Best Bicycle Alarm System

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1. Fosmon Waterproof Vibration Triggered Motorcycle

Fosmon Waterproof Vibration Triggered Motorcycle

The mini size is easy to hide and install, and the bell sound can be operated by remote control. The bike arm is aLOUD 113dB. A bike alarm with remote control is a great way to protect your bike from theft. This alarm can be used to keep your bike, scooter, motorcycle, and more secured. The Vein Senser and the Arm are related. The anti-theft bicycle alarm responds to movement. You can adjust the levels manually to fit your setup. If the vehicle is tilted more than 45 from its original position, the function will detect an accident and make a sound to signal for help. The anti-theft alarm is easy to set up. Clean the mounting surface first. The cable ties and brackets on the backside of the alarm are provided. Up to 8 remotes can be used with an alarm. MULTI-PURPOSEALARM This anti-theft alarm can be used as a luggage alarm, fence alarm, trailer alarm, and more. When used with locks, this device works great. There is a lifetime warranty. The product has a limited lifetime warranty. Refer to the website for more information.

Brand: Fosmon

👤For step one, hold the button for 6 seconds. In 6 seconds, you'll see the blue light around the lock symbol come on and go off, then you'll hear some tones but they're not important. When the blue light comes back on at 6 seconds is when you're in business. There is a You can follow the instructions after 2 and 4. There is a It's all over.

👤The engineer who designed the device was not thinking. The instructions don't follow what happens. You push and hold buttons and wait for the flashing lights to go out, then appear again! You are supposed to eventually hear 8 tones. You only hear 3, or they say to wait for three tones. Is it three groups of three tones? I have decided to bail since I know this company has had this happen before and has not provided clear instructions. I tried to call customer support and they told the buyer to do something before returning the product. They are closed on Saturday, but I'm going to be on the phone for a long time because of their poor instructions. I'm suggesting that the company include correct instructions in the new units they sell. I am skeptical about the origin of the high reviews for this product.

👤The alarm is loud and it's the best attribute. When the bike is over 100 feet away, I can hear it from my condo. The setup is easy to do and the included sticky tape and plastic tie rods helped me put the alarm in my preferred location. The sensitivity setting is difficult to adjust, and that is the only real issue with this alarm. The alarm will go off even if there is a slight nudging. The remedy to that is built into the alarm since it only goes off for 30 seconds and if it doesn't get moved it stops the alarm. The included remote works from a distance and is very useful. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a different type of security device. If you put the alarm under the seat, you can set the alarm and find your bike.

👤I bought this device to keep an eye on my carry bag. I keep a variety of items in a carry bag, and when I put it down, I want to be sure it's not going to be touched. This device works. There is a It's handy as an alarm for my bike. It's comforting if I need to leave my bike unattended for a short time.

👤I didn't have a lot of expectations for this alarm after seeing the price. It is worth every penny. I used the two lip ties that were included. I wanted it for my motorcycle. I hid the alarm under my car so I wouldn't hear it if I did anything. People say it is hard to set up. I set it up in 5 minutes. It is motion sensitive. I can get on my bike and move around. The alarm goes off if I move my motorcycle too much or put the key in wrong place. I would buy this again.

2. Wsdcam Bluetooth Universal Anti Theft Motorcycle

Wsdcam Bluetooth Universal Anti Theft Motorcycle

It's great to use with any brand of motorcycle. It is easy to connect between the lock alarm and the phone. You don't have to worry about losing your key because you can instantly lock/unlock your bike. The bike lock has an alarm that goes off by loud sound. Also, note: The alarm goes off only when the phone is far away from the lock. In a safe range, avoid noise. It's suitable for bikes, motorcycles, vehicle, doors, windows, gate, or anything you want to protect. The lock will auto-unlock when you approach it, because it is smart and connected to the app. The function can be set on or off. The alarm cable lock is made of braided steel and is more durable. If someone tries to cut the cable, the alarm will go off. Don't worry about the alarm on rainy days, the lock is waterproof. One year limited warranty is provided by them. If you have a question, just email them. Don't worry about the alarm on rainy days, the lock is waterproof. One year limited warranty is provided by them. If you have a question, just email them.

Brand: Wsdcam

👤Cheap plastic and no security. Someone can take the battery off the alarm. I tried to turn on the lock and take off the battery, but the alarm didn't sound.

👤Not what I was expecting. The lock works well and makes a lot of noise, but it doesn't alert you to anything. I thought it would.

👤The alarm did not go off. My brother-in-law was impressed when I used my phone off the lock mode.

👤It is. Okay. Not crazy about it. Would have gotten something else for the price.

3. Onvian Anti Theft Motorcycle Waterproof Vibration

Onvian Anti Theft Motorcycle Waterproof Vibration

Act as a deterrent to bike theft. The alarm is suitable for bicycle, motorcycle, electric bike, electric scooter and so on. Good motorcycle accessories, scooter accessories, bicycle accessories, etc. You can easily set it according to your need. A wireless remote control operation. The bike security alarm can make a loud sound to draw people's attention. It can be used as an emergency alarm. Installation of the motorcycle bicycle burglar alarm can be done with a double-sided sticker or a strap. No wires, no screws. Can be used for outdoor. The mini size is easy to hide and install, and the bell sound can be operated by remote control. The mini size is easy to hide and install, and the bell sound can be operated by remote control.

Brand: Onvian

👤I installed this alarm on my balcony after seeing one of my neighbors use a ladder. I didn't want them or anyone else trying to enter my apartment in that way so I thought this would alert me and get my attention. It works well. I labeled the two that I bought. I know which alarm the remote goes to. I plan to keep the remotes locked in a case. I like the fact that I can assign different tones to different alarms that will make it easier for me to know which alarm was triggered. I put another alarm on my bedroom door so guests can be aware if they get lost on their way to the bathroom.

👤There is an alarm under the seat of the John Deer D-110 lawn tractor. It works as advertised. The remote doesn't seem to transmit from inside the house to a closed door. Make sure that you position the alarm so that you can open the case to change batteries, otherwise you'll lose access to it. The English is a little rough in translation from Chinese, but still good enough to comprehend after a couple re-reads. I would like it to be louder. I don't see how the seller makes a profit since both alarm and remote come with batteries. Good job China!

👤Let's start with the price. It's amazing, so take that into account when I give critical feedback about this product. I am very happy with the price. If you want to spend more, it's probably a lot more. The motion detection works well. I can easily set this up by selecting the right sensitivity level, which will not cause it to malfunction, but will cause the motorcycle to move. The remote is easy to use. The device gives you positive feedback with a set of distinct tones and chirps that identify which mode the device is in. The device can be mounted to your bike with the supplied tape and zip ties. The multi-sided tape prevents the device from rattling around, and the zip-ties are meant to hold it to the bike. The zip ties are easy to cut so you have to hide the device on the bike. You have to find a place that won't make the alarm go off. It's not that loud, even though it's rated at 113dB. If you put it under the seat, it might not be loud enough to deter a thief from taking it. I use mine when I'm parked on the street in daylight to deter people who might be stupid enough to think that it's okay to sit on, touch, and move. Someone else has a bike. You should think of it as an extra layer of deterrent to be combined with steering locks, chains, brake locks, and your own private garage.

👤This was perfect because I have a secret compartment on my motorcycle. I put new batteries in so I don't have to remove them. It is loud. I got a headaches after testing the sensitivity level in my living room. The instructions are broken English so it is hard to figure out. It is easy to change the setup once you have done it. The remote is light, but I don't like it. If I carry it in my pocket, I will brake it. I won't put it on my key chain. I'll have to figure out a solution. If you need a deterrent, I think it's with the money. It would be great to put this in your bag or purse at the gym.

4. FOLDYLOCK Compact Bike Black Extreme

FOLDYLOCK Compact Bike Black Extreme

The Best Light Weight Folding Bike Lock is a top rated one. The bike lock is portable and does not have a code. Strong equipment for outdoor and urban cycling. Bolt cutter drill and saw proof. 3 year warranty bike locks heavy duty anti theft Patented Ultra secure Hardened waterproof bicycle protectors for peace of mind with anti thipper Rivets The multi locking guard system stops thieves. The pro kit and accessories set includes Master Keys and Easy Carry Case holder. The bike locks are foldable and open to the CM 85 Chain Link. There are locks to stands and bars. No Rattle with the Premium Frame Mount and Lock. Heavy Duty Bike Lock mounting brackets for Mountain Road Sport Standard Bikes and Scooters. The winner of the 2020 European Design Award is the Smart Bike Lock. Lock for bike outside. Silver safety tool.

Brand: Seatylock

👤I bought two of them. Our 2k bikes were recently stolen, so I thought they were theft proof. I want my money back. You cannot claim something is theft proof if it is not true.

👤I decided to get a lock on our bikes after they were stolen twice. This lock is great. It is strong. I don't think there is a way for anyone to break it, it folds nicely and small, and comes with a holder I can attach to the bike, which is great since I have the tendency to misplace things. If this product keeps me from replacing my bike, it is worth the price.

👤I've been a fan of my Foldylock since the beginning and I love the way it folds up. It's easy to lock up my bike. I found out this past weekend that there was an attempt to cut it off. It kept the thieves away. I'm grateful that the Foldylock held up and I still have my bike, because I live in a city with a lot of bike theft. Highly recommended!

👤If you spend the extra$15, you can get a U-lock. My bike was stolen in broad daylight by someone using an electric saw, after 2 weeks of using the FoldyLock in NYC.

👤This is the worst product I have ever purchased. The thieves broke the lock and took my bike. There is a It's unbelievable that a product that promises a high security for your bike is more far from reality than it is.

👤I only used this lock for a week, so my opinion may not be worth much. 1. My bike has not been taken. That is a definite plus. 2. It seems to be well constructed. I would not be able to break my bike with a tool that I own. I do not own any steel cutting tools. I am not a bike thief. Another plus. 3. It is light and connects well to the seat post. Another plus. 4. It was long enough to wrap around a slim post. You might need two people to like each other. I live in Texas. We have big oaks. There is a minor issue. No points. 5. The key and lock are high quality. Not a locksmith, but formidable. 6. If you park next to a guy who locks his bike with something he used with his Huffy, you should be fine. They will look at your lock and take your bike. I am not a bike thief, but I would do that.

👤I'm glad I found this lock after searching. The quality is top notch. The lock is very smooth. It's strong for its size. A quality steel like this can easily stop someone with a medium bolt cutter, which is usually the max size thieves carry. I believe that the best lock is one that you have with you all the time. I usually have to leave the thicker steel kryptonite at home since it's so heavy to carry. I can lock the back wheel and frame with this lock, but not the front wheel and frame. It's not long.

5. Wireless Vibration Waterproof Anti Theft Motorcycle

Wireless Vibration Waterproof Anti Theft Motorcycle

The package includes four wireless vibration alarms and four wireless remote controls, auxiliary installation kit, and manual, which are easy to hide and install. The waterproof bicycle alarm can be applied outdoors. Installation tools, double-sided sticker and strap, can be stably and firmly installed on motorcycles, automobiles, and other equipment. Deterrence and self-help can be achieved with 3 levels of volume. A loud sound can draw people's attention. A loud voice can scare off thieves, and can also be used as an emergency alarm. Good function: 7 levels of sensitivity from gently touch to push or beat, it's easy to set it as your need, and it has a strong wireless range up to 66 feet. It's easy to find your vehicles in the parking lot with the vehicle search function. The alarm is multi-functional and can be used for bicycles, motorcycles, vehicles, doors, and windows. You can use it to protect everything. The alarm is multi-functional and can be used for bicycles, motorcycles, vehicles, doors, and windows. You can use it to protect everything.

Brand: Frienda

👤Can one remote control turn on/off 4 alarms? I'm trying to find an answer to this question, but no one can. Can the seller give instructions to turn on/off 4 alarms at the same time?

6. SOONHUA Motorcycle Anti Theft Waterproof Sensitivity

SOONHUA Motorcycle Anti Theft Waterproof Sensitivity

If you want to change the sensitivity level, you can press the lock key on the remote control. It's easy to fix the alarm on your bike or car with cable ties or double-side stickers. Premium Material waterproof: Adopting premium PC material as shell, sturdy and long lasting; Designed with sealed ring for waterproof and dustproof, ideal for outdoor use. A loud ring. The anti-theft alarm can make a loud ring to scare off thieves. If it is accidentally falling down while cycling, it can work as an emergency alarm. This alarm can be used for bicycle, car, motorcycle, electric bike, and so on, and can also be used as a door/window vibration sensor alarm. This alarm can be used for bicycle, car, motorcycle, electric bike, and so on, and can also be used as a door/window vibration sensor alarm.

Brand: Soonhua

👤I used it to frighten Starlings and other large birds. They just looked at it. It is not very loud.

👤Just put it on the bike. There is a battery. I need the key.attachment for your ring.

👤I had this on my bike. Never failed me. It was under my seat. I have it on my moped. It's still working great. It has been at least 4 months.

👤No suena, no control, no lejo.

👤It's a smart choice for securing items like kayak electric bike.

👤It has a battery operated shock sensor. It's easy to install and run on 3AAA batteries, but you will need to change them. The remote is programmed to work with the alarm, and there are multiple alert tones to choose from.

7. Wireless Anti Theft Vibration Motorcycle Waterproof

Wireless Anti Theft Vibration Motorcycle Waterproof

Leesvilary is a loud and adjusted volume. The noise alarm can scare off thieves. Well-made alarm. Don't worry about the alarm being loud or not, there are 3 lever volume settings. It's easy to set it as your need, with 7 level of sensitivity from gently touch to push or beat. It is waterproof and suitable for outdoor use. REMOTE CONTROL: Wireless control by remote, strong wireless range up to 66ft. Installation is very easy, you just have to paste a double-sided sticker or tie it with a strap. MULTI-PURPOSEALARM: The alarm is suitable for bikes, electric bike, motorcycles, scooter, car, trailer, luggage, doors and windows. MULTI-PURPOSEALARM: The alarm is suitable for bikes, electric bike, motorcycles, scooter, car, trailer, luggage, doors and windows.

Brand: Visaman

👤Hope it doesn't get tested. It is possible to mount the lock to the lock bracket. It is easy to set up and loud enough to get attention. I used some of the zip ties I had in my tool chest.

👤Adding a lock to your bike should keep thieves away. I tied mine under the seat of my bike. I might purchase a cooler and generator.

👤I followed the instructions, but it wasn't very sensitive to motion, so I had to hit it with a hammer to get it to work.

👤There is nothing to dislike. The item works well, it adds to the locking of the bike.

👤Excellent deal. It's easy to install and operate. An electric bike is being used.

👤No one wants to help if you don't work.

👤Weo para mis bicicletas.

8. GREENCYCLE Waterproof Wireless Vibration Electric

GREENCYCLE Waterproof Wireless Vibration Electric

The motion sensor bike alarm is perfect for use in bicycle, motorcycle, electric bike, electric scooter, door and window. The 7 levels of sensitivity can be adjusted from gently touch to push or beat. This alarm has an emergency alarm function. The motorcycle anti-theft alarm with volume up to 113db can scare off anyone and attract people's attention. It has a volume adjustment function for select. There is a wireless remote control. The security alarm wireless control can be used up to 20M/66FT. It is easy to find your vehicles in the parking lot with the vehicle search function. The alarm can be installed with a double-sided sticker or strap. No wires or screws are required. It is easy to hide and install the mini size. The alarm can be installed with a double-sided sticker or strap. No wires or screws are required. It is easy to hide and install the mini size.

Brand: Greencycle

👤I bought this alarm to protect my Honda from being stolen again. The alarm works well when I test it on my bench. It won't respond to rocking of the car when I put it in my car or on the roof rack. I don't know why rocking back and forth won't cause it, but it makes the alarm useless. Disappointing.

👤I have several of these and my only problem is trying to figure out which remote goes to which bike. This is effective for what I use it for and I get peace of mind when I have to step away from my bike. If I need to leave my bike on my car overnight, I am comfortable with the locks.

👤This will help us feel more secure. We move across country. The alarm should be installed last. Unless you are parked, don't lock it. You don't want it to go off when you drive. You can back the Uhaul up to your room if you book at the red roof inns. This alarm gave us peace of mind.

👤I love this item. Two bikes have been stolen from my house. This will cause a thief to run. It is loud. I put it under the seat to hide it from a casual inspection. Maybe no one will steal my motorbike with my Ring doorbell camera and a good bike lock. A star was removed for a book. Good luck.

👤When we moved, we bought this to use on the UHaul truck. It worked well, but not too sensitive. It was easy to hide and you could do it from a little less far than with a car alarm.

👤This is a simple device that helps deter visitors. It's hard to get to, but we put one under the driver's seat. The seat sets it off.

👤The product works as advertised. I had it since April 19th when the attachment broke. I will get busy fixing it.

👤It is inexpensive, but seems a bit flimsy.

9. Mengshen Wireless Motorcycle Anti Theft Waterproof

Mengshen Wireless Motorcycle Anti Theft Waterproof

The mini size is 65mm*45mm and has a creative design. The PC material shell is waterproof. It will be a great deterrent. 7 levels of sensitivity. Design for Bicycle, Motorcycles, can also be used with e-bike, scooter, door and window. It's easy to arm, disarm, and find a vehicle with remote control. There are two ways to install a remote control. Extra remote controls for family member or just for spare are expandable. Just can order more remote control. Extra remote controls for family member or just for spare are expandable. Just can order more remote control.

Brand: Mengshen

👤I was skeptical about ordering this alarm because it is inexpensive. After ten minutes of installing it with zip ties under the seat of my expensive folding travel scooter, all doubt was gone. The alarm is very loud and very sensitive on the highest sensitivity setting, and it works great. See my video. The sensitivity setting can be turned down. I was happy to find that the alarm was very quiet. I bumped the scooter with it each time the alarm went off. There is a This alarm will alert me when I leave my scooter unattended, like on a sidewalk outside a store that I cannot get into while riding it. I used to worry someone would take the scooter. It weighs less than 50 lbs. I chose to use better quality zip ties that I had in the garage because the zip ties included are "brittle" and one broke when tightened. It is refreshing to find a product that does what it says it will do. It is inexpensive and made in China.

👤The directions are Chinese and not English. If you want to change the sensitivity level, hold the unlocked button until the led button turns off and on again. You will hear noises. Ignore them. There is a The lock button can be used when the light turns back on. The higher the pitch, the lower the sensitivity. The setting is from high to low. Not high to low. There is a I feel like it's going to stop working quickly, and the screwdriver that comes with it is useless. The screw is not useful. I'm going to return it when it's close to dying because I can't get the back off to save my life. There is a Personally... I would find a better solution. This will suffice for a short term solution. I tried to open my car door. Light knocks around the lock core causes it to respond. When I open the door, it responds. There is a It's not a 10/10 every now and then. It catches about half of the time.

👤I used these to secure a Penske moving truck. I would put one in each door of the truck. You put it in the door, close it, and then arm the alarm from the outside with the remote. I left it to the highest setting. Touching the door handle on the outside of the truck would cause the alarm to go off. The alarm doesn't sound right away, but it does give a warning sound to let you know that it's on to you. The alarm will sound if you keep doing what you are doing. There is a It's not loud enough to wake you up in your hotel room, but I hoped it would deter anyone from breaking in. I don't know if the alarm worked or if nobody tried to break in, since I never heard if go off. The alarms gave me some extra thought at night, as they were just one part of the measures I took to secure the truck.

10. Wireless Anti Theft Vibration Motorcycle Waterproof

Wireless Anti Theft Vibration Motorcycle Waterproof

It's suitable for bikes, electric bike, motorcycles. The alarm has 7 levels of sensitivity. It is waterproof and suitable for outdoor use. The vehicle search function is easy to use. The wireless range is up to 66 feet.

Brand: Wsdcam

👤I'm not going to give a detailed review since there are enough given by other users. The pictures show me closing the battery enclosure for my electric bicycle's battery and controller, and then showing that the alarm is still audible even though I'm across the street. I went upstairs in my house and noticed that the alarm was audible while it was inside the enclosure. Outside of the enclosure, the alarm wouldn't bother me. I don't want to arm it all the time because it's too loud outside. I don't want to disturb my family or anyone else unless I know I will be leaving the bicycle out for a while. I will attach a video later so you can see what I mean. I can't add a video to the review on my phone. In the video, I will show you how I compared this alarm to a bike alarm I bought off of Amazon. This product is easy to use. There is a I forgot that my current phone, One Plus 3T, has audio recording issues and the volume of the alarm isn't properly represented in the video, so I added the video. The One Plus 6T is going to arrive in my house next week. If I get around to it, I'll do the video again. I had to do this because more people need this alarm.

👤When a thief moves the alarm on your bike, it makes a noise. The thief is told there's an alarm. Look for it, clip the zip ties, and destroy it. It should sound like a car alarm. No warning! I can't recommend this alarm.

👤There is a serious flaw. I discovered a serious flaw after using this alarm for months. If the remote control battery dies, you can't disarm the alarm without taking it apart and removing the batteries. If you have an alarm on your bike, you have to listen to it until you can get off the bike and get the batteries out, otherwise you will have to turn it off. The remote has a battery inside that is not traditional and there is no instructions on how to use it. If the light on your remote starts to dim, the instructions say to replace the battery. It's a deal breaker.

👤The product was amazing. I stumbled upon this item and am very happy that I got it. I made a video that says it all. It is loud and makes me think. This item makes me happy because I know how easy it is to steal a bike or motorcycle. I could have put it anywhere I wanted. It's just like a car alarm, it has a key fob and it's just like a key. I recommend this item to anyone who wants to keep their item safe. I love that I can buy a really effective security alarm for a low price.

👤I was not sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. I just bought my first electric bike and paid for it, I really want to protect it from thieves. I'm told that bikes are a hot item for thieves. There is a It goes off when you touch the bike. I hid it inside a plastic box that held my controller. There is a I feel secure leaving it outside of the mall for a 2 hour movie because of the alarm, disc brake lock, and chain/lock I have set up. There is a People are amazed when I start the alarm. They don't know how simple it really is. I will put one on my next bike as well.

11. PADONOW Smart Bike Tail Light

PADONOW Smart Bike Tail Light

Disc Lock, Allen Key, 2 Keys, Storage Bag, 4 ft Reminder Cable, and batteries are included. You are more visible in riding with the high-lumen COB led, bike brake light, daytime strobe and flashing lights. The super bright braking light warn road users when to slow down or stop. The led bike tail light will make 3 levels of alarm when the bicycle is touched. It is noticeable to deter a theft from stealing your bicycle. Make your cycling safety a priority. If the rear bike light is moving or vibrating, the daytime strobe auto turn on, otherwise the bicycle tail light will go off. Don't worry about forgetting to turn on the taillight. The bike tail light with intelligent sensor, rear flashing and breathing light turn on automatically in low brightness and turn off in high-intensity light, which makes riding more convenient. You can save time by changing the rear bike light. It's easy to use, it has a safe and waterproof battery, and the back light is waterproof, so it can be used even in bad weather.

Brand: Padonow

👤I have ordered from this vendor before and have been very happy, but this item blows everything else out of the water. The light functions are amazing and the antitheft siren is very loud and effective in this day and age of bicycle theft. It gives a loud warning if anyone touches your bike. If they insist on taking it, the light will flash and the sirens will sound, drawing attention to the thief. You have thought of everything. All my friends will be recommended by me.

👤My adult daughter's Trek Marlin 5 bike was stolen out of her husband's truck in Ventura, CA while they were eating lunch after a 30 mile bike ride. The chain lock was cut and taken from her bike. My son-in-law's bike was not taken out of it's lock. Goes to show that any bike is a target for thieves. I've looked at bike alarms before, but I was afraid they would be too loud or be too sensitive, and that they wouldn't be effective. I came across this one after I thought of a bike alarm. My daughter and her husband received two of the four gifts I bought for them. We tested it as an alarm system. It worked as described. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn't earsplitting, but it had a lot of loud volume, which I fear would cause someone to accidentally bumps our bikes when we're in a bike rack. The other features were very nice. If the product holds up well beyond the first impression, it's a good price. I will be buying more for gifts. I understand some people's issues with the mounting, but we had no issues. Since I don't worry about it functioning as a light, I'm ok if my trunk bag covers it while attached to the seat post, as I already have a light on my trunk bag for the few times I use it, so long as the alarm sounds. I will update my review if there are any issues with the four we bought.

👤The tail light is automatic. When you stop for a period of time, the light goes off. When you slow down, the brake light illuminates to warn others that you are stopping. The alarm is loud and should deter anyone from trying to steal your bike. It's sensitive and can go off if someone else puts their bike in the same bike rack. The bicyclebell function is not friendly and instead emits a loud burst from the alarm. As you pass, it may startle other riders or pedestrians. The setup is easy and the battery life is good. The light can be quickly charged with the provided cable. Highly recommended!

👤The brake light is one of the best I have ever used, you can charge it via theusb cable provided, mount it to your seat post, or just under your seat, and you are set. The brake light has different modes. I don't know what happens when you turn a corner if it is a smart brake light. The alarm can be set if you leave the bike locked up and if it is touched. There is a button on the remote that you can press to sound an alarm on your bike. I am not sure if this would have helped me when I was being harassed on my bike. It might startle someone enough to give you a break. If you need to shut off the alarm, the remote works from a distance. One charge lasts for a while, and I bike everyday. I charge the light a couple of times a week.


What is the best product for bicycle alarm system?

Bicycle alarm system products from Fosmon. In this article about bicycle alarm system you can see why people choose the product. Wsdcam and Onvian are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle alarm system.

What are the best brands for bicycle alarm system?

Fosmon, Wsdcam and Onvian are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle alarm system. Find the detail in this article. Seatylock, Frienda and Soonhua are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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