike's lower brackets are not well-attached to it. It seems like a design flaw, and I wish I had bought a basket that would attach to my bike permanently.

👤The basket is poorly made. The metal is sticking out of the holes so I can't fit the hooks through them. I need my prop maker friend to fix it for me. Not everyone has a metal working friend. They would have to decide if it was worth ordering another basket. I will see if it is any good after I fix it. I will update if not.

👤I had to send another basket back because the hooks were too far apart for my new hybrid Raleigh bike, but this one does fit inside the bars. There is a The only thing is. It scratched my bike. Gouged it! The frame on the front of the bike is where the bottom of it touches. I don't think a bike should be painted, the paint that scratched that easily should be powder finished. This does not happen, or this basket is way more difficult than I thought. It did this before I put it in the basket. There is a I suggest that you put something on the frame of your bike so that it won't scratch it.

7. Sunlite Lift Off Front Basket Seafoam

Sunlite Lift Off Front Basket Seafoam

You can measure the distance between the handlebars and the front tire to see if the basket fits. If you are unsure, please let them know with bike pictures. The construction is coated in powder coated steel. Lift-off hooks on the handlebars.

Brand: Sunlite

👤Perfect size. I bent the handle to hold my bottle. Is it worth the price?

👤The bike basket is perfect for me. The basket fits around the reflectors just fine and the color goes perfect with my bike. I'm going to college next year and this will help me out, it's bigger than I thought, but it's still a picnic basket with a handle.

👤Make sure the basket will fit on your handlebars. It would be better to buy one from a local store if you aren't sure. The item will cost you. To return it, you need to pay $11.00 through the USPS. If the item does not work, they will make you pay for shipping it back. Most Amazon venders will give items back for free. I gave the basket away to goodwill because it didn't fit on my daughter's beach cruiser.

👤I bought this for my daughter's bike, but she didn't have a basket. The basket is a must. The style and lift off with a handle are what we love about it. I did not keep the handle on. You can either remove it or leave it on.

👤It was damaged when it was delivered and replaced the next day. I purchased the sea foam because it matches my bike and I love it. I had to ask my husband to remove the bolt that holds the handle bars in place because I had to remove the reflector first. I can't remove it because it fits nicely, but I'm fine with that. At the end of the day, it looked cute with some effort. I would only buy again if it was a perfect color match. We will see how it holds up.

👤A nice basket. I put a pack of beer in a container. It does rub against the frame, but I'm okay with that.

👤It is a big basket, but it did not have a drink holder inside. I was sad about that. It didn't fit my new bike at first. I had to bend the wiring basket to shuffle the brake cables. I thought it wouldn't fit and I was close to returning it. It is not a perfect fit, but it is snug on the handlebars. I know it will serve its purpose. It is on my hybrid bike.

👤A simple basket. I had to make it fit my handlebars as it is universal and bikes are different. I will include a photo of the changes I made. There is a I was unable to fit the basket over the handlebars. I used a hacksaw to remove a section of the basket. It causes the side to be more flexible than I would like, but I was able to tighten it with a zip tie and a small bungee cord. There is a The round part that is supposed to wrap around the "tube" under the neck doesn't actually touch the bike. There is a part of the basket that makes contact. I put a small piece of fabric on top of electrical tape until I can find a better way to fix it. The basket would rub the paint off the tube if I didn't. There is a If you are willing to make changes, this will be a good basket to carry small items in.

8. MIZATTO Bike Cup Holder Wheelchair

MIZATTO Bike Cup Holder Wheelchair

TILE andFUNCTIONAL: The cup holder for bike can be used to hold a variety of small items. You can put a big phone in the pocket on the side. There are many loops and mounting positions that can be used to hang decorations. It has a shoulder loop that can be taken to trip. The bicycle cup holder isElaborate product. Protect your bottles from falling off as you ride with the bike bottle holder, which can be easily installed with just three straps, keeping the water bottle safe and stable even on rough roads. Easy installation. The MIZATTO cup holder can hold up to 2'' bar. Installation video on the listing is all you need. The design for cups and water bottles has a drawstring. Perfectly hold your 12-32 ounce cans of beer, large cups, coffee mug, soft drinks, and a bottle. A multi-functional design is not just a cup holder. It's also great to hold bottle, cell phone, wall charging and more. Keep your drinks cold in hot weather and warm in cold weather with their water bottle holder. This cup holder is made of premium Oxford cloth and 20CC PEVA, it is durable and can be used as your faithful bicycle companion.

Brand: Mizatto

👤I love this bottle holder. They can fit a variety of different bottles. There are cans and ounces. The holder is slightly insulated to keep your drink cold. The mesh pockets were easy to install and hold small items. Before you buy, I would suggest you look at how you would mount it. If you don't have a solid cross bar on your handle bars, your drink will "lean". You can keep your bottle in it and use it as a coozie if you detach it from your bike. It's not great for road bikes as it's a little bulky, but it's perfect for cruising around the neighborhood.

👤I got tired of carrying their water bottle for them so I bought these for my daughters to use on their scooters. They fit our water bottles easily.

👤It is a nice place to keep a water bottle. It is easy to pull something out of it. I can put my keys in there as well. It works well for the child. I wish they had a better explanation for the triangle installation. I figured it out by myself. Do not need a scientist to do it. I think that's correct.

👤I like this cup holder. It keeps my drinks from spilling. I can put things in my cup. It is lightweight and insulated. I was disappointed that they didn't show a cell phone holder. You have to have a small phone for it to work. I would give it 5 stars if they sewed the part down the middle.

👤I wanted to attach it to my electric scooter. The inner lining is not heat sealed as some lunch bags are and it is not good. If there is a spill in your container, it will leak out of this holder as well. I didn't think it was that big of a deal. I had to ride home with liquid dripping all down the front of me, the scooter, and everything else because the holder acted like a slow sprinkler head that absorbed some of the liquid and then steadily leaked the whole way home. I am trying to dry it off as much as possible after tipping it out. The liquid got trapped between the two walls because the seams puncture through both layers and provide entry and exit for liquid, so it didn't really work. When I got home, I had to spray the scooter down.

👤I bought two e- bikes and thought they would be a nice addition. The quality is good and I like the way they fit into the crevices of the stem and handlebars, but unfortunately for me they can only attach to the left side of my bikes, which is odd since both of my bikes have the electric control box on the left. They are perfect for holding sports bottles.

👤It's easy to get the bottle in and out because it's right there by your hand. I was drinking more. The side pockets are pretty tight, so I'm pretty happy with that. They're good for keeping things in there that you don't need immediately. I had to use two hands to remove them. If you're more co-ordinated than I am. You can't fit a lot in the side pockets. I wish they were bigger but not large enough to take off a star. I didn't know what I was doing so it was difficult to put on. Instructions might have been helpful. I figured it out. I am very happy with the bottle holders. It is easy to use and convenient. I like them a lot.

9. Bicycle Universal Handlebar Mountain 12oz 32oz

Bicycle Universal Handlebar Mountain 12oz 32oz

The bag is attached to the handlebars with leather straps. There is a wide application. The left or right side of the handlebars could be easily adjusted with the 4 hook&loop straps. Like road bike, mountain bike, electric bike, folding bike, kid's bike, cruiser, wheelchair, scooter, etc. Free your hands. The bike drink cup holder has two mesh pockets that can hold small items. Fit most size of bottle. The bike water bottle holder has a design that can shrink to fit a bottle of water. It's perfect for holding soft drinks and coffee. Hold your water bottle. Even on rough mountain roads, the bike coffee cup holder will be firmly fixed on your bicycle. The design of sponge inside could provide some protection for your bottle or small items in the mesh pocket. The bicycle cup holder made of high-quality Oxford fabric is durable and can be washed. Don't worry about rusty and broken after a few months. The water bottle holder is a great present for anyone who loves bikes. The bicycle cup holder made of high-quality Oxford fabric is durable and can be washed. Don't worry about rusty and broken after a few months. The water bottle holder is a great present for anyone who loves bikes.

Brand: Kemimoto

👤The cup holder was used for the first time. The holder fit perfectly on the handlebars and stem, and the straps worked as they should. I was able to get a container. Klean Kanteen is a test. There was room for a couple of energy bars in my Klean Kanteen. I only have four stars because I only have one ride, and I can't attest to its longevity. This cup holder held the cup without falling, unlike my previous purchase of a plastic cup holder. This was much better. I ordered two more on Sunday and they were delivered to me on Monday. How fast are these guys?

👤My son rides his bike to school and I bought this for him. It fits all of the thermal cups so he can drink water when thirsty. The material is strong and easy to install. My son suggests wrapping smaller bottles with a small towel to keep them from jumping out while biking.

👤This is larger so it takes up more space, but it is easy to fit in all size canteens. The pouch on the outside is large enough to hold my phone and keys. Very happy.

👤It's easy to hold my bottle. There is a Great purchase.

👤The product looked like it was built. The straps needed to connect it to the handlebars were not present.

👤I have a John Deere Gator. Holds water thermos. It is very easy to secure and remove.

👤This allows me to have some water. It's possible to fit on my trike with lots of attachments.

👤The product is sturdy and great.

10. MOOCi Handlebar Touchable Transparent Accessories

MOOCi Handlebar Touchable Transparent Accessories

If you don't receive the BRACKET, please contact the bike shop to get the missing one. For any questions, please contact Biria BIKES. The main size is 8.86 x 7.28 x 4.53 inches, with a transparent touch screen pocket on the top, which can hold your mobile phone, and the double-sided net pocket, which can hold small accessories and a small pocket. It can hold all kinds of riding accessories. High-quality heat insulation material can be used with long service life. The built-in thermal insulation aluminum film can keep food fresh, and has the function of heat preservation and cold storage. The bag can be held in place with three different types of Velcro. The front and upper tubes can be fixed tightly. They are made of soft leather to reduce the chance of slippage on the handlebars. It is easy to install in front of most bicycles or electric bicycles. There is a light fixture. Ensure the safety of riding. It can be used as a shoulder bag, with a shoulder strap, and there are two buckles on both sides of the bag, which can be removed from the bicycle and carried with you. It can be used as a shoulder bag, with a shoulder strap, and there are two buckles on both sides of the bag, which can be removed from the bicycle and carried with you.

Brand: Mooci

👤This looked bigger online but was actually small and difficult to attach to. It doesn't hold my sunhat or water bottle. I'll probably get a new unit soon.

👤It doesn't work with ice. The ice did not last an hour. It's not very useful and not what I was expecting.

👤It is great to be able to take what you need.

👤A great fit on handle bars, the phone and cooler keep water cold. There is a lot of storage for bikes.

👤It's a perfect size, keeps drinks cold, and it has a phone pocket.

👤It's very easy to make adjustments.

👤Good quality and fit. The cell phone pocket is not secure.

11. Kemimoto Handlebar Holder Bicycle Bottle

Kemimoto Handlebar Holder Bicycle Bottle

Fast-Cap makes it easy to remove. There is no BPA-free. The department name is adult. Plastic is the material type. There is a wide application. The left or right side of the handlebars could be easily adjusted with the 4 hook&loop straps. Like road bike, mountain bike, electric bike, folding bike, kid's bike, cruiser, walker, wheelchair, scooter, etc. There is a video on the page. Free your hands. The bike drink cup holder has two mesh pockets, so you can carry small items like keys, gloves, wallet, and headphones. Fit most size of bottle. The bike water bottle holder has a design that can be 888-282-0465, which can fit 12 ounces to 24 ounces of cups, cans of beer, large cups, coffee mug, soft drinks, and a bottle. The water cup is protected from falling. Hold your water bottle. Even on rough mountain roads, the bike coffee cup holder will be firmly fixed on your bicycle. The design of sponge inside could provide some protection for your bottle or small items in the mesh pocket. The bicycle cup holder made of high-quality Oxford fabric is durable and can be washed. Don't worry about rusty and broken after a few months. The water bottle holder is a great present for anyone who loves bikes. The bicycle cup holder made of high-quality Oxford fabric is durable and can be washed. Don't worry about rusty and broken after a few months. The water bottle holder is a great present for anyone who loves bikes.

Brand: Kemimoto

👤This is very strong once it's on your handlebars. We put a bottle of wine in it on our way home from Trader Joe's because it was so sturdy. I might have to get another one for my boyfriend. Highly recommended.

👤I've been trying to find a water bottle holder for a while and have been having trouble because my handlebars are very thick. None of the others would fit. This one was perfect. There was no problem with the attachment. I'm not going over rough terrain because I'm using this for an exercise bike. I don't think anyone would have a problem keeping their bottle or cup out. It is a snug fit and can be tightened. The picture has a yellow circle. I used a cup that was almost 7 in tall. The bottle is 17 ounces. My cell phone is in the outer mesh pocket. I would definitely recommend this product. It was in good condition and came on time.

👤This is better than most of the metal ones I've seen. A great purchase. It's big enough to hold my Starbucks and I have never seen it fall off. This thing is very strange. The pockets on the side are great for smaller items like keys or metro/subway cards. If I'm in a rush and don't have time to put my phone in my backpack, I put it in it. 10/10

👤I need to learn not to fill my cup all the way.

👤I got this last week for my new bike. I wanted it to fit my container. The Hydro Flask is made of water. I don't have to carry it in a backpack. It's great to be able to sip from it without having to stop and drink. It seems sturdy enough for my purposes, but can't say it would last a long time in a rugged lifestyle. The stitching on the velcro looks a bit suspect, but it's been on a few long rides with me and so far so good. Even if one did fail during a ride, you've got lots of back-up because it has 4 different spots. If you have a 32oz hydro in your phone, the pockets are not large enough to hold it. I don't mind if that's something you're looking for, but it might not be the best fit for you. I'm very happy with it so far. I ordered my husband one because he liked it.

👤Prior to this one, I bought a metal cup holder. It was terrible. I would recommend this product. It holds cups securely. There was no noise of banging metal. The extra pockets allow you to hold more things. It is easy to steal. If you leave your bike in public for a long period of time, I would take it off.

👤It's not very good, but it looses its shape very quickly. Not the highest grade product, like many on Amazon. The thing about this item is that it starts to look really crappy and worn out (prematurely), and worst of all, it doesn't keep your container in a fully upright position anymore after just a few months of use and bit of exposure to the elements. That's what I did. I still get a lot of use out of it, but it's not ideal.


What is the best product for bicycle basket front handlebar with cup holder?

Bicycle basket front handlebar with cup holder products from Gugou. In this article about bicycle basket front handlebar with cup holder you can see why people choose the product. Ibera and Retrospec are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle basket front handlebar with cup holder.

What are the best brands for bicycle basket front handlebar with cup holder?

Gugou, Ibera and Retrospec are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle basket front handlebar with cup holder. Find the detail in this article. Acelist, Hoyuuoo and Sunlite are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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