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1. ROCKBROS Bicycle Front Compatible IPhone

ROCKBROS Bicycle Front Compatible IPhone

Ibera's Quick-release bag mounting systems are only compatible with Ibera Racks. Large capital: The main compartment of the bike frame bag has two net pockets that hold your cell phone, wallet, keys, gloves, small tools, energy bar,gels, nutrition or extra junk. The elastic rope holds your mini pump or gloves. Easy installation. The long strap can be cut down to fit easily with three straps. The bag has a smooth zip that makes it easier to open and close with one hand. It is light and portable. The front frame bag is only 90g and has a mount behind the headset that will not rub on your knees. Most of the bikes are fit. The equipment is ideal for triathlon and cycling. There are more safer rides. This top tube bag has rope and a reflective logo to make it safer for night riding. The bike bag is decorated with the logo to make it stand out. The bottom of the bag is made of non-slip fabric, it can hold your bag tightly on the frame, and it is easy to clean after getting muded.

Brand: Rock Bros

👤This is a great bag and a great value. My phone is compatible with a wallet style case, multi tool, and 2 cliff bars. It stays snug on the bike, the zip seems to be of high quality with a small hood to tuck into, and it is very water resistant. I was 800-273-3217

👤The bag for road bikes is great. It holds my credit cards, my cellphone, and a few nitrile gloves. There is a bungee on the right side that can hold my sunglasses if I don't have them on. It protects the bike tubes. I used scissors to cut away the excess velcro. It is large enough to do a great job. There is a The bag sits where you will sweat, directly below your "drip zone", and has affected the zip, first making it difficult to zip back and forth, then recently it came off its track and will not close properly. There's nothing you can do about it, but the zip is not good.

👤It works! I use it on my road bike, a 52 cm frame, and I am 5'5” 125 lbs. My knees don't touch the bag even if I have a knee brace on. It holds my Iphone 6s and my husband's phone with a basic phone case. It is slim and has sunscreen, energy bar and other stuff. The bag does not flop to one side when I unclip and stand over my bike. I have been looking for a bag that works for a long time.

👤The bag mounts well to the top tube and stem so it is easy to access. The bungees on the right side are light gauge. The bag's robust zip works well and there is a boot for the shoe when the bag is closed. There is a My phone, bandana, and keys are easy to fit into the compartment. I keep my garage door clicker in a plastic bag. There is a I would like to see the left side of the bag made more useful by adding a mesh nylon pocket to make it easier to put items in and out. The bag's utility would be increased if a side pocket were used. I would still recommend this item to anyone who needs access to small items on their bike. Enjoy and be safe.

👤I have tried a lot of bags and this one is the best. Everything is within reach with this tube bag. It has my phone, keys, ID, cash, snacks, and pistol. I purchased it because it is large enough to fit my.380. The original bag broke in 6 months. I ordered another because I liked it. It was worth it to get the same bag because it was the best one I had found. It is water resistant, which has been nice when I have been caught out in the rain. My gear stays dry. It is very secure and I appreciate that. No worries about it wobbling around and damaging your paint. There is a My only complaint is that my original bag broke after 6 months. It failed out on a ride, which was annoying and inconvenient, but it didn't stop me from ordering the same bag again. If the bag feels tight, it's a good idea to keep it that way. Once you have the perfect fit on your bike, trim the Velcro. It will keep the straps from sticking to your bibs.

2. Ibera Bicycle Quick Release Weather Panniers

Ibera Bicycle Quick Release Weather Panniers

The humanization design uses holes on the back of phones to prevent the phone from being heated for a long time. The earphone hole allows the cyclist to listen to music while on the bike. The reflective tape on the sides of the bike phone bag keeps you safe. The smart quick release/ clip-on system allows you to attach and detach bags in a few seconds. If used with the Ibera pakRak carrier plus+, other top-mounting pakRak bags can be used simultaneously. Attach the carrier by adjusting the bottom hook. The design has a top pocket and two large inside pockets that hold smaller items and a pouch for larger items. Elastic bands hold down the flyaway straps. The design of 3-point interlock can help secure the bike from the side swing. All weather rain cover is included for each pannier. All weather rain cover is included for each pannier.

Brand: Ibera

👤Skyforce95 has an HD version of its review and unboxing video.

👤The bags are large and functional. The rain covers work well, and the material is nice. There is a The pannier quick release is great, but it can be difficult to put the panniers back on because of the thin plastic backing. I need to bend the back of the pannier in order to get it to fit on the bike rack. There is a The biggest questionable item is that the end of one of the zippers on the top flap came unstitched after 2 months of use. I didn't realize that the zipper slid off the track when I opened it. There is a The warranty is not valid. The Ibera website tells you to contact the original vendor. The vendor that I bought this from was great and I was refunded the cost. These should have lasted longer than two months. There is a The design of the panniers is great, but the workmanship is poor.

👤I contacted the company eight days ago for a replacement part or bag but have not heard back. If you never hear back from the company, what is the benefit of the bag's warranty? I wish there were more pockets in these bags. The lack of a shoulder strap makes carrying these bags a pain, especially when you are using two of them. I wish I had bought a different par of panniers.

👤The C&O tour was perfect for these. I was able to fit my stuff in one pack and my stuff in the other. They have an odd triangular shape which makes the bottoms smaller than the top, but I was able to pack my stuff with no problem after a few tries. I was impressed with how easy it was to get them on and off the rack, and how secure they felt. I was impressed with the rain. covers I was hesitant to use the panniers that weren't waterproof at first, but I was pleasantly surprised by their effectiveness. The first night out, I left my packs on the bike and everything stayed dry. The bags are worth a lot. Would recommend.

👤The price is appropriate for the quality. A full-size laptop is held. It's possible that each bag holds a stack of 5 laptops. That's 10 laptops. Highly recommended for used laptop salespersons. The bags snap quickly and securely onto the back of the Ibera pakRak bicycle touring carrier plus+. It takes only a moment to grab the handle and push the tab to release and pull off. If they are loaded with a lot of stolen laptops or heavy things, holding by the handle is uncomfortable. The straps that connect the top cover clips to the bottom of the bag were sewn on the wrong way. It's my guess that the bag got turned around the wrong way. Instead of coming up from the bottom seam to connect with the clips in a straight line, the straps come from the front and make an awkward turn to reach the clips, which puts stress on the stitching. I returned them because they were too bad, but they are okay design and quality.

3. MOSISO Waterproof Bicycle Backseat Shoulder

MOSISO Waterproof Bicycle Backseat Shoulder

The reflective logo on the side of the bag makes it safe to ride at night. Two round pads at the bottom are used to protect the panniers. The rubber and nylon carrying handle on the bicycle panniers is comfortable. The bike bag has a width of W and a height of L. The main compartment has 12 liters of capacity to hold your clothes, books, or other daily necessities. There are 6 small pockets that can hold your carry-on items, such as your phone, wallet, cable, earphone, power bank, map and so on. The bag is made of waterproof and durable material to prevent rain, water, mud, and dust from entering it. The straps are stable enough to hold the bike bag in the backseat. Make sure it doesn't move around even though you're riding on a rugged road. The satchel shoulder strap can be adjusted loose or tight, perfect for your body. A handle design in the top makes it easy to carry. You can change how you carry it. The side bag has enough space to hold your stuff when you ride your bike outside.

Brand: Mosiso

👤BUY IT! Real customer. That's right. I am not getting any promotional offers or free products for this review. It seems to be happening a lot. I have used this bag a lot since January of 2011. The pictures are from today as well. There are no signs of wear and tear, as you can see. I think this bag is cool and I use it during rides. The main compartment is large enough to hold a water bottle, beach towel, roll of dog bags, tennis ball, and a few other items, and the other areas of storage are easy to access. The bag has been kept from moving in the slightest way because of the solid and well constructed mounting straps. I have not had any issues with the elastic bungee cord. I left it on my bike for 3 months. It is a breeze to take off and put it back on. I will spray the bag down with a UV/water repelling product and leave it attached to the bike again. The spray is to play it safe since it didn't absorb some light rain, so it seems water resistant. There is a This is what you should get if you want a pannier styled bag with side hanging storage compartment options. When I bought this, there were no ratings, so I am happy to see it getting reviews. Couldn't recommend more.

👤I bought this bag even though there weren't many reviews. I decided to give it a shot because it looks good in pictures. I received it yesterday and loved it. Excellent quality. I bought one a week ago with a high rating. It was very bad.

👤I want to say that I really liked this bag. It was useful. However... dun... I kept a nice water bottle in the bungee, but the cap snapped off and let it loose while I was riding. I will never get that back. I saw my bag was tilted, so I looked and it was falling apart at the seams. There is a It was tragic. It's just plain tragic. Sometimes cheap stuff works out well, but not this one. I don't want this to slide because I value my valuables so much.

👤This is a decent bag for the price. The hold down straps could use some work. There is a The straps were long. To mount them snug, you have to use a piece of velcro. The result is a very bad tie. There is a The bottom straps do not account for the rack width. I have a standard rack and the bag moves right to left too much.

👤I will update after a few more months. I'm pretty impressed at the price. The bag is well constructed and the zippers seem to be good quality. The bag is attached using two straps on the bottom and two straps at the back. Good size. There are two large side pockets, a long top pocket, and a small front pocket in addition to the main pocket. It seems to be just what I needed. This item has no reviews for the quality or price. The bag works great for 6 months.

4. Kemimoto Portable Capacity Resistant Reflective

Kemimoto Portable Capacity Resistant Reflective

The bag has a big capacity of 20L and a backpack of 30L. The bag is made of 600D Oxford fabric and waterproof. Even when caught in a sudden downpour, stay away from the humid climate. The total volume of the bike trunk bag is up to 30L. The 2 pockets on the outside are ideal for storing daily essentials. It will be a good companion. There are strong straps for the double system. The straps are attached to the rack. The bike rack bag has 2 side hooks, so it won't bounce around while riding. The Obtuse angle design for the two side bag ensures enough pedaling space. I wouldn't hit a person on a riding board. Providing you with a comfortable ride. The PP panel has a strong shaping ability and can prevent the saddlebags from collapsing. The side saddle bag is protected by the hard PP panel. The pannier bag wouldn't get into the wheel and be stuck in the spokes. The PP panel has a strong shaping ability and can prevent the saddlebags from collapsing. The side saddle bag is protected by the hard PP panel. The pannier bag wouldn't get into the wheel and be stuck in the spokes.

Brand: Kemimoto

👤The size was not too big or small. It gives you the space for what you really need without looking like you're moving.

👤I bought the Rear Seat Saddle Bag and the Amarine made rear seat rack as recommended by Amazone. The upper 4 ties fit perfectly on the rack and I have tried it once so far. The 2 ties that are provided to avoid the flapping of the bags were hard to work for me, but my wife experienced no problem fixing them. A manual is probably what would accompany the product. I tried out the Obtuse angle design for two side bag and found that it gave me enough pedaling space.

👤I like the style and size of the bag. I don't know if it is water proof, and I will probably never test that. It is hard to install. I used tie ups. Came without instructions. The only thing I worry about is the zippers. The look is cheap. The bag is fine so far.

👤The bags were better than I anticipated. Great size. It held everything else I needed for a bike camp. Excellent recommendation!

👤On the rear rack of a flat bar.

👤Great piece. Will get the job done.

5. FANWU Panniers Bicycle Commuting Waterproof

FANWU Panniers Bicycle Commuting Waterproof

Velmia is the future of cycling and offers high-quality products as well as a trustworthy, English-speaking customer service. The design is stylish to meet multiple use needs. A 15-inch notebook can be placed easily. The loading weight capacity is up to 35KG. The material has an extra rain cover. A high density reinforced polyester is used. A variety of details were designed to better meet the needs of the bike bag. It is waterproof and rainproof. Extra trunk bags on top or backpack, tent, sleeping bag and so on can be put in the top bundle belt on the pannier bag. It is recommended that you install it with a bicycle touring carrier and a fender board to away from the bicycle spokes. Attaching a panniers to a carrier is easier with 4 fast install hooks and 4 straps with buckles. The PE Board can be used to reduce shock and keep shape. The two panniers are 7 inches apart. Nighttime safety is increased by reflective elements. 3M reflective trims enhance visibility in the night.

Brand: Fanwu

👤I wanted to have some bags for groceries after buying a new car. I decided to try these bags after seeing the high prices and bad reviews. The desert tan color is very cool and I love it. There are reflective patches on the back. It's cool. These hold a lot of groceries. We got back from the store with a few items. A gallon of milk jug, a half gallon carton of almond milk, a bottle of sparkling grape juice, and a hand of bananas are what I have been told is the proper term for a bunch of bananas. We only used the main compartment because there was still tons of room in the bags. The straps on these bags are not weak and I am not worried about them breaking. I am very happy with my purchase and I think these bags are a great value. I don't intend to ride in the rain, and these come with a bright yellow rain cover that I haven't used yet. One of the smaller pouches can fit the cover. I am happy I got these, not the other overpriced bags.

👤The saddlebags are large enough to fit on my bike and allow me to do my grocery shopping by bike, which is what I was hoping for. I can get everything I need with these bags and a backpack. They have a tendency to bend toward the wheel when not in use and drag against the spokes. I wrapped the strap around the front of the bag to hold them in the lower part of the bike rack and then pulled them away from the wheels. The plastic backing is being trained to bend away from the wheel. The raincover it comes with is very durable and I am very pleased with that. They sent me a shower bag as a free gift. This is a good product. The poor quality saddlebags that I had before ripped apart along the top. I can't see them doing that with these bags. This is worth a lot of money.

👤I would give it five stars, but it lost one because the photos were made to miss, which made you think that this was a rigid bag. This is a soft canvas bag. No hard sides. The photos use a square box to hold the shape. It is a pretty good saddle bag.

👤The panels are not stiff enough to keep this from getting behind the luggage rack and getting stuck in the spokes. Adding another bar to your luggage rack may be necessary if you want to keep it clear. There is a Excellent capacity and durable materials are included in pros.

👤I have not used them yet. I seemed to have struck a good deal looking at them. The material is a tad thinner than I would like. The stitching seems to make all things consider. I will return when I've used these for a while and updated the bags. I expect them to last a few years as they seem to be good quality.

6. Ortlieb Back Roller City Panniers Color

Ortlieb Back Roller City Panniers Color

The four sides of the bicycle trunk are thickened to provide protection when driving. The kettle compartment has wide-brimmed lights and reflective strips, and a silver rain cover. It's suitable for rack diameters up to 16m. There are 8 Mm and 11mm inserts.

Brand: Ortlieb

👤I sent them back. I bought them before doing any research because I knew I wanted Ortlieb panniers. There is a The Ortlieb Back-roller Classic is a better buy for less money. Buckles with straps that enable closing the panniers more quickly and easily across the top for quick access are missing from the Classic pannier. There is a * The bags are toted with compression straps that double as carrying handles. This is important for commuters. The City model does not have any straps, but a strap can be purchased as an add-on. The price of a single strap is more than the price of the Classic. * The panniers can be attached to each other off-bike if the Buckles are opposite. I've found this useful again. * There is a large, flat pocket and a small zip up pocket in the inner pouch. Since my cycling shorts have no pockets, these are very handy for keeping my wallet, keys, sunglasses, and so forth easy to reach. There is a big space in the City. There is a The two models are the same. These differences are important to me. I think the same features would be important for long-distance cyclists, even though I'm using the bags primarily for urban commute. I don't think it makes sense to buy a top-of-the-line set of panniers just to save money. I wouldn't be surprised if Ortlieb discontinued the City at some point because it's not cheap enough to be worth all the missing features. I wouldn't have bought the City if I'd known more about it. I love the Classic, but I ended up getting a better deal elsewhere, so I haven't written a review on that product.

👤The closing system was changed recently by Ortlieb. The old style had a strap over the top that closed the bag when it was full. The new design only has a 'buckle' on each side that requires the bag to only have contents that fit and allow the sides to snap together. There is a I would suggest naming the bags by model, position, and size or some variation, as a note to Ortlieb. It would make the buying and comparison process simpler.

👤The Back-Roller *City* pannier is not as good as Ortlieb's Back-Roller classic pannier. The City pannier was expected to be lighter and smaller than the Classic. These things were not a surprise. There is a The quality of the buckles on this model is disappointing. The side buckles were replaced with awkward ones that were difficult to use, and the center buckle was removed. The pannier is much more difficult to open and close due to this decrease in usable volume. I feel like they could have made better choices when designing this pannier. If I hadn't already owned a pair of the Classic Back-Rollers, I wouldn't mind. This is an inferior product and I would recommend the Classic over it.

👤The bags are very strong. I had to make my own rack. Reducer. I didn't like 8mm and 11mm. They could also have 9mm and 10mm options. It would fit without the makeshift. They don't have shoulder straps. It would be great to include them with bags and adjust the price. I had to purchase separately.

7. Roswheel Essentials 141465 Convertible Accessories

Roswheel Essentials 141465 Convertible Accessories

All weather rain cover is included for each pannier. The bike rack bag is made with 300D and PU leather, padded with strong HDPE board and rigid EVA foam, and in good shape. Easy mount and quick release are included. Most of the mountain bikes' Racks should be fit. A well designed structure for better organization of cycling essentials, tools and accessories has a 7 liters capacity. A bicycle rear rack bag or a messenger bag with a hidden shoulder strap is versatile. The reflective elements and taillight are compatible with low light situations. One year against materials and workmanship defects.

Brand: Roswheel

👤The bag design is great. There was a sticky spot on the zipper. We should have exchanged it. After about 6 or 7 rides, it failed. There is no way to contact the seller. I contacted Amazon and got a canned response saying my inquiry is invalid. There is no way to contact the seller.

👤Nice size, not too big. It is made of sturdy material and holds its shape when empty. Would definitely recommend it. It is easy to fit the straps on the rack.

👤I am using it with the Bontrager MIK rack. It doesn't look awkward because it's a perfect match of length and width. I researched rear trunk bags before I decided to take a chance. I wanted something that would work for running small errand and getting minor groceries on my hybrid, and this fits the bill. The shape is very stylish and doesn't just look like a duffel bag as many of the others I was considering. The bag is made with a thicker material so it keeps its shape even when empty. The multiple point straps keep it secure. It is easy to fit a 1.75L bottle and still has room. I included a picture of a run I made for my wife the other day and it was easy to fit 2 large cakes of yarn in it. I would recommend this bag to anyone looking for a quality bag that doesn't break the bank.

👤I ride a Rover with fat tires. I wanted a small bag that I could carry just what I needed on my rack and still have room for more stuff. I have a fat tire tub, tools, patches, pump, first aid kit, and a small micro fiber towel. I got this bag because I know how much space a fat tire tube can take. I have enough room for food or a toy. Pull the shoulder strap out from under and start walking if you park and lock your bike up. There is a The bag is good, but I felt that one of the pull strings broke on the 5th ride, but I didn't use it. It's an easy fix, but still not great.

👤The straps are long enough to attach to my rack and seem strong. The bike rack and seat are in the right size. I can probably put it under the seat and move it forward on the rack. There is a The bungee loops can be tightened. The carrying strap is in a pocket. There is a mesh pocket inside the flap. My rack is 13 x 5.5 inches and has about 4.5 inch space between the seat and front of it.

👤I bought this for my car. It has enough room for my Lezyme Fat Bike Pump, an allen wrench, an extra tube, a patch kit, and a few clean rags. It should last for 3-4 years.

👤I got this recently and have been using it a lot. The bag has a set of straps to carry it around. It is small enough that I can put on my bucket panniers, but also great to have alone as I can bungee my U-lock to the top. Recommended!

8. Pannier Waterproof Bicycles Reflective Capacity

Pannier Waterproof Bicycles Reflective Capacity

This is a note. The bike rack should be within 23mm, it can't be used for kids' bikes. If you have a problem with installation, please email them or check the front page video. The bike rack bag has a main compartment with 20 liters, two side pockets with 10 liters and a water bottle pocket on the back. There is plenty of room to store your bike pump, bicycle accessories, repair kits, spare tubes, locks and keys, change of clothes, groceries and other essentials. The bike trunk bag is a great choice for long trips or daily commute. The internal material of the bike rear rack bag is made of nylon fabric and polyester, which is sturdy and durable. The external material is made of carbon leather, which is waterproof, stable and easy to clean. The included rain cover enhances the waterproof performance of the bike cargo bag. Don't worry about a sudden downpour while riding, put things in the rear rack bag. The bike storage bag is easy to install, it is fixed to the rear rack of the bike by 4 strips of velcro. The bike rear seat bag will not shake even on bumpy roads because the straps are pulled tight. It's easy to remove when you leave your bike, carry the pannier bag with you, adjust the padded shoulder strap, and never worry about things being stolen. Humanized design is the first one. The water cup bag and the top mesh bag of the bike saddle bag have elastic on them to keep them from falling off. 2. The reflective tape on both sides of the luggage bag and three reflective signs make it easier to see at night. 3. You can hang the tail light on the back of the bike to improve visibility at night or in low light situations. It's a perfect gift for hiking, picnicking, weekend outings or commute to work or school. A wonderful gift for a loved one. If you don't like the bicycle saddle bag, you can return it within 90 days. Please contact them if you want to know more about their service purpose. It's a perfect gift for hiking, picnicking, weekend outings or commute to work or school. A wonderful gift for a loved one. If you don't like the bicycle saddle bag, you can return it within 90 days. Please contact them if you want to know more about their service purpose.

Brand: Hongyea

9. Vuudh Water Resistant Portable Bike Pannier

Vuudh Water Resistant Portable Bike Pannier

Water resistant 600D reinforce the fabric and it is easy to scrub. Saving time for people who go to work or school is a benefit of Quick Attach and Remove. The design fits most bicycle racks. The reflective strips on both sides of the bike bag ensure safety. It is convenient for short trips. Each pannier has a rigid back panel so you won't wear the bag due to rub. Brand quality. If there is any damage after receiving the product, they will give you a 101% refund. There are no hidden fees. Brand quality. If there is any damage after receiving the product, they will give you a 101% refund. There are no hidden fees.

Brand: Vuudh

👤I love these saddle bags. It's better than a basket. I added reflective tape to personalize them.

👤Really disappointed. The bags in the photos are larger than they are in the actual bags. I thought I would get more inside. I thought that the reviews must have large books because they couldn't get their textbooks inside and looked at the photos. I can see what they mean. These bags are not going to serve my purpose, but I will keep them and find another use for them.

👤I didn't write a review on this product but I went shopping with them and they are pretty decent. I stuffed them to the max several times since I own them. They carried my products home. I'm giving this product six stars, which is rare, and most of the stuff I've bought on Amazon has been bad. I have three thumbs up. There is a Thank you for the quality tough waterproof product.

👤I wanted to be able to travel to/from work, school, and the grocery store with my bike, so I was tired of fighting traffic. It is easy to install. Hopefully I don't get run over, it has reflective striping. I can't put my computer in it. I can only squeeze a single textbook into the larger pocket. It takes a lot of work to do that. It holds a change of clothes, bike lock, pump, and my lunch.

👤The straps that secure the pannier to the rear bike platform are poorly designed. The pannier can fall off. I rated it low because it could fall off on a long ride.

👤The fabric of this item is very high quality. I was wondering what the quality would be for the price, but it's beautiful. The fabric is sturdy and should hold up well. My bike is not here yet, but I am anxious to attach it and have all the room. When I opened it, I was disappointed by the size, but the sides expand and will be adequate for my biking needs. I like it. Should hold jackets for my husband and me. It looks like it will be perfect. There is a The reflective tape on the three sides is done well.

👤For a few weeks, this worked well for me. The bag got pulled into my back wheel. The bag was destroyed when it almost crashed. It should have been strong enough to not get into the wheel. Especially atop the Eco Rack.

👤It's great for trips to the store. It is easy to mount and remove from the rear carrier rack. When caught in a sudden rainstorm, the contents stayed dry.

10. Sahoo Pannier Resistance Capacity Panniers

Sahoo Pannier Resistance Capacity Panniers

Seat bags are checked before they are shipped. If you have any other problems. Feel free to contact them, they will reply as soon as possible. Hope can help you in some ways, my store has other bike accessories. The 1000D reinforce fabric is water resistant. New design 3 in 1 bike rear rack pannier bag. A best bike trunk bag is created by a simple style, better material and large capacity. The paniers bike bags are fixed securely on the rack. For a long distance ride, your best partner is you. The top bag can be used as a shoulder bag as well as the additional string bags on the side bags and top bags, it's convenient for water bottle or other frequently use items. Most bikes' racks can be fitted. The water resistant 1000D reinforce fabric is easy to scrub and wear and tear resistant. One year warranty against material and manufacturing defects. Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other holiday is a great gift.

Brand: Sahoo

👤Hey! Overall very satisfied with these saddlebags. They are used for day trips. I like to chill out at a park at the end of my 18 mile route. The bags have enough space to hold all of the items I use for this. I don't use these for groceries because I live in a city and don't feel comfortable leaving my bike out when I'm not around. For a small shopping trip, these should hold up. There is a I noticed that the saddlebags would hit the tires when I looked at my rear bike rack. I connected the saddlebags together with a bungee cord and taught them to pull over the top of the bag. I can connect to the straps on the top of the saddlebags. I'll find a strap that will make it better. I still give it 5 stars even though it has a small flaw. I have yet to try this out in the rain, but I always keep my bags on me so I don't get wet inside of them.

👤I'm glad I have this bag, it's great for the price, compared to other bags. It's easier to bike in the city with groceries now. I can fit a lot of stuff into it, and it's really secure on my bike. I need to be sure it's fastened correctly. It takes a long time to put the bike on, and it can be a bit of a puzzle. It's not easy to get all the ties and buckles attached correctly, especially when you have to repeat the task when taking the bags in and out of stores. I need it in the store to avoid plastic bags, but it will get stolen if I leave it on the bike. It took me a while to figure out how the straps and buckles work when I'm not on the bike, and I still don't think I have it down! I want to carry it through the store like an over the shoulder bag, but it seems like only the single bag can be used for that. The double-bag has to be held like a briefcase, which isn't very convenient for me while shopping and trekking around the city on foot. There is a I didn't find a lot of information about the design of the packaging. It's a huge relief from carrying other awkward bags while biking, it saves a lot of plastic, and it keeps me safer on my grocery runs.

👤I was looking at products like this for a month. There are reviews of advantages and pricing. There are a lot of luggage sets that are more expensive. I know why this one came out on top of my research. This one has it all. The bag has a shoulder strap for quick use. Pannels hold their structural shape when empty. The mounting rack is secured by Velcro strips. I have reflecters and lights all around. The price is amazingly low for the quality, style and workmanship. This 37l set of bags is your first choice.

11. ZIMFANQI Bicycle Carrier Resistant Silicone

ZIMFANQI Bicycle Carrier Resistant Silicone

The InterIOR MESH bag and key holder are used. Their saddle bag is roomier than the competition, yet still aerodynamic for speed-obsessed bikers. The main compartment is perfect for everything from snacks to tire levelers, while the extra mesh pocket is perfect for cash and small valuables. Can you not lose your house keys? The built-in key holder is a lifesaver. The bicycle rear rack carrier bag has a main compartment, a top pocket and a water bottle pocket, which can help you store the essentials on the road. There are reflective strips on the rear bike rack bag to increase visibility at night. The safety of riding can be improved by installing taillights at the back of the bag. The bike commuter bag is made of water- resistant fabric. The insulated lining keeps your drinks and food fresh. The bungee cord increases storage space. The bicycle saddle bag is easy to install and remove. It's convenient to carry when you're not cycling. The bike backseat storage bag is suitable for most bicycle racks, such as mountain bikes, road bikes, etc. A bag can be a bike rear rack bag, a shopping bag or a shoulder bag.

Brand: Zimfanqi

👤There is a need for pantyhose that hold the dollars. The company is going to use heavy duty VELCRO STRAPS to keep the bag from falling off. The lengths of the strings are related to the length of theRACK. I can put this bag on the bike and use it for a short ride. The bag would be gone in 4 miles. It was very upsetting. Simple. To fit into a specific type of VELCRO, you need to measure it. They have cheap BUCKLES. I encourage people in America to start making and designing products in the USA. We don't trust government.

👤The bag slides around because the straps are poorly designed and placed. Also had a problem with the zip. This goes back again.

👤The phone holder was never delivered. 3 stars. The bag is what I needed.

👤I returned the bag because it was going to fall off and I will look for something that doesn't move around while riding my bike.

👤We were looking for a small bag. I love how this one is insulated. It works well for a quick trip to the beach. I keep things cold with an ice pack. If it is too full, it gets a little unbalanced.

👤I use this bag when I'm going to workout or cycling. I can get easy access to things I need in a split second if I free up my backpack.

👤The saddlebag is attached to my Pugsly. I don't need insulation but for those who plan to carry cold food for a day ride, this will work well. There is a A good purchase.

👤The bike has a secure system. Sturdy, lined with metallic material to keep items cool inside.


What is the best product for bicycle bag pannier?

Bicycle bag pannier products from Rock Bros. In this article about bicycle bag pannier you can see why people choose the product. Ibera and Mosiso are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle bag pannier.

What are the best brands for bicycle bag pannier?

Rock Bros, Ibera and Mosiso are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle bag pannier. Find the detail in this article. Kemimoto, Fanwu and Ortlieb are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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