Best Bicycle Basket Front Handlebar for Dog

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1. XUNXING Handlebar Detachable Removable Released

XUNXING Handlebar Detachable Removable Released

Storage pockets for easy storage. Dog treats, toys, cell phone, snacks, training kits, and waste bags can be carried. A mesh side pocket for holding a water bottle and reflective strips for added safety at night are included in the basket pet carrier. The bike basket can be used for most bicycle handlebars. Before purchasing, make sure the distance from front lever to tire is more than 10in. The handle bar is from 22mm to 32mm. The bike basket has a design that can be changed. This multi-functional bike basket is easy to install on a bike and remove. The bike basket has a lot of space. The bike basket is 14.2 by 9.2 by 10. It's convenient to store when it's not in use. The aluminum frame is made of waterproof fabric. Max. The bearing is 22 lbs. The handle bar of this portable bike basket is made of oxford fabric, you can carry your bike basket into the supermarket, grocery store, home, or carry food for picnicing. The Multi-purpose bike basket can be used as a bike carrier for your small pet dog or cat when you go to the supermarket or just cycling.

Brand: Xunxing

👤My dog jumped out of the basket without a leash.

👤The bike basket is very high quality. It was easy to use. Good quality.

👤The basket is large and durable. I like the pocket. It was easy to install. I can take it to the grocery store.

👤Women do not fit in the basket. 4 women, all different sizes, but none fit.

👤The basket holds 30 lbs. It fits securely. It is cute. You can take the clasp to the grocery store or a picnic if you are easy to remove. Bike gear and cash can be stored in the interior of the house. It is very cute. So cute.

2. CamGo Multi Purpose Handlebar Detachable Briefcase

CamGo Multi Purpose Handlebar Detachable Briefcase

There are 14 x 11 and 9 x 9.5 in this picture. 1. The basket is made of waterproof Oxford fabric and aluminum frame. 2. Load capacity: max. About 5 kilo. 3. The basket can be stowed away when not in use to save space. 4. Installation is easy. The front bicycle basket can be attached to a handlebar mount. 5. Simple basket removal at the touch of a button, usable as a shopping basket, reuse and protect the environment. Their bicycle baskets will make your journey a little easier, whether you shop at the market daily or ride a bike to work.

Brand: Camgo

👤Don't buy this product for a dog. I felt like I was in a locksmith's office trying to find a bike that fit the attachment. I was excited to take my 10 pound pug puppy for a ride after securing the basket to one of the bikes with the right amount of clearance. The basket began to rub against the front tire as we were on the bike path. There was no way to get the basket back up. I had to walk the mile back with my dog in one arm and my bike in the other. Will be back.

👤You should check the size of the item. I own a toy poodle. I bought it so I could ride with him. I own a standard Schwinn woman bike. It's too big for my bike. My dog is 5 lbs. Everything was fine when I put him in the basket. The basket began to rub against the front wheel after 3 blocks. I tried to keep the basket in place by wrapping the handles around the bars. It makes my dog uncomfortable. I bought a carrier at this point. It's like a baby carrier for small dogs. The setup was easy.

👤The collapsible basket was easy to take off and I was excited to use it. The locking mechanism could not engage because of the warped plastic on the back of the front connector. I am returning it because it happened before I installed it.

👤I received my basket today and it was what I was looking for. It is easy to use. I will have a lot of pleasant rides while I am traveling.

👤I am using it as a seat. I put it between my seats. The neck rest is not affected by the straps. My dog loves it. She is very close to me.

👤It interfered with the center of the handlebars on my e-bike.

👤After putting it together, the zipper broke. It felt cheap. I haven't used it yet. To a lot of the paint.

👤A seller highly recommends a product.

👤It's easy to install. It was used for a small grocery run. The thin cover that can be cinched with a pull cord keeps things inside. I can remove it if it isn't needed.

👤Rajouter un élastique pour tenir! THe installe trs beaucoup.

👤Le panier as briser le premier on ne peux plus l enlevée du vélo.

👤The basket rolled on the hadle bars.

3. Tfwadmx Removable Installation Handlebar Accessories

Tfwadmx Removable Installation Handlebar Accessories

It's possible to re-locate. The frame of most handlebars is not easily damaged. Water resistant bag can be removed from the metal frame when not in use. The steel construction of the bicycle basket is anti-rust. The hooks of the bicycle basket are protected from damage by using plastic tubes that are wrapped around them. The lift off bike basket is strong and durable. Heavy duty. The steel wire used to make this basket is thick and strong, it has a heavy load of more than 80 lbs, and you can carry a large pet with confidence. You can install it on your bikes without any tools, you can either install it on the front or rear rack. Metal bike baskets are foldable. It has stout legs, cargo bands, and heavy duty handlebars. The folding size is 13” x 7.8” x 8.6” inches. To prevent the bottom of the basket from touching the bike tire, you need to make sure the distance between the handlebars and the tire is at least 16 inches.

Brand: Tfwadmx

👤There is enough room for every day essentials in the overall basket. One suggestion for improvement is the need for special tools. After I replaced my bike accessories with more difficult mounting options, they stopped being stolen. For the price, can't complain.

👤The basket was easy to install. This is working out well for me. I tightened the basket handle bar hangers but that's up to the person. When you release the catch to allow the basket to open, keep the pressure on the basket to allow it to open slowly, it will snap open quickly and could pinch your finger or hand. The basket is easy to fold up and raise, but it takes a little pressure to place the catch in the holding position.

👤It works well on the front of my scooter. My model did not have a basket. When I put the scooter in the car, it closes quickly. I put rubber bands along the column to keep it steady. If you bolted the hooks where there are pre drilled holes, it will be very steady. I would be lost without it.

👤The smell of plastic is gone. I put them in the sun for a few days to burn the smell off. The baskets are sturdy. Does what I need them to do. It wasn't easy to get the plastic tubbing on the mount. I used dawn dish soap. Love that they fold up. It was easy to use.

👤I bought a second one because I liked it so much. I use my ebike to get to and from work. They hold up great when I use them.

👤I recommend your guy to get it, it is nice and smooth, and good for the industry.

👤I had to return it because it was too small for my needs.

👤It pops open when you move the locks over. I use it to move gallons of milk from the store to my house. It will be easy to attach to the handlebars or the back rack.

👤El producto. No vena soldado. Abr el empaque. Desoldado y resulta. Tena algunos tallones, pareca usada. No creo, no fuera, no la caja. No tena. La canastilla es pequea. Is it possible that Creo es mejor? The producto antes de comprar. No venden, est solo canastilla tradicional por eso opte. Se desarma, pero se vuelve armar en unos segundos. Lstima ven ahora en soldarla. Para el vendedor.

4. GLE2016 Foldable Removable Handlebar Detachable

GLE2016 Foldable Removable Handlebar Detachable

Winter and summer dual-PURPOSES. The Oxford cloth design on the other side of the cushion is suitable for summer use, cool and breathable, and the velvet design on the bottom is great for pets in the winter. FOLDABLE &QUICK REMOVABLE. The quick-release handlebar mounting system is very easy to install on the bicycle basket. Measure your bike before buying to make sure it's suitable for the handlebar diameter. The 2 in 1 bicycle front storage is designed with hard-wearing Oxford cloth for long-term use. The frame is made of aluminum and is super durable and tear-proof. The max bearing is 5KG. They will send you a new basket if there are missing accessories or quality problems. It is easy to clean with water. Even in the face of rain, the built-in waterproof coating on the Oxford cloth is safe. There is a zip pocket for valuables. Even if the road is bumpy, you don't have to worry about the items falling apart because the top zip is tightened. The rugged aluminum frame is suitable for most handlebars. The bag is not in use when it is not in the metal frame, so it is removed to be carried alone. The trunk of a car or bike bag can be easily collapsible. MULTI-PURPOSE The bicycle basket can be used as a tote bag for a variety of items. Remove the basket and carry food or other things for a day of sun, surf, and relaxation. As a pet bike carrier, you can take your dog on the road.

Brand: Gle2016

👤The basket was not for scooters according to another reviewer. It looked like it would fit my mobility scooter, I was unsure of what type of scooter it was. I mounted it after some finagling. It is easy to take on and off. The rain is kept out of the Pacific Northwest. The basket can be washed with the help of the side that is removed. The inside zip pocket and front picket are great for small items. Happy so far!

👤I put this on my beach cruiser so I could get groceries on my outings at the beach. I take it off my bike, shop the grocery store, and then load it all back in. You can tie the top to keep things in. I really like it. It can't be beat for the price. It made it two miles. 2 pounds of groceries were purchased the other day. I put it to the test and it may not last forever. If I have to buy again, I will get the same one from the same seller. There is a When mounted with the inserts for my handlebars, it stays up and does not hit the tire. I can't say enough good things about it. I took off one star from the installation because there was no instructions. My son did it wrong when he put it on for the first time. It was not difficult to take it off and turn it over. Instructions would have been nice.

👤I didn't get to use this product on a bike ride. The mechanism that allows you to attach it to the brackets broke while we were attaching the basket. Some of you are asking about putting your pet in a basket. I wouldn't try it. If the basket were to fall off, I would be afraid of running over my pet.

👤I ordered several of these baskets. There are dozens on Amazon that are the same price and quality. It is very easy to install on your handlebars. The biggest complaint about these baskets is that they rely on thin plastic sticks to hold them upright. I will probably buy some dowels to support the sides. The quality of the materials is decent for what they are and for the price. The system works well. It was secure. The colors were not what I expected. The liner was flimsy. If used for an animal, I can see it tearing. This is what is advertised.

👤The basket is very nice. It wasn't optimal to have no installation instructions, so it took some extra time to research and figure out the best way to install. Installation was easy once I did it. There is a The reviews indicated that with weight in the basket it tilts down and rubs the front tire. It did just that with a few groceries. You cannot tighten the mount enough to not cause it to fall when it has more than a little weight in it. I believe I can fix it by attaching zip ties to the mounting mechanism and putting a screw on the lower stem of the handlebars to hold it in place. I haven't fully tested that yet. I think I can make the basket work. I love the design and the ability to take it off. I wish they would fix the mounting brackets so you don't have to worry about ruining the bottom of the basket.

5. Biria Bracket Release Removable Bicycle

Biria Bracket Release Removable Bicycle

The steel wire they use to make this basket is thick and strong, it has a heavy load of more than 55 lbs, you can carry a large pet with confidence. The handlebars have a size of 25.4 to 31.8mm. White is the color. "Express" is a fine woven plastic coated basket. The basket has a mechanism that fixes it to the handlebars. The weight is 2 pounds and the size is 14 x 10 x 10. The swing up handle makes it easy to mount. A bicycle basket can hold up to 12 pounds. Carries up to 12 pounds. If you don't receive the BRACKET, please contact the bike shop to get the missing one. For any questions, please contact Biria BIKES.

Brand: Biria

👤My daughter gave me a basket for my birthday so I am excited to put it on my bike. It is a good size for my dog, but I won't use it in the basket.

👤The basket is great. I bought this to use on the Townie. It's lightweight and sturdy. The quick release feature is great. The mount is made of weak plastic. The 5 kilogram weight capacity rating is a mystery. The mount is designed to hold the basket a few inches away from the head tube, but no brace is available to support the basket against the head tube. Light pressure from my fingertips caused the basket to dip down, causing stress on the mount. I sent it back after removing it. There is a If the manufacturer were to change to an aluminum mount, and incorporate some form of support to keep it from dropping when loaded, this would be the best basket available.

👤Buy this one! I decided to get back into bike riding after many years and bought a beach cruiser bike so I can ride upright. I was shopping for a basket for the bike. Baskets were double the price at WalMart. Installation was easy and you can figure it out by looking at the illustration. The green button on the handlebar should be facing up if you remove the 4 screws on the brackets. The basket will hook onto the part where the screw heads are. Push the basket onto the brackets and slide them down to lock. Push the green button and slide the basket up to release it. I can take the basket with me to the store. Very green! It is a good size to carry a small amount of groceries. The coated wire handle has a grip so that it doesn't dig into my fingers and can be raised and lowered as needed. The basket is made of wire and has a plastic coating. When I make turns or scratch the paint on my new bike, the basket does not move or wobble. I don't know how this will mount with hand brakes and cables, but I can tell you that the mouting bracket is only 2 inches to the left and right side of the handlebars, and there is room between the basket and the rest of the bike. The previous reviewer may have installed the brackets wrong. I am very happy with the basket.

👤We were disappointed that the 'Spacers' required for the 7/8" handlebars were missing from the shipment. They were not in the parts inventory. There is a sheet rubber is used to make the basket. Would like the correct parts but can't put more time into it and think an inquiry would be pointless.

👤The bike is still holding strong and there is nothing to loose a star Support rated weight if installed properly. The bike bars were of the correct size. There is a A good product. If the bike gets stoten, I would buy again.

6. Retrospec Bicycles Rectangular Authentic Leather

Retrospec Bicycles Rectangular Authentic Leather

Their baskets are woven with cane to stay strong. The rectangular shape was influenced by the century-old baskets. The basket is attached to the front handlebars with authentic leather straps. The dimensions are 14 x 10 and 8.5 inches. There is a suggested weight limit. 5 pounds.

Brand: Retrospec

👤I bought this product for my daughter's bike. She uses her bike to commute to school and work. Her bike is only exposed to the elements in the day time. She only used it for two months before it fell apart. The product was disappointing.

👤I bought this basket for my wife. She just started using it. If you intend on using this basket, look elsewhere. My wife loaded her basket with one beach towel, one blue tooth radio, and one beach towel, and we were on our way to the beach. The wicker in the basket started to rip as she went to the beach, and by the time she got home there was a big hole in the basket, which was attached to the handle bar area. For the price of this basket, I expected better quality, but I think that is my fault. You are looking for quality, so look elsewhere.

👤The dog and I love this basket. It's the perfect size for my handbag, for trips to the library, and for putting books in. It's a great place for bike rides. It is heavy duty and sturdy. It fits the bike handlebars perfectly and it doesn't drag on the front wheel when it has stuff in it.

👤It feels like a good quality basket. I threaded the artificial flowers through the wicker to add color.

👤If I could, I would give it a 4.5. The wicker and leather handles of the basket will make it hard to find a better one. I found this after a lot of research and it can hold our 8 lbs pom chi. This is perfect for him. In order to support the basket, you need to have the underneath support up front, as noted by another reviewer. The basket is too fragile to hold anything more than cell, keys, and you must have this. The wicker was peeling when I took it out of the box. You'd be hard up to find a better model that can transition to other bike models. There are a lot of reviews for people who want to put their small dog in here and a good idea is to use a dog seat belt and attach one end of their harness and the other with a carabiner to the slack of the leather strap. I wanted to share my thoughts with other dog people. I would say more than 10 lbs is pushing it.

👤I love this basket. It's perfect for my needs on a leisurely bike ride because I don't carry anything heavy in it. I would get a wire basket for heavy groceries. This one is for looks and carry alongs. The size is perfect. There is plenty of room for a small blanket and book. It's a good thing.

👤The basket was broken on a few parts. There is a It is cheap and made in China. As many other items as possible. Is it possible that it will be ripped new in a box? Others commented the same. Cheap, cheap, expensive... This company is all about marketing. I purchased a basket and a bike, both of which gave me headaches. I returned both as they were damaged. There is a This basket is not going to last. Be aware.

7. Nantucket Bicycle Basket Lightship Collection

Nantucket Bicycle Basket Lightship Collection

Some assembly is required. The Lightship baskets were first produced in Nantucket during the whaling era. The outer skin of the natural rattan vine is used to make their Lightship baskets. Attaches to handlebars with leather straps. The weight limit is 13 pounds. There is a 12 x 7.5 x 9 piece.

Brand: Nantucket Bicycle Basket

👤I bought this basket for my daughter a year ago. It is a beautiful basket, but it has not lasted long. There is a The wooden bottom has separated from the sides. The quality of this product is questionable.

👤Any bike will look great with this cute design. It broke. The basket is mostly carrying a water bottle and a bike lock, so maybe five pounds of weight. I admit it carried a gallon of milk. The screws holding the plate on fell. It's not a hardship, but it's not good to know I littered a trail. As the basket broke down, small nails started to poke through. The back of the basket was bent in two. The basket rubbed on my tire and fender. It was barely a year old.

👤I bought this for my dog to come along on bike rides. I don't like the look of bike baskets for dogs. I reinforced the basket with multiple layers of superglue after reading about the broken basket. It has held up well over the last year. My dog is 11 lbs with a back length of 12 inches. I wouldn't recommend this for dogs over 14 lbs.

👤Not very strong, but pretty. I would go four stars for lack of sturdiness, but you are buying this because it is gorgeous. There is a 10 years ago, we bought one of these for my wife. It holds her stuff well and looks cute. Our wicker broke when exposed to the elements. There is still no cuter. We will keep her bike in the garage, be careful to remove the basket when carrying the bike on the car bike rack, and plan on replacing it in a few years. If your bike sleeps outside, if you carry a lot of heavy stuff, or if you expect your basket to be tough, I wouldn't recommend this. There is a If you like cute, you can babying your basket and replace it eventually.

👤Do not buy it! The basket looks cute and I received many positive comments. The quality and craftsmanship are terrible. I have only ever put my phone inside and used the basket 4-5 times, the bottom is ripping out. That is unbelievable at a price point. A basket needs to hold more than a cell phone and last longer than a few bike trips. It looks like it's been too long since the purchase to return. Don't waste your money and do yourself a favor. It looks gorgeous on a cruiser.

👤I just wanted a small basket for my bike, so I could put my phone and camera in it. I thought this one was smaller than the others. I was going to return it. I told myself to return it. It's too expensive for something I can't use. It doesn't fit my bike. The straps are too far apart for my dog. It's too nice to be strapped to a bicycle. Why didn't I return it? I put some flowers in it. I put it on top of the large chest in the corner of my bedroom because it looked pretty. I shouldn't have done that because I can't bring myself to return it. I wouldn't pay that much for a basket. I have too many of those. It looks amazing! It glows in dim light. It shimmers in bright light. The basket is a 5 star basket.

8. ProSource Wicker Front Handlebar Basket

ProSource Wicker Front Handlebar Basket

Storage bag included The bicycle cover can be folded into a portable size and put into the storage bag when not in use. The hassle of cleaning will be reduced. The dimensions are Length-13"(side to side on the top) x Width-10.5"(front to back) x Depth-9" Natural wicker has a color. Water-proof treatment.

Brand: Prosource

👤It's great to take water, fruit, sunscreen, beach towels. It looks pretty.

👤It worked well for 2 years. I carried my heavy duty lock, water bottles, phone, and other items in here during long distance rides. I purchased this in July of 2013). There is a I broke the strap in August of 2015. I was able to poke a new hole in the cheap straps to get me through the rest of the ride. I'm still keeping the basket, but I'll probably find better straps, which is a good thing. There is a The basket has held up well. It can be a bit bristly and some pieces break, but I don't think it's bad. It is a basket. There is a The bottom is large enough to hold a lot of stuff and tall enough to not let things fly out.

👤The basket is a good size. I used black zip ties under the straps after reading reviews about weak straps. I have been using it for a couple months and it looks great. There is room for my water bottle and recorder, and when I get overheated there is room to stuff my jacket in. I'm completely satisfied.

👤These baskets are for my granddaughters. I bought a triple bunk bed for them. I wanted it to be convenient and personal. The baskets will hold everything they need. Books, paper, pens, dolls, and of course their headlamps are against the rules for late night reading. There is a These will not see the rougher treatment of those on a bike, but they are very well made. The strap leather is a bit thin but can be slipped out to replace simple dog collar. The baskets are made of wicker. They are a great buy and will last a long time in college.

👤It's adorable! I'm looking forward to it. I'm not expecting to put a lot of stuff in it, but a few things can fit in the basket, like a bottle of water and lunch. The belt/harness looks flimsy so I added cable zip ties. I would recommend it. Just for light stuff. I would like to see cable zip ties used to make it stronger.

👤I bought this for my bicycle. I used it to plant flowers in the basket. It adds charm to any bicycle. The leather straps are nice.

👤The basket is smaller if you don't mind. If you're expecting the measurement described, it won't be, at least not the one they sent to me. The actual is 12x10x9. Returned. The basket I replaced was the same size as the one I had. If you don't mind the smaller size, it's not a problem. The basket is thin and sturdy, with some pieces poking out on the outside, but it doesn't have leather straps. In a town built with endless bike paths, I need something to hold my water bottle, purse, and sometimes light jacket, so I use something to hold it often. This is a good budget buy if you don't use as much as this.

9. Lixada Waterproof Handlebar Detachable Shopping

Lixada Waterproof Handlebar Detachable Shopping

If you have any questions, please kindly reach out, they will do their best to solve your problem. Light weight and resilience are important. The Lixada basket is made of sturdy fiber and aluminum. There is a modern quick release handlebar accessory. It's suitable for bike handlebars. Their bicycle baskets are practical and stylish. Their bicycle front baskets are at hand to make your journey easier, whether you are shopping in the market every day or commute by bike. It's ideal for small dogs. The Lixada basket can be easily removed with a quick-release handlebar fixing. Take the food out of the basket and carry it to the beach. You can go on the road with your dog while you are on a pet bike. A multi-pocket and safe hiding at night can hold your mobile phone, keys, pet food, etc. The side pockets can hold reflective strips and kettles. It is easy to clean with water. Do you want to be able to leave your bike outside? Their bike basket range can be kept in the rain. If it gets dirty, just rinse it off. It's ideal for small dogs. Pets can be up to 11 lbs. It is easy to disassemble and reassemble when you use it as a dog cart basket, so you can use it as a pet bed or dog frame.

Brand: Lixada

👤The dimensions of the basket should be taken into account. I don't think my cat would like it. If you need a small carrier, this may be the one. There is one sheet of Mandarin and one sheet of English. The translation for Mandarin to English is bad, and the pictures don't explain one critical feature of how to mount. The wire that keeps the basket from rotating is the most important component. Unless the wire that holds the brackets is tight around the handlebars, the basket will fall onto the front wheel. If you tighten too much the screws will pull through the plastic and the brackets will fall down. I tightened the wire holding the brackets tight and positioned it slightly up so that when weighted down the basket the basket would be horizontal and not touch the wheel.

👤I use the basket for quick trips to the grocery store. It will hold a gallon of milk and several odds. I've been surprised by how much you can fit in the basket since I always come home with more stuff than I anticipated. The handles are comfortable and convenient to carry. It was easy to install, but it took some fiddling with the different spacers to find a combination that worked best with my handle bars. It would be nice if it were more flexible. The design of the side ribs is not something I like. These add stability to the basket to hold it open while you load or unload with two hands. The idea of a fabric basket is that you can collapse it for storage. The basket won't collapse with the ribs in place, and they are a pain to remove once installed. I never get the convenience of collapsing my basket to store in a drawer or on a crowded closet shelf because I end up just leaving them in. I'll probably only pull them out for winter storage.

👤I bought this to carry my dog on my bike rides. I was worried about the strength of the teeth that hold the basket in place because she is so heavy. It has held up well so far. It's easy to remove the basket and remount it. Highly recommend!

👤I ordered this for my Schwinn bike because we have a 6 month old Parti Yorkie. She is about 5 lbs heavier than the basket. The basket is heavy duty and works well on my bike. We are going to get a Yorkie in the spring and I will buy another basket for it.

👤This is a good front basket for a small animal that would enjoy a bike ride. My son's French bulldog was happy in the basket. It was easy to setup. Once the main piece is attached to the handle bars, it takes seconds to take off and install. Instructions were not too bad. There's not much to know. Excellent quality and good value are what you should recommend. Can't go wrong.

👤This comes with a completely different mounting system than the one featured in the video. I purchased this version of the baskets on Amazon because of the mounting system in the video, but I was very disappointed. The mount is fixed to the basket and the separate part is fixed to the handlebars. The mount that arrived has no piece to attach to the basket, so if you've got stuff in the basket, you have to angle the basket so that all the stuff will fall out as you try. I wouldn't trust it to hold a bottle of water, let alone a living animal. The mount in the video shows two pieces that split apart completely to fit around the handlebars, making it much easier to install and easier to fit a variety of handlebars. I had to return the item. The misrepresentation in the product video was very disappointing.

10. KOVOSCH Detachable Adjustable Handlebar Shopping

KOVOSCH Detachable Adjustable Handlebar Shopping

Sturdy and durable are supported by a solid metal frame and 4 high strength PE panels. You can position it on the handlebars with loops and rings. The dog bike carrier is made of strong and water-resistant fabric, so it's free from worries about pet scratch or getting wet from rain. The dog bicycle basket is foldable for easy removal. It is very easy to disassemble the pet basket. You can attach it to your bike to carry it with you, and the dog basket can be folded up when not in use to save space. Extra safety belt. - A complimentary dog leash is included with your dog bike carrier purchase. The belt can be attached to the bike at one end and the pet's collar at the other to keep the pet safe. The seat belt can be adjusted. The aluminum alloy frame is sturdy and unbreakable and the Woven canvas construction is tear-proof. You can clean your pet bike basket with a wet wipe or warm water rinse. The handles of the pet basket are padded with sponges to protect them. It is light and comfortable, it is great for shopping. The bicycle basket for dogs has a handle height not included and is only 2.2 lbs. The pet basket is 2 inches high. The handlebars of 22-32mm are suitable for the basket. The bike baskets can be applied to a variety of bikes. The dog basket is easy to remove from your bike. The instructions manual and step-by-step guide that they have included for your convenience is straightforward and easy to use.

Brand: Kovosch

👤I thought it was expensive, but it's not. Installation was easy, I was able to attach it to my bike in a few minutes. It's larger than other baskets I've tried and can hold my dog. It was still easy to ride with a water bottle, air pump, and snacks in the basket.

👤We don't like to take our dog out in the front yard because she is a barker. This is a great compromise for us. The only issue is when the dog falls over.

11. YEYUNTO Removable Handlebar Detachable Mountain

YEYUNTO Removable Handlebar Detachable Mountain

Light weight and resilience. The bag is all about convenience. A sturdy metal frame with a solid Oxford fabric and a modern quick release handlebar accessory. The bike basket is of the highest quality. Their bicycle baskets are both stylish and practical. Whether you shop daily at the market, or commute into work by bike, their bicycle front baskets are on hand to make your journey a little bit easier. This bicycle basket is foldable and can be removed via a quick-release handlebar mount. Remove the basket and carry food or other things for a day of sun, surf, and relaxation. As a pet bike carrier, you can take your dog on the road. Would you like to be able to leave your bike outside without worry? Their bicycle basket range can be left in the weather with no worries. If it gets dirty, just wash it and dry it. It's ideal for small dogs that weigh up to 11 pounds. It is easy to disassemble and reassemble when you use it as a dog bike basket, so you can use it as a pet bed or dog car carrier.

Brand: Yeyunto

👤A nice basket. It is ideal for medium weight loads. Sorry, have not measured weights yet. Carrying a gallon of milk, some cans of veggies and fruit, bread and other light items, the front of the car bowed down. It could be an inch or two. The small dog was used to ride with. Attach a short strap to the frame of the basket with a harness. I attached a canvas lid to it. It's easy to fit different handlebar sizes. There is a When leaving a bike alone, quick connect is a nice option. It does not fold down to a smaller size. It has nice canvas handles to carry things. Good for small shopping trips. The canvas material seems strong. Plastic inserts and base are not something that I am very fond of, but I will eventually be adding a front rack and those are not big issues for me. There is a Inexpensive lightweight is a pros. It's roomy, wide and deep and it's easy to install. It would be nice to have a cover. Something more secure to attach the leash for the pet. Attach the light or reflectors in front if it could fold down smaller. It's ideal for carrying a bag of groceries or a bunch of books. A small dog or cat with a little protection. It can be taken off after installation. It's easy to install. There is a A decent basket.

👤Love it. It holds my chihuahua very well on bumpy bike rides. Make sure that it is locked up while riding. It was easy to install and I love it. The string bag feature was made very cheaply and broke after three days. The product was cheap and not necessary. I don't mind much. I would like to see something to hold the dog in. I attached my dog to the bike with a harness and a leash so he wouldn't fall out. It has two additional pockets for holding things and is lively. I put my phone and water in a pocket. I recommend this product to people with small dogs.

👤If they were to snap my 9 lbs. it would be plastic. The pup would fall to the ground. I suppose it could be used to haul groceries that don't weigh much.

👤I'm happy with my purchase. The basket is lightweight and easy to install.

👤My dog is on the bike. There is no hook to secure my pet. He was able to open it and jump out.

👤Too many pieces. Tools are needed to put it together. There is a The basket was really sturdy when done. I put my rat terrier in there. She was talking.


What is the best product for bicycle basket front handlebar for dog?

Bicycle basket front handlebar for dog products from Xunxing. In this article about bicycle basket front handlebar for dog you can see why people choose the product. Camgo and Tfwadmx are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle basket front handlebar for dog.

What are the best brands for bicycle basket front handlebar for dog?

Xunxing, Camgo and Tfwadmx are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle basket front handlebar for dog. Find the detail in this article. Gle2016, Biria and Retrospec are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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