Best Bicycle Adult Training Wheels

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1. FORTOP Bicycle Training Stabilizers Mounted

FORTOP Bicycle Training Stabilizers Mounted

Can't fit a variable speed bike. It's much more durable than the Children's bicycles of12"/ 16"/ 18"/ 20. The heavy duty rear training wheels provide the necessary security and stability for the first road tests on the bike. Your child should be given the best start to gaining their confidence and balance. The set of heavy duty rear training wheel stabilizers helps young learners to ride a bicycle until they have developed a sense of balance. It's not suitable for those with semi-horizontal or vertical dropouts on single-speed bikes from 12 to 20 inches.

Brand: Fortop

👤My daughter got a new bike for Christmas, but she hasn't been able to ride it yet. It took a little bit to get the training wheels on. We had to put one training wheel on one side and the other on the other side in order for them to fit on the right side and they are doing great! She is enjoying riding her bike.

👤My 4 year old son got a new bike for his birthday. The flimsy training wheels that the bike shop had were the reason I ordered them. The support arms seemed better than anything else I had seen, and the wheels had little embedded LEDs that light up when spun quickly. They looked great. There is a The little clips that hold the training wheel arms in place weren't long enough, so they scratched the paint on the fork of the bike. I was able to mount the training wheels and my son was off to the races. He loved them for a while, but then he fell off due to the wheel coming apart. I followed the directions when assembling these things. Each side of the kit had a nut, bolt, washer, and wheel. I thought there was only one washer. The instructions said to put the washer under the arm and not on the wheel hub. I thought about putting a few washers on the outside of the wheel hub to keep it in place, but the bearing cases were bent and everything inside was a mess. I had to remove the bolt from the wheel hub. The other side was in bad shape and would be falling apart soon. This is a classic example of a great design with superior mounting arms, and one component is so cheap that it makes the product worthless beyond a few uses. It probably shouldn't be sold. I wouldn't recommend this product. Returned to Amazon and asked for a refund.

👤These looked like roller blades and caught my eye. They are quiet because they are. No more yelling at the plastic wheels. They can hear what's happening around them. My daughter didn't like having blue like her brother. They should add more color choices. All around happy with them.

👤These were easy to install and seemed much nicer than the cheap training wheels we have gotten in the past. We waited until dusk to let my daughter ride with them so we could see the lights. It was great at first. She rode about 50 yards away from the paved road. She went to make a wide turn and came back. She fell when one of the training wheels bent like tin foil as she leaned to turn. She is fine and not injured. She is absolutely heart broken that they bent. I need to buy another pair of training wheels for her. Very frustrating.

👤We went to Walmart and bought training wheels. The wheels were rendered useless after the plastic center cracked. The set was very thin and was played out on the very first ride. They were made for small children. I went to the hut.

2. HAWENS Training Adjustable Stabilizer Compatible

HAWENS Training Adjustable Stabilizer Compatible

You can order now and pay free. They can provide a life time warranty for their product. It was made in Taiwan. Training wheels made of high quality plastic and rubber are wear resistant and have good stability. Children can enjoy the fun of cycling without making noise. High-quality steel and high-qualityABS wheels will be safer and more stable for beginners. This set of stabilizers can help young learners until they have developed a sense of balance on the bicycle, which can ensure your child's safety and improve confidence. Installation tools are easy to install. It's easy to install the training wheel on your bike with Locking Nuts, Limit Spacer, 1 x Wrench, and 1 x Socket Wrench. There is a note here. It is not possible to install bicycle training wheels on bikes with derailleurs. The wheels are 4.33 inches. Children's bicycles with 12/ 14/ 16/ 18/ 20-inch tires are suitable for universal training wheels. Customer support is provided by a professional. They provide professional after-sales customer service. Quality issues are their responsibility. They will reply within 24 hours if you have any concerns.

Brand: Hawens

👤I ordered training wheels for my son. I got this set as a last minute option because the first set had an issue with delivery. I noticed that the metal brackets that locked the training wheels from rocking weren't compatible with the vertical support channel of the training wheel frame. I thought it was supposed to be a snug fit and they would press together. I was wrong. There was not enough of the axle to thread the nut onto the frame because the brackets did not fit into the channel. I had trouble getting these in place for Christmas morning. I have to tell my son that he can't ride his new bike on Christmas because the elves missed some pieces. I will be returning these in hopes that someone will not ruin a gift for a child.

👤A 6 year old is riding on the metal.

👤I don't have to guess how these are put together. Add instructions. Returned.

👤These have been misleading. The first time my 5 year old tried to use them, one of the brackets bent. Only one wheel is on. The bell that was included doesn't work.

👤I put them on the electric bike because my daughter was excited to see the light up.

👤100% satisfied with the product. My daughter got them for her bike. They keep her safe.

👤There's no instructions included, you have to look on the Amazon listing for installation steps, which aren't great. The bigger problem is that the training wheel frames don't fit on the bike axel. It was very frustrating. I don't know how long they will stay. I would have liked to read the reviews before buying.

👤It is nice and sturdy. The wheels roll and the lights are beautiful. You can still use it when you upgrade your baby's bike to a bigger one, because it's been adjusted to different heights.

3. Little World Stabilizers Compatible Pair Stronger

Little World Stabilizers Compatible Pair Stronger

24 The material is metal and rubber. The bike training wheels are suitable for children's bicycles. The bicycle training wheels have a diameter of 5, and are plated with steel. The training wheels help young learners develop a sense of balance on the bicycle. Improve your child's safety and confidence by not holding the back of the saddle. It's not suitable for those with semi-horizontal or vertical dropouts on single-speed bikes from 14 to 18 inches.

Brand: Little World

👤I spent more money because I didn't listen to the negative reviews. The wheel is sturdy and great. You are supposed to use the bolts that hold the rear wheel to the bike if you don't have bolts to attach it to the bike. If you don't know what you're doing, write a negative review for a good product.

👤After 12 days of use, the wheels have completely disintegrated. I don't think you should purchase these. The mounts are stable. The wheels were shredded in less than two weeks.

👤Good quality. You need bolts to connect the bike to it.

👤It deserves zero stars. I bought training wheels for my son. I only had one wrench so I had to buy a second one. He was excited to take it out. His brother couldn't finish assembling it. Before boxing the product, they should check the package. How to explain to a 4yr old that he can't ride his bike without the nuts on it.

👤Excellent quality for the price. My son is able to use his bike.

👤My daughters new bike was ruined by the training wheels. It was replaced with these and it was amazing. They are great.

👤The training wheels are heavy duty. My daughter has been asking to ride her bike more. We had to take off part of the plastic on her bike to make it fit, but it was worth it. I would highly recommend them. My daughter is 50 lbs and has a 16” bike.

👤These are heavy duty. My son is a tank and I needed a more rigid set of trainers. It's good to be scruffy. Value is good. Is it easy to install? That's another story. Also, note: You will need to buy sets of washers and nuts for both sides of the bike's back axle rod. It's a pretty large size. Measure the rod at the back of your bike. There's no way to mount the wheels to the trainer arms with the hardware you get in the box. If you don't have the tools or are not very mechanical, this could be an issue. I used a wrench that was adjusted. There is a I used the old hardware because he had the old training wheels still on. There is a Solid set other than install issues. If they gave you all the hardware, these would be 5 stars.

👤I loved this product for a few days. The wheel exploded when my 6 year old took a corner that was too sharp. My child was sent into the pavement by the rivets. I wish they lasted a bit longer. They were great. I don't know if I got a bad set, but I would like to try again.

👤The set is well made and the chrome is good. This is only for a young child.

👤The wheels on my child's bike are too high from the ground, it makes the bike wobble and is not safe. I think there should be more than one hole for the adjustment. Not a good purchase.

4. Training Reinforced Prevent Breaking Bending

Training Reinforced Prevent Breaking Bending

The 14 inch bike is suitable for 3-6 years old girls, the 16 inch bike is suitable for 4-7 years old girls, and the 18in bike is suitable for 8 years old girls. Adult assembly is required. The bike comes with 85% assembled body, basic assembly tools, and a limited lifetime warranty. Heavy duty prevents breaking and bingeing. The structural reinforcement design of ENTRY CONCEPT's training wheels makes them sturdy for a longer product life. Your child's safety is their top concern. They made their training wheels with special attention to stability in order to give you peace of mind. The training wheels for kids bike are made to be slip-proof. As your child learns to ride a bicycle, you can rest easy. Their bike training wheels are easy to install. Just install and your child is ready to ride! Not for the Huffy brand bikes. Quality control is a priority. The quality control team at ENTRY makes sure you get the same high quality bicycle training wheels. That way your child can start learning.

Brand: Entry Concepts

👤I have been through many pairs of training wheels trying to find the best one for my son, but I am so happy with this purchase, he will be fine with it. These are sturdy and fit a 20in bike perfectly, and both touch the ground, providing endless stability. Highly recommended.

👤The training wheels are strong. The training wheels on our granddaughter's bike kept bending and she was unable to ride her bike. The training wheels are very strong. They are made of very strong material. The training wheels were easy to install. Great value! Great price and heavy duty.

👤There is too much space between the arm and the frame. Doesn't fit a Schwinn bike.

👤We were looking for a decent pair of training wheels. The first one fell apart after 4 or 5 rides and the other after a week or two after the wheel cracked and basically fell off, after we purchased two different pairs. He has been riding his bike everyday for a month and they are still holding up. It's nice to find a pair that is holding up. They were easy to install and my husband had a bit of trouble with the bike. I think he was complaining about the bike hookups. I gave it a perfect score for easy to install. I'm not sure. I would recommend anyone to buy from me again. It's amazing to have a company that is friendly and polite from the beginning to the end.

👤I bought two sets for my niece. The training wheels on their bikes were too advanced for their abilities and allowed them to lean far on either side. One of them wouldn't sit on her bike because of this, and the other made someone walk beside of her while holding the handlebars. We swapped them out as soon as they arrived. The girls wanted the training wheels to touch the ground at all times, so it took a little while to put them on. It wasn't hard to get them in the perfect spot, but it was a lot of trial and error. By the end of the evening, the one smiling and sitting on her bike was the one who was riding up and down the sidewalk independently. The training wheels did not bend or bow, and we did not put the stability bars on them. The material is very high quality. I was worried that it wouldn't hold up because of the girls' size, but they've been great.

5. Heavy Duty Stabilizer Bicycles Original Training

Heavy Duty Stabilizer Bicycles Original Training

If there is a problem, please feel free to contact them. They will provide you with a professional solution. The steel bicycle wheels and hubs are heavy duty. Training wheels for a mountain bike are perfect. The mountain bike show is not included in the images. All three rear wheels must not touch ground at the same time. Steel Construction with Plastic coated U-bolts protect the bicycle frame from damage during install and removal. Installation recommended by a bike dealer. The training wheels come with inflatable tires and tubes, which are recommended for people who are physically impaired or handicapped. The perfect fit on the frame is guaranteed with multiple spacers. The Adult Stabilizer Wheel Kit will fit on most bikes. It's great for people with fear of falling, first time bike riders, or adults with balance issues. It works best on a diamond shaped bike frame. Not recommended for Electric, folding, e-bike, dirt bikes, motorcycles, or recumbent bicycles. It was a great replacement for an adult trike. It's ideal for a standard frame bicycle. The chain guard should be removed.

Brand: Titan

👤We bought the wheels after many years of trying to help our daughter ride her two-wheeler on her own. She struggles with balance and coordination. She needed a bigger bike because she had grown so much. We were back to square one after she had a bigger bike. After a bad fall this summer made it harder for me to run alongside her to help her when needed, she was done trying, and so was I. When I saw these wheels, I realized that we needed to allow our sweet girl to ride her bike with us and actually enjoy it, instead of having to worry about balance. So far, so good! We're really happy with how well the wheels perform, and she has been out for several rides with us. It took my husband about an hour to get them mounted on the bike. I'm hopeful that these stabilizing wheels will allow us to enjoy family bike rides without feeling discouraged.

👤This will be a strange review. Even though they didn't work for my father, I still gave them a 4 star and returned them. I read lots of reviews that were generally positive, but a minority of them didn't work. I understand why they work most of the time, but not always. There is a My father was riding continuously until a month ago, when he had 3 tumbles in a matter of weeks. We had to withdraw the bike because he was sore after the last one. We saw a bike fitting store. She said that mounting and dismounting require coordination and strength. She said that he just couldn't do it fast enough. These stabilizer wheels were recommended by her. I installed them on my bike when I was 60 years old. They make the bike feel odd, like someone is holding onto the seat post with a death grip and won't let go. They're fine once you get used to it. They worked well around my house. I was able to do figure 8s on my patio, then just stop and sit. Balance was no longer an issue. It got more interesting when I took them out. Seattle streets are crowned to force water to the curbs. 9 months of the year is true. The bike tipped as I got away from the center. I tried to tip it over in the direction of the pitch while moving slowly. The bike was upright. The ride was very unnerving and the steering became very hard. There is a We tried the wheels on my father's bike. He couldn't do it. The feeling of being tipped was frightening. I took his bike for a ride. The route is pretty flat. The bike handled well if I stayed to the center. There were several places where the streets intersect. I couldn't steer or pedal through the intersection. We returned them. There is a The many other reviewers who rave about these wheels are consistent with my experiments on relatively flat surfaces. These are great if you have level surfaces to ride. A marginal rider will be kept very safe. It will be a problem if your roads are crowned. There is a A number of reviewers said that steering was difficult and that they pulled to one side. Installation out of alignment is what I believe is to blame for these issues. The wheels have to be installed parallel to the main wheel. All sorts of problems will be caused by mis-alignment. If you know how to align a car's front wheel, there are two axes. From the front, you can see that Camber is moving away from the rear wheel. If the wheel is tilted, it doesn't track right. Toe is a wheel that turns inward or outward. The wheels try to steer away from the rear wheel, scrubbing, dragging, and actually pulling the bike to one side if the Toe is off. To be true, alignment must be adjusted. The wheels work as expected if they are aligned correctly. If the side wheel is heavy, it can be bad. Correct alignment requires using the supplied spacers in a logical way. The U bolts have holes in them. They are Thin and Thick. I would like to have a Medium thickness to allow for fine adjustment. A person can use a saw or file to adjust a thick spacer. Get a thin sheet of plexiglass. There are three U bolt anchor points. The rear frame has a triangle on it. Each anchor point has to be adjusted with appropriate spacers. The rear end of the frame is the most important point. There is a thin spacer there. The upper and lower frame members are more likely to move toward the front. It will be necessary to have thicker spacers. I put a thin at the back, a thick at the front, and a thick at the top. Excellent alignment was achieved on my bike. The right wheel on my father's car was off. I would have tinkered to bring it into alignment if we'd kept them. The wheels work great if you align them accurately. There is a There was one review that said the short axle on the stabilizer wheels was worn very quickly. I think I know why. The bearings were adjusted too tight when I removed the wheels from the box. When I spun them, they had drag. There is a nut next to the wheel. I adjusted the wheel so it spun freely, without playing with the bearings. I didn't see any lubrication on the bearings. It would be a good idea to put the right kind of bike oil or grease on the bearings. This product is very nice. It is well designed, built and finished. It allows an older person to continue using their bike after their strength and balance have declined. I recommend them to people who have flat surfaces. If you're not sure, you can order them from Amazon. It's difficult to know until you try them out. There is a Hope this helps, and happy riding!

6. μCycle Training Wheels Pink White

%CE%BCCycle Training Wheels Pink White

It's easy to learn to ride safely. Universal Training Wheels are suitable for 12 to 20 inch bikes. Most bikes have these cycle side wheels. They have a height that fits single-speed bikes. The kids bicycle training wheel have reinforced steel brackets. Kid bike wheels are heavy-duty and suitable for girls and boys. Kids bike wheels come with an extra reinforcing clip. There is extra support for your toddler bike. There are stop blocks for larger bikes. Instructions, 2 rubber wheels, 2 support bars, 2 nuts, 2 washers, 2 shoulder bolts, 2 reinforcing clips, 2 stop blocks, and 2 streamers are included. The bike is for the girl and boy. Training wheel accessories are easy to install. The universal training wheels for kids bike are easy to install. Instructions and a wrench are included. The bicycle support wheels are easy to install.

Brand: μcycle

👤It's easy to install and adjust to the height you need. The training wheel bar can be adjusted to different heights and the wheel can be installed on 2 different heights. It works for our son because we found the right combination.

👤The product seems sturdy and I am happy with it. The training wheels help my daughter learn to ride her bike. It can be used when she is ready to move up to a bigger bike. It was shipped quickly and as described. It also included the handle bars.

👤Instructions for easy installation were included in the mail. Thanks to the kit, the bike rides well and is safe.

👤We bought another set of training wheels for our grandson. The first set was moving so fast that he fell over. He is riding all over the place because this set is sturdy. I would definitely recommend them because they were easy to install. They arrived on time and I will purchase from them again.

👤You will need another wrench to put the wheels on. It is very strong for a 20” bike.

👤Fast shipping. Simple install and well priced. Very strong and sturdy.

👤The box was open and the support arms were bent about 20 degrees off where they should be. The base arms were easy to install on my daughter's bike, but they were less level than her old set. You get what you pay for.

👤Training wheels seem to work. There is a Streamers are disappointing. There are different colors of cloth ribbon. They were cheap and came broken.

7. Geminiman Reinforced Adjustable Stabilizer Childrens

Geminiman Reinforced Adjustable Stabilizer Childrens

Wald training wheels are designed for single-speed bicycles. The training wheels are built with a structural reinforcement design and high-quality plastic and rubber that make them sturdy for a longer product life. Their training wheels for kids bike have the function of slip-proof and noise-free for a safer, easier ride, so that your child can be safer and smoother when riding, without any worry or fear. Safety is their #1 concern. The wheel design is thicker than the ordinary training wheel and has a small bracket that is more stable for your peace of mind. Their bike training wheels are easy to install and can be used on your child's bike. It can be adjusted at any time according to the skills and levels of the trainees. Not for the Huffy brand bikes. The quality control team at G.I.N makes sure you get the same high quality bicycle training wheels. They will give you a professional solution and customer service.

Brand: Geminiman

👤We got a full refund after we got these. Purchase again and you will get them perfect. Sturdy and good.

👤These were a gift, but they seem sturdy enough to work. It's difficult to find quality ones for larger bikes without spending a lot. It has the structural support on the edge. I am not sure if the use of the highest notch for larger bikes will affect the chances of the brackets bending, but I am concerned about that.

👤There were no directions when I first looked at it. They were black and not blue. I saw the world's smallest picture directions after checking back here. Unless your child's bike has the world's longest screw on their back tire, you should go with something else. We made it work after removing the tire from the frame. One training wheel was not in a downward position as we were walking down the street. Not the training wheels for us.

👤The quality is great, but they are too small for a 20 in bike.

👤I'm not worried that my child will be in danger because of this training wheel, the wheels are easy to install, the brackets are strong, and the quality is very good. He can ride his bike with training wheels. That's great!

👤My daughter is trying to learn how to ride a bike. She is 9 years old. The cheap parts that came with it will not tighten all the way. I went to the hardware store to buy something. They bent easy. She only had to ride for about 50 feet. They said it had a 75lb weight limit. That isn't true.

👤The training wheels have an issue. They are difficult to mount. We replaced the training wheels on the bike. These are more sturdy but it was difficult to mount because of the short axle. If they had been thinner on the support arms, they would be great.

👤There were no instructions for the kit that came today. I don't know how everything works. I have to figure out how to assemble it. Not good! There is a There is an update. I figured out how to assemble the wheels after watching a few videos on similar products. The style of the Huffy bike doesn't fit on the assembly I tried to attach. It would have been nice to know in advance. I had to give them back. I found a similar style through eBay, even though Amazon was out of stock.

8. Hardline Products Wheels 4 Tots Universal Training

Hardline Products Wheels 4 Tots Universal Training

The country of origin is the United States. The single training wheel unit is for entry-level motorcycles. For different types of terrain. Designed with wheel spacing on the Axle to Corner Better and Absorb Terrain Impact. Designed with wheel spacing on the Axle to Corner Better and Absorb Terrain Impact.

Brand: Hardline Products

👤It was a perfecto for my sons. This was very easy to install, I just watched a video on the company's website and it was very basic and fast. It is very sturdy and the bike rides perfectly balanced with it on, the only thing you have to do is take wider turns, it is perfect to teach any little one to ride a mini bike safely. My son is less scared of wrecks now that he is learning to ride. This product is very good.

👤This is a good set of wheels. They are strong enough to help keep the smaller kids upright. There is a They are not heavy enough to be taking hills, but they are perfect for flat field training. There is a The instructions are clear and could use a little more detail. A lot of reviewers broke the saddle clamps. The instructions state that they should not break. I am aware that not everyone has a wrench. I snugged the bolts after getting everything in place. I tightened the bolts after rotating the axel until the wheels were off the ground. I pulled up on the axel and tightened them until I could no longer do it by hand. We have seen no issues with the cotter pin stops holding up. There is a My son and grandson have been playing on it for a while now and I have not had to tighten up. It's a good sign that they have good balance because they aren't making a lot of contact with the ground. I feel better now that I have added these for the Grandson. I watched my kids fall over and over in the field until they mastered it. It might explain a few things. This is for my thoughts as much as theirs. There is one more note. The axel bends toward the front in the pictures. Not a good idea. The bike could hop into the air if they bite into the ground. I put mine in the back for safety.

👤I got my 5 1/2 year old grandson a X-pro 40cc Kids Dirt Bike Mini Pit Bike Dirt Bikes Motorcycle Gas Power Bike Off Road and attached these wheels to it and he was off like a champ. The bike's foot peg bolts are too short. It comes with long ones that are too fat, so we had to drill out the existing holes slightly, but it's thin metal so any metal drill bit will do it. Not hard. It bolted right on and worked great. It's a stable place. This kid had never ridden a bicycle because our farm is very sandy and bicycles don't work well in sand. This was his first ride. He doesn't know balance forces when you make tight turns, the wheels made all that unimportant. He is stable and tears around.

👤The training wheels are working. I keep my child safe on her mini bike with them. I think they will be enough for her to not need them again. The instructions are garbage. A good set of instructions are always appreciated, even though I'm mechanically inclined. Step 1 open box, step 2 attach center rod to foot pegs, step 3 install wheels, and step 4 tighten bolts. No suggestions for different model bikes, no naming of items, and no Torque specifications. I cracked one of the attachment braces before I thought it was in danger. I tightened it down as much as I could after it broke, and it seems to do well as 2 pieces. I had my wife ride it before I let my daughter on it. It seemed to do well. I don't expect much from this item, but I think it will do the job until my daughter is confident enough to ride with them. Have a great day!

9. OP Replacement Adjustable Stabilizer Childrens

OP Replacement Adjustable Stabilizer Childrens

Wald training wheels are designed for single-speed bicycles. The wheel diameter is 13 cm/ 5.12 inch and the width is 3 cm. It's suitable for children's bicycles of 12'' 16'' 18'', but not for certain models of HUFFY bicycles. The package has 1 bell and 1 wrench. Anti-slip, Wear-resistant Materials and Heavy Duty - high-quality steel. The necessary safety and stability are provided by these heavy rear wheels. It's a great package for your child's first bike lesson. A bicycle training wheel can help children with more courage when they are on the road, and it can be an important part of their growth. Training wheels can be adjusted according to the skills and levels of the trainees. Children's Best Friends in Childhood is about giving your child the balance and confidence they need. It makes your child happy. If there is a problem, please feel free to contact them. They will provide you with a professional solution.

Brand: Bnkihdd

👤The ones that came with the bike were better than the ones that have been working so far. The wheels are on the ground. It's easy to install, but make sure you have a plastic cover over the chain. I had to cut into it to get the bar to flush. It was worth it.

👤We bought training wheels for our son who wants to ride a 20 inch bike but is not quite ready to balance on his own. These are perfect for him. The training wheels were sturdy enough for him to learn that he shouldn't rely on them all the time and that he needs to learn to balance. A good purchase. It was well packaged and arrived quickly.

👤This wasn't easy to install but once we got it on, we thought it was ok. My daughter is still not comfortable riding without training wheels, so we purchased a 20inch for her. She took off with all of her confidence and ended up on the floor because the training wheels fell apart, they were tight and secure, but they completely bent and fell apart. There is a This didn't work for us. There is a If you have a 20 inch bike, I would not recommend it. It's not secure for bigger bikes. Good luck.

👤I have worked on an 18 in and 20 in bike. I think someone mentioned ants in the package, but it stinks to be sprayed. Wear gloves when installing and wash your hand outside. I don't mind them making sure no ants are present. I would have liked a description of what the scurvy was like. The chemicals would be the only thing that would be 5 stars.

👤You need tools for this. The wrench they sent was useless because it didn't fit the bolt they supplied. They are long, which is good and bad. They stuck up about four or five inches for my 3 year old bike, which is a smaller bike. I ended up cutting them to size. I'll need to buy a new set when he grows out of his bike. There is a Again, they are ok, but not great.

👤There is no way to bolt the units onto the bike because of the thickness of the channel. I have access to metal cutting tools that I had to cut down and modify to fit in my welder. They are not as sturdy as with modifications, but only way to install them. Hopefully they won't be needed long. These will work if you have an inch of thread past the nut.

👤So far, it's pretty good. My son is 6 years old and he has a bike. He fit his bike perfectly. The instructions are easy to follow. The nuts are on the back wheel. We had to get the nuts to catch the threads by cutting the back frame closer together.

👤These didn't fit our bike. If they reversed the U channel it would have worked, but the bolts on our bike were too short. I had him practice gliding with the seat down after taking the pedals off. I showed him how to ride after steering became automatic. He picked it up without training wheels.

10. M Wave 439982 Bicycle Training Wheels

M Wave 439982 Bicycle Training Wheels

The quality control team at G.I.N makes sure you get the same high quality bicycle training wheels. They will give you a professional solution and customer service. There is an announcement for children's bicycles. Not all of the bicycles are 12 - 20 inches in diameter. Please contact the seller if you have questions. The anti-turn mounting brackets are included. All mounting hardware is included.

Brand: M-wave

👤The wheels are wobbly on the brackets because the bolts stop before they can be tightened all the way. The bolt needs a regular nut that will allow it to tighten as much as it needs to.

👤We got a nice little bike for Christmas that didn't have training wheels, so I put these on it. My husband and FIL put them on for my daughter. She got up this morning and was very excited to see a bike. When my husband went outside to get the bike ready, the wheel broke and cut his hand, as we were getting the kids up and ready to go downstairs. I don't want to think about what would have happened if she'd been on the bike.

👤I don't want to write a review, but I want to urge all the parents that these training wheels are not good. My daughter has 2 bikes. My daughter fell over and off the bike about 10 times on a 3 block hike to the park, at the park she refused to ride the bike, we used her other bike and she never fell. She loves to ride her bike, but these wheels I got from here are not supported enough, the slightest tilt for support and your baby will fall right to the side. Unless you enjoy watching your child fall over and over again, don't buy these. It broke my heart.

👤I remember very Sturdy wheel-struts, not the training wheels of 50 years ago. These are not meant for kids over 40 lbs, as they bent with 45 and 80 lbs. Some bikes have tubed-frames that are made for roundish tubing. I would recommend them for 40 lbs kids with 16 inch bikes.

👤These don't work very well. The training wheels were too long and the back wheel was too far off the ground. The back tire does not touch the ground all the way, but I found the best fit they could give. The peddles can be turned too fast. The training wheels don't provide enough support for a child with no balance. The bike can fall over. A child is transitioning from training wheels.

👤There are two issues. The arm that holds the wheel is not flat, but the edges are curved, which means that it will take up a large area of no use and will only be able to be installed after the arm is changed. 2. There is too much movement space on the wheel. I will return it often.

👤We couldn't put it back on because the bolt to the trainning wheel wouldn't give enough slack, so we had to apply the chain guard before applying the trainning wheels. We have to cut some of the guard to make it work.

👤We bought 2 sets. They are perfect on the smaller bike. We had trouble getting them low enough to not let the bike wobble, and too high where the back tire didn't have traction, on a little larger bike.

11. YJIA Bicycle Training Wheels Stabilizer

YJIA Bicycle Training Wheels Stabilizer

It's not suitable for those with semi-horizontal or vertical dropouts on single-speed bikes from 12 to 20 inches. 12 / 14 / 16 / 18 / 20 : : 24

Brand: Yjia

👤My disabled son rides a 20in wheel bike like crazy and he is 98 lbs.

👤These are cool. It is very sturdy and tall. My son is 6 years old and is very tall. He doesn't want to learn to ride a bike. He was confident to start riding with training wheels. You can see what side the rider is leaning on, the wheels light up. These are a good price for a high quality product. Don't spend your money on cheap ones. This is one of the things that is worth the extra few dollars. Highly recommended.

👤My daughter is a bike rider. We needed to upgrade the training wheels that came with her bike because she is 60 lbs. They said they could support up to 100 lbs. My daughter's favorite color is purple, and these are purple, but they never lit up. My daughter was injured when one of the wheels game off. She will need to learn to ride a bike without training wheels in order to do so.

👤Quiet! My daughters loud old wheels were replaced with these. So far, so quiet. It was a bit of a pain to install. The bike was non-useable because the tops were too tall for a 16” bike, and I had rammed it into the chain area. They work with any size, but didn't expect to have to slice and dice them to use them.

👤The pack seemed to be leaking oil when I opened it and the middle part had to be pushed in more in order for the wheels to light up at speed. It was already off to a bad start. The installation was simple as I watched my son's dad put it together and he was excited to try it out because he had just got a new bike with these training wheels. The right training wheel kept bending as we took his new bike and wheels out for a spin. They did not last one day. We used these training wheels on a 20 inch but unfortunately it kept bending and the lights didn't work properly due to the middle piece not being centered so we had to use a wrench to hammer it in place to make the wheels light up so I'm currently looking for a more sturdy What a sad day. Happy holidays!

👤My son was really excited to see that the training wheels lit up. The positive part of this ends there. I tried these on two different bikes and they didn't work for either of them. They are too high in one slot, which makes the bike feel like it's falling over, or they're too low, which makes it an exercise bike that goes nowhere. They were easy to install, but the geometry is off for a 16" bike. You should find a different option if your kid rides that size.

👤The training wheels seem well built. Had to get a longer bike axle. The training wheel design was not to blame for that. It runs smooth. The adjustment space on the bike could have been used a bit more. They work well. I would recommend them.


What is the best product for bicycle adult training wheels?

Bicycle adult training wheels products from Fortop. In this article about bicycle adult training wheels you can see why people choose the product. Hawens and Little World are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle adult training wheels.

What are the best brands for bicycle adult training wheels?

Fortop, Hawens and Little World are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle adult training wheels. Find the detail in this article. Entry Concepts, Titan and μcycle are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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