Best Bicycle Basket for Girls

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1. Bell Frozen Basket Streamer Combo

Bell Frozen Basket Streamer Combo

Hardware for easy installation. A handlebar basket has an icy touch. Any bike with matching streamers will have the magic of the Northern Lights. It's for most bikes, trikes and scooters. Frozen merchandise is licensed. The plastic straps are easy to attach to.

Brand: Bell

👤I ordered this for my granddaughter to ride her bike. The basket seems okay, but the plastic things that hold it to the bike don't seem to last long. The streamers are very stiff. They stick out because they are so stiff. Maybe they are frozen? They don't stay in the little holds that are supposed to hold them in. I tried to keep them out with hot glue. She only used the bike once, so time will tell how long they will stay. I thought they would be like the streamers I remember when I was a kid, and I'm just disappointed in them. These are too stiff to fall down.

👤My daughter likes her basket. The handle bar pom things are easy to break. I should've taken those off as she learns to ride her bike. They broke when she tipped over. I tried to hot glue them back together, but they kept breaking. It would be great if there was a more flexible attachment to the handle bars. It would suffice to have something Silicone or rubber. They're used in her playroom for impromptu plays or whatever she wants. There is a The basket is doing its job. I had to purchase more zip ties because the ones I got broke off.

👤I got this for my daughter's bike, as she really wanted a basket and streamers were an extra bonus. The streamers were difficult to mount as they required a hole in the bike handle. They were in and looked great until the bike fell over. The basket seems to be holding up, but we will see over time. I didn't realize how expensive bike baskets are. She is happy that she can put her dolls in the basket.

👤The item is cute, but frustrating. The hassles do not have a clip, just a plastic rod that sticks into the basket weave and keeps falling out. I don't know how I'm going to get them fastened. The tie downs are difficult to attach. Zip ties would be easier to use than the ones that come with the basket.

👤I had to separate the streamers from each other. Many of them were ripped off. The streamers wouldn't stay on the handle bars. The basket's connecting points are also garbage. I used zip ties. We keep it for the basket. I wanted to make the boys bike more feminine for my daughter, so I gave her a girls bike. I got her a basket and a few other accessories, but those streamers won't stay on.

👤I got this set for a friend of mine who is just starting out on her two wheeler, and I also got a bicycle basket for her. There is a I think the fact that she lives in Frozen encouraged her to try harder on her big girl bike so she could use her accessories.

👤You spend hours trying to get the streamers apart, because they are terrible and come fused together. They don't stay in bikes well because the part you push in is thick for the cut outs on most bikes. The basket is great but you should buy some zip ties as they don't work.

2. Ride Along Dolly Basket Lightups

Ride Along Dolly Basket Lightups

The Kids Bike Bell and Tassels Kit adds a lot of fun to riding bike. Imagine if your girl rode a bike with the streamers on it. It is a smart person. If your kids receive this gift, they will be very happy. The bike basket for girls is cute. Bring toys, dolls, Teddy Bears, and other things for the ride. Easy Assembly and removal of the straps. There are three (3) motion activated lights. Light up flowers and butterflies make your bike the prettiest on the block.

Brand: Ride Along Dolly

👤I bought this for my daughter's bike as she really wanted a bike with a basket. I thought the lights on the flowers on this basket were cute and added a visibility factor. The plastic clip things they included to install the basket were not secure so we decided to use some white zip ties. The lights have plastic strips that you have to pull out to make them work, and the flower in the middle came on solid when I pulled the plastic thing out. The other 2 flowers stopped working after a few days and my daughter has barely gotten to ride her bike because we haven't had a chance because of the rain. I don't see how batteries or anything can be replaced, they are just dead flowers. Don't buy if you think you'll get a better deal because of the flashing lights factor.

👤My daughter loves her bicycle basket. The basket went well with the color scheme of the bike and the hot pink color of it. It's very likely that it will match your daughter's bike, because of the many colors on the basket. If you have an older daughter with a bigger bike, you may find this basket a little small. For us, it fits perfectly. After six months, the lights are still on. It takes a lot of motion for them to start and keep going. They will flash for a few seconds before they need to turn on again. The lights don't flash reliably when she rides on a smooth surface. I'm sure they would flash if she was riding on more bumpy terrain. Maybe they should be labeled as bounce activated instead of motion activated. The plastic basket does feel a little thin, but it functions just fine. We have not had any issues with it being on the bike. It is easy to install in less than two minutes. The way my daughter lit up when she saw her new basket made this a great purchase. I would get the same basket again.

👤I bought two of these for my child. The seller was easy to work with. There is a They were in plastic and packaged well. You will need to pull the plastic tabs on the flowers after removing the bag. The batteries will be able to make contact and the lights will blink. When the bike is bumped, the lights blink and turn off to conserve batteries. The basket was mounted on the bike with larger plastic straps and small zipties. It went on simple and fast because of the universal fit. There is a The girls love them and they are holding up well months later. They dropped the bikes, left them in the rain, and filled the basket with rocks, and they are still unharmed. Great product.

👤A basket for my daughter's bike. She likes it. It is a great basket, but we added a few zip ties to make it more secure. Exactly what I wanted!

3. CHILDHOOD Stickers Adjustable Bicycle Handlebar

CHILDHOOD Stickers Adjustable Bicycle Handlebar

A basket scooter girl is perfect to hold small items along the ride, allowing kids to bring their favorite personal items along for the ride. Scooter gift accessories for kids. The storage basket is made of high-quality plastic. A bicycle accessory is a great gift for children. The basket is easy to attach to the front handlebars. Children can carry their favorite items with them when riding if the basket creates additional storage in easy-to-reach places. The dimensions are: size: 8.3(L) *5 (W) * 5.8(H) inch. The package includes a bike basket and straps.

Brand: Childhood

👤The basket is perfect for what I need. My nephew is a big fan of Brown and we got him some stickers to decorate the basket. The size is perfect for a small child. He has a small water bottle. There are two different types of bolts. You can adjust and remove the 1 fastening like a belt, but I wouldn't put stickers on it. One of the things that come with the basket is a lock that you have to cut to remove. The other type is useless. I was hoping for a better price. If the straps weren't there, I would give 5 stars. The basket has 5 stars.

👤My son wanted a basket with his mom and grandma. His bike is blue and black. I turned it around because I didn't like the stickers and it now looks like a basket across the front.

👤It's really hard to find something gender neutral. A basket was important to my little boy because he likes to collect things on our bike rides or bring his toys with him. This is large enough for some toys, but not large enough to fit his kids bike. It was very easy to attach. I decided to leave the sticker off to keep it more neutral.

👤He could take stuff on his bike ride if we attached this to his bike. It is light and works well with his bike.

👤My son's water bottle would fall out when he hit abump.

👤The basket was small but my grandson loved it.

👤My daughter's walker has this attached so she can keep her hands free. She beats this thing up more than a bike would. It holds up.

👤My daughter has a bike. The price and size are great.

4. Farway Bicycle Basket Decoration Flowers

Farway Bicycle Basket Decoration Flowers

After-sales guaranteed. If you have a question, you can consult at any time. You will get the best answer to any questions you have. This is a cute girl bicycle basket, it's on the front of your child's bike. You could get this for your daughters or sons birthday. The perfect size bike basket for carrying a toy, a doll, kids cups, basic essentials, and stuffed animals, also for taking stuffed animals on a ride. The size is 8.7 inches. It is easy to fit onto the handlebars of your kids bike. These baskets fit on scooters. If your kids want to collect bugs, rocks and sticks, this is the bicycle basket they should use. Your girl will be proud of her new bicycle basket. If you have a problem with their product, please contact them.

Brand: Farway

👤Negatives These are so cheap that they should cost about $5 shipped. There is a They probably won't last very long. I used pipe cleaners from our craft kit to attach the ties because they were so bad. There is a Positives: They fit my children's bikes. I'll pay anything to let them pick their own color for identical baskets, and they'll have things that are different but not cause arguments. They arrived in three days. My 3 year olds can now ride on rides with their stuffed animals. There should be a better quality lower cost option available, but this appears to be the only basket to order. There is a You can find the same basket for less on Amazon, but not if you want different colors.

👤The Radio Flyer tricycle our daughter is receiving for Christmas has a red basket on it. The basket is very small. There was a bow on the front. The material is flexible yet durable. Came with something. The red radio flyer matches perfectly.

👤My five-year-old granddaughter loves the basket since she can put her important things in it. Her favorite color is purple. Very cute!

👤It is what it looks like. I have a small water bottle in my phone. I have been having trouble keeping it in place on my bike. I'm sure it's me.

👤The colors are bold. The basket hangs under the handle bars with the opening of the basket facing forward, because it seems to be too heavy to hang properly.

👤The basket fell apart as soon as it was installed. The cheap plastic starts unraveling. There are small pink zip ties provided with the basket.

👤It was horrible quality. The ties it comes with are useless. The basket is cheap and breaks right off when I try my own zip ties. Returning.

👤The flowers fell off. Our daughter wanted a baby doll and a water bottle in the basket, but it was cheap. I would. It is worth about $5.

5. MINI FACTORY Princess Butterflies Unicorn Handlebar

MINI FACTORY Princess Butterflies Unicorn Handlebar

The most cool bike around. Hundreds of happy parents and grandparents have already purchased this set and watched their children become overwhelmed by excitement, which is why they are confident your children will love it as well! Don't hesitate to get in touch with them if that's not the case, they'll make it right! Extra storage within easy reach allows kids to bring their personal items with them on the ride. Small personal items like water bottle, toys, snacks and other small items can be held in this way. Premium materials, light-weight, easy to install. Bike gift accessories for kids. It fits most bikes. The basket is 7.5" x 4.5" The pattern is lovely.

Brand: Mini-factory

👤I gave this 4 stars because it fits a child's water bottle and small toy and is not bad quality for the money. It would be great if they put zip tie or buck style straps on it. The plastic hooks fit on the handle bars, but they slid all over and ended up with double sided tape in them. If it weren't for my daughter wanting only a pink basket, I wouldn't have bought it.

👤If they had included two straps to attach the basket to the bike, I would be very happy with it. Only one was there. So... I need another pink strap from them. You have to return the whole thing in order to get a new one that will hopefully contain two spears. It's really sad. We're keeping the pink strap and zip tie. I don't want the hassle of mailing the whole thing back, just to get a little pink plastic strap.

👤A basket was added to her bike. Zip ties were used to get around the clips that came with the basket.

👤A great basket! My three year old can fit a bottle of water and a snack in her mouth. It doesn't fit on her bike with training wheels, so we used zip ties.

👤I bought it for myself. An adult has it on her bike. I love it. My wallet and my phone fit. I would recommend it to anyone.

👤It is very sturdy and was snapped right on. My little is getting ready to ride her bike. A good size kids basket. Great buy at a good price.

👤My daughter likes it! It fits her water bottle.

👤The basket is cute. It's perfect for my daughter's bike. I can fit a small water bottle, some rocks, my cell, keys, and a barbie. It's perfect.

👤The bike basket arrived quickly. My daughter liked it.

👤The blue holders keep coming off and making the basket fall down, even though I bought it for my daughter. It looks pretty.

👤Everything I wanted and a reasonable price.

6. YMhoart Handlebar Detachable Children Tricycle

YMhoart Handlebar Detachable Children Tricycle

Washed with water. The product has braided joints, which will not affect the use. It's suitable for children's bicycles of 12-16 inches. There is an error of -0.2in in the size 9.1. It's suitable for children's bicycles of 12-16 inches. It's suitable for children's bicycles of 12-16 inches. The wicker basket has 2 straps that can be adjusted to fix the basket on the handlebars. It's suitable for children's bicycles of 12-16 inches. It is normal to have joints and fall wicker, which does not affect the use or appearance. It's suitable for children's bicycles of 12-16 inches. The actual product will prevail over the product color.

Brand: Ymhoart

👤It's what I wanted it to be, it's cheap, but it's not perfect, it's nice, but it's on the cheap side. The price was good, I signed up for that. I won't complain much.

👤The basket is cute, but the quality is not 5-star. It will be fine.

👤My granddaughter likes this basket. She is able to carry her water bottle on her trike. The construction of the basket is top-notch and the leather straps attached it easily.

👤I didn't realize this was a kids size basket. I was surprised at how small it is. I needed a tandem bike. I will send this back. It would only fit a small stuffed animal and a cell phone, so it would be perfect for your child.

👤This is a bike accessory that I love.

👤It was too small for an adult beach cruiser.

7. ONEVER Handlebar Basket Bicycle Accessory

ONEVER Handlebar Basket Bicycle Accessory

The pattern is lovely. The wicker basket is healthy and safe. The food in the frame is not at risk of being contaminated by the basket. It is important to create a happy and healthy childhood for your children. The size is 6.9inch. The natural wicker weave is waterproof and soft, and can be used in all weather. It is easy to clean. One-step easy installation. The installation is done by snapping on the handlebars with the two mounting buckles on the back. You can easily adjust the length of the buckle. A multifunctional recreational basket. The basket can be put on the bike. The basket can hold books, stationery, school bags and food. You can take this container to the beach or pool. After-sales guaranteed. If you have a question, you can consult at any time. You will get the best answer to any questions you have.

Brand: Onever

👤It was very cute and well made. I would have liked to have ordered the larger size. A young child's bike is more suited for the small size.

👤It was great, while it lasted. I could tell the quality wasn't great but it was what I wanted for my daughter's bike. She has been using it for 2 months now and this is the result after a couple of falls. It didn't last very long. I would not purchase it again because I want to use it.

👤I ordered a large and small for my girls bikes. The small and large were perfect for my girls bikes. It took a long time to get to us but it was worth it.

👤My daughter has a Trek mountain bike. The quality was good. The basket color had an orange tint. We wanted the black straps on the basket to be shown in the picture.

👤The basket is easy to use. The color of the faux leather straps is ugly. It doesn't look like real wicker. It looks like anorangy. I would prefer a more natural look. The size is perfect for a 5 year old bike, and it fits a small teddy bear inside.

👤I was looking for a basket that was small. I put it on the child's bike so he could take some of his treasures with him. The leather straps are sturdy and can be attached to the handlebars.

👤The basket is not good. I received it and it was falling apart, but the shape was completely off. The front is oddly shaped. It took months for it to be delivered.

👤The kids were ordered the wrong size. It's small. I was not able to use it for what I needed. There is an adult size available.

8. Schwinn SW75328 6PK Bicycle Basket

Schwinn SW75328 6PK Bicycle Basket

The easy assembly-Royal Baby is pre-assembled with an instruction manual and tools in the box. It fits most bicycle handlebars. Personal items should be brought along for the ride. Assembly and removal are easy with the use of straps.

Brand: Schwinn

👤A great basket. It contains chemicals that are not good for you. The information was printed on the label but not mentioned in the online posting. Had I known, I wouldn't have bought this. Consider another option if this concerns you. The basket is very cute. Good size for toys and dolls.

👤Cute. There are cute lights that flash when going over abump. There is no way to change the battery when it dies. There is a The straps that attach it to the handlebars are very chintzy. I used zip ties.

👤The ties used to hold the basket on the bike don't work. I gave up on it on the first day. Some reviews say that they needed to use zip ties to keep the basket on. I need to buy some before I can attach it again. The basket is large and lights up nicely. Ties need to be improved to keep it attached. If zip ties are what everyone ends up using, why not give them?

👤This basket has been very enjoyable for us. My daughter wanted a princess bike with a basket for her dolls and we wanted her to have a better quality bike, so this was a great addition to her bike. It uses cheap bolts, so I think better bolts could help keep it on the bike. I am using the ones that came with it. She puts her toys in a basket and takes them around. The lights on the flower are nice, but they won't last forever. They still light up when we use this for three months.

👤I bought this basket for my daughters. It fits perfectly on my daughter's 20 inch bike. My older daughter has a 24 inch mountain bike. I like the size because she can't over load it with big items that might distract her while riding. It is a cheap basket. It's holding up well. I used zip ties instead of straps to make it more secure. The colors are bright. My girls love their baskets and that's what matters in the end.

👤I bought this for my 4 year old daughter because she wanted a basket to hold her water bottle and other items when we go scootering for longer distances. I was willing to take a chance because I wasn't sure if it would work. The package was in good shape when we received it. My daughter was excited because the flowers lit up. The basket was easy to install. There are two plastic straps around the handle bar. It was easy. We have had the basket for almost a year now and it looks new even though we have a 4 year old. This basket is very good. Schwinn makes good stuff.

👤It's easy to install. I secured the basket with zip ties after reading reviews from other buyers. The attachment device that comes with the basket looks unreliable. There is a The basket is very cute. Not too big or too small. The flowers are light up. When the bike moves, they light up.

9. Colorbasket Handle Basket Resistant Leather

Colorbasket Handle Basket Resistant Leather

The basket is attached to the rear racks of the MTX system. Patent pending design for hand-woven for quality and strength. The synthetic cord is safer for your fingers than wicker baskets. The anti-Fade material protects against the UV rays. All weather water resistant material. There are two straps included in the size L 10 x W 7 x H 6.

Brand: Colorbasket

👤I put my cell phone, water bottles, keys, and other items in this basket to add to my Schwinn loop folding bike. Gave it 4 stars because the leather straps and buckles look a little suspect, but only time will tell. I don't plan to put heavy items in it. I have a plan B if the straps don't work out. The basket seems to hold up well in the elements, but we will see. If it bounces a lot during riding, I may add some padding around the lower part of the basket. I like the look of the basket on the bike and will update if necessary.

👤She looks great on her bike. Love the color. Her bike has 14 wheels. The basket is black and white.

👤I gave this basket a two star rating. There is a The dimensions are read on the smaller side of the basket. It's great to have a walker, keys, phone, and water bottle. Don't put a bag of groceries in it. I bought it for our child. It was purchased to hold a snack and a water bottle as she was cruising around this spring/ summer. It's perfect for that. It's not wood wicker, it's a plastic one. They are easy to install. There is a The reason for the 2 star is twisted. It's not sure if the high heat will take care of it. I have added photos to describe it. The bottom should remain oval and get wider all the way up, but ours is twisted. If we have the bike flat against the front, it should be out on the one side. I tried bending it around to see if the weaving would loosen or move in order to make it less noticeable. We will keep it, as it seems like a hassle to pack it up and return it, then wait for a new one to be sent. Just be aware.

👤I got this for my daughter to take with her new bikestar scooter. She loved the scooter, but she couldn't carry all of her things when she went places. She insisted on putting it on herself after I surprised her with this. I was surprised when I saw her work that she put it on backwards. She looked at me as though I was the most ignorant person on the planet when I asked why. I have tried to get her to reverse it, but she makes it work, so I recommend you don't follow her lead, it makes it a bit more awkward to ride.

👤I bought this for a friend who had to use a walker for a long time after breaking her leg. She was able to carry her phone, a snack, and other items at work because we strapped it to the front. It was a good basket and very cute. I was a little worried about the straps because they are stretchy, but we pulled on them hard to get the basket on as tight as we possibly could and they have held up perfectly!

10. Colorbasket Handle Junior Resistant Leather

Colorbasket Handle Junior Resistant Leather

We recommend taking measurements before completing your order, as this basket fits most standard bicycles. The dimensions of the basket are: 14.5" x 9.5" x 7.5" All weather is standing. Hand-Woven is water resistant and will not crack or splinter, safer for your fingers than wicker baskets, and it is sturdy enough to take. The synthetic cord is safer for your fingers than wicker baskets. There are adjusted pantyhose. Make sure your basket is tightly fastened to your handle bars by using two genuine leather straps in the back of the basket. The straps are strong enough to keep your items safe. It is compatible with a wheelchair, a walker, or even a chair or other railing. Beach outing necessities, food prep produce, and study-sash essentials are in your basket. DIMENSIONS There are 2 straps included. The weight limit is 10 lbs. per basket. Will fit school supplies, personal beat boxes, and all mobile devices.

Brand: Colorbasket

👤A great basket! This was the perfect size for my bike. The others seemed too big so I went with the junior size. You can see the picture. My bike is a full size. Great color and appears to be strong.

👤I wanted to use the savings from the new bike I got for my almost 10 year old's birthday to purchase fun accessories. My daughter requested a new bike because her old one was too small and she was too childish. I wanted her bike to be fun and functional. I was going to order a basket for her new bike that was small enough for her to carry in her purse, because one of her older friends has a similar one on her bike, and she travels to and from friends' houses in our subdivision quite a bit. This one is larger than a kid but smaller than an adult and it is perfect. I'll try to get a picture uploaded. There are a few inches between the bottom and her tires on her new bike, but it just fit between her handlebar breaks. I bought her a new helmet as well. She was ecstatic when she unwrapped her bike, and the first thing she said was the basket. I love my new bike so much, and this is the basket I wanted for it. She commented on the material of the basket. She thought it would stand the test of time better if it wasn't real wicker. I didn't know she knew what a fake wicker was. Hehe. It's a great addition for a great value and makes her used bike look nicer and classier.

👤This basket is amazing. When I was a kid, I wanted a wicker basket. I didn't want the problems that come with painted wood being outside. It definitely looks like wicker, but up close there are no worries about splinters or ugly cracked wood. I like to put my phone, a bottle of water, and my keys in the basket, and it is sturdy, so I don't worry about it bouncing out and breaking. It is nice and deep, but not so deep that you lose your water bottle. It is the perfect size for an adult but could also be used on a smaller bike, I'm short and my bike is 24 instead of the standard 26 and the Colorbasket looks great on it. If I ever need another one, I will definitely be back and I'm so glad I purchased this.

👤The basket is large enough for my bike. The adult and kids sizes were too large. I like that it is plastic and not real wicker, so it won't chip or splinter. The flowers look great. I've gotten a lot of praise from people while I'm out riding.

👤I tried other bike baskets. The basket did not fail to impress. Looks great. The bike basket is a classic style. There are no characters or gimmicks. Works well. The plastic is weather resistant. There is room for a bottle of water and a bucket of chalk. There is a The bottom is closed. Things can fall through if there are no open weaves on the bottom. It holds pebbles and flowers. It's nice to hold it to the bars. The nylon zip ties were added to deter theft.

11. Qiuhome Handlebar Bicycle Streamers Accessories

Qiuhome Handlebar Bicycle Streamers Accessories

The bicycle baskets are hand-woven and have flaws that can be washed with water. The basket is pink. The bow knot is great. The basket is handmade. Attach the basket on your bicycle with the help of 2 straps. The bike accessories for kids are easy to install and compatible with most bikes. Don't worry about losing the accessories, they can be attached with ease. Children can put their toys and snacks in the basket to share with their friends. Colorful streamers fly in the wind as you ride your bike. This is a bicycle accessory for a girl. She can carry around her items while pedaling around town.

Brand: Qiuhome

👤My daughter loves them. The basket hooks on with something similar to a ziptie. It came loose once, but only once.

👤Muy bonito, pero demasiado finito.

👤I bought a bicycle for my granddaughter, but it didn't come with a basket. This was a great fit for a toddler bicycle.

👤Good but cheap.

👤I got these for my niece's bike. She loved it that they fit perfectly.

👤I wanted to give it to a little girl. She loved the color and glitter.

👤It was very weak and lasted one bike ride.

👤The g baby loved this addition to her bike.


What is the best product for bicycle basket for girls?

Bicycle basket for girls products from Bell. In this article about bicycle basket for girls you can see why people choose the product. Ride Along Dolly and Childhood are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle basket for girls.

What are the best brands for bicycle basket for girls?

Bell, Ride Along Dolly and Childhood are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle basket for girls. Find the detail in this article. Farway, Mini-factory and Ymhoart are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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