Best Bicycle Basket Front Handlebar Girls

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1. LIOOBO Bicycle Children Handlebar Handmade

LIOOBO Bicycle Children Handlebar Handmade

The package includes a bike basket and straps. The basket is designed for kids. The bow knot is great. The basket is handmade. It's convenient to store things on a bicycle. Approx. The 8x5x5.5inch is 21x13x14 cm.

Brand: Lioobo

👤This is very cheap. It works for the purpose we bought it for, but will be replaced with a better one soon. The bell we got was pink. Her bike is red, so she was a bit disappointed. It didn't work so it doesn't matter.

👤The lady bug bell is adorable. My daughter was very excited. I have no doubt that it will not hold up if a 6 year old drops the bike. The plastic ties hold it onto the bike. Overall disappointing.

👤My daughter was happy with the basket until it collapsed on itself. It is useless to carry a bottle of water. I don't like someone and wouldn't recommend them.

👤This is the basket that you can use to hold things on a little bike. It's easy to change her balance bike between her scooter. If your child can ride a bike, this basket is too small.

👤Even though our daughter was excited to get this set, we returned the basket and bell. The bell was ok but the basket was cheap and you could probably find something better at the dollar store. It was disappointing by the quality.

👤This is a very small basket. Please read the dimensions. It's ok for a little toddler or tricycle bike, but it won't hold anything more than a pack of gum. I think this is cute if you are going for looks.

👤A basket and bell. You get what you pay for here. Our purpose was served just fine. Bell will survive the basket.

👤The pictures show how light the basket is. The weave of the basket bends if we put too much juice in it, so my daughter can only carry things like teddy bears. We like the design, but it could be stronger.

2. MINI FACTORY Princess Butterflies Unicorn Handlebar

MINI FACTORY Princess Butterflies Unicorn Handlebar

The most cool bike around. Hundreds of happy parents and grandparents have already purchased this set and watched their children become overwhelmed by excitement, which is why they are confident your children will love it as well! Don't hesitate to get in touch with them if that's not the case, they'll make it right! Extra storage within easy reach allows kids to bring their personal items with them on the ride. Small personal items like water bottle, toys, snacks and other small items can be held in this way. Premium materials, light-weight, easy to install. Bike gift accessories for kids. It fits most bikes. The basket is 7.5" x 4.5" The pattern is lovely.

Brand: Mini-factory

👤I gave this 4 stars because it fits a child's water bottle and small toy and is not bad quality for the money. It would be great if they put zip tie or buck style straps on it. The plastic hooks fit on the handle bars, but they slid all over and ended up with double sided tape in them. If it weren't for my daughter wanting only a pink basket, I wouldn't have bought it.

👤If they had included two straps to attach the basket to the bike, I would be very happy with it. Only one was there. So... I need another pink strap from them. You have to return the whole thing in order to get a new one that will hopefully contain two spears. It's really sad. We're keeping the pink strap and zip tie. I don't want the hassle of mailing the whole thing back, just to get a little pink plastic strap.

👤A basket was added to her bike. Zip ties were used to get around the clips that came with the basket.

👤A great basket! My three year old can fit a bottle of water and a snack in her mouth. It doesn't fit on her bike with training wheels, so we used zip ties.

👤I bought it for myself. An adult has it on her bike. I love it. My wallet and my phone fit. I would recommend it to anyone.

👤It is very sturdy and was snapped right on. My little is getting ready to ride her bike. A good size kids basket. Great buy at a good price.

👤My daughter likes it! It fits her water bottle.

👤The basket is cute. It's perfect for my daughter's bike. I can fit a small water bottle, some rocks, my cell, keys, and a barbie. It's perfect.

👤The bike basket arrived quickly. My daughter liked it.

👤The blue holders keep coming off and making the basket fall down, even though I bought it for my daughter. It looks pretty.

👤Everything I wanted and a reasonable price.

3. MattiSam Bike Handlebar Basket Pocket

MattiSam Bike Handlebar Basket Pocket

Protect your belongings. Do you need a bag that can hold a lot of things? Here you are! The bag is stylish because it has the top wider than the bottom, which adds more volume. A water-resistant bike cooler. Do you need to carry food? It keeps your lunch warm or keeps juice cold. Iced juice is great to drink immediately after riding. Yes! You can use your phone while riding. Someone calls you while you are riding. The bike phone holder allows you to answer the call, view the map, and switch songs without taking the phone out. The phone test passed with a score of 6.5. The Night Ride Protector is a product. You are safe now! The reflective straps on this bike handlebar bag make you very visible at night. Car drivers can see you and avoid you. The latest Quality has been upgraded. The 600D Oxford fabric is Sturdy. The bicycle basket is secured with 2 3 reinforced straps. It's suitable for most of the bikes. It is mounted on the handlebars and will not rub your knees. 4 Don't worry, you will receive a magic strap to organize the brake cables, they won't affect the installation of the bag.

Brand: Mattisam

👤I love it so much. It is medium size and perfect for carrying small items like keys, phone, a shirt for changing after riding, and the walls of the bag look like somehow insulated and waterproof, that is what I wanted. Extra pockets on the side hold other items and the mounting was easy. I like the free gifts, a magic scarf? I use the straps to tie my trousers so that they won't be rolled into the chain and stained with oil. I don't think the reflective stripes are bad. The bag works well.

👤This bag is light. I like that I can keep a cold drink in the insulated part of the bike, it was hanging too low on the front of the bike, but it works perfectly on the inside. I can see my phone on the screen.

👤The first thing you need to do is make two adjustments, because the straps are too long and the design is simple. The clear cover on top is blindingly shiny, so I luckily found a translucent, matt-finish shopping bag and cut a piece of it to fit over the cover with double stick tape. It is no longer shiny. If you are willing to work with these small design flaws, it is a sturdy bag that is just the right size.

👤Small but efficient. Can hold three bottles of water. The phone can be used without having to take it out. There is a The cables in front of the handlebars made it difficult to attach to the front handlebars. It ended up between the cables because you can't see your phone. I don't have to look at my phone for mileage or trail maps. There is a It is ok for the price.

👤The straps do not work. You have to stop frequently on the road to tighten and fix it because the bag cannot take much weight and keeps coming off.

👤I bought this because it was the cheapest option, but it turned out to be an amazing bag for my bike. I like to have my phone maps up on my phone so I can see where I am going. I can keep my food cold on the way to work. I can trust that the bike will stay intact because you can easily wrap the pieces around it. It was a good bang for the buck.

👤I went back for another bag. I returned because of the delayed shipping. I was glad I did since the transparent plastic doesn't allow you to use your phone like the one I ended up with.

👤If you put your phone on top of clear plastic, it will get hot in the sun. The side pocket is used with the mesh. There is room for all my stuff in the bag.

👤It's not hard to get it on the handle bars, the quality is good. If you want to have your phone inside the transparent pouch on the top and actually follow a map on the phone, it is impossible to get the proper tilt toward the rider as it always tilt forward to an angle that make the phone' It won't tilt properly on a bike with different cable configurations.

4. YMhoart Handlebar Detachable Children Tricycle

YMhoart Handlebar Detachable Children Tricycle

Washed with water. The product has braided joints, which will not affect the use. It's suitable for children's bicycles of 12-16 inches. There is an error of -0.2in in the size 9.1. It's suitable for children's bicycles of 12-16 inches. It's suitable for children's bicycles of 12-16 inches. The wicker basket has 2 straps that can be adjusted to fix the basket on the handlebars. It's suitable for children's bicycles of 12-16 inches. It is normal to have joints and fall wicker, which does not affect the use or appearance. It's suitable for children's bicycles of 12-16 inches. The actual product will prevail over the product color.

Brand: Ymhoart

👤It's what I wanted it to be, it's cheap, but it's not perfect, it's nice, but it's on the cheap side. The price was good, I signed up for that. I won't complain much.

👤The basket is cute, but the quality is not 5-star. It will be fine.

👤My granddaughter likes this basket. She is able to carry her water bottle on her trike. The construction of the basket is top-notch and the leather straps attached it easily.

👤I didn't realize this was a kids size basket. I was surprised at how small it is. I needed a tandem bike. I will send this back. It would only fit a small stuffed animal and a cell phone, so it would be perfect for your child.

👤This is a bike accessory that I love.

👤It was too small for an adult beach cruiser.

5. Elaike Handlebar Handwoven Tricycle Waterproof

Elaike Handlebar Handwoven Tricycle Waterproof

100% guarantee. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not happy with the bike basket. You can return the bike basket for a full refund if you're not satisfied. Children's bicycle basket is suitable for bicycles or scooters under 14 inches. There are 7 color options to choose from to personalize your bike. The wicker plastic used in the front bicycle basket is high quality and has good waterproof performance. The woven basket is easy to install on a children's bicycle. Make sure that the basket is securely fastened to the handlebars. The bicycle baskets are hand-woven and have flaws that can be washed with water.

Brand: Elaike

👤It was cute and did the job. I put it on my mother's walker. She can have her phone without having to carry it.

👤To keep his treasures in as he rides his tricycle, it was just the right size. He likes it and it is wearing well.

👤Like how it's attached. Maybe a little better made.

👤The basket was red. Returned.

👤I bought this for my daughter's bike. And it is perfect.

👤The teal bike is brought out by the black basket.

👤My granddaughter is a toddler. It's the right size for her bike.

👤The basket is small. It's perfect to carry a toy, but no more.

6. Handlebar Necklace Streamers Decoration Accessories

Handlebar Necklace Streamers Decoration Accessories

This is a bicycle accessory for a girl. She can carry around her items while pedaling around town. The kids bike baskets are only suitable for children's bicycles and are 21 cmx16 cm. The package includes a bicycle basket for kids, a bell for girls bicycle, handlebar streamers, waterproof stickers, and a bicycle decoration accessory for kids. Premium Material is made of plastic likerattan material with good waterproofness and is soft and durable. The basket is easy to install. The wicker bicycle basket has a belt to fit the handlebars. A variety of accessories and decorations to dress up your kid's mini bike is the best gift. They can be used to make new memories with the little one.

Brand: Heyworld

👤The caps on the handlebars are easy to knock out. If the bike is dropped, I recommend putting some hot glue on the plastic caps that hold the tassels to prevent them from popping out. No complaints.

👤My niece loved the extras I bought for her bike, it gave it a lot of personality and made it complete.

👤My daughter loved all of the extra decorations in the basket. She decorated her bike for her 5th birthday and asked for a bike basket. The basket is neutral but the streamers add some fun.

👤The streamers did not last long. The basket was perfect for the bike. My daughter liked the stars.

👤My granddaughter is thrilled with her Christmas gift.

👤The straps on the basket are nice.

👤This is a great idea for a bike lover. They can decorate their bike, put their favorite plushie in the basket, and wear their stylish necklace. The items were well made and the girls love them.

7. COFIT Imitated Handlebar Detachable Cruisers

COFIT Imitated Handlebar Detachable Cruisers

DIMENSIONS L 13 x W 8. There are 2 straps that are included. The weight limit is 10 lbs. per basket. Will fit school supplies, personal beat boxes, and all mobile devices. The basket is waterproof, durable and does not fade or break over time. The basket is unique in appearance and made by hand. The basket's color is no longer boring because of the pattern liner. The front handlebar basket can hold a lot of things. It can also be used as a storage basket. The wicker basket is easy to install and remove. You can measure the distance between the handlebars and the front tire to see if the basket fits your bike. The basket may have a small color difference.

Brand: Cofit

👤The basket is well made and looks great. It is as described.

8. Geisbut Handlebar Bicycle Tricycle Electric

Geisbut Handlebar Bicycle Tricycle Electric

DIMENSIONS L 13 x W 8. There are 2 straps that are included. The weight limit is 10 lbs. per basket. Will fit school supplies, personal beat boxes, and all mobile devices. The bike basket is 9.1 in. Hand-knitting is a great way to add a stylish atmosphere to your bicycle. There are two belts on the basket. The basket needs to be fixed on the handlebars. The basket is woven with high-quality wicker and has good waterproof performance. It's suitable for most children's bikes and adult bicycles.

Brand: Geisbut

👤There are very sharp cut pointed sticks. It should not be sold as a basket for children. I wouldn't put this on my granddaughter's tricycle.

👤A nice bike basket. The same as shown in the picture. The basket was tight. Excellent quality small basket can fit a small plushie strap onto a bike with 2 leather straps

👤The basket is perfect for any bike. It's tightly woven so it prevents small things from falling out. It's cute and definitely worth the price.

9. ANZOME Handlebar Bicycle Streamers Chirlden

ANZOME Handlebar Bicycle Streamers Chirlden

There is aBONUS CELL PHONE MOUNT. A universal mobile phone mount for a bike or motocycle. It is easy to install and release. The kid bike basket contains Bike Handlebar Streamers and Bells. You can make a cruiser bike with your boys and girls. This is a wonderful time for you and your kids. It fits for most children's bikes and scooters with 12 to 16 inches wheel. The weight limit is 10 lbs. All mobile devices, personal beat boxes, and school supplies are needed. It is easy to attach the basket on your bicycle with the 2 straps. It is strong enough to keep your staff safe. It's perfect for beach cruiser and classic style bicycles. If it gets dirty, just wash it and dry it. TheOME child bike basket is made of hight-quality woven PVC to make sure it is durable and waterproof. No worries to stay outside. It will be dry after the rain. The most cool bike around. Hundreds of happy parents and grandparents have already purchased this set and watched their children become overwhelmed by excitement, which is why they are confident your children will love it as well! Don't hesitate to get in touch with them if that's not the case, they'll make it right!

Brand: Anzome

👤The basket is large enough for a child's bike. It is easy to attach with the plastic ties. It is large enough to hold a small stuffed animal, a scarf and a magnifying glass. Maybe a pair of gloves. It seems like it will hold up. There were three sheets of stickers and a bag of clip on stars. My daughter likes it.

👤This set was purchased by us. I was worried that it would be too big, but it fit perfectly. The only way I could adapt was to put an extra zip tie on the back of the basket at the bottom to keep it from flopping around. The bell to a little kid is like a cell phone to a teenager. The kids will be so focused on ringing the bell that they will forget to pay attention to where they are.

👤The basket is made of plastic. It was easy to mount it to the bike with 2 straps. It had clips for the basket. The stickers fell off in a few hours. The basket is easy to mount to the bike.

👤The basket, streamers, and bell are of a high quality. The basket is sturdy. My only complaint is that the straps to attach it to the handlebars are a bit flimsy and can come loose easily after a fall, which my daughter is just learning to ride. This isn't a dealbreaker, as you can easily rig something up that provides a more secure attachment. The streamers are better than the streamers that came with the bike. They are not plastic. Very pleased!

👤The product description is "ANZOME Girl's Bike Basket, Front Handlebar Kid's Bicycle Basket with Bike Bells Streamers for Kids" We have twin granddaughters who are expected to get 2 bells and 2 sets of streamers. Baskets arrived. The price for all 3 items was reasonable. The price for JUST THE BASKET was more than we wanted to spend. I can't find a way to contact the seller to find out if they are still sending bells and streamers. It's been a week now.

👤The basket is not as large as we expected. It's cute, but won't hold much. It would be best for a young child. My daughter is 10 years old and she wants to carry a water bottle and snack on her bike. We were a little disappointed with how small it was. She had to wrap the handlebars in styrofoam to fit the straps.

👤Este producto es fantstico, me gust mucho la calidad. Facil de instalar. Trajo sorpresas! I trajo stickers free and lavalorios para los cauchos. Mejor is imposible.

👤The price was too high for the quality. The decorations are cheap and don't fit on the bike. It was a birthday present for our 9 year old daughter and she was excited at first, but now she is disappointed after decorating her basket and having the stickers fall off immediately.

👤Kids will love this basket on their bike.

👤Es lo, por el precio. The cesta de plstico malo was held. Se tienen poner, ya tiene accesorios para la cesta. Al fin bueno. La nia lleva su funcin.

10. Nantucket Bike Basket Kids Surfside

Nantucket Bike Basket Kids Surfside

It is possible to achieve dependability. You can put items in the basket and take the basket to the beach, the pool as an item placement. There are six fun colors for their new child-size wire baskets. The basket is easy to remove from the bicycle handlebars. Attaches easily for children's bicycles. The weight limit is 8 pounds. 9.75" x 6.75" x 6.25"

Brand: Nantucket Bike Basket Co.

👤I purchased a bicycle basket. I didn't want a wicker basket because they break apart and hold dirt in the bottom. The basket was more than I wanted to pay, but it looked like the pink color was more magenta and would match the bike pictured, so I paid 20 dollars. Not true! The pink is not the same color as the other one. The metal LATCHES do not fit the model of Strider we have, so I decided to order it in black. The handlebar has the latches on it. I noticed that the basket tilts inward toward the stem of the bike when I first saw it. I was worried that a basket that could be lifted off would be taken off and re-appropriated constantly by a toddler. I returned the basket after I couldn't find a thing that would work. I went to my local Trek shop and they helped me order a "Electra" basket. It is perfect! It is a coated metal honeycomb pattern that looks cute, allows my kid's leaves to fall out on their own, is easily wiped down, has leather straps with metal buckles that attach tightly to the handlebars, and best of all- it is a coated metal honeycomb pattern that looks cute. It has a stabilizing bracket on the back of the basket that pushes up against the stem and keeps the basket level. It looks like a permanent fixture and does not distract my little one. I couldn't find anything that compared to this basket on Amazon. I paid 33 dollars for a new basket but I'm sure it can be used again once we're done with this bike. It's worth a little more than the plastic ones that end up in the landfill.

👤I will not be able to walk on my left leg for a few months after having ankle surgery. The doctor told me to get a knee walker. It was plain and not fun. I bought a purple pad to put on the knee shelf and a purple basket to put on the front. I still use a standard walker, but I have not yet graduated to the knee-walker. I will do it in style when I get to use the knee walker. A purple cushion for my knee and a purple basket for gadgets. I am 72 years old. It's never too late to have fun.

👤The bike basket is cute. It is easy to put on and take off. It's perfect for a child's bike. I made a cute liner for my daughter to ride in.

👤I ordered a basket for my daughter's bike. The larger one didn't fit, it was too long between the handlebars and the front fender. I initially thought it would be too small for her, but it fit her perfectly. She had her purse, phone, and water bottle at the beach. It didn't look childish for an 18 year old to have it.

👤My daughter has a Big Kid bike. It works great over the handlebars. She will be able to ride around with all her stuff and a water bottle. She has a purple bike. We got a used one that was good condition. It is Pyrine. We saved $5 off the regular price by taking a chance.

11. EIRONA Handlebar Bicycle Balance Tricycle

EIRONA Handlebar Bicycle Balance Tricycle

We are committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services. If there is a problem with the bike basket, please contact them. Within 24 hours, they will reply. A cute basket for a 12-16 inch bike comes with a decals. It's suitable for kids bike. The woven plastic is better weather resistant than the wicker basket. The two PU buckles on the back are easy to disassemble. The length of the buckle can be adjusted easily. The basket is suitable for kids bikes and scooters. When cycling add a little more fun. The basket comes with a plastic body, which is easy to clean.

Brand: Eirona

👤The straps are perfect. It works with a toddler water bottle and a baby doll. I don't have to carry my daughters stuff. She likes to bring a lot of things.

👤The basket is very nice and it was easy to install. The way the stickers were put into the bag was not a complaint. They got stuck to the plastic bag when they came off the sticker sheet. packing the items could prevent me from saving them.

👤The basket is small. The size would have been great for my balance bike. It's something to keep in mind. I had to return the product. One of the decals was missing, the basket is large, and the tag is not attached to the basket. There were wires poking out of the basket. It was supposed to be for a gift, but the replacement wouldn't have arrived in time.

👤The basket is made from high quality materials. The straps are easy to adjust. The Angeles My Ride trike has this accessory. A young child should carry stuffies and treasures in a small size. Beautiful color. It's easy to keep clean. Solid construction. The design details are wonderful.

👤The bike basket was easy to attach to my daughter's toddler bike.

👤A little smaller than anticipated... It works.

👤It's very cute and stays put. It's perfect for my 5 year olds bike.

👤It is nice. It is a dark purple but it is a light purple.

👤My daughter wanted a basket for her bike. She likes this one. It's small but it works. Great price and quality!

👤It works perfectly! The daughter is happy.

👤The belt was not centered when I put it on the bike.


What is the best product for bicycle basket front handlebar girls?

Bicycle basket front handlebar girls products from Lioobo. In this article about bicycle basket front handlebar girls you can see why people choose the product. Mini-factory and Mattisam are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle basket front handlebar girls.

What are the best brands for bicycle basket front handlebar girls?

Lioobo, Mini-factory and Mattisam are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle basket front handlebar girls. Find the detail in this article. Ymhoart, Elaike and Heyworld are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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