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1. Whale Fall Waterproof Bicycle Holder

Whale Fall Waterproof Bicycle Holder

There are multifunctional occasions. It is an ideal choice for a wide range of outdoor sports. The Whale Fall bike frame bag is made of 100% harmless TPU and 100% recyclable EVA. They tried to use materials that are friendly to the environment. It is suitable for a phone up to 6.9 inches. A large interior for mobile phone, power bank, wallet, repair kit and more. The double-layer mesh bag design prevents items from falling out. You can install the straps on the E- bike. The frame bag's touch screen is made of 0.25mm TPU film with high sensitivity and clarity. You can view a map on the phone while cycling. You can easily use Face ID while riding. It's easy to install for any bike. The frame bag can be adjusted with three magic straps. The frame bag is firmly on your bike. It's very convenient to install and remove, you don't have to worry about your knees or legs. If you put your phone in the bag, please turn off the accidental touch protection in the phone settings to prevent it from malfunctioning. All-in-one design with 3D die-casting process make Whale Fall EVA frame bag waterproof and hard. This bike handlebar bag is non-forming, shake-proof, and pressure-proof.

Brand: Whale Fall

👤I was pleasantly surprised that I could fit my phone into this without it being removed from the otter box case. The fit and finish seems good and the waterproof zip is seal well. It looks like it was a good purchase, for now. I went 4 stars because I haven't time tested it, and if it's reading 5 stars it's because I've updated after the first few rides. After my first couple rides, I bumped up to 5. The touch screen works perfectly through the protective cover.

👤I ordered several of these to hold my phone and keys on my bike. None of the others had long straps for my bike. The whale fell. There is a I am able to use the Touch screen on my phone because it is well made and has a case on it. I need it to hold everything. I am very happy with the purchase. If you have an E- bike and you are having trouble fitting something around the battery, look no further. It is easy to install.

👤I ride a small bike. I was excited to have something to carry my stuff with. Since I'm vertically challenged, my handlebars are too close to the holder. I hit it often while riding. I almost lost control of my bike a few times. If your handlebars are on the lowest position possible, you may want to look for something else.

👤Will be using this for the first time this week. The design is nice, except for the zip up. It's difficult to open. I hope this will fix itself over time. Comes with a cute cover. The product was packaged well to avoid damage. Will update after using for a while.

👤This works great for my phone. There's a lot of space under the phone, so you can fit a tube, snack, battery brick, bike tool, etc. It takes a few seconds for it to be secured. When I stand to pump/pedal, I hit it with my legs.

👤I like the structure. All aspects of the Touchscreen worked as they should. The product was well built, functional, and exceeded my expectations, which made it a high rating. The heavy duty structure is easy to use, holds firm to the bike, and fits my phone perfectly.

👤It's a nice concept, but I was unable to record my Ride because the app paused so I couldn't see what I was doing. I believe the pouch wasn't allowing the gps to work correctly. I would have to return it. I don't know if there are other brands that work with Strava.

👤I bought a Trek e bike with a large frame. This case has a lot of storage.

👤The pully system is very secure, it's a great fit on the bike frame. I preferred the handle bar mount as I was worried someone could steal the phone from the bike. Thieves do that with this one. It is possible to control the phone through the cover. I own a s20 and it fits very well. It has a strap behind the phone compartment that you can adjust to fit your phone. There is a nice size storage compartment. It works for my glasses, keys, backup battery pack and wallet. It feels sturdy but also lightweight. Very happy.

2. OBOVA Handlebar Waterproof Accessory Cruisers

OBOVA Handlebar Waterproof Accessory Cruisers

The dimensions are 8.5" long and four inches in diameter. The ideal bag size is sturdy and light weight. Not too large or too small! The bag's shape is reinforced by foam padding. The main pocket of the bag has enough room to hold a water bottle, snack, or repair tool kit. Water-resistant & ripstop 400D nylon, plus extra inner PVC protection, are included in the waterproof zipper. There is a best choice of bags for bicycles. The shoulder strap is deconditioned. Extra pockets hold small items. The waterproof bike storage bag is easy to install and has 3 straps that are strong and anti-slip. The bike phone bag has a transparent touch screen phone holder for all of the phones. The stripe supports a ride. It is easy to clean and Tear resistant. If you find a bike bag that is not as described, they will return your money or send you a new bag at no extra cost. It's a perfect gift idea for your friends. It's ideal for father's day and mother's day gifts. If you find a bike bag that is not as described, they will return your money or send you a new bag at no extra cost. It's a perfect gift idea for your friends. It's ideal for father's day and mother's day gifts.

Brand: Obova

👤I bought this bag a few days ago, and usually don't bother with reviews. I love it. Almost everyone in Oregon bikes. I ride my bike 4-5 times a week. I don't carry enough stuff to warrant a backpack, so this little carrier is perfect. I was able to easily pack a bottle of water, snacks, and my wallet, keys, and other items when I went out for a ride this morning. I was able to use my phone's built-in navigation system to get directions, even though I put it on the Maps app. There is a The bag was attached quickly and firmly with the 3 Velcro ties and stayed in place even during several off pavement portions of my ride. I was able to make and receive calls with my phone in the pouch. The bag is a great value and well worth the price. I highly recommend it.

👤A bike handle bar bag deserves a glowing review. It's well made and includes what's needed for real world use. There is a A brief tour; the top, clear plastic phone pouch fits just fine. Dry storage under the top is adequate for an active day out. Small pouch areas on each side for car keys and other items. The quick access pouch is secured with a front patch. The design is well thought out and includes a coverall raincoat. There is a You will never need another bag for your bike.

👤My bike has a bag on it. The phone pocket allows you to see who is calling and texting while you are out and about. The main compartment has everything I need for a quick ride. One of the zippers broke on the first day. The bag still zips shut because there are two zippers in the main compartment. The bag seems to have been made well. Definitely not cheap. It looked like the Zipper was bent.

👤I bought two of them because the bag was perfect for our bikes. The top allows you to see and use your cell phone at all times, and there's plenty of room for keys, money, credit cards etc. There is plenty of room in the top of my phone. The straps keep the bag in place.

👤I am certain this fits for some bicycle styles. The brake cables interfered with the bag, making the bikes useless. There is a The description did not show how small this bag is. I couldn't fit an extra water bottle in the bag and a shirt in the cold weather. The photo looks larger than it is. I wonder if this was planned by the seller.

👤The front of my bike is covered with this. I'm not sure how well it will hold up, but it works for now. It's hard to operate and it's odd. There is no way to tell where the zipper is. It zips at the space it's sewn into. It's hard to operate and wants to get stuck in the fabric next to it, so I'm guessing it's a new kind of zipper. The screen on the top of my phone is very difficult to get out of, even though it's in the pocket, and the pocket on the top works fine. I like the way the blue zip ties my bike together. Right?

3. Bicycle Handlebar Basket Pocket Handlebars

Bicycle Handlebar Basket Pocket Handlebars

Bike handlebar bags protect your device and accessories from crashes. It is suitable for a variety of outdoor activities, such as hanging out, cycling, hiking, running, going to gym, traveling, camping, and so on. Product warranty. They are free to contract any questions. The compact bike bag has enough space to hold gloves, tools, and other small items. The bike cooler bag is for a short time. The bag keeps your belongings warm for a short time. Highly reflective bike pouch. The reflective stripe on the bicycle bag is very visible in any weather. You can be seen by others over 300 feet away. The bike pouch will keep you safe in the dark. Fit for straight handlebar The bike bag is made of insulation coating and has magic straps to fix the handlebars without shaking. It's easy to install the magic stickers on the bike bag handlebar. This makes it easy to adjust.

Brand: Mtlnkb

👤I received this bag today and it was a piece of junk. The top was supposed to have a metal piece, but it is not there. You get what you pay for. Will be returning it.

👤It's a moderate size, good for carrying things such as gloves, batteries, lights, rainsuits, snacks, and so on. Can fit either side of the body. There is a This would benefit from a long strap coming around from the front. Keeping the bags cinched up is one of the main problems with them. I'll modify it and make it work after a few days.

👤The bag has lots of pockets and is great for holding things. It fits well on the bile. You should keep your phone in a safe place. I found the best value I could find here. Very happy with it.

👤The clear waterproof phone pocket is not water proof. It is hard to see the screen. It's hard to take newer phones in and out.

👤This bag is large enough to hold a lot of items and small enough to hold a small lunch.

👤It's very cheap and not heavy duty, that's what I thought. Does the job.

👤There is room for a small first aid kit and a tone of stuff. It's not clear when it will be beefed.

👤The size I expected was too flimsy.

4. Mass Shop Waterproof Reflective Accessories

Mass Shop Waterproof Reflective Accessories

The bike top tube bag is a great gift for your family or friends because it is easy to install and remove, and it fits most bikes. They will give you a satisfactory solution if you have any questions. High quality is made with love and care. Only the best finishes and materials. It's water resistant and perfect for adventures in water. It is easy to clean, so you can keep your belongings safe. The right size is needed to store all the important things. There is a wallet, keys, camera, telephone, charger, tools, sunglasses and snacks. The bars are easy to attach to: it adjusts in seconds. It's easy to install, easy to remove and strong enough to stay in place.

Brand: The Mass Shop

👤It's perfect for my long gravel rides. It can hold a lot of food and tubes. The fabric is rain resistant and it holds the handlebars without movement. 10 out of 10.

👤The handlebar bag is a really good deal because of the quality of the storage and pockets. I am very happy with the product.

👤It is light and comfortable, especially for long distances and those days when you don't want to carry personal items in the back of the shirt.

👤A bicycle bag is worth buying. It's a good size to hold your wallet, phone, keys, and other small items.

👤The bag is done once the straps break. It was surprising that my ClubRide vest had that much volume. This would be a 10 if it weren't for the fixed straps.

👤I bought this for my Sno-Go and it holds everything I need, it's nice and compact, and it looks great. I would buy this again. People have asked where I got it.

👤Exactly what I needed for my bike. It's very useful, lightweight and spacious.

5. ROCKBROS Bicycle Waterproof Handlebar Accessories

ROCKBROS Bicycle Waterproof Handlebar Accessories

If you have any problems, please contact them. The EVA 3D hard shell design isdurable. The bike phone bag is made of tough material. The Solid shape makes it look stylish and the Carbon fiber is durable. Keep the bag clean when it is dirty and only use a wet towel when it is dirty. Excellent waterproof performance. Their bike frame bags have a waterproof effect and can protect your items from the elements. The bike bag is also shake-proof with it's hard frame structure. You can use your phone with a high sensitivity touch screen, no need to take it out while riding. Don't worry, your smart phone will fall down, there is a hook and loop inside. The hidden earphone hole allows you to listen to music while cycling. Large room design is enough to hold your daily riding items, such as cell phone, sunglasses, power bank, battery, gloves, energy gel, small mini pump repair kits, keys, wallet and so on, mesh compartments on two sides are designed to classified storage. It's compatible with both the iPhone11 X and the s8 s7 note 7. The ROCK BROS bike bag is easy to install and can be adjusted according to your needs. This design can be used to hold your bike tightly to prevent shaking. Their top tube bag can remain stable even when riding on rugged mountain roads. The ROCK BROS bike bag is easy to install and can be adjusted according to your needs. This design can be used to hold your bike tightly to prevent shaking. Their top tube bag can remain stable even when riding on rugged mountain roads.

Brand: Rock Bros

👤The location of the phone holder and storage bag on the top bar is terrible, but I like the concept of it. Even though I am 6'2 and have enough room in front of my seat to stand over the bar, I still have to carry my bag with me on my bike. If you have a bike that's 6 feet long, you should buy it!

👤The fit on my bike was perfect. The phone works great. Highly recommended.

👤I bought this bag to hold my phone in case I decide to get a bigger phone in the future. The hard sides and the amount of space inside are what I like the most. I don't use the phone a lot while riding, but I had no trouble with the screen or the touch screen. I am tall and have a large bike, but this bag took up a lot of the top tube, so I barely had room to straddle the bike. I had to dismount to open the bag. I retired it and went back to a smaller model.

👤The Eva foam is very well built and gives a stylish look. The part that you grab is not the complete thing. Despite the issue with the bag, I definitely recommend it, I've been using it for over a year and it has a very good resilience.

👤I got a bag for a customer that they love because they can fit a small sandwich tools to and their phone sits on top so they don't need to worry about it in the rain or crashing. You could argue that it is a little wide so you can brush it with your legs while riding, but it is more of a leisurely bag in a race bag or a bag for a mountain bike or performance bike.

👤The first one we got, the left zip was stuck near the top and it was hard to open. The second one is a bit better but still not great. The rating was mediocre. The straps fit on the bike. There is a lot of room inside the pouch. I can't comment on the touch phone because we haven't tried it. If we have more info, I will update.

👤It's just a little long so that when straddling the top bar it's almost hitting the crotch area. The knees will occasionally brush against it. It can fit a lot and is roomy. The phone holder is sturdy. The hardshell works. The non-EVA version has retroreflective material. There is no built-in management for the excess strap, and it squeaks when steering since it's pressed up against the headtube and steering column.

👤I couldn't find a bag to attach to the seat of my mountain bike. This item is roomy and fits my bike pump. It fits my phone perfectly. I haven't ridden yet, but I played with it to see if it would fall off. It seems like it will stay. A keeper.

6. Adiport Handlebar Waterproof Accessories Cellphone

Adiport Handlebar Waterproof Accessories Cellphone

It's possible to remove dirt with water, and it's 100% waterproof, thanks to the seamless workmanship. The mini front bicycle bag is made from high quality EVA material that is an attachment on your handlebars has many advantages. While riding on a bumpy or rocky road, the anti-shake,durable and simply-cleaned performances protect your phone and accessories better. With the touch screen of the bicycle phone mount bag, you can easily operate facial recognition, touch ID, and gps. You are biking. The bike phone handlebar bag stays in place very stably over bumps, without fear of it falling off as you ride. The riding is waterproof and safe. The mountain/road bicycle bag is made of solid shell and double seamless zippers that protect your cell phone in rainy days. The logo on both sides is reflective. The straps for the headtube can be easily installed and released for most types of bikes.

Brand: Adiport

👤I use this bag on my bike. The case is sturdy and secure. It would be nice if there was a quicker way to remove the photos from the case. There is no easy way to adjust the phone's volume. The case is great.

7. WARNERS WHEELS Handlebar Bag Bicycles

WARNERS WHEELS Handlebar Bag Bicycles

Approx 9.65" x 8.66" x 3.54" weight Premium genuine leather straps, double layers of canvas and brass buckles will make you look and feel stylish. The bicycle bag is waterproof and can block rain splashes. It's a perfect size to hold your small everyday essentials such as phone, keys, wallet, snack bags or bike tools, keeping them in arms reach without adding extra burden to your ride. The bag can be mounted on the handle bar, bike frame, or as a saddle bag and compatible with a variety of bikes. The quality and detail of their bike pouches which come in giftable packaging just in time for christmas is Exquisite Craftsmanship.

Brand: Warners Wheels

👤I was pleasantly surprised to see that the five-star reviews were right on the money, even though the quality was not as good as I would have liked. The bag is a great looking one and it is a very reasonable price. It is all that it stands for, and I am very happy with this purchase, it will fit nicely on my new Fat Tire!

👤I bought this for my girlfriend's bike because she didn't want a backrack with a trunk. She wanted more storage than the trunk that was under her seat. The bag is small with leather straps that attach it to the frame. The straps can be a little difficult to take off. The reason it's not getting 5 stars is because it has no loops on the sides of the bag to affix a shoulder strap. If they did, this could be taken off the bike and used as a crossbody bag for when you park your bike and walk into a cafe or store. This would be a great item. Overall still recommend, especially for the price.

👤Good size,ently made. 7.21 update. It's been on my wife's bike for a while. It's faded considerably, the grommet at the bottom of the bag is made of steel and only has the lightest of paint jobs on it, it's already rusty and has stained the cotton below it. The wax finish needs to be changed. It's still a decent bag. There is a It's a good idea to carry a wallet, cell phone, and small tool kit on the bike. There is a The waterproof zip along with the flap and straps makes it difficult to get into a bag that has a hole in the bottom. The waterproof zip is not very useful. It was a good deal for a nice bag when it was priced under 15. I should have bought two.

👤It's a nice case. It seems like he is well made. The straps are small enough for in-laws. I hope they hold up. The inside space is not big enough for a small tool kit, spare tube, or anything else, but a compressed sandwich.

👤This is the type of bag I wanted. Practical enough for most rides, but not full-on, huge bag. I have it on a Vintage 26" drop-bar monster cross 90s mtb road-gravel bike, and it matches the look perfectly. There is a The packaging arrived in perfect condition and was fast. I'm not sure about the leather straps. They look and feel delicate after hundreds of kilometers. I would have them replaced if they fail. I don't think many people will take this bag to very gnarly trails, so this shouldn't be a problem for most. Overall, a very good product.

8. VENFOREST Handlebar Lightweight Waterproof Large Capacity

VENFOREST Handlebar Lightweight Waterproof Large Capacity

It is well designed to hold items such as a cell phone, multi-tool kit, keys, snacks, mini bike pump, and other items. It is perfect for mountain bike and road bike. The Bike Handlebar Bag is made of 900D Oxford fabric, non-woven fabric and aluminum foil with liner to keep the water bottle warm and protect your water bottle from dents and scratches caused by slight collision. The bike bag can hold up to 32 ounces of bottles. The two front pockets can hold up to 7 inches of phone. Credit cards, ID cards, money, keys and water bottles can be stored in the pocket with a pull beam. The Applicable Place is the water bottle bag that you can put important items in when you are hiking, camping, trekking, in the gym or sports. Use a fabric that is easy to clean. The handlebar kettle bag is very suitable for outdoor riding and is more durable than other fabrics. The 4-point accessories are more stable, with 4 velcros attached to the bag, and the strap can be adjusted to fit your bicycle handlebars. There is a drain hole at the bottom of the bag to keep your bag dry in rainy days, and you can choose to fix the handlebar at four points on the left or right. If you have a problem with the products you received, please contact them. The after-sales team will be able to help you with your problems. If you have a problem with the products you received, please contact them. The after-sales team will be able to help you with your problems.

Brand: Venforest

👤The holder is in the bag with multiple straps so you can easily place it on your bike. I like the pocket on the pouch because it's big enough to hold my phone, but my main use is for my phone. It zips shut, which is a bonus for me. The drink holder works well for a 24 ounce bottle, but is on the narrow side. A wide bottom wouldn't work. I haven't ridden in the rain or tested the water resistant part, so I can't say much about it. The bag seems to have some sort of insulated lining, which my boyfriend used to pack ice and keep his diabetes cool, so it does insulate slightly. There is a We are satisfied with the purchase, it was under $13. Each of us received one. We've seen people with two per bike, but that's a personal preference as to how much stuff you want to pack on your bike. There is a It's a good size for our bikes. Our stuff is easy to access because we do a lot of day trips. There is a We left them on the bikes on the rear car carrier and they didn't come loose at all. It seems like that says a lot about the strength of the straps. There is a A good purchase for us. I would recommend.

👤I was very excited to receive this product. It fits perfectly on my bike. It is snug against the side of the monitor. I received a crumpled up bag with no tags and one of the longer straps missing. Someone tried it on their bike and then returned it, keeping a strap, which was one of the reasons the remaining straps were in random places. It is perfect for my needs. The water cage and pannier bags are in the back rack. I needed something to keep my phone, bike keys, chapstick, sunglasses, and any other quick access things. I paid for a new product with 4 straps, but I didn't get what I paid for. It would be nice to have the 4th strap. Will probably return, buy again and pray for a better outcome. The bag would get 5 stars for the design and many attachment points sewn to it. There are lots of options and perfect size.

👤I finally found a cell phone pocket that fits my phone with a case. Many will not be large enough for the phone alone. This is the carrier for the biggest phone you have. One of the biggest factors for me is holding my phone, if it keeps my drink cold, I haven't tested it for durability yet.

9. Roswheel Capacity Handlebar Bicycle Accessories

Roswheel Capacity Handlebar Bicycle Accessories

The shoulder bag strap design makes it convenient to carry the bag wherever you go. If there is a problem with the product, please contact them. Their first priority is your satisfaction. The material is made of 600D polyester, PVC lining and padded with U-Shaped PE board. A high capacity is 5 liters for holding casual essentials or cycling tools and accessories, such as phone, wallet, gloves, glasses, mini pump, tire repair kit, spare tubes and so on. It is easy to install and release with 3 straps. There is a better safety by having a reflective logo and two reflective binding strips. A multi-purpose bag can be used as a bike handlebar bag or turned into a shoulder bag with included shoulder strap.

Brand: Roswheel

👤I absolutely adore this. It is the perfect fit for me. I've always liked bikes. I can't afford a motorcycle, but I still try to bike around town as much as I can. I've been able to use this for a variety of things because of its size, but even more so because of its resilience. My heavy metal chain lock is easy to fit inside when I'm riding. It doesn't make the bike feel heavy. I've been able to fit bread, a few prescriptions, bananas, and even a half gallon of milk in a small trio at the store. Not all at once... It has worked well for small trips. I've been able to use it when I commute to work. Since I live in Texas, I don't dare use it as a lunch box, but I can fit my actual lunch inside of it. I tried it on a day when I didn't have lunch. I was able to fit my work shoes inside, and I've also been able to fit my suit jacket, tablet, and wallet/keys in it at the same time. There is a The successes are endless for recreational use. I don't think it's a good idea to use the top elastic bands to hold a phone. Even with its case on, my phone barely fit. The bands are a little wide-set. There are ways around that. It is an easy adjustment, and depends on the size of the device you are using. It didn't change my opinion. If someone asked me if they should get this, my answer would be a resounding yes. It's a good thing. Great product.

👤I thought it should go on the front side of the handlebars, but I couldn't make it work that way with the cables and such. I decided to put it on the inside of the bars because it works great and is more accessible. It might be that this is the way it should go because there is no picture of how it goes on the bike.

👤I've purchased this bag before. The first time I tried it, the bag was too stiff to fit around the brake cables, so I couldn't make it work. I returned the bag but couldn't find anything else that worked. I ordered it again because I like the size and features of it, and I found that I could remove the rigid plastic inner lining that prevented the bag from hanging lower on the handlebars. It works now. I'm glad I did it again.

👤The front bag is excellent. I need a lot of room for everything. The middle compartment has a ridged plastic shell that holds its shape open, and two smaller side compartments that allow me to separate tools and keys from my wallet. I would prefer if the compartments had two-way zippers which would allow you to open them easier when riding, when necessary, or when stopped at a light.

👤The bag was much larger than I thought, thanks to the stability of the straps. My friend is buying one because she loved it so much.

10. Kids Bicycle Bag Handlebar Waterproof

Kids Bicycle Bag Handlebar Waterproof

A perfect gift. It's a great choice as a gift for your friends, family and so on. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have a problem. The PoCampo Kid's new Speedy Handlebar Bag is a fun and functional children's bag. The high-quality handlebar bicycle storage bag has one main compartment for safe-keeping, a front pocket for easy access, and a back-slash pocket to store the straps. It has an ID label for lost and found. The Po Campo Speedy kid bike basket is made with vegan 100% waterproof materials and is easy to clean. Extra visibility and safety are provided by the large reflective accents on this bike storage bag. Easy accounting for all types of hands. Attach youth bike or scooter handlebars using straps. They are designed to work with all types of handlebars, including drop bars, flat bars, riser bars, bullhorns, aero, cruiser, butterfly, and banana bars. It is a smart construction and virtue. The front bar pack for kids and teens is designed with multiple compartments and keeps items secure and safe. A crossbody messenger bag is easy to convert to a bicycle bag for kids. FASHIONABLE AND RUGGED is made for kids and teenagers of all ages and is cute enough to use as a shoulder bag. Machine fabric can be washed easily. Let's go! Each child's bike bag has a bike key.

Brand: Po Campo

👤The Po Campo bag is perfect for adults who want a small bag to hold just the basics, and it's easy to pop off the handlebars and carry with you if you want. There is a I needed a bag small enough to fit inside a front basket so that I wouldn't have to use a lot of basket space for groceries and larger items. The Po Campo bags fit perfectly. There is a The front flap of the bag is closed with a plastic velcro-like device, but it can be difficult to open it when the bag is full, but I found a way to open it from the inside. It's not worth docking a star, but could use a little improvement.

👤I was hesitant to buy this bag because I thought it was expensive. I got it because the colors matched my daughter's bike. I liked the dimensions. The quality is great and my daughter and I both love this bag. There is a main pouch with a pouch in the front that has a stretch band inside and a pouch in the back that has a rubber closure. There is a slip pocket in the back with the same type of rubber closure, but it's not really accessible when the bag is attached to the handlebars. The bag has a strap so it can be used like a purse when it's not attached to the bike.

👤My son needed a bike bag that he could put his bike lock in. My son likes the space pattern on this product and I wanted to like it. There is only one small pocket. The front pocket is open along three sides. These are waiting for the weather to change. The bike rack at his school is not protected from the weather. We will have to buy a new bag in a few months.

👤The color is true to the picture. The front pocket doesn't stay closed, it has a funny material that doesn't really hold up, it would have been better with a zip. A water bottle is good for a girls bike if there is not a good place to mount a water bottle holder.

👤This is my daughter's favorite bag. She uses it to carry her things around on her bike or scooter. These bags are made from high quality materials. My daughter is not always into pink or gender stereotyped images, so the patterns are cute and gender neutral. She can sort through her goods with the help of the velcro straps. She loves to use it on a daily basis and it goes on easily. She would like the main pocket to have a double zip, so her lovie can stick out, but she needs grown up help to close the Velcro alternative closure.

11. Disconano Cycling Bicycle Handlebar Baskets

Disconano Cycling Bicycle Handlebar Baskets

If you find a bike bag that is not as described, they will return your money or send you a new bag at no extra cost. It's a perfect gift idea for your friends. It's ideal for father's day and mother's day gifts. The strap has a Velcro fastening. There are back straps on the bicycle. The mesh bag has both sides. The glasses, mobile phones, and other items can be put in this manner. Comes with a rain cover.

Brand: Disconano

👤The bag is difficult to mount on a long stem bike because of the vertical orientation and 3 equal-length straps. You can't loop the bottom strap around your cables because it doesn't reach your head tube. The bag isn't stable because of that. There is a The position of the bag blocks the most useful mounting points for lights and blocks the beam from stem-mount lights. The head tube lights are completely blocked by the vertical length of this bag. There is a I would be concerned about the durability of the zippers, because they did not move smoothly. Having tried this bag, I would like a bag with a horizontal orientation, a shorter vertical length, and a head tube strap, so that my light isn't completely blocked.

👤This is a small bag. In good weather, I ride day rides between 10 and 50 miles. I was looking for something that would give me more space than my seatbag, which is full with tools and spare tube. This bag has a very low profile and holds my small pocket camera, my phone, my wallet, and a garage door opener with ease. My bike is a road bike with drops and it doesn't interfere with the extra brake levers or cables.

👤I like the size of this bag as my bike doesn't do well with baskets and I wanted something to put the battery pack for string lights in. It works well for that. The first time I used it, my phone got ruined in the rain. I put a cover on it. When I pulled my phone out it was wet and discolored, either I didn't do it properly or it's not water resistant. It's really bad. Lesson learned.

👤I keep bike parts in a bag. This is for things that I don't want to mess with the tools. For short rides, it is great, but I might want something bigger. There is a Here's what I carried in it. tail light, charging cable, left pocket, chap stick, bike computer, when not used. Right pocket is what it is. There is gum. The main compartment has a glass case, wallet, Canon S 100 camera, tissues, folding knife, and rain cover. The bottom strap could be longer. It would squash the bike cables more than I wanted. I loop it around the post without using the buckle, but it tends to come undone. I don't think it matters much.

👤I think this is a 5 star because it is relatively inexpensive and it is a nice bike bag to put on the handle bar. The size is perfect, it can hold a cell phone, a wallet, keys, and there's still room for some other small items. There are a couple things in there. The bag has a yellow plastic cover that you can cover if it rains. It's a great bag for the bike. If I was to give feedback to the manufacturer, I would either remove the yellow plastic cover or make the top half of the bag waterproof, and I would question theDurability of the zipper, which only time will tell how well it holds up. The price was very satisfactory.


What is the best product for bicycle bag handlebar?

Bicycle bag handlebar products from Whale Fall. In this article about bicycle bag handlebar you can see why people choose the product. Obova and Mtlnkb are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle bag handlebar.

What are the best brands for bicycle bag handlebar?

Whale Fall, Obova and Mtlnkb are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle bag handlebar. Find the detail in this article. The Mass Shop, Rock Bros and Adiport are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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