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1. Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle Wheel

Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle Wheel

The bike is designed with 26 inch wheels and is comfortable for people of 5'4" to 6'2" in height. It is easy to use and maintain a single speed drivetrain. Both front and rear fender help keep clothing clean in damp weather. Wide upright handlebars provide a stable ride and the cruiser saddle absorbs bumps. Easy step-through access can be achieved with a super low, step-through aluminum frame. The bike has a limited lifetime warranty.

Brand: Schwinn

👤I bought this bike after reading a lot of reviews. I ordered the bike from Amazon's Warehouse Deals. I paid a good price. I am a 52 year old woman who does not have a lot of mechanical experience, but it was a beautiful day when the bike arrived. I got my iced tea and sat on my porch to figure it out. My husband and son helped me confirm that I did something right. I was able to put the bike together. I'm glad I did, because now adjustments make more sense to me. I know how the parts work. There is a If you're just hoping for a quick experience, you may want to pay a bike shop. I think the bike was a great value and I rate it 5 stars. It seems to be working. For those who read reviews, here are some notes that might help. There is a I read a lot of reviews that said they were hoping for a more blue bike. The bike is silvery blue, not a darker color like Slate, so it should be called "Ice Blue" or something like that. There is a I ordered from Amazon Warehouse Deals and they said the item would be re-packaged. The box was roughed up from shipping, but when I opened it, the inner box held all the bike parts and was frightening. There are dents in the cardboard. I wonder if shipping is really hard on dents. mine was double boxed I wonder if it was returned because of the condition of the box. The box did not seem to have been opened and sealed. I think this is a shipping issue and perhaps unavoidable when you have parts that are easily bent out of shape. There is a I had to look at the diagram, re-read it and think, but I figured them out. I saw a video on the internet of a guy who was mechanical and putting a bike together for his parents and he had the same issues I had. I used after searching. The grease for the handlebar stem is working great. When I adjusted the handlebars, I had to laugh at the smell of menthol. If you don't have a tube of grease they call for, you can use Vaseline. I told a mechanical friend that this will be fine, we're not dealing with high temperatures or huge amounts of friction. I had to bend them into shape to keep them from rubbing, and I had to make sure they were lined up with the bolts. If it is to you, you're warned. If you can't find the stem for the seat, look inside the frame and see if there's a hole that people think they don't have one. It might take a while to get the brakes adjusted. If this doesn't sound like something you want to mess with, then take it to a bike shop for assembly. I didn't mind the changes. This is not a two wheel bike. If you don't remember this, you may think something is wrong. If you learned to ride a two wheel bike, you lean to keep balance. Leaning on this bike will make you feel off balance. You might even want to lean out of a turn. I felt a bit weird on this trike at first, but I took a deep breath and remembered that this was different. As time goes on, it's much better. The road where I live is graded to allow rain to run off so if I'm on the road, it will feel off balance. I only take the road for a short time, then I ride the rails-to-trails near our home. I can work with it better there, as it is graded slightly more for the rain. If the trail is clear, I just take my spot up the middle and my fellow bikers let me know they are coming with a friendly call or ring of their bell and I move over. It's a good thing. Mount/dismount: I whacked the back of my legs with the back wheels. I need to remember that unlike a 2 wheel bike, I have to watch for them. There is a seat. I'm a middle aged woman with an ample middle aged figure. I don't feel bad about looking for a wider, more comfortable seat since I got a nice price on the bike. I only went about 3 miles at a time until I switched seats. There is a If you want a flawless, seamless experience to get up and running, look elsewhere or get professional help to assemble and fine tune. If you're willing to deal with a few small issues, you can get a great trike.

2. Mobo Recumbent Tricycle 3 Wheeled Cruiser

Mobo Recumbent Tricycle 3 Wheeled Cruiser

For men and women, the sizes to be used are S/M/L/X/XXL. The 3-Wheel Recumbent Bike is for women and men. It's designed for cruising and exercise on flat paved surfaces. Get a cardiovascular workout with minimal stress on your back and knees. The lined seat provides support. Seniors and adults who prefer a more stable ride can use an outdoor tricycle. The low centre of gravity provides maximum stability. The dual-joystick steering has simple hand movements. Large and small riders can be adjusted to fit adult and youth riders from 4'2” to 6'3” and weigh up to 250 lbs. The Hi-Ten steel frame is durable. A chainless design. The hub has a safety flag and calliper brakes. The weight of the overal is 44 lbs. Mobo Cruiser is a US company. They stand behind their products and ensure customer satisfaction. They will make things right if you contact them at support@mobocruiser.

Brand: Mobo Cruiser

👤I've been looking for a long time for a ride on the nature trail that is close to my house. I'm 55 years old and I'm fat. I have a balance disorder that makes it impossible for me to use a two-wheeled velocipede. I've returned several vehicles that were too hard to pedal or otherwise make them move because they looked like fun and great exercise, but were too hard to pedal or otherwise make them move. I was discouraged. Other trikes caught my eye, but they were too expensive. I received the Mobo Triton Pro in February and it sat in my foyer for a while. We had some relief from it this past week. My son did a good job assembling my trike. Yesterday was yesterday. It went back to the foyer to wait out the rain. P. The sun peeked out between the clouds and the temperature was perfect. I took the trike out to my driveway. I'm so happy and excited. The trike rides well, the seat is comfortable, I can pedal, and it manages the slight slope of my driveway very well. The brakes work well and the steering became intuitive. The turn radius is wide, which might bother some, but I should be fine on the trail. The trike doesn't pedal in reverse, but I learned a 3-point turn which allowed me to turn around at the base of the driveway and pedal back up to the street. I put my feet on the ground and pushed myself backwards. No problemo! I made ten laps that way to get used to pedaling and steering, and I can't wait to take it out on the trail! It's going to be a lot of fun and I'll be in shape this summer. After just a short time on the bike, I was panting and my shoulders and thighs were a bit achy. Steering and breaking are going to get my arms working and I was worried that I wouldn't get much of a workout in my upper body. I can't get enough of the Mobo Triton Pro. This old lady is going to be in shape and active for the rest of her life. I highly recommend this vehicle for anyone, but especially for those of us getting older and wanting to stay active and have fun!

👤I bought this trike for my daughters to ride. It is limited in function because it only has one speed. It is not fast because top speed is the same as a brisk jog. It feels fast even if I'm not keeping up with my daughter. It seems like the perfect pace for walking a dog. It is fine to climb. I keep the tires pumped up to 40psi and haven't had any issues with traction that other reviews have mentioned. The cushions are comfortable. They are similar to what you find in a gym. There is no strain on the back or hands when you are in a seated position. The frame is sturdy. The instructions were clear and took me about an hour to put together. I'm happy with my purchase and it serves its purpose well.

3. Huffy Hardtail Mountain 21 Speed Lightweight

Huffy Hardtail Mountain 21 Speed Lightweight

The bike has a limited lifetime warranty. The Huffy Stone Mountain is ready for outdoor adventures with a Denim Blue hardtail frame and 21 speeds, just follow the steps in the product manual. The ideal for ages 13 and up and a minimum rider height of 5 feet, the frame is durable and backed by a limited lifetime warranty. The TZ-31 rear derailleur has a micro-shift twist shifter and aremovable rear derailleur guard to ensure consistent gear operation. The 26" X 1.95" knobby tires tear into dirt bike paths with ease; linear pull hand brakes deliver consistent stopping action; premium padded ATB saddle has stitched sides for lasting quality; and the alloy quick release provides easy seat height adjustment. The handlebars have a slight rise to minimize back and shoulder strain, and the pedals have a responsive feel.

Brand: Huffy

👤I don't like writing bad reviews, I have a business and I understand when people want to rant about nonsense to get money back. That is not the reason I am here. I am here to save others from what I went through. I usually read reviews before I buy, but I didn't because I trusted the "Amazon's Choice" label. I thought I could go wrong. If I knew that the price would lead to me saying "you get what you pay for", I would have bought a nicer bike, which is what I will do now. There is a The bike is junk, it is sitting in a dump. It is garbage. I have ridden it at least 4 times. The handle bar comes loose every time I ride it, even though I have been trying to ride for about an hour to get a decent work out. I couldn't believe it when it came so loose the first time. Maybe I didn't tighten it enough. There is a Every time I ride, I have to tighten it as much as possible and it will come loose at the end of the hour. On my last ride, the left pedal is falling off, not only was the handlebar loose, but it was also my last ride. I am not doing bike stunts or tricks, I am not mountain biking on crazy trails. I ride my bike around Boston on easy trails that are not strenuous. I am a novice rider who is barely pushing the limits of the bike yet this piece of trash is falling apart right from under me as I ride it gently around bike trails in the city. It is a kind of joke. Don't waste your money. Get a real bike if you spend a little more. I will have to eat the loss since the return policy doesn't allow me to return it anymore. You will never get another dollar from me again because you stole the money.

👤I was skeptical when I bought this bike because of all the negative reviews. I check reviews and photos when buying online. There is a I know a lot about bikes, so I think huffy is a good brand. I have never put together a bike before but it seemed straight forward without the manual, I just don't care to read a manual. I was able to put the bike together in 1 hours without reading the manual or knowing how to assemble it. There is a It didn't fall apart on my ride with it, it was a first timer. There is a When I first took this bike for a ride, I immediately started playing with the gears to figure out what level I wanted the gears set at. There is a The tires that came with the bike seamed really comfy when I rode it, compared to others I have ridden recently. They wear hard as rocks. The bike seat was rather uncomfortable but I have a better seat downstairs. I will swap them! There is no big deal. It is easy to adjust to this bike. There is a The post office refused to deliver the package because it was too big, and it was frustrating. There is a They need to have someone else ship the item to resolve the issue. There is a If the shipping issue was fixed, I would give this five stars, but I am rating it a solid.

4. Mobo Shift Worlds Reversible Cruiser

Mobo Shift Worlds Reversible Cruiser

The 8-speed cassette and the alloy crank have better gears and less maintenance. A single speed with reverse function. The emergency brake system has a hand Caliper Brake. There is a cushioned seat above the ground. There are inflatable tires on the front and rear.

Brand: Mobo Cruiser

👤I never thought I'd ride a bike again after having artificial hips, hip surgeries, and artificial knees. I was wrong. I didn't want to spend a lot of money and be wrong so I got to test it out and it was great. I want to upgrade to a geared system in a year, but for now, it's what I need. I like the flag, the steering is good, and assembly was easy. There is a My biggest fear with riding is crashing. I will go to the ER if I crash and fall. I had a wreck the other day, full speed off the sidewalk and into a bush, I could see my life flash before my eyes, and then the hardest thing was getting out of the hedge. If I fall, come on. If you use reverse, be aware, it is sudden. You knew that the turning radius was wide. I hope that's me, there was only one complaint. The front wheel extends out to the next bolt hole when I ride 1/2 way through. I can still ride, but I don't know why everything seems locked down. I will ask for help later.

👤This trike was a very smooth ride and that's my only pro, sorry not sorry MOBO. The bike was delivered quickly and the box was not a fault of the MOBO. The nuts and bolts were loose when the box was opened. So cool. Something fell into the box, maybe because of the holes in it. There is a I was very impressed with the laminated directions for assembling this product, if only they put that into the design. The main hardware box was still sealed and I didn't know how the loose hardware got loose. It would take 20 minutes to assemble this thing. I had to find the nuts and bolts I needed to assemble since I was missing some. There is a So now to the ride, right? There is a I pulled my daughters cart behind me with her in it about 70 pounds, and it was so smooth that I didn't even know it was there. If you ride with people on a 2 wheeled bike there is no way to keep up with them. I am a biker. I never got the reverse to work, but I do some research. Unless you are riding with another person that has a MOBO like this, you will be showing up an hour late. It felt like it was going to break when you were pedaling. I had everything. There is a So anywhos? I hope you make the right choice.

👤It's a lot easier on my husband's prostrate than any other cycle. The man is 74 years old and still does miles on his trike. I prefer to walk, but he loves it and runs circles around us.

👤The trike was easy to assemble and had all the tools I needed to put it together. Also had clear instructions. If you are having trouble with balance, this is the trike to buy. If you get in a tight spot, you can reverse. There is a I was waiting to see how customer services responded to a few requests before I wrote the review. ThePull knob for length adjustment was damaged, but they responded as soon as I called and sent me a new one in perfect working condition. I was able to fix it in five minutes after they walked me through the process. There is a My wife and all the kids love it. Lots of fun to ride. There is a I put a blinking light on the flag pole. If riding on the street, the safety light is a must have. I give the trike 5 stars and 6 stars for customer service. Thank you!

5. Takara Single Speed Fixie Medium

Takara Single Speed Fixie Medium

There are inflatable tires on the front and rear. The frame and fork are high Tensile. Fixed for Feewheel is the flip flop rear hub. The Double Wall Rim is 700c x 28mm. The brakes are single pivot.

Brand: Takara Tomy

👤The bike is good for money. The paper thin tires had to be replaced. The ones that come with the bike are prone to flats. The brake pads had to be adjusted. It is a good starter road bike for $200.

👤The bike is nice but I am very upset because I had to return it due to a lot of damages in transit, the shipping box looks like it came from the war zone, would I buy it again?

👤It's a good bike. I had a one nine years ago and it was good until it was stolen. They are well assembled. The drive train or bottom brackets never had issues. The chain ring needs an upgrade.

👤You will probably have to go to a bike place for the adjustments. The wheels are large and touch the frame occasionally, so I will probably replace them later.

👤The bike had to be taken to a bike shop to have all the adjustments done. The brakes are still on.

👤Cheap product. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone. The front wheel on my bicycle started to freeze up after less than two hundred miles. Less than 2 months after purchase, this started to happen.

👤The frame of the bike is not good. It doesn't fit around the tire.

👤It is easy to assemble. It came with some scratches but it was nothing serious.

6. KENT 52716 GZR700 Road Bike

KENT 52716 GZR700 Road Bike

Lumos strives to provide you with a smooth shopping experience and professional customer support. The frame and fork are made of high quality steel. The 21-speed stem shifters are made by Shimano. The double wall has 36 hole rim and 25mm width tires. The brakes are single pivot.

Brand: Kent International

👤I have put about 100 miles on the bike I bought 60 days ago. The bars in the back hub are no longer rideable to the point of the back wheel. I tried to tighten the wheel. Kent will not place typical wear and tear items if you call Amazon and they only have a 30 day warranty. The bike has deteriorated quickly and I would not want to ride it again.

👤The front wheel was easy to install, but it wouldn't sit straight no matter how many times I tried. If it is wobbling, the instructions tell you to try again. One of the spokes on the front wheel was bent. The front of the bike frame was discolored and almost felt sticky, but this is not a real problem. I had to zoom in on the picture to understand the installation because the instructions don't explain where the shifters are to be installed. I'm not happy with this bike. I did not ride it because of the front wheel not aligning and the bent spoke, but it got a one star from me.

👤My first ride on this bike was on Sept 2nd of last year, and at the time of writing this review, I had traveled 106 miles on this bike. I am around 5'9" and I like the fit of this bike. I was able to put the bike together quickly, but I had to take it to a local shop to make sure it was assembled correctly. The front wheel was wobbly and needed to be truing. If you have experience, this can be taken care of by yourself. If you're not experienced, I would recommend taking the bike to a shop. The bike shifts smoothly after some adjustment at the shop. The brakes that come with it aren't the best. I didn't have to air up the tires in two months. I am happy with my purchase so far, and I think this bike has been worth the money. If you are looking for a cheap, fun road bike to commute with or just want to hit the road on the weekend, this is the bike for you. I will try to update this review in the future once I get more mileage on the bike.

👤The bike is good for money. I didn't know what to expect when I saw the box, it was a bit beat up. I was a bit worried. I was able to say that the bike looks great and no parts were damaged in transit, even though I opened it up. After a few rides, I'm very satisfied with this purchase, but I haven't had a chance to review the longevity or long term durability. The bike lacks a mount point for a water bottle and I had to adjust the front brake calipers to prevent them from touching the wheel when not being used. The handle bars are a bit low, which means I'm hunched over when riding, but it does provide me with a good arm workout. I saw a lot of questions about this on the product Q&A page, even though the bike says it's a medium size. I'm 6'1" and this bike is a perfect size for me, however I'd say it might be difficult to ride for those under 5'9"-10", so that's something to keep in mind before ordering. The starter bike is solid to get me into cycling. It was 4/5!

7. Schwinn Volare Fitness Bicycle Medium

Schwinn Volare Fitness Bicycle Medium

Mobo Cruiser is a US company. They stand behind their products and ensure customer satisfaction. They will make things right if you contact them at support@mobocruiser. A road bike with a rigid fork and a flat styled handlebar fit riders of 64 to 74 inches tall. You can trust the 14-speed shifter and brake lever combo for years of smooth shifting. The linear pull brakes on the front and rear mean that stopping won't be a problem. This bike is made of aluminum frame, alloy wheels, alloy crank, alloy brakes and components. Schwinn bikes have limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own them.

Brand: Schwinn

👤My previous bike was stolen, so I needed a new one. I haven't ridden in a while so I was looking for a starter bike. This bike is great for commuters. Assembly is not bad at all. The frame has a crank, chain, and brakes on it. You need to connect some pieces and tighten some screws. The handlebar is already set up with tape and brakes so there is no need to set it up. 14 speeds have a good high and low for the everyday rider. They are a bit more tolerant. The shifter/brake from Shimano is very easy to use and friendly for new riders. Brakes needed fine tuning to work correctly. There are red marks on my pants. There is a 53 cm is a bit much for me. I can't ride the bike straight up. There are two reasons for me to be here. There is a I'm 275 pounds and I'm able to ride this thing with no issues. This will help you get up and ride until you are ready for your next ride. I would recommend this bike to everyone and will update this comment if something happens. The price is definitely 5 stars.

👤I bought this for my son. I didn't want to spend a lot on a bike unless he started riding more seriously. This fit the budget well. There is a Don't expect to win any races because it's heavy. It seems solid other than that. It took about an hour to get everything adjusted. There is a I have noticed one major issue after 70 miles on it. The front and rear tube have already been replaced. After less than 30 miles of riding, the rear tire failed and needed to be replaced. I don't think I would have to make them on a brand new bike because these aren't expensive repairs. There is a I might have missed it in the description, but the rims are not Presta like I would have expected, and they are drilled for Schrader valves.

👤My first road bike is good. There was a getting used to period because it is so light. The shifting is very easy to use after a long time around the neighborhood. Make sure you buy a new bike tube when you purchase this bike because the front tire does not hold air and you should adjust your brakes. The instructions tell you how to manipulate the box so that it works. It was a good ride for a first time road bike. I wish I knew how to contact the seller.

👤There's nothing fundamentally wrong with this bike, but there was some definite cost shaving going on that will affect your experience. The manufacturer of the brake levers claims they are suitable for side pull calipers. The brakes are designed for the latter, so they won't stop the bike as quickly as they would like. Replacing the levers and blocks is a fifty dollar project. The cranks from the Prowheel brand were one of the cheap-out moments, with the rivets that looked like bolts. I did not have an issue with punctures with the Chaoyang tires, they are plastic-y and lack grip, even after allowing some mileage for them to break in, but I suspect some chose to ignore the recommended inflation pressures. There's nothing fundamentally wrong with the shifters that come with this bike, even though some people will knock on the thumb lever. With two chainrings, the front is not a huge issue, and has the benefit of allowing fine adjustment to eliminate chain rub on the front derailleur in crossed gears. If you want to upgrade the drivetrain beyond 7-speed, you'll need to replace the rear hub, which is of the freewheel type. There are some positives to this bike. The frame of the bike is made of aluminum, which is not as heavy as steel. Rims are made of aluminum and have a braking surface. The wheels stayed true, but not always. The Tourney not-groupset is still reliable despite the hate people give it. There is a This is a decent value, but it does show some cut corners. There is a Once you put it together according to the instructions, check the rear derailleur adjustment, but it should still be checked. If you don't know, this is a skill you will need to learn at some point, and you may not be able to do it with an ordinary wrench. Either get a pedal wrench or find a crescent thin enough to fit between pedal and crank. If you don't do this right, the pedals will fall off if you don't assemble them correctly. The front derailleur adjustment needs to be set so the chain doesn't get thrown off the rings. If you don't know how, look it up. My headset was shipped too loose and I had to pull the brake levers all the way to the bars to make contact with the rim. There is a Listen for sounds on your ride. It's telling you something needs to be fixed if it isn't the sound of tires on the pavement.

8. ZiZZO 20 Inch Weight Folding Yellow

ZiZZO 20 Inch Weight Folding Yellow

The brakes are single pivot. It is easy to carry and folds in seconds so you don't need to leave it outside. 7 speeds and a grip style shift. The fold stem is high. There are two kinds of tires: multi-terrain tires and V-style brakes. The folded size is H 27" L-31" W-12.5. The weight is 29 lbs. It is recommended for riders 16-75 years of age.

Brand: Zizzo

👤It is beautiful. Well constructed and sturdy. The pedals were not folding and I didn't like them. The Zizzo ferro is the only model that does not include the folding pedals.

👤The pedals don't fold and the bike doesn't fully fold, but I like it. Zizzo doesn't explain why magnet catch and folding pedals are sold separately. I bought a different model and wish they had.

👤I like the quality of my second Zizzo folding bike. I haven't had the chance to fully test it. It folds easily and is easy to adjust. I took it for a ride. It was comfortable and smooth. Very happy with the purchase.

9. Schwinn Wayfarer Retro Styled Step Over Drivetrain

Schwinn Wayfarer Retro Styled Step Over Drivetrain

The Schwinn steel retro city frame and fork is comfortable. Quick gear changes are provided by the Schwinn 7 speed twist shifter. The front and rear linear pull brakes are made of alloy. The classic rear carrier provides convenient storage. The 700c size wheel is for adult riders. The bike has a limited lifetime warranty.

Brand: Schwinn

👤I would give this bike 0 stars. The bike was assembled according to instructions. We also bought a bike rack for our car for $70. The rear derailleur tore off the bike on my first ride. The bike came to a stop. I had a broken bike and was 5 miles from my car. The bike shop told me that it will cost the same to fix it as it did when I paid for it. I have a useless bike and bike rack. Very disappointed! I would like a reply from either Amazon or Schwinn.

👤I took the bike for a ride around the neighborhood after assembling it. This bike exceeded my expectations in many respects. I have owned dozens of bikes over the years and this is the ninth bicycle in my current stable and the least expensive. Two of my bikes cost over $3k. I have been a bike nerd my entire life and worked as a bike mechanic in younger years. I feel like I have a good perspective on bicycle quality. I was attracted to the bike's value and traditional styling, and I was not disappointed. There is a The bike is a steel frame, seven speed bicycle with an upright riding position. It has no name components. Cost-saving parts include an Ashtabula crank and chainring, a steel seatpost and seat clamp, and steel handlebars. The generic brake levers, rim, hubs, and linear- pull brakes are made of aluminum. I haven't confirmed, but the derailleur appears to be stamped steel. The included rack is chromed steel. The aluminum and steel brackets look like they are brushed. The bike does not feel heavy despite the heavy steel components. The frame is made of steel and welded with standard diameter tubing. It has a nice looking paint job and there is some pinstriping on the top tube. The front wheel has a quick release. There is a To me, the hybrid bicycle seems to be a classic English touring bike with a coil spring seat and swept-back handlebars. The seven speed gear is adequate for flat to moderately hilly terrain. Don't expect mountain bike gears. The freewheel is 14-28 teeth and is adequate for casual cycling on paved roads or trails. I did not count the chainring teeth. The frame's more modern origins are reflected in the slightly sloping top tube. The layout and ride is very similar to English touring bikes of the 1960's and 70's, with some alloy updates. There is a The bike was easy to assemble, but there were a few adjustments that might be difficult to understand for someone with no experience. The bearings on the bottom brackets were too tight, the headset was loose, and the front wheel needed some adjustments. The hubs and gears on my unit did not need to be adjusted out of the box. If you don't have experience assembling bikes, I recommend paying a professional to do it for you. The brakes are not as strong as they could be, but once adjusted they were easy to lock up the rear wheel and stop the bike. The brakes are above average in this price range. The grip-shift, seven-speed gear was quiet and crisp. The bike has a smooth, quiet ride once it is assembled. The riding position is very upright. If you are not expecting a racing position, there is not a lot of space between the seat and handlebars. The bike encourages one to take their time and look around. It feels efficient and secure, but notimble. I think this would make a great bike for a college campus, paved trails, and urban commute. I've seen people ride all kinds of bikes on all sorts of surfaces. I'm 6' 0 The person is tall and weighs 195 pounds. The bike was very comfortable for me, and I have it in the middle of its height adjustment range. I think the bike would be suitable for people with a height of between 5'9" and 6'2". The bike should last many years because of the reasonable protection from the weather and regular maintenance.

10. CXWXC Neoprene Waterproof Overshoes Mountain

CXWXC Neoprene Waterproof Overshoes Mountain

The outer and inner are made of rubber, nylon, and kevlar. Keep your feet dry and warm in the cold weather. Extra visibility is added by reflective side logo and details. The side entry has a high-quality lock and a storm flap. The shoe covers are secured with a 37mm wide rubber strap. For men and women, the sizes to be used are S/M/L/X/XXL.

Brand: Cxwxc

👤Go a large size. I'm a size 44.5 EU, 10-10.5 US and the XL was the right size. Protection: It was good for the price. I wore them with my Giro EC90 shoes and SmartWool socks. The thick neoprene was effective for over an hour down to about 18F with a 10mph wind and mist from tires. You could stay warm at slower air speeds. I've tried other covers and they didn't work as well as these. I've never tried a cover like this before and it does a better job of keeping feet dry. Dry feet can last up to 30 minutes in moderate spray. Between rides, give the neoprene time to dry. If your commute is more than 15 minutes, you'll still get wet feet even if the neoprene slows. There is a The weight. They are more effective at blocking the wind and wet than my thin shell covers. ExcellentEASE OF USE: Excellent. There is a good position for the zipper. It doesn't matter that it doesn't have a flap over the zip up. If you get the right size, there isn't much stress on the zipper. The tabs help in getting the heel over the back of the shoe. If you pull over the back of the shoe, you can enter. It takes about 1 min to get on or less. There is a DURABILITY. Good. It's less likely that a person will accidentally walk on the zipper. The quality of the Neoprene is good. Extra reinforcement is provided in the bottoms and gorilla tape can help add life to the toe. There is a I have yet to find a better shoe cover at any price that can handle the transition season between thin covers and dedicated Minnesota winter riding boots. I don't need to buy a set of intermediate fall riding shoes because these are effective. I can use these over my existing road and mountain bike shoes until the temperature drops below 10F, which is a huge value. Thanks to the manufacturer for a good item.

👤I am a US size 11 Euro 45. The fit of the XXL was snug and warm. There is a I can't recommend these clips if you use a long part under the front of your clips. The problem is that you can't clip into your pedals because the shoe cover is stuck in the spot where you want to connect. I could adjust them manually but I had to fight to get my shoes to fit in the pedals when I stopped at a light or for a break. Not worth the hassle. I have cut a notch into each cover where the pedal meets at the tip to make it easier to get it to work.

👤I bought the CXWXC shoe covers to wear over my Vans while cycling. The XX- Large fit perfectly over my size US 9.5 Vans Pro V shoes. My feet are warm and they are comfortable. I have worn these for as long as an hour on multiple predawn rides. I wore them on a morning ride and they were dry. There is a The covers seem to be well made. There are finger loops on the shin and heel of the covers to help with putting in the covers. The under toe portion of the covers is reinforced to help protect against wear. I would try to minimize walking on the straps, but the strap is reinforced. There are reflective logos on the front of the covers. The plastic covering on the zip up helps keep water out. The zip is easy to grasp when it's well placed to not expose the body while wearing. When putting the shoe covers on, I recommend you to pull them in before you put your shoes on. After your shoes are on, pull the covers over your toes, then use the heel loop in the covers to pull on your heels. Then zip up with the help of the straps on your soles. To make zipping easier, point your toes downward. There is a I am very happy with the Neoprene Cycling Shoe Covers. I hope my review helped you.

11. Mongoose Dolomite Featuring High Tensile Drivetrain

Mongoose Dolomite Featuring High Tensile Drivetrain

The bike has a limited lifetime warranty. The steel-framed mountain bike with all-terrain knobby tires is a great way to conquer any off-road trail. The threadless headset has an adjustment for riders of different heights, and the strong, lightweight alloy rims keep the weight down. Ride with beach cruiser pedals and make sure you are safe. The hills are easier to climb with a rear derailleur with seven speeds. The bike is ready to be assembled. The size is for adult riders who are 5' 6 to 6' tall.

Brand: Mongoose

👤I was very excited to get this bike. I used to do this for Trek. It wasn't my first rodeo, and I took off down my street for the maiden voyage. Within 800 feet of my driveway, the cheap plastic chain guard, prowheel brand, shattered into six pieces, cut my legs, and I went end over end. The bike feels great, but it is made of plastic. Don't buy if you're warned. There was an update on 8-19-18. Amazon sent me the same bike and I got back my money. The front disc brake was crumple like paper as I applied light pressure to it, relying on the rear to slow down on a gentle curve. I went into some bushes. The front fork was twisted. I would show that as well. I stripped the bike and made it 888-282-0465. It's going back to Amazon. You should be ashamed of yourselves for selling cheap bikes under a once noble name, and for having no customer support. I have the ability to influence anyone for the rest of my life.

👤I'm trying to get healthy again and the idea of being locked away in the gym on stationary machines sounded very unattractive. The idea of an outdoor bike came to mind. I was very worried that I wouldn't find a bike that could hold the mount. I was afraid that I would look like a man on a bike. The Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike has made me less afraid. The fat tires bring some balance to my watermelon like shape while on it, as well as holding my robust body. I recommend this bike to anyone who wants to get healthy again.

👤I bought this bike a year ago and have been using it as a trail bike. This bike is a good candidate for the theory of gradually upgrading a bike for people who are curious about fat bikes. The bones of the frame, wheels, tubes, tires and seat have stood up to regular use on rocky trails and steep fire roads. I treated this bike to a brand new Kenda Juggernaut rear tire because I like it so much. I was happy to upgrade parts from my spare parts bin because most of the stock components were not my liking. Not everyone has one of these. I pulled some better gear from my spare parts bin because I wanted to use it for more than cruising on sand, and everything worked when I got it. When I bring my bike for a group ride, my regular mountain biking friends occasionally trade me for a portion of our ride and have been pleasantly surprised that the bike geometry is actually comfortable and the bike doesn't feel as slow as it looks. I configured mine to run a 26 tooth chain ring in the front and a 14-34T Freewheel in the back, which provided more reasonable gear for climbing. Hope this helps someone make a purchase.

👤I read reviews and researched on fat tire bikes before buying 2 of them for myself and my wife. Positive and negative reviews on Amazon were both accurate, I would say. My wife's bike arrived and was put together nicely, she went on the beach. My bike was not the only story. The box was falling apart and there was plastic on the bottom of it. I put it together. I am not using the front disc brake because it is broken. It's inconvenient that the chain slips off the back sprockets. I received a PDF with instructions on making adjustments, and was told if that didn't work I could return it to Amazon. Both are not good options. I don't know how to package it up and send it back. By looking at my wife's bike, it's possible that all goes well, because it's a nice bike at a nice price. Is my bike? I'm not sure what to do. I will have to try to fix it.


What is the best product for bicycle adult men road?

Bicycle adult men road products from Schwinn. In this article about bicycle adult men road you can see why people choose the product. Mobo Cruiser and Huffy are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle adult men road.

What are the best brands for bicycle adult men road?

Schwinn, Mobo Cruiser and Huffy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle adult men road. Find the detail in this article. Takara Tomy, Kent International and Zizzo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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