Best Bicycle Alarm Lock

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1. Bibowa Disc Brake Lock Alarm

Bibowa Disc Brake Lock Alarm

The disc lock is suitable for brakes that are within 7mm. It works on motorcycles, scooters, mopeds and other bikes. A super anti-theft with arms. A small size and loud volume. A 6mm pin diameter fits smaller vent holes. Strong and hardy. Working in rainy days and no rusty is possible with waterproof function. Disc locks are hardened to resist cutting, sawing and chisel attacks. There is a free REMINDER CABLE. 5ft reminder cable reminds you to remove the lock and prevents damage if you ride away while the lock is engaged. The lock is pre-fitted with 6 batteries and 6 batteries with brass security keys. Bibowa motorcycle disc lock suits for most motorcycles, scooters, cruiser, and sport bikes. Bibowa motorcycle disc lock suits for most motorcycles, scooters, cruiser, and sport bikes.

Brand: Bibowa

👤10/10 Someone tried to steal it from the front wheel of my vstrom this morning. The idiots took a poison to it. I can't get it off. But it did its job. There is a I'm writing this and need to order a replacement.

👤The lock won't come off the wheel but the alarm will be silenced if a thief takes out the bolts and batteries without the alarm going off. It is a deterrent, and for 25 dollars what can I complain about, in the end nothing is going to stop a determined theif, it is all about making it harder and thus making your bike less attracive to a potential thief so they just move on, but if you are

👤I used this product for the first time today after my bike was stolen over the weekend. I'm pretty sure that I'd still have it if I had the alarm on my bike. It's easy to use and loud. If you park your bike in a populated area, it's hard to believe a thief would mess with a bike after the alarm goes off. The bike won't roll with it attached. It is a great investment for the price.

👤I only received one lock and alarm, 6 batteries, 3 keys, and an orange coiled cable after I opened the package. There was no wrench, black pouch, or back up batteries. The lock is well made, the alarm is loud, I have not had any complaints with any other items ordered from Amazon, but this lock/alarm is not a fair deal, especially after having to wait more days than usual for delivery of my package and to be short item. It's as if whoever looked at it and decided "awe who cares" and sends it out for delivery because they're lazy to make sure it's complete.

👤A few friends got the same product after I purchased it. It gives you peace of mind that your bike is not being stolen. If there is a 3rd vibration the unit will sound very loud to get the attention of anyone in the area. If you want a great product at a great price, please do not distribute orange bladders and use it all the time. I had a friend flip his bike because he didn't use the safety gear.

👤This is a great alarm for motorcycles. I got it for my Triumph Speed Triple which is my daily rider. The lock has 6 batteries already installed, but they also provide an additional 6 batteries as backup and a tool to open the lock to install the batteries. It came with a carrier case for the alarm and an orange bungee cord. You have the disc alarm on your bike. The bungee cord does not fit in the bag. I use the strap on the bag to secure the cord. When you lock it, the alarm goes off once. When you get it, it will chirp a few times. The alarm has a loud noise if you mess with the lock. If a car is parked in a populated area, it is a good idea to alert someone. If a thief wants your bike, why don't they just steal it? I think it is a good deterrent for a would be thief.

2. Keyless Waterproof Anti Theft Motorcycle Bicycles

Keyless Waterproof Anti Theft Motorcycle Bicycles

3.46” (88mm) is the maximum distance for a disc to be inserted. Passwords with a lot of combinations are smart and conenience. No key is required for the lock/unlock button operation. When cutting steel rope or remoing lock screw an alarm should be sounded immediately. When shaking the lock, an alarm should be sounded immediately. If you mistype your password three times, call the police. The sound of an alarm is loud. The waterproof certification is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It can be used at temperatures of 10 to 60 C. It's ideal for rainy and snowy days. The bicycle lock can be used as a defensie whip. The wire rope has a diameter of 10mm and a length of 80 cm. It is a great bike safety tool that can be used for motorcycles, doors, entertainment, terrace grills, outdoor furniture and more. Longeity is powered by threeAAA No.7 batteries, 8 months of standby time and a low power indication function. 100% brand new. Within 30 days of purchase, you can get a free repair. Longeity is powered by threeAAA No.7 batteries, 8 months of standby time and a low power indication function. 100% brand new. Within 30 days of purchase, you can get a free repair.

Brand: Sonew

👤I had trouble getting it unlocked. The alarm goes off every time. It's a good deterrent to thieves.

👤Aviso de alarma potente.

👤Not working, want to return, but seller don't want to ask questions, so don't recommend this seller. This seller needs to be removed from Amazon.

👤Very cheap. Poor instructions. The battery compartment has no gasket so you can't lock your bike up in bad weather.

👤I can't figure out how to set it.

👤It is not correct to refer to it as bluetooth.

👤The item is not advertised as aBluetooth. Do not use this item.

👤Terrible. It goes off all the time.

👤Intruciones en espaol.

3. Motorcycle Motorbike Security Waterproof Reminder

Motorcycle Motorbike Security Waterproof Reminder

The acoustic signals inform about the status of the alarm. The alarm disc lock has built-in sensors that will keep your motorcycle safe. It's handy for bikers when parking outdoors or at home because the alarm system scares off the potential loss. It is easy to use, just press the alarm lock button and there will be abeep to indicate the alarm is activated correctly. To shut off the alarm, you have to either use the key or wait 30 seconds. The quality is premium. The motorcycle lock is made of aluminum alloy. It is waterproof, resistant to high temperatures, sealed against dust and dirt. The disc brake lock fits most of the motorcycles and bikes with disc brakes, if the brake is less than 7mm thick with holes. The package contains an alarm lock, 2 keys, a key, a key, a key, a key, a key, a cable, and a motorcycle lock bag. The package contains an alarm lock, 2 keys, a key, a key, a key, a key, a key, a cable, and a motorcycle lock bag.

Brand: Mathtoxyz

👤I use this on my e-bike when it's not in my view. Really good! I set it off when I try to get it unlocked because it's pretty sensitive. It will give you a warning if you don't move it. There is a It's loud enough to scare someone off if you're within sight of your bikes on a quiet street, and loud enough to scare someone off if you're outside. I hope so. Unless you're really close, you're probably not going to hear street noise. There is a I tested it when I was sitting at a restaurant near the bikes, but my wife couldn't hear the alarm because of the traffic noise. I use this lock as part of my security system on my e-bike, which also includes a Disc Brake Alarm Lock, Integrated Frame Lock, 10mm Chain Lock, and the Apple AirTag. I don't trust just one of the security systems above, but I feel confident that thieves will choose someone else's bike if everyone else uses all of my security systems. I've said too much.

👤The less expensive one is the same as the other ones. It's loud and made out of metal, so it seems to be of good quality. I would like it to have warning chirps first and then only sound the alarm if the motion continues. That's not how it works. Even if the motion stops, it chirps and then sounds the alarm. There is a The loud alarm will hurt your ears, and it also prevents the vehicle from being able to be driven. It offers some good protection for your bike, e-bike, scooter or motorcycle.

👤Funciona tiene un buen sonido. Esto es perfecto. I ha funcionado.

👤I put this on my bike and I'm very happy with it, you can touch it and it will go off.

👤The bike was kept from rolling. It takes quite a bit of motion to set it off, and it's not loud at all. The center stand and front wheel keep the bike semi secure.

👤The alarm could be louder and chirp longer when activated. I use this to keep my moped safe in places where there is no place to chain it up.

👤I pulled cover all the way back and didn't get a beep for this picture, which I thought was very sensitive.

👤The lock works great, I removed the batteries because they are annoying and can't be heard when I'm inside.

👤Ottimo prodotto, robusto e sicuro... It's persuasivo... x la sirena.

👤Fatto bene e funzionante.

👤Un buon economico ma funzionale.

👤Ottimo funziona alla grande.

4. Kryptonite New U York Heavy Bicycle

Kryptonite New U York Heavy Bicycle

3-year applies to U lock for them, CA, up, EU cyclists, 90-Day money back policy, and online customer service. You get a full refund if you are not happy with it. 16mm Hardended Max Performance Steel Shackle Resists Hand Tools and Attacks. The dimensions are 4 x 10. If you lose your first 2 keys, you will be able to get a free second one. Up to $4, 000 Reimbursement for 1 Year is included in the Anti-Theft Protection Offer.

Brand: Kryptonite

👤I put the lock on my bike on the bike rack outside of my apartment. My bike was taken four days later. The thieves were able to open the lock. It seems like they tried to judge by the marks on the lock. I tried to put the lock back together but it didn't fit back in since it was technically locked. Their warranty is not valid for used bikes since they require a receipt. I don't recommend this lock to anyone. Terrible product.

👤I have a mini-u-lock and chain from Kryptonite and will probably use that one instead of getting another U-lock. The one was cut with a power saw. There is broad daylight in the middle of the street. The lock is done, but I managed to get the bike back. It's not better than any other, maybe it slows down the cutting by a minute or two?

👤The frames of our bikes are thick, and the first two locks aren't long enough, so I bought one of these to try out. I've had a bike stolen, and I've been very cautious since. We have two of these bikes and this is the second lock that I've bought. The locks will only go from the frame to a stationary object, when used to lock the bike to that fixed object, but at least they will do that. A long version lock is more expensive than one which is similar. This is probably heavier. We need to add other protection for the wheels, but at least this is a start. It won't stop a determined thief with the right tools, but at least it would slow him/her down, and make stealing our bikes less attractive. If my review helped, please click the button.

👤The bike mount is junk and you cannot ride it because it is a strong lock. You can't put it on the bike because the lock knocks against your legs, the tires, or the spokes. I cut it off and threw it away because I had no tools to use. Don't be frustrated.

👤If you own an electric kick scooter, you know that bike rack locking can be a pain. I thought I'd only use it in the roughest neighborhoods when I bought this lock. I found the convenience of this lock to be very beneficial. It's not a cure all, but it's a good size for many bike racks. The scooter is protected across the deck. The only security flaw I can think of is that thieves can see your scooter in half. I am really happy that I own this lock, it weighs almost 5 pounds and hurts the battery on your scooter, but I think it's worth it.

👤This is my second New York U lock, the other being the smaller one. They're very heavy so make sure you look at the weight before buying. The smallest U lock works for your bike. The smaller NY Fahghetaboutit is enough for a road tire, frame, and a normal bike rack or meter post. You don't want space in there, it allows for a jack to be inserted to break the lock. The bigger one is needed for larger tires. I have a 700x52c tire for my bike. This is the best I've seen for slowing them down, or at least sending them to an easier target, because a determined bike thief can get through any lock setup.

5. Via Velo Weatherproof Mountain Electric

Via Velo Weatherproof Mountain Electric

The chain lock is about 3 feet long. The links are long and thick. The lock weight is 1.4 pounds. It's ideal for bicycles, ladders, lawnmowers, stroller, scooter, fences, tool boxes, sport equipment and etc. Via Vela bike U-lock with hexagonal PVC cover is all-weather protection and will prolong the life of your lock. Peace of mind and better security are benefits of all-weather performance. The bike lock has a thickness of 15mm and is strong. To lock and go! Their Quick, no-hassle system is fast and easy to use. Great tool for bike safety. 3 keys for convenience! The bike U-lock has 3 keys. They can help you to equip a new key when you lose one of the two. It's easy to get into the dark with the multifunctional key. The light from the key can illuminate the bike. There is no problem for unlocking. The key makes you cool. 3-year applies to U lock for them, CA, up, EU cyclists, 90-Day money back policy, and online customer service. You get a full refund if you are not happy with it.

Brand: Via Velo

👤The bike lock is large enough to tie the bike against a bike rack or post and also has a long cable to tie it anywhere. It comes with three keys and a device to attach to the bike to be able to put a lock on it, instead of carrying it in a backpack. One of the keys has a light that can be seen at night.

👤After 4 months of use, the lock feature became jammed, leaving me unable to open my bike for the day. After contacting Via Velo, they quickly sent me a new lock, which was much appreciated. I am satisfied with the product and the attentive customer service. If you use this lock frequently, I would recommend lubricating it periodically so it doesn't become stiff and jammed. If there is an issue, you can contact Via Velo through Amazon.

👤The lock is strong. I like the three keys. I have a fat tire. You can't use the U through the back tire and attach it to a post with this lock. That is more a function of the huge tires. The frame and back tire can be locked using the cable. There is a cable lock for the front tire. There are two problems for a potential thief. I don't leave my bike in public for more than a couple of hours. I am confident in its security. A quality piece that works well. I found a way to attach the lock to the Rover. I put it in the rear rack. I cut a small piece of garden hose to make up for the smaller tubing. The lock is out if the way is secured. The mounting brackets can be adjusted with many different angles. Can't beat the price and delivery. It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤I used this lock daily for my commute. The rope was the perfect length and the product was sturdy. I had an issue with the spare key not opening the lock. They were able to replace me within a few days. I didn't expect that. It made me happy. Excellent customer service is what I am writing about in this review. If you have a nice bike, use a quality lock.

👤I ride a bike. I can't fit all my music gear on my bike so I don't use it to commute. I'm not concerned about the weight of the lock. It is a sturdy lock, I appreciate that. The cover that protects the lock is hard to turn. I would normally deduct a star for that, but since Via Velo sent me a new lock to replace it, they get that star back. See the videos for a full review. It was split up for uploading reasons.

👤This is a tank. It's not impervious and should be thought of as a theft deterrent. The build quality is excellent. The locks are almost identical to the more expensive ones. There is a I'm satisfied with the product, but there are a couple areas where there is room for improvement. The cable is too short. It's under 48. It doesn't give you much room to do much else with, even if you loop through a front tire. I have a U-lock that comes with a 6-foot cable, and I find myself using it a lot more often because of the extra 2 feet. There is a It's a bit annoying that the lock isn't spring loaded. One can close a traditional padlock by pressing on it, but you need a key to open it. You need a key to use this product. It's not a big deal, but it can be awkward when you're holding the barrel with the key to close. Would buy again. * My rating criteria is as follows: build quality: 47.5%), Efficacy:47.5%), 3.5 Stars post-sale support: 0.0%, Weighted average: 100.0%).

6. FUBOZONE Motorbike Motorcycle Manganese Safe (Size

FUBOZONE Motorbike Motorcycle Manganese Safe %EF%BC%88Size

No worries about weather or outdoor condition with the waterproof and sliding cover of IP65. It is easier to use a sliding cover for a long time. The fingerprint locker can be used for a lot of things, including bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, baby strollers, school, office, fence, garage, large luggage and other items that need to be locked. The safety of the people is of paramount importance. The lock is made of high-strength steel and has a lock core that is all-round anti-saw and anti-drill. It's the patron saint of item safety. The perfect design is a 98 cm chain with a diameter of 9mm. The lock cylinder has a waterproof and dustproof cover, the key is unique, and the anti-theft function is stronger. TheIMATE SERVICE: The nylon belt on the bike lock is non-toxic and will not scratch the bike, motorcycle, or chain lock. Bicycles, motorcycles, sports equipment, garage, farm, fence, tool boxes, electric cars, handcart, Shop, Glass door, and various security applications are applications. 100% money back guarantee. Please purchase this product. They will be happy to assist you if you are not satisfied. Simply return the product for a full refund. 100% money back guarantee. Please purchase this product. They will be happy to assist you if you are not satisfied. Simply return the product for a full refund.

Brand: Fubozone

👤It seems to be decent quality. The lock is easy to open and the cover over the chain is good to keep the chain from scratching my bike.

👤The lock mechanism on my scooter is broken. It was stranded and it sucks.

👤It was the lowest quality ever.

👤The chain is wrapped in material.

👤The gift review is false advertising. A disc lock core is not a disc lock core. Not 9mm links. Not hardened steel. There is a LockPickingLawyer review on YouTube.

👤A tubular lock can be picked with a tubular impressioning tool. A very soft steel is used in the chain. A bolt cutter can cut through this. There is a LockPickingLawyer video. It was a gift.

7. Kryptonite New York Standard Lock

Kryptonite New York Standard Lock

16mm Hardended Max Performance Steel Shackle Resists Hand Tools and Attacks. The dimensions are 4 x 8. If you lose your first 2 keys, you will be able to get a free second one. Up to $4,000 Reimbursement for 1 Year is included in the Anti-Theft Protection Offer.

Brand: Kryptonite

👤A video shows how easy it is to pick this lock. The insurance guarantee for my bike was null and void on both occasions when it was stolen because the thief took the lock with him. Don't bother buying this lock because of the guarantee, it's not going to help you at all. If you're buying this lock for security, don't bother, your bike will be stolen in broad daylight on a major street sidewalk full of pedestrians who do nothing to stop the thief. I refuse to buy this lock until they guarantee that their new locks have false gates and fixes for easy lock picking.

👤I bought a lock and cable to protect my bike. One of their selling points is that they have theft insurance that you can purchase for an additional cost. I bought it. I filed a claim after the bike was stolen. They took more than two months to process the half page claim form, and then denied the claim because the thief didn't leave the evidence behind. The evidence was left behind by the thief. It's clear that Allegion is engaged in underhanded tactics to avoid paying. They offered to send me a new lock.

👤The product worked well for a while. It rained, the "stainless steel" lock rusted, and now it causes me 5 minutes and a lot of power to remove it from it's sockets. Very disappointed. I'm trying to wash as much of the rust away as I can, but it's not showing well. I don't recommend this product to others. This will be the last lock I buy. The only 16mm locks on the market are not as secure as the 13mm locks, so I would rather use the 13mm locks. My bike has never been taken. I changed it to: My review was changed to 1 star. The locking mechanism is not working. I was able to get this piece of garbage to work by yanking it around for about a week, but after spending 30 minutes to get my bike unlocked, I'm not sure if I'll ever use it again. I'm done with this. If the area you live in has no rain, then you should not buy this. There was no sand. Don't buy it. It's garbage.

👤The lock has stopped many robberies. I have a camera on my bike that is locked up outside of my apartment in Brooklyn. It has survived against a lot of things. I didn't think the price was worth it. This is the longest bike I have owned. Couldn't be happier with the purchase. I have had other parts of my bike stolen because I was not allowed to enter the U BAR.

👤I live in a city that's prone to bicycle theft, so getting a sturdy lock was a priority, and this lock does the trick. Some of the other customers don't mind the weight or size. I bought this because I wanted something that was theft-proof. The lock jams frequently after three months. It is difficult to pull apart a bike. I think there are other people who have this problem. This shouldn't be a problem for a lock like this.

8. Alarmed Bluetooth Motorcycle Splash Proof Diameter

Alarmed Bluetooth Motorcycle Splash Proof Diameter

There is a 2-year free subscription. No credit card is needed. A built-in card. After 24 months, it was only $2.49/month. The US and Hawaii have 4G networks. After 2 years, the cheapest device on the market is gone. It's easy to connect between Nulock and the phone over the internet, and it's also possible to use the app on the phone. The alarm will not work when the owner's phone is connected to the device. The braided steel and rust-protective vinyl increase cut resistance for a long time use. The length of the braided cable is 71" and it works for many things. Bike locks are heavy duty anti theft. The waterproof rating is Splash resistant and can operate in temperatures between 14 to 140 degrees. The anti theft lock is waterproof. Nulock can be used as a bike lock, motorcycle lock, electric scooter lock,skateboard lock, andstroller lock. The "AAA" batteries are required which lasts for 5 months and can be used twice a day. The "AAA" batteries are required which lasts for 5 months and can be used twice a day.

Brand: Nunet

👤If you try to force it to open while it's locked, it will set off a loud alarm that will continue until the password is sent, which is fine in theory. The physical security is very good, and no worse than other locks on the market. There are a couple of problems. The password is sent without a password. 2.4 GHz. It's possible to use a cheap, portable device to capture a password when it's being sent. The attacker would have to wait there until the owner sent the code. It's also irrelevant. No matter what the password is currently set to, the command resets it to 123456. That command can be sent without knowing the password. It took me less than an hour to write a small piece of software that could reset the password of a nearby lock. It would be easy to extend this so it could alert someone to nearby locks, show the signal strength, and then walk off with the bike without looking suspicious. This was added to allow for recovery of locks if the owner forgot the password, but there's nothing stopping anyone else from using it. There is a The locks all have a master key that anyone with computer security skills could figure out and advertise themselves to. Don't buy one if this flaw is not fixed.

👤I was compelled to purchase this since a previous buyer had bragged about a security flaw. They patched it after I reached out to nuvending. A person would need to use the pass code to connect to the lock. The lock goes into a low power state after the phone is out of range. It would appear that the previous flaw has been fixed. I have been using a lock with motion security. I can hear the alarm from my office. The price can go wrong. It is more than a standard lock and key.

👤This is a high quality lock. I've tried a number of ways to move the bike but have not been able to. I jerked the bike and wondered why it didn't go off immediately. I thought someone could take the bike by then. It goes off in a few seconds. I have tried moving the bike gently and it will always chirp, if you keep moving it. The range of the Bluetooth is great. My shop is behind my house and it stays connected most of the time. There are parts of my house that are too far from the phone. I'm glad I bought it. I own an expensive ebike. I plan to steal my own bike for a test. How it goes will be posted.

👤It's a minor annoyance until your bike is stolen. I have a $200 bike and a $40 lock.

👤It can't control when it locks. If I lock it up while I'm on the road, it will lock again, even if I turn off the auto-lock. The bouncing causes the siren to go off. Two phones can be connected. Not true. If both phones are close, one will connect and the other will not. Once the phone is off. If the lock is tampered with, you don't get an alert when you go into the store. You have to be within range. You can't lock the alarm or access it if the phone is not in the range. One more time today, I tried it. The app showed that it was locked. I pushed the button to release the cable. I was able to release the cable, even though it was locked. The alarm went off for a short time. I went to get my phone to confirm it was locked up. I was able to open it. Wow. I carried it inside all the time, but the blue light still sounded, so I returned it as fast as I could.

9. ABUS 82359 6 SmartX U Lock

ABUS 82359 6 SmartX U Lock

This is a security anti-theft disc brake lock, which is suitable for various vehicles with disc brakes up to 6mm. 13 Mm Hardened Square Shaft. The Smartx Locking System has high-quality locking offers. User-friendly operation. The alarm function has at least 100 Db for 15 seconds. 3d position detection is the most accurate way to detect small movements in all three dimensions. The Lock Only Emits A Small Warning Beep. In the event of a football game nearby. The Lock Only Emits A Small Warning Beep. In the event of a football game nearby.

Brand: Abus

👤Why do you carry keys? This item knows your phone. Enough said.

👤This lock has been used since the beginning of the year. It is probably too heavy for most people unless you have an electric bike. I put the lock in the backpack sleeve because I am a big guy. It is difficult to get the lock to open. The app needs to be open in the background and there is a button that tells you how close your phone needs to be to be unlocked. The phone would need to be touching the lock in order to detect if I had set the maximum distance. There is a It takes five seconds for a traditional bike lock to be unlocked after you press the button on the side of the lock. I went into the supermarket last night and locked up my bike. The lock wouldn't open even though it was 50% battery. It was unable to connect to the app because it was locked up for ten minutes, but it did show that it was on the other side of the town. Rushed home to get some power banks. They were connected to the lock and there was no charge to transfer them. After an hour it didn't charge at all and my power bank was at 80%. Was getting cold and hungry. This was going on for over four hours. locksmiths weren't even picking up after he was late. One person said he can be over in five minutes. There is a He grabbed his angle grinder. In thirty seconds, you can cut through the shackle. Lock requires a second cut which takes most of fifteen seconds as he was being careful with the first cut due to being uncertain of the material. I looked up when I got home. There is a recent review from Bennetts that I encountered the same thing. The electronics have already been damaged by the last week of rain because the lock is not water resistant. Not acceptable for use in the UK or from a German company. There is a I have a lock, call out a locksmith, and damage to my bike's frame, but I am able to get at the lock. The bike lock department in this country only has one guy who is on holiday for the next week. There is a The lock is not water resistant, the alarm takes ages to sound, can be cut through in seconds, and the lock is heavy and expensive. Been trying to resolve this for three weeks. Been given the runaround after dealing with Abus Germany, Abus UK and their distributor Extra UK. I was told three times by Abus Germany to contact Amazon even though it was a six month old purchase and had incurred damages. Extra UK were only able to do what Abus Germany instructed them to do, which was a direct replacement for the 770A, and that was the Extreme Granit 59, a 3 kilogram motorbike lock. After two weeks, I was finally able to speak to someone at Abus UK. I was offered a refund for the lock, locksmith's callout fee and helmet, but not for the damage to my bike, after I mentioned legal action. A person at Abus said that there is nothing that can be done against angle grinders and that the numbers quoted in regards to how long locks stand up to angle grinders are meaningless. Will keep this updated. If you want to keep your bike safe in major cities, you need to use the Skunklock, a d lock that releases a gas when cut, or the TiGr Blue, a titanium lock that looks like it could be used in a war zone. Nearing two months now. Abus agreed to pay for the lock and locksmith call out fee and a mid value lock as an apology for how much he had been messed around. Legal action would be required if I accepted their offer to have the damage to my bike covered. The alarm took almost fifteen seconds to sound. The Alarmbox weighed close to a kilogram and the locking mechanism wasn't smooth, the NutFix didn't work and it hit my leg with each rotation of the cranks, the Alarmbox and NutFix sent out an apology. I mentioned that I had not received the bank transfer to Abus for a week and was told that the matter was over. I am having to look into small claims court because it will cost me money, and I am also having to look into starting a group litigation order because there needs to be a product recall.

10. FOLDYLOCK Compact Bike Black Extreme

FOLDYLOCK Compact Bike Black Extreme

The Best Light Weight Folding Bike Lock is a top rated one. The bike lock is portable and does not have a code. Strong equipment for outdoor and urban cycling. Bolt cutter drill and saw proof. 3 year warranty bike locks heavy duty anti theft Patented Ultra secure Hardened waterproof bicycle protectors for peace of mind with anti thipper Rivets The multi locking guard system stops thieves. The pro kit and accessories set includes Master Keys and Easy Carry Case holder. The bike locks are foldable and open to the CM 85 Chain Link. There are locks to stands and bars. No Rattle with the Premium Frame Mount and Lock. Heavy Duty Bike Lock mounting brackets for Mountain Road Sport Standard Bikes and Scooters. The winner of the 2020 European Design Award is the Smart Bike Lock. Lock for bike outside. Silver safety tool.

Brand: Seatylock

👤I bought two of them. Our 2k bikes were recently stolen, so I thought they were theft proof. I want my money back. You cannot claim something is theft proof if it is not true.

👤I decided to get a lock on our bikes after they were stolen twice. This lock is great. It is strong. I don't think there is a way for anyone to break it, it folds nicely and small, and comes with a holder I can attach to the bike, which is great since I have the tendency to misplace things. If this product keeps me from replacing my bike, it is worth the price.

👤I've been a fan of my Foldylock since the beginning and I love the way it folds up. It's easy to lock up my bike. I found out this past weekend that there was an attempt to cut it off. It kept the thieves away. I'm grateful that the Foldylock held up and I still have my bike, because I live in a city with a lot of bike theft. Highly recommended!

👤If you spend the extra$15, you can get a U-lock. My bike was stolen in broad daylight by someone using an electric saw, after 2 weeks of using the FoldyLock in NYC.

👤This is the worst product I have ever purchased. The thieves broke the lock and took my bike. There is a It's unbelievable that a product that promises a high security for your bike is more far from reality than it is.

👤I only used this lock for a week, so my opinion may not be worth much. 1. My bike has not been taken. That is a definite plus. 2. It seems to be well constructed. I would not be able to break my bike with a tool that I own. I do not own any steel cutting tools. I am not a bike thief. Another plus. 3. It is light and connects well to the seat post. Another plus. 4. It was long enough to wrap around a slim post. You might need two people to like each other. I live in Texas. We have big oaks. There is a minor issue. No points. 5. The key and lock are high quality. Not a locksmith, but formidable. 6. If you park next to a guy who locks his bike with something he used with his Huffy, you should be fine. They will look at your lock and take your bike. I am not a bike thief, but I would do that.

👤I'm glad I found this lock after searching. The quality is top notch. The lock is very smooth. It's strong for its size. A quality steel like this can easily stop someone with a medium bolt cutter, which is usually the max size thieves carry. I believe that the best lock is one that you have with you all the time. I usually have to leave the thicker steel kryptonite at home since it's so heavy to carry. I can lock the back wheel and frame with this lock, but not the front wheel and frame. It's not long.

11. Keyless Bluetooth Motorcycle Splash Proof Diameter

Keyless Bluetooth Motorcycle Splash Proof Diameter

The "AAA" batteries are required which lasts for 5 months and can be used twice a day. It's easy to connect between Nulock and the phone with the help of the app, but you have to make sure the screws for the battery cover are tightened and the lock button is pressed. The alarm will not work when the owner's phone is connected to the device. The cable lock has an alarm for bike, electric vehicles, motorcycle,snowboard. The lock cable is made of braided steel and rust-protective vinyl, which increase cut resistance for a long time use. The diameter and length of the braided cable are used for various safety applications. There are bike and motorcycle locks that are heavy duty. The waterproof rating is Splash resistant and can operate in temperatures between 14 to 140 degrees. The bike lock has an alarm. Nulock cable lock can be used as a bicycle lock, motorcycle alarm system, electric scooter lock, rollerblade lock, and skateboard lock. The "AAA" batteries are required which last for 5 months. When power is less than 20%, the low battery indicator in the app will warn you. The "AAA" batteries are required which last for 5 months. When power is less than 20%, the low battery indicator in the app will warn you.

Brand: Nunet

👤It's a good idea to lock the bike when I'm not far away. I don't want to carry a chain or U-lock. The built in alarm gives you an advantage because it's easy to cut cables. You have to understand how it works. The directions are not written in a way that is understandable to English speakers. I almost sent mine back because the alarm feature didn't seem to be working. It is designed to not go off when it is blue-tooth connected. This was up to 60' away in my test. If the bike is locked out front, the alarm may not go off if it is tampered with. I'm not going to waste a lock testing that if it goes off. Shutting off the phone's phone signal while away from the bike is the solution. There is a It has an auto-unlock option. This unlocks the device whenever it's in the range of the phone, so you don't have to pull it out. If you are going to be closer than 60' from the lock, don't use this. I dropped one star because of the alarm feature. I don't think it's right to have it automatically deactivated while it's in the blue-tooth range. I was told that this is not to disturb the owner. I think that the design feature should be changed since the alarm is unlocked without touching the lock.

👤The device is very effective at deterring theft. When the lock is activated, it emits a loud chirp to serve as a warning. The second time it will sound an ear piercing siren that is so loud my neighbors poked their head out the window to see what happened. After just 5 seconds, my ears were throbbing and ringing. I don't think anyone would want to steal a bike. I have a tip that you should buy at least 3AAA batteries.

👤I come back the same day. I don't know who would rate this higher. This is a security cable. I was able to open the battery pack. This was not the reason I bought this. This is an easy way to stop the alarm. It's waste!

👤Where to start? The alarm app is rudimentary but functional. I was able to set up the functions without any issues. There is a The build quality is not good. The device feels like it could be easily broken or destroyed. The cord is not broken. One more metal braid as opposed to six will not matter to bolt cutters, so not sure why that is considered a highlight. I wouldn't depend on this device for physical security. The alarm function is left. It's nice to have the ability to cut wire. I have not tested this for obvious reasons. I could pick up the assembly, twirl it around, and walk a fair distance before the alarm sounded. There are no settings for adjusting timeline or sensitivity. It is disappointing that the device cannot be relied upon for quick pick up and move type theft that would see the item being stolen loaded into a vehicle. You might hear something when the vehicle drives away. There is a The alarm is loud. Confirmation chirps are also. It seems like a decent product if it had been available at a lower price point.


What is the best product for bicycle alarm lock?

Bicycle alarm lock products from Bibowa. In this article about bicycle alarm lock you can see why people choose the product. Sonew and Mathtoxyz are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle alarm lock.

What are the best brands for bicycle alarm lock?

Bibowa, Sonew and Mathtoxyz are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle alarm lock. Find the detail in this article. Kryptonite, Via Velo and Fubozone are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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