Best Bicycle Bag Waterproof

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1. NDakter Water Resistant Triangle Accessories Mountain

NDakter Water Resistant Triangle Accessories Mountain

There is a worry-free customer service. If you have any questions about the product, please contact their customer service immediately. The bike pouch is made of a full water-resistant fabric and has high Frequency seamless welding technology to block the rain from entering the bag. The secret to their water resistant bicycle frame bags is that. The space is large. The bike storage frame bag has enough room for your phone, small tire pump, mini binoculars, cycling glasses, bicycle repair tools and accessories, dust masks, keys, wallet, etc. There are troubles with long outdoor riding. It's easy to release and it's quick. The straps can easily be fastened on the tube. It doesn't move around even if you ride on a bumpy or rocky road, and it's perfect for most mountain, road and commute bikes. The humanization design has a big opening mouth. A durable zip up. It wouldn't rub against your legs while riding. There are reflective trim on both sides of bags. The Slim body design has a high capacity to minimize wind resistance. There are any quality problems of the bicycle triangle frame in one year. They can either replace it for free or give you a full refund. The same price, better quality, and more assured After-Sales Guarantee is whatNDakter provides.

Brand: Ndakter

👤Arrives on time and performs. It fits my Trek Marlin 6. I like how fast the attachment works. I have to put my bike on the rear car carrier because the storage bag is too big for both arms. When I get to where I'm going, I can uninstall it. It's also good because I don't have to use this bag to save weight when I'm out for more strenuous rides. This pack is for my Pro Bike tool pump and patch kit. I can fit a bottle of pepper spray in the slip pocket, it's a good back up option if I get cornered, and we have some wild hogs on our trails, so avoiding conflict is the best option.

👤I needed a storage that could fit my stuff. This bag was perfect, and it held my small tactical flashlight, pepper spray, a separate for my cell phone, and my car keys. It is attached to the back of the top frame. This bag will work for you.

👤I was not sure if this would fit on my mountain bike because all bikes are different, but this bag fit. It's in the corner of my bike, under my seat. The straps are stronger than I thought, and the zip never moves if you don't close it all of the way. After going over bumps, mud, and all sorts of turns and stops, this bag stayed attached and kept everything safe. I was able to fit my portable tire pump inside of a pocket that held my phone. I've hit water puddles with this bag and gone over mud several times. This bag keeps everything dry even when it's wet. I can wash this in the washer and leave it to dry if I need to, because I'm able to rinse the mud off easily when I come home. It's a great bag to have and it keeps everything safe.

👤I have a few special medical products that I need to take with me to make sure I can make it home even if I need to use a phone or snack. The sheath is built into the downward angle on the outside for a mini-pump to fit. It's very easy to stay out of the way of your legs. Exactly what I needed. I have one of the small under-seat bags for when I need the tire repair. I can stay out for an entire day with a hydration pack. Even when playing on the flow-trails, stays in place.

👤It has been four months since I last used it for a commute of 3 miles. I had to ride home in a heavy rain. Things inside were very moist after the zip was closed. There is a After taking it off the bike to clean it, I noticed a large patch of paint finish was stripped and a few rust spots. I ordered this bike from the manufacturer at the same time, 4 months old, and though we could say it's a cheap finish, I was lucky to get my hands on this bike finish and size when I did. I am very sad but things happen. Paint finishes can degrade due to abrasions. I don't want to place all the blame on the bag, but it did happen and it isn't waterproof. After a month or so, the straps kind of start curling up. I park my bike in the home and workplace. It is a great bag at a great price.

2. RockBros Cycling Waterproof Pannier Mobile

RockBros Cycling Waterproof Pannier Mobile

Large space. There is enough inside room for a lot of stuff in the bike bag, like an apple X, battery, energy gel, small tire pump, repair kits, keys, wallet, and more. It's perfect for cellphones below 6.5 inches, and it's also compatible with the s8 note 7, shake-proof bike front frame bag. The touch screen is very sensitive. The bike phone bag has a high sensitive film window which can help you use your cellphone easily while riding, and it's a great way to see your activity while using maps on a ride. Touch ID did not work through the screen cover. Humanization design. The bike phone mount bag has many designs. A hidden earphone hole allows you to listen to music while cycling. B, reflective tapes on both sides of bike bags to keep you safe. It is convenient to open and close it. Water resistance and resilience: The bike top tube bag is made of carbon fiber and has a sealed double zippers to keep water out. The sun visor and flashing board are great for rainy or sunny days. 3 straps are firm enough to hold up on the bike, 1 strap on the front and 1 strap on the upper bottom can be used to fix the bag on the head tube. The bag wouldn't move if you rode on a bumpy road.

Brand: Rock Bros

👤This wasn't waterproof. I just finished a bike ride in the rain and my phone and other items were all inside.

👤I can give an informed opinion after 40 miles. I need a universal fitting for my old bike and my tail bag, so in no particular order. This bag has nothing flashy, nothing except reflective piping, and no pinstripes or skulls. The logo is not loud. It was perfect! -The The top bar is secured with two Velcro straps on the bottom and the fork is secured with a Velcro strap. Well. The straps are long and I needed to cut them. If you do, cut them long enough so that the end is tucked away between the frame and the bag to prevent them from unrolling. The bag sometimes shifts due to the load, but not much, maybe a half inch or so. Big whoop. The top bag has a touch screen on the upper flap. I have an older phone in a case that will work with yours if it works for me. The flap has attached a pair of Velcro halves that are close to whatever you put there, so you can put anything you want there. Yes, even the solar chargers work inside it. The bag is compatible with renewable energy. -The The earphone cables in the rear of the bag are self sealed. It's the 21st century. Keep one ear free for situational awareness. In case you were wondering, this bag works perfectly withBluetooth gadgets. If you keep them charged with a solar charge mounted on the top, swap it out for a phone loaded with music. That's how I ride. As. My knees will occasionally hit the bag as I pedal. When you're on the trail, this is a trivial thing. The luggage carrying capability more than makes up for the two inches of girth on either side of the bag. On. I have a bag that I can fit everything in my pockets, so I don't have to worry about my gear banging around in my pockets while I pedal. I keep my gloves in the bike locker so I'll always know where they are. One glove always wanders off when I'm not looking. The bag looks like a thin plastic box, but inside it has a soft padded lining to cushion any impact. It won't protect the contents from a hammer, but it will cushion the fall if you accidentally drop the bike. I can't use the strap on my bike carrier to strap the bike's front section down now that the bag is mounted. The bag is flexible enough to allow me to thread the carrier's strap between the bag and the frame. There is a The bag can be hard to close when it's full. The bag being distorted from being over stuffed is more to do with that than the problem with the zip. The problem will go away if you read the bag contents. The bag's waterproof-ness has been said about by others. Since I don't ride in downpours, I can't comment on that, but I can say that it is more water resistant than any bag made of woven material, like my 30 year old tail bag. If you leave a woven fabric in the rain, it will eventually leak, so I don't care what the advertisements say about being waterproof. If you ride in the rain, most bags won't be for you. Get an otter box. My stallion is in a bag that fits perfectly. It doesn't mean that the bag is better than this one. If you do find a better bag later, you won't feel bad if you swap it out.

3. ROCK BROS Bicycle Carrier Commuter

ROCK BROS Bicycle Carrier Commuter

The embedded body frame. It was hard to use. Protect clothes, shoes, phone, clothes, shoes, phone, cameras, kettle and other items in the bike trunk bag. There are multiple condominiums and pocket rockets. The main compartment of the bike trunk bag has a board and some pockets to help with organization for small things. There are pockets on each side that can hold a lot of side items. This is a good choice for a day ride. The structure and protection are stable. The trunk bag is filled with thick foam to hold it's shape and protect items. Even if nothing is in it, it won't fall to one side or the other. It's accessible. The package has a carry strap. If you go on a stroll and don't need to worry about it being stolen, you should take this trunk bag with you. The water bottle holder is helpful for avoiding the water bottle falling out on the ride. There are reflective straps on the bike luggage bag and the strap at the back for attaching the rear light. If you're a night rider, you'll want to add reflective items. It's fastened securely to the rack and doesn't shift, it has 2 straps on the front of the rack, 2 long straps going across the rack, and a fixed buckle. The bag is for fat bikes, e- bikes and other commuter bikes. It's fastened securely to the rack and doesn't shift, it has 2 straps on the front of the rack, 2 long straps going across the rack, and a fixed buckle. The bag is for fat bikes, e- bikes and other commuter bikes.

Brand: Rockbros

👤I recommend the bag to other ebike friends until it starts unraveling. The bag should be better.

👤I have a bike lock in the bag. There is plenty of room for a jacket and gloves with the 12V&5V battery. If I need them, this is a sturdy bag. It was perfect.

👤After a month of use, the zipper failed. The bag is well designed. I can't close the bag because the zipper began to separate after I bought it. Don't buy this product. The seller sent me a new item after I contacted them. Hopefully this one will hold up better than the broken one. The rest of the bag is not affected by the weakness in the zip. The new bag has been fine for the past month after being replaced for free. I am going to upgrade my rating. Hopefully an exception.

👤The main bag seems sturdy enough for all of its features. The main bag lid is difficult to access and operate when closing the attachment straps, there is not enough velcro contact area, and the Buckle used for looping the attachment straps is sewn.

👤The pack seems to be in good shape. The straps on the front of the bag had to be extended. There was no way it would fit securely without an extension. I have an e-bike. The rack is not new. The straps were not long enough to hold the pack in place. I would have returned the pack if I had not been given some extra velcro. A pack that can't be attached to the bike is not good.

👤This trunk is good. The side pockets hold more items. When one makes an online purchase, they hope the item is what they are looking for. I was expecting a bigger bag, but it is smaller than I thought. I commute and also use my bicycle for touring and tend to take more items than I do. I will probably have to get a different bag when I do, but for casual day rides and commute it is a good choice.

👤I bought this with a rack and 2 water resistant bags in hopes that this small guy can hold my spare water, my camera and other small stuffs for easy access. It won't hold on to the rack for more than a second. There are 2 hoop and loop tapes at the bottom of the bag, and 2 pathetically tiny tapes facing the seatpost. I thought shifting my rack to the back would help the small bag get on. I couldn't trust it to my camera. I put it in a small compartment in my water resistant bag. The pictures were taken after I returned from the trip. I took a bag with me on my bike trips. If I expose it to the environment and let it wear down, I will be surprised if it breaks after a week. The middle compartment is small and narrow, I filled it with a sun screen, my DSLR, and my journey log book. The side bags are not as big as I have had. I used to have a bag that could hold 2 days clothing. I don't think this one can hold up. I don't use it. There is a I won't use it anymore because it came intact and survived two weeks of protection. It's not useful for my purpose.

4. Po Campo Bags Bike Accessories

Po Campo Bags Bike Accessories

Installation is easy and fast. The extended straps in the front and bottom are made of Velcro. It's easy to install it at the back of your bike with the quick-release bag mounting system. You can mount and dismount your bike in a matter of seconds. This bag is not easy to move, shift or budge for most bicycle frames. Functions and things. The large capacity bicycle bag has room to hold everything you need for your bike. The bicycle storage bag is large enough for a laptop, tablets, water bottle, change of clothes, and more. It is designed to keep items organized. The bicycle pack is easy to clean and waterproof, and it is vegan. Extra visibility for night cycling is provided by reflective accents on this bike storage bag. It's easy to adjust. The rear bicycle rack has a quick and simple attachment system. The rear bike bag is designed to fit most rear racks. A waterproof cell phone pouch, a water bottle pocket, a shoulder strap pocket and a padded laptop pocket are included in the smart organization of the bike rear rack pack. It's a crossbody bag, messenger bag, or shoulder bag for both men and women, and it's made of durable material that's good for a rough bike commute and hip for the office.

Brand: Po Campo

👤I was very pleased with this bag. It works on my bike rack. There are many shops and restaurants along the MA/ PA Rail Trail. I don't want to leave my stuff on my bike. I can wear it like a purse or crossbody bag, it's perfect. The bag is large. I was able to fit a water bottle, a thin sweatshirt, a travel sized bike pump, mini bike tool kit, and a couple of granola bars.

👤I liked the bag but it didn't address my needs. The bag is a purse that you can strap on the back of your bike and take with you. It holds nothing. I wanted a bag that stayed strapped to my bike so that I could keep all my important items in one place while I ride my bike. The bag was too small for my needs. It's pretty but not practical.

👤The bag is small and not big enough for a towel or cloths. I got a basket when I returned.

👤It is easy to secure it to the rack. The material is durable and roomy.

👤The bag has more personality than the normal bike bag. I can use it as a purse.

👤I love this bag. It looks great on my new car. There is plenty of room and it fits on my rear wheel rack.

👤The description said it fits a laptop. Not true. The inside is smaller than it claims and the front pocket is barely open.

👤The bag is cute. I haven't tried it out yet. I like the look.

👤If you're out for a leisurely cycle, this bag is great for a day sack. I don't recommend it for a commuter pack if you have a standard laptop. I can fit my laptop in, but I can't close it if I add anything else. I will keep it for the weekend, but I'm going to have to find a new bag for my daily commute.

5. JXFUKAL Waterproof Reflector Adjustable Commuter

JXFUKAL Waterproof Reflector Adjustable Commuter

It'sTILE: Easily transports up to 2 bicycles and is compatible with a Class 3 hitch receiver. Also comes with a bumper accessory. Water retention and reuse: The bag for the bicycle rack is made of PU leather and is easy to clean. It comes with a rain cover that protects the trunk and stuffs in it from the elements. 7L CAPATITY: Their bike carrier bag has a main compartment, a top pocket, and elastic cord, which help keep your riding essentials organized. The 7l capacity is enough to hold wallet, phones, power bank, small speaker, towels, T-shirt, food, drinks, bike locks, sunglasses and more. Retention spikes are related. The rear belt for taillight and reflective strips make riding more safe. The trunk is easy to install and has thin PE foam for better protection of the gears in the bag. It could collapse if you don't use it. Your great clown. The bag is portable and lightweight. It will be your good partner no matter what the occasion is.

Brand: Jxfukal

👤I bought this for my ebike build and it works perfectly. It fits perfectly on the rack that I have. It seems to be very durable so far. The purpose of this bag is to protect my battery. I have a UPP 52v 20ah battery for my ebike and the measurements are 11.3 x 5.9 x 2.76 when looking for a bag, which caught my eye. I thought it would fit in the wiggle room. It took a bit of time and effort to get it in, but it is very snug around all sides, and it is less than an inch on top. The battery doesn't move inside the bag, so this seems to work out better for me.

👤The bag traveled through the Erie Canal Trail. It held my lunch. Bike tools, map, phone, and first aid kit are included. I colored it up because I didn't think it was reflective. I think it would be less likely to be floppy if there was a stiff board on the sides. There is a I think it is a good product and would recommend it.

👤It works great on my new bike.

👤I returned the bag because it wasn't big enough for me. I wanted something that would fit in my rack. On the small side is this. Check the dimensions. The volume inside. The bag is small.

👤The size is not as big as I thought. There is a It's still a nice bag. I can put 2 1/2 gallons of milk in it. There is a That's on me, not them. There is a The material is solid but thinner than I would like.

👤I like the product. We made a water proof cover that fits over the bike rake bag to keep water out and items dry in rain storms. I would recommend it to my friends.

👤This is easy to install. It is small so make sure you think about the right size. I got an iPad, a water bottle and some headphones and they were all full. It was big enough for what I needed.

👤The bag is on the bike rack. The bag is small and holds only a few bottles of water, which makes it light weight for traveling. I'm pleased that I don't want to take more with me as I ride the bike trails.

6. LuTuo Waterproof Capacity Bicycle Bags Rear Carrier

LuTuo Waterproof Capacity Bicycle Bags Rear Carrier

Easy installation. The bag can be installed without tools. Two bottom webbing is a gift for you, which can be extended to 80 cm, suitable for all kinds of bicycles. The Bike Bag Bike Pannier Bag Set has a total capacity of 48L, has multiple compartments, and has a spacious interior. The top bag can be used as a cycling backpack with a capacity of 18L, 2 side bicycle bags can be used alone, and the independent side pocket has a capacity of 15L, it is easy to access. The top pocket can be used as a backpack, and the side pockets can be used as a shoulder bag, messenger bag or grocery bag with the included shoulder strap. You can take the bike bag rack back to hikes on the beach, hikes with friends, camping in the woods, picnics in the park, and many other occasions. Very versatile. 600D waterproof nylon Multiple is used in this bike trunk bags rear rack to keep your belongings dry and away from rain. It comes with a free rain cover. The Pannier bike bags are compatible with most bicycles. The rubber layer wraps the hook and loop to close without damaging the bike rear racks, the installation is more stable, the handle on the top of the side bag is convenient for you to carry, and the riding is comfortable without worries. Enjoy a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can return or replace the bicycle rack bag if you are not happy with it. You have no risk of trying. They are very confident that you will like this bag. The best guarantee for the market is provided by them. This is a great gift for a loved one. Enjoy a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can return or replace the bicycle rack bag if you are not happy with it. You have no risk of trying. They are very confident that you will like this bag. The best guarantee for the market is provided by them. This is a great gift for a loved one.

Brand: Lutuo

👤Over the last year, I've gone through about a dozen panier bags, and have found the heavy waterproof bags with the roll top to be the most popular. They are not convenient because of the roll top and lack many of the neat features found here. There is a The bags are awesome. Each bag is water resistant. The side bags take a lot of abuse when I ride through muddy trails and streets. There were no leaks from the occasional rain storm. I like being able to put things into things. The rack hooks have no locking mechanism. Even though I'm cycling on rough terrain, this hasn't been a problem for me. I lost a bag under a car in traffic when the locking hooks popped off. I use small straps and carabiners to hold my bags in place. The bags have a lot of hook in points and are easy to secure to the bike frame in lower areas. I tie in with the shoulder strap. There is a There is only one strap. It's not an issue, just a note. I usually carry all the bags out to the bike with a backpack and two other bags. I can't say I've ever used the shoulder strap since it's easy to just carry the bag by the handle. I don't use it as a shopping bag. I had a small issue with the side bags rubbing on the tire when I first tried it out. The bags weren't full and the material was warped. This doesn't happen with a lot of stuff in the side bags. It takes a lot to get them full. I cut a strip of plastic to make a structure for the bags. It holds the shape of the bags when there are odd items inside. There is a The backpack straps work well. I like them because they don't get in the way. There is a simple sleeve on the back of the pack. If you don't expect any protection, it works well as a laptop sleeve. I don't use the backpack on this set often because it's so much more storage than I need. It will be nice when you go camping up the Appalachian. I recommend this set of bags. The price is very low for what you get. The bags are well made.

👤These are my favorite bags. I love these. Only a few minor issues are almost all good to great aspects. Attach the bike rack via hooks with no fuss, secure further with velcro straps that are long enough to be secure, and the backpack fits on top secured by multiple buckles so it has no movement. Every now and then, less than five times in several months of use. One sidebar hook will come off when I hit a badbump. I haven't bothered to see if a simple tightening of the hook opening will fix it because it's happened so rarely. There is a I carry a lot because I commute to work, shower there, and teach, so I have a full set of clothes. Sometimes, with the discrepancy between morning and afternoon temperatures, I have to wear tights and a long-sleeved shirt. With room to spare, all of it fits. I like the space. Absolutely love it. I haven't tried a rain. I've had a shower or two, biked on some wet gravel trails with puddles, and used my sink sprayer to test. The bags are protected from rain by positioning them directly above the water and even spraying from the side. There was no water in the bags. I don't know if that would be true for a sustained downpour, but I don't worry about the water protection. The modular system is great, and it comes with a rain cover. I use one bag when I run out of stuff. I take two bags when I commute to my one workday where I don't need to shower. I take two bags and a backpack with me when I commute longer. It's easier to take my stuff from the locker room to the classroom. My previous biking bag had a shoulder strap. The backpack is water resistant. I don't wear the straps for long. Durability: been using it daily for months and no issues or concerns at all. Time will tell, but it looks good. It feels like a good build. There is a Cons. I have to be careful when closing my MacBook Pro because it barely fits in. If the bags were a 1/2 wider, it would slip in and be easy to open. Something to think about for the future. Absolutely delighted with these. I've had bad bags, average bags, and good bags. My last one was excellent, but these are more convenient in several ways, so easily my go-to choice.

7. FANWU Panniers Bicycle Commuting Waterproof

FANWU Panniers Bicycle Commuting Waterproof

Velmia is the future of cycling and offers high-quality products as well as a trustworthy, English-speaking customer service. The design is stylish to meet multiple use needs. A 15-inch notebook can be placed easily. The loading weight capacity is up to 35KG. The material has an extra rain cover. A high density reinforced polyester is used. A variety of details were designed to better meet the needs of the bike bag. It is waterproof and rainproof. Extra trunk bags on top or backpack, tent, sleeping bag and so on can be put in the top bundle belt on the pannier bag. It is recommended that you install it with a bicycle touring carrier and a fender board to away from the bicycle spokes. Attaching a panniers to a carrier is easier with 4 fast install hooks and 4 straps with buckles. The PE Board can be used to reduce shock and keep shape. The two panniers are 7 inches apart. Nighttime safety is increased by reflective elements. 3M reflective trims enhance visibility in the night.

Brand: Fanwu

👤I wanted to have some bags for groceries after buying a new car. I decided to try these bags after seeing the high prices and bad reviews. The desert tan color is very cool and I love it. There are reflective patches on the back. It's cool. These hold a lot of groceries. We got back from the store with a few items. A gallon of milk jug, a half gallon carton of almond milk, a bottle of sparkling grape juice, and a hand of bananas are what I have been told is the proper term for a bunch of bananas. We only used the main compartment because there was still tons of room in the bags. The straps on these bags are not weak and I am not worried about them breaking. I am very happy with my purchase and I think these bags are a great value. I don't intend to ride in the rain, and these come with a bright yellow rain cover that I haven't used yet. One of the smaller pouches can fit the cover. I am happy I got these, not the other overpriced bags.

👤The saddlebags are large enough to fit on my bike and allow me to do my grocery shopping by bike, which is what I was hoping for. I can get everything I need with these bags and a backpack. They have a tendency to bend toward the wheel when not in use and drag against the spokes. I wrapped the strap around the front of the bag to hold them in the lower part of the bike rack and then pulled them away from the wheels. The plastic backing is being trained to bend away from the wheel. The raincover it comes with is very durable and I am very pleased with that. They sent me a shower bag as a free gift. This is a good product. The poor quality saddlebags that I had before ripped apart along the top. I can't see them doing that with these bags. This is worth a lot of money.

👤I would give it five stars, but it lost one because the photos were made to miss, which made you think that this was a rigid bag. This is a soft canvas bag. No hard sides. The photos use a square box to hold the shape. It is a pretty good saddle bag.

👤The panels are not stiff enough to keep this from getting behind the luggage rack and getting stuck in the spokes. Adding another bar to your luggage rack may be necessary if you want to keep it clear. There is a Excellent capacity and durable materials are included in pros.

👤I have not used them yet. I seemed to have struck a good deal looking at them. The material is a tad thinner than I would like. The stitching seems to make all things consider. I will return when I've used these for a while and updated the bags. I expect them to last a few years as they seem to be good quality.

8. RockBros Shell Saddle Cycling Mountain

RockBros Shell Saddle Cycling Mountain

There are multiple applications. Bike bags can be used as mountain bike bags, road bike bags, folding bike bags, and electric bike bags. The hidden earphone hole allows you to answer the phone or listen to music while cycling. Special shape and upgraded stiffens provide inside shock resistant protection if the bag falls out. The upgrade straps make up for the old ones. There is rain. The fabric is waterproof and has a zip for rain. Do not put this seat bag in the water for a long time. The mount system is easy to install. It keeps the bag securely attached to the seat post. Night vision is not always available. The seat bag has a reflective strap around it. The Taillight doesn't include the seat post. Friendly customer service and a high quality Goya. There are any questions regarding the contract with RockBros Bicycle. The artist. There are mesh pockets that can hold small repair tools and cash. Friendly customer service and a high quality Goya. There are any questions regarding the contract with RockBros Bicycle. The artist. There are mesh pockets that can hold small repair tools and cash.

Brand: Rockbros

👤I have had this for a while. I have had similar bags, but it is heavier. It holds its shape well. The writing on the side was rubbing off the first ride I had. I had to change my seat back and forth to get it to fit. The straps are too close to the bag. It is hard to fit the bag because it is so large and structured. I have to make it fit at all because my seat is not in my preferred position. That is a big negative. The strap to hang the reflectors is loose. I am able to make it work, but other bags that have straps without slack in them hold the reflector more upright, this one lets it droop down. The structure of the bag means that it will hold a lot and be very roomy on the inside. It held tire levers, a multi-tool, a patch kit, and a spare 700 tube for me, and it has room for the spare. I wanted it because of the green accents and I have been happy with other equipment. Rock Bros. This one didn't quite meet that mark. I would be hesitant to recommend it to others based on the issues above. The areas where I had fit issues are shown in the red. The white line shows how hard it is. It was difficult to see how the text rubbed off, in the picture it looks like a shadow, but the white of the words is actually rubbed down.

👤2 of these were bought in September of 2019. There are two different bikes. The one did not last long. The other was for 85 miles on the Towpath. The Towpath is a smooth trail, and neither of these bags were loaded with anything heavy. The rubber strap that connects the bags to the seat post broke. There is a I suggest that you look for something that is more durable. They both are useless now because of the issues with the bag.

👤I received a full refund from RockBros after I wrote my original review. I have changed my rating to 3 because of their customer service. My original sentiment is still true. This is not a mountain biking bag. I'm sure it will hold up for road bikes. I am getting back into biking after nearly a decade. I bought this bag to hold a spare tube, my multi-tool, and a few small items for mountain bike rides. On my first ride, the 2 straps that hold the bag to the underside of the saddle broke. I am a beginner and my riding style is cautious, but I am traversing mild terrain. This bag is not built for mountain biking. I'm sure it's fine for road use.

👤It's easy to put on and off my bike. I have extra tube, co2 and multi tool in it. The turbulence from the weight inside and riding a trail caused the zip to open. I had to buy an inner tube, co2 cartridge, inflator and multi tool again after I lost all of that. I zip tie the zippers after learning my lesson. There was a small interruption for a good product.

9. ROCK BROS Panniers Bicycle Accessories

ROCK BROS Panniers Bicycle Accessories

Installation and release are easy with 5 hook and loop screws and 11 holes around the bag. You can change the quantity and position of the straps. There is one main compartment, two side pockets, and one water bottle pocket in the backpack. The expanded top and two side panniers give you more storage space for your things. There is plenty of room for storing your bike pump, tools,patch kit, spare tubes,lock,chain, a change of clothes, groceries and a few other necessities. A multi-purpose design. This rear rack bag is perfect for outdoor hiking,picnic with friends or weekend outings, and can be carried everywhere with you. A wonderful gift for a loved one. There is triple security protection. The reflective straps on the side of the panniers are to make sure you are safe in the dark. You can hang a rear light on the back of the taillight strap to enhance your visibility. The bonus fluorescent green rainproof cover helps others find you when you are riding in rainy or humid conditions. There is triple security protection. The reflective straps on the side of the panniers are to make sure you are safe in the dark. You can hang a rear light on the back of the taillight strap to enhance your visibility. The bonus fluorescent green rainproof cover helps others find you when you are riding in rainy or humid conditions.

Brand: Rock Bros

👤The bag is made of high quality materials. I crossed the underside of the straps because they would have been too loose. There is plenty of space and the inside compartments can be moved. There is a spot in the back of the car where you can put an additional taillight. There is a rain cover for the bag in the picture. If you don't need the panniers, you can store them in the right and left pockets secured by the zippers. There are straps for carrying the bag. If I leave the bike chained up somewhere, I can take my battery with me. It's perfect for my bike. I added two more pictures because someone asked if the pannier's tie down. You can attach it to your bike with an elastic attachment. The last two pictures I show them.

👤I have had a bike pack for a year. I've been grocery shopping with it. I'm more of an occasional rider, but it is well constructed and has been durable so far. It is difficult to re-attach it if it is removed like a store item. I secured it with plastic ties so I don't remove it when I go into a store. It can't be taken off of my bike rack. It would take a bit of effort to steal it. If I want to remove it myself, I can just cut the ties off and then re-attach them. When not in use, the panniers can be folded away. I put a photo of my grocery shopping in this pack.

👤The pros and cons of the Rockbros product are summarized in my opinion. There are pros. The bag arrived quickly and was well packaged, the top trunk has some padding and some dividers that make it possible to carry my husband's large camera. If you need more storage space, it has the pannier bags, but it is small for short rides. It has an outside water bottle pocket with a cord to tighten which is helpful over rough roads, it comes with a waterproof cover to protect it from rain, and it has a well placed zippers that work great. It has a stripe on the side. There is a It requires a bit of patience to use the straps to get it all snugged onto the rack, so once you have it secure, it's not something that my husband likes to take off and on regularly. I am still looking for a bag to use on my Ultimate T10 because the straps were adequate to fit on our existing rack. I would buy this bag again because it is a great bag for the price.

👤I commute a lot. I need less gear as the weather warms up. I wanted to leave the saddle bags at home so I looked into a trunk. I decided on this one because it has saddle bags built in. I was surprised by how much room there is. You can put the expansion in the bag with your lunch and shoes. It comes with a rain cover, but I have not needed it. The rain has not yet soaked through. We have had some pretty good rain, but I have a shorter commute at 7 miles. The bag seems to keep my food cold even after 30 minutes. It took some time to figure out how to keep it out of the rack. The straps were put in an X configuration instead of straight across. It was too loose and you can pull it tight because there are plenty of straps. The bag is becoming my new favorite.

10. TOURBON Waterproof Bicycle Carrier Cycling

TOURBON Waterproof Bicycle Carrier Cycling

The bag is suitable for most bicycle racks, making travel easier. Dust, sand, water, rain and snow can be prevented with a rain cover. Tourbon Panniers are made of waterproof canvas. It's perfect as a bicycle storage for the market or a travel companion. There are 2 large compartments and a shoulder strap. The design is classic and large. Each pannier has a weight of 1.21 kilogram. Each pannier has a weight of 1.21 kilogram.

Brand: Tourbon

👤I got this pannier because it was the only saddle bag I found that would match the look of my new beach cruiser. It is nearly impossible for my fat fingers to snap the snaps together, which is why I'm frustrated. It feels like the straps could have been a quarter inch or so longer, because they barely make it around the bars of my rack to snap. My cargo rack has the same diameter bars as every other bike rack out there, and yet, getting this snapped on is a terrible experience. I can't swap out the cargo rack for another one that has thinner bars because it's welded to my frame. If I want to keep attaching this bag to my bike, I'm going to have to re-engineer the straps because I usually remove it and only attach it when I need it. There is a The actual straps to close the bag seem to not be fitted or trimmed just right, and it takes way more time and effort to get them right. The straps should have been an extra quarter inch or so longer because they don't have enough give when trying to slip the prong into the strap. They keep the bag tightly shut, but they also use a pita to make it more secure. There is a The bags are beautiful and the storage is great. The material feels like it would hold up in a rain.

👤So far, so good! I was able to get some groceries in the bags. The saddle bags fit well on my rack. The bags were very similar to my bar end tape. I get a lot of praise when I take it out. There is a The holes on the straps were a little snug, but that was easily solved with a leather hole puncher. I have no complaints. The bags were perfect for my velo.

👤The leather is awful. I don't think it would break in, I think it would break off. The bags were advertised and delivered promptly, but they don't secure to the bike very easily and they just seem off in so many ways. The quality should have been mediocre for the price. They seemed very cheap.

👤I waited to write a review until I used it. Pros- It is a good size. They have a 6 pack easy along with some small groceries. The quality of the fabric is good and I can see it being used for a long time. The shoulder strap was missing. The leather straps are stiff and the holes are small, which makes it difficult to close them. The joke to close it fell off one of the latches. I can't figure out how to fix one of my straps.

11. Whale Fall Handlebar Waterproof Accessories

Whale Fall Handlebar Waterproof Accessories

All-in-one design with 3D die-casting process make Whale Fall EVA frame bag waterproof and hard. This bike handlebar bag is non-forming, shake-proof, and pressure-proof. The whale fall bike phone mount is stable and will not shake if you don't attach the straps. The contents of your bag will be safe even if you cycle on a bumpy road. The hard handlebar bag is Pressure-Resistant and will never be damaged. Even if you drive in heavy rain, no water will enter the bag because it is waterproof. The package has a rain cover that you can use when riding in the rain. There are two net layers inside the whale fall bike bag to meet your storage needs. The bag can hold your card, cables, and more bike accessories. The whale fall bike handlebar bag has a sensitive touchscreen that supports FaceID and password unlocking. The size of the screen is 5.24*8.4'', which is 888-282-0465, and it fits all phones under 7 inches. The Whale fall bike phone mount can be installed on the handlebars of some bikes. You can change the position of the bag. The whale fall bike handlebar bag is safer than other bike phone mounts because it protects your phone from being exposed.

Brand: Whale Fall

👤I got caught in a short rain here on Kauai, which is not unusual on my commute, and there was some water on the inside of my phone when I got to my destination. Being water resistant is not the best. When I started my ride, it was not raining or I was going to rain, but there was a cover for the Handlebar phone holder. I didn't have it ready to use. There is a The design and function of this bag are good. The touchscreen seems to work well. There is a The bag is attached to my handlebars with the help of the straps. I have a problem attaching it to my handlebars that makes it hard for me to view it. The bag sits very steeply on the handle bar/gooseneck area because of the design of my handlebars. Since my handlebars are the most comfortable for me as a bicycle rider, I don't see adjusting them to make them fit better. That is not the product itself, that is my handlebar design. I should have looked at how the attachment would work with my handlebars. There is a Most basic functions work well with the touchscreen. When I open an app on my phone, I sometimes get a menu to edit the home screen, rather than just opening the app. There is a The storage capacity is large. If I were just going for a short trip, I would not need to take my bike saddlebags with me because they have enough room for my phone, wallet, bike lock key and house keys. I have not had the chance to test it. It looks like it will be good for the kind of rain that I sometimes get caught in while riding my bike. There is a I recommend this product with one reservation, make sure the attachment fits your bike handle configuration.

👤I bought this case to replace a smaller one that I bought. It is nice. If the case fell, I think it would have an impact. The phone slides right in with the three straps. I would order it again. It costs more than the others, but it is not flimsy. The zippers were hard to use when first opened, so I wouldn't give them five stars.

👤This is a solid case that doesn't rattle when riding and has lots of space to store items. The phone fits in the case in a tight way. The phone's power button is on the side of the phone, which makes it hard for me to turn on the phone when riding. To turn on my phone screen, I need to remove the phone from the case. There is a I can't charge my phone with a battery bank because it's tight. It's not the fault of the case or anything, but keep this in mind when buying headphones as they become more important.

👤The touch screen plastic doesn't look great because there is a lot of loose plastic. The knock on feature doesn't seem to work with it. It looks a little heavy on my bike, but not bad. It doesn't seem worth the hassle to try the other options on Amazon. I'll settle for this one. The material feels good and it does the job. There is a The baggy plastic cover is my biggest complaint.


What is the best product for bicycle bag waterproof?

Bicycle bag waterproof products from Ndakter. In this article about bicycle bag waterproof you can see why people choose the product. Rock Bros and Rockbros are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle bag waterproof.

What are the best brands for bicycle bag waterproof?

Ndakter, Rock Bros and Rockbros are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle bag waterproof. Find the detail in this article. Po Campo, Jxfukal and Lutuo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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