Best Bicycle Adult Helmet

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1. Schwinn Intercept Adult Bicycle Helmet

Schwinn Intercept Adult Bicycle Helmet

It's for riders ages 14 and up. A custom fit is possible with theadjustable dial fit. The snap on visor protects eyes from the sun. The 26 crucial air vents provide maximum ventilation, keeping heads cool on hot summer rides, Upper and lower PC micro shell coverage delivers improved protection and durability. The U.S.CPSC has a safety standard for bicycle helmets.

Brand: Schwinn

👤I decided to buy a bike to help me lose weight and get healthier after not riding a bike for nearly 30 years. My kids told me that I need a helmet, so I looked at many helmets that were cheaper and more expensive, and decided to give this one a try. I'm very happy I did. It fits my large head well and it's airy which keeps my head cool. It feels very comfortable. The construction and padding seem to be solid, and the dial seems to fit perfectly, as if it will stay in place in a crash. The colors match my Mongoose Dolomite, I am very happy with this purchase so far. My wife said that I'm pretty cute in my helmet.

👤We ordered two Schwinn helmets for our kids, the "Intercept" and the "Thrasher" model. We love the "dial fit" adjustment on both helmets. When our daughter wears her helmet, the inner "fit ring" of this model keeps coming loose. She doesn't stay secure on her head. Problem! The Intercept model has a design flaw according to some of the other user reviews. The dial fit adjustment piece and front padding are secured within the helmet shell by six small tabs. That's all. We compared this to the two adult helmets we own with a "dial fit" design. The plastic "fit ring" is used in all of the models and has anchor tabs on it. It doesn't come out. The fit adjustment piece is not used in those helmets, but only for the padding pieces. The manufacturer has been contacted by me with my concerns. I expect them to fix the problem with a new helmet because they were very nice. Saving yourself the hassle is what I recommend if you're shopping for a helmet. Schwinn is great, just choose a different model. We received a replacement unit after we sent the details and photos to the manufacturer. They sent me the same thing. There was no help there. I'm returning the helmet and getting something else. We can't recommend this helmet.

👤My daughter was upset that the plastic headliner on her helmet was not held in place. I found that the straps were not fed through the headliners and that the rear of the headliners were not holding the straps in place. It is not safe to use without being attached. I was able to redo one side of the helmet where the strap ends come together, but I can't fix the other because the continuous strap is between the outer shell and the styrofoam. This is not fixable without cutting the continuous strap and getting the necessary strap attachment from the supply store. I will try to exchange the Schwinn product for something else, but I am really disappointed with the quality.

👤This helmet is larger than I expected, but it's my first bike helmet, so what do I know? There is a It's small for my pinhead. I usually wear a size 6-7 to 7 hat, but I have decided to wear a smaller size, and with a baseball cap underneath it seems to fit as I imagine it should. I prefer to wear a hat under my head to keep the sun out of my hair, even though I have less hair than a full head. There is a The nylon straps and plastic buckle on the chin strap are not comfortable and can get into my chin and jaw. I'll fix that. (MacGruber!) There is a I have a tiny, tiny head and the chin strap is too long, so I have to either put it in the helmet above my ear or use a double strap. Tucking it into the ear straps is very uncomfortable, and having it slap my face is another option, but I have people for that. I don't know how it will perform, but I will find out soon enough. I'll wear it a lot around the house, but I'll use it occasionally on a bike. I get concussions from banging my head against the wall when Trump is on the phone. There is an update. It's best that I get a helmet that fits and is comfortable without an engineering intervention, because it's in the interest of safety. I will have to avoid the news until I find a better fit.

2. Giro Bronte Bike Helmet Matte

Giro Bronte Bike Helmet Matte

Market-leading protection. Giro has a category-leading helmet test lab. It's called MIPS. The Multi-Directional Impact Protection System can be used in a crash. Universal fit structuring: Straight out of the box, get the right fit. There are 22 vents. Drugging: In-mold construction.

Brand: Giro

👤The old Register and the new MIPS Register are sold by Giro. The seller's description says something about the register. The seller applied a bar code label to the box, but it was not on the helmet. I called Giro to make sure this wasn't a helmet. The suspension has yellow plastic pillars that support it, but the inside back label does not have the word "MIPS" on it. Just said Register. I hope this was an honest mistake, but worried that other buyers will not complain.

👤There is no way to adjust the side straps that form the triangle on each side. The helmet can't be adjusted to keep it from rotating up and off the forehead. The triangle legs' location front to back on the head is fixed due to stitching. The length across the chin is the only adjustment on the straps. A typical mechanism would have addressed this. There is a The Roc Loc is good for tweaking the helmet but not addressing the straps. The seller provided good service and prompt delivery.

👤I bought this helmet after the dial on my Revel broke. There are some notes on notable differences and similarities. I owned Giro Indicator and Transfer models before. I am familiar with their offerings in the low-mid range. After I glue the adjustment dial in a static position, I will keep the Revel as a backup. If you don't use the adjustment dial often, the Register is a solid option that will likely last 3-4 years of daily use. There is a Lighter than the Revel, 280g versus 314g. The lighter/thinner straps seem to be of similar strength. More padding on the touch points makes it comfortable out of the box. There is additional padding in the interior comparison shot. The model name is molded onto the rear of the outer shell, which is a nice aesthetic touch. There is a The same adjustment system is used by the Revel and theRoc Loc. It's easy to use, but the plastic components of the dial mechanism won't stand up to daily use. If you can, set it and forget it. It will last a couple years with frequent use. You can see the larger overall in the photos. The visor attachment is weak compared to older models. The visor should not stay on over rough terrain.

👤The helmet is awesome. You might think you're getting your money's worth if you buy something cheaper. I was considering buying the cheaper non-mips version of the helmet, but after doing some research on the technology, it made sense for me to buy this helmet. The visor is easy to install and remove, I have provided pictures. It comes with 5 pads that are replaceable once the old pads are worn out. I'm not going to keep it in the box. The box was not a case. Until the manufacturer makes cases for helmets, forget it. I will not take all the stickers out of my helmet. The serial number, model number, and the stickers are all important information, and I learned this after doing it on my netbook. You might be screwed if you don't have that information. Don't peel the stickers when you're not sure. I really like this helmet. After a few months of use, I will give you an update, but I highly recommend this product!

3. FROFILE Bike Helmet Adults Cycling Bicycle Baseball Helmet

FROFILE Bike Helmet Adults Cycling Bicycle Baseball Helmet

The base camp A19 commuter bike helmet is lightweight and sturdy and stands up to everyday use. The large vents offer optimum air flow. Cute shape, unique old school design are what urban style is made of. The helmet has nice leather mounted on it. 300g of lightweight helmet won't burden your head during the ride, and it's durable and lightweight. The helmet side release buckle can be adjusted andightened in seconds to fit head circumferences of 21.2-24.4 inches. Protect your eyes from the sun and rain with a leather helmet. A multifunctional helmet is suitable for traveling, cycling, climbing, horseback riding, camping, skiing, baseball, skateboard, etc. It's suitable for men and women who are on the go, invest in your safety and bring home a cute urban style bike helmet. Go, get it.

Brand: Frofile

👤It fits well. It's easy to adjust. I hope I don't have to try it out.

👤I'm from the old school when you didn't wear a helmet riding bikes/scooters but then again drivers weren't out to try and kill you when you did. The purchase of the helmet is the reason. I don't like the style of bike helmets so I wanted one that looked more like a hat. The helmet is lightweight and fits my head with a scarf. The strap adjustment was difficult. I finally got it to fit. There is a The padding was comfortable and didn't make me sweat. I'm not sure how well it will protect your head, I haven't fallen with it on. The inner shell is similar to the hard hat baseball helmets. I'm pretty sure it can handle a topple off a scooter going 20 mph, I know they can take a ball being thrown at 80 to 100 mph. I don't want to find out. It's funny. The item is well made. I think it is a good purchase. There is an update on July 16, 2021. On June 15th, I fell off my scooter. The helmet took a hit but my head is fine. My hands and knees are jacked up, but my head is ok. Glad to know the helmet works.

👤This isn't a one size fits all helmet. It was too big for me, but when I bought some on Amazon, it fit perfectly. I would have returned the helmet and not bothered fitting it to my head if it wasn't so cute. It looks cute on me.

👤If you crash, this won't stay on.

👤This is not a bike helmet. I think it's cute. I usually don't wear a helmet, but since I went Electric, I felt I should wear something. It's better than nothing. It's hard but not DOT. If you work and wear a helmet, you might not feel safe on a bike. Baseball would be great for other things. You hate your ear, so not for batting. I wish they had the plaid, I would get that one. If you order from China, these are 20.

👤The cheap glue that was used to glue the protection gears together was falling apart from the helmet. There is a I dropped off my helmet at the store more than 3 weeks ago and have not received my credit back as they promised, there is no contact information for me to ask about what happened. Amazon doesn't have any direct contact information. Frustrating. There is a Disappointed customer. There is a The person is called VL.

👤It is very nice. The reason for 4 stars is that it should be available in more sizes. My husband's head is very snug.

👤It was light and kept the sun out of my eyes.

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4. Giro Bexley MIPS Cycling Helmet

Giro Bexley MIPS Cycling Helmet

Market-leading protection. Giro has a category-leading helmet test lab. It's called MIPS. The Multi-Directional Impact Protection System can be used in a crash. The rear light is integrated for hard-to-miss visibility. SHIELD is retractable with clear optics. COMFORT: The Roc Loc 5 fit system can be used to adjust vertical position and tension.

Brand: Giro

👤The helmet is a great choice for an ebike. It is large and slightly heavy, but it is also light and has an integrated visor and backlight. Right? There is a There are pros and cons. A tank. It was nice. Excellent earflappage. It looked like a giant pink Qtip. Visor is difficult to pull down. Makes a great base for a cosplay helmet. Who would do that? It is refreshing to have minimalist packaging. The material choices for the shell are meh, the backlight is crazy bright, and the blinking modes are the stuff of seizures. It should come with a spare MIPS liner and some reflective stickers, like the one I cut badly on mine. Colin Furze provides safety stickers. I wonder how long the inner materials can last. There is a It is large, hot, and somewhat visible, and seems worth every penny. I like the one hand clasp. It is very close, but could be better.

👤I was standing on my pedals on my ebike when someone cut me off. I had a nasty spill on my back. The back plastic of the helmet and liner cracked when I hit the asphalt. The ER doc thought I had a concussion and thought I was a little loopy for a few hours. My neck and back have been messed up. I received a replacement for this helmet and it was worth every penny. I would recommend the Bexley if you have a speedpedelec. It's convenient and safe. I bought the titanium version. It has a rough surface.

👤The helmet is so large that it is unwieldy. You have to factor in the size of the doorways and the motion outside of the normal range of human movement. It's ridiculous. The helmet's existence is questionable because of the premium you are paying and the fact that it's not in use. How this was made is beyond me. It's not very comfortable. Steering clear of this thing is what I would recommend.

👤Have to return it. The quality of the helmet is perfect. The helmet is huge. I'm a big man with a big head, but it looks like a mushroom hat to me. The reason for that is thick internal in sets. It adds to the safety and helmet size. It was like wearing a helmet on top of another helmet. There is a They should add a photo of the helmet that shows how it looks on a real person. I'm returning it because it's too big. If you don't mind wearing the Darth Vader's hat on public, you will be happy with this product.

5. OutdoorMaster Skateboard Helmet Lightweight Low Profile

OutdoorMaster Skateboard Helmet Lightweight Low Profile

The sturdy is built for both comfort and impact resistance. A skateboard helmet with two liners for different head sizes is easy to wash away. Multi-sport - Smooth Venlitation System helps to protect and enjoy. Double adjustment - well-attached and long- lasting adjustment dial and skin-friendly chin strap maxmize the best fit and comfortable wearing. How can I tell if a prophylactic is effective? Wrap a flexible tape measure around the largest portion of your head to find the right bike helmet. Wrap a string around your head and measure the length with a yardstick. If your size is between 21.3-22.8inch, you should be in Size Large.

Brand: Outdoormaster

👤I thought it looked weird on my head, but it turned out to be cracked open like a melon on the street. It's stupid to fly at 30 mph on an electric longboard without a helmet. Yes. The fit is excellent and the dial is fine. Even at high speed, it stays where it should. The vent is good. You're not working as hard on an eskate. An important part of my gear is a good value. It is recommended. It's still working well a year later. I wear this helmet when I commute on a 40mph fast ebike. I use a Moon snowboard helmet in the winter. My 13 year old son flies behind me on his own eskate, far too fast! He fought me with his teeth and nail, but he will also be wearing this helmet. There is a I added a crazy fast e- mountain board to my quiver, it makes me want to snowboard it. I turned in a little gravel. I know my head snapped right onto the pavement. This helmet saved my life. There were a few scratches on the side of the hardshell. Be smart and wear a helmet.

👤I crashed my skateboard going over 20 mph. My head was covered with several feet. I didn't feel the impact because it protected my head. If it wasn't for this helmet, I would probably have died from my broken arm.

👤I have a large head. This helmet is good for me. I use it with a liner hat in cold weather and take out the padding.

👤I just started skateboarding this week and wanted to make sure I was protected in case. The top choices for helmets were by Triple Eight and the outdoormaster. The comment sections for both helmets didn't help me much. I measured my head with a measuring tape. I would fit right at the end of a Medium and in the middle of a Large according to the information given. I was worried because other comments said the helmet fit snug. helmets should be snug for safety You don't want to have headaches. I need my helmet to move around a bit since I know I'll be working up a sweat in it, I live in Arizona and it gets hot there. I ordered both the Triple Eight and OutdoorMaster helmets. I didn't go with the OutdoorMaster helmets because of their size, comfort, and profile. Below are details on the issues. The Triple Eight helmet has a 57 cm head measurement. Triple Eight helmets are worn by some of the best skaters in the world, and you can see them on Tony Hawk's website. There is a I ordered the Large and Medium helmets to see if they worked. I mean it with seriousness, the Medium Barely fit my head. The take-off was quick and the Large size followed. The dial in the back of the helmet was adjusted to fit my head. The helmet sits on your head and feels off. This helmet made me look like an egg head, because safety isn't always fashionable or cool. It looked and felt like a rock climbing helmet. The inner liners and ticker padding felt like what should have been the basic padding. This wasn't the helmet company for me. If you want something on your head for now or don't plan on using it much, this is a good option because it is cheaper than a Triple Eight helmet. If you can get a Triple Eight helmet, it's a lot more comfortable and it stays close to your head. The top of my skull felt pretty safe, but the sides and back of my head felt a little exposed.

6. Adult Helmet Commuter Adjustable Circumference

Adult Helmet Commuter Adjustable Circumference

A multifunctional helmet is suitable for cyclists. It's suitable for men and women who are on the go, invest in your safety and bring home a cute urban style bike helmet. Go, get it. Impact resistance is made of high density and durable foam, which absorbs the impact and reduces the shock pressure to protect the head during a crash. Their helmet comes with an adjustment harness / wheel ratchet dial that can be adjusted to fit heads circumference of 22 to 24.4 inches, which is perfect for people with larger heads. The upgraded version is here. The forehead cushions were included to accommodate different head sizes. Please measure the head size using a measuring tape. Heavy duty construction. If you go through a number of helmets in a short period of time, you will be in good shape. Multi sport helmets that are made of cheap shell can cause disappointment. Their bicycle helmet is built to last and is extremely durable. Keep your head protected while riding your bike, skateboard, roller skate or scooter. AJUSTABLE BUCKLES & CHIN STEALS - Low friction chin strap ensures comfort and high quality Buckle ensures it holds in place under stress.

Brand: Sg Dreamz

👤The dial inside the helmet makes it hard to adjust with the helmet on. The helmet sits awkward and feels loose even with the dial tight. My head is 22” in diameter. I am going back. The design is cool but not comfortable.

👤The helmet seems to be for a child. It was not deep enough to offer any protection. It was on top of my head. I don't think it would help in a crash.

👤The instructions don't help since they are for a more traditional bicycle helmet, and it's difficult to adjust this helmet. It takes a lot of work to figure out how to adjust things. The helmet comes off your head no matter how you adjust it. How is this considered protection? Don't buy one.

👤My husband loved the second helmet that we bought. The first one we got was a little tight on his head, despite being the right size. The front part of this helmet is higher than the other one so it doesn't need to cover my husband's forehead, which is the reason I chose this one. My husband has a head size of 24 inches. There is a My husband liked the extra paddings and that they are replaceable.

👤We couldn't get it to stay on her head after adjusting everything. I'll use it for myself instead, but it's still a bit slippery even after adding the extra padding and adjusting the straps, as I'm always a size large in hats. I like the look, but don't like the fit.

👤It was nicely built. I had to return it because it was too small.

👤Quizs un poco tosco pero est bastante resistente. Si tienes una caida. No sufre dao, lo amortigue. Weo combinado con una moto eléctrica.

👤I'm still adjusting the fit to see if it's snug. It feels loose and sits a little high. The helmet is nicely constructed.

7. LUMOS Kickstart Smart Helmet Accessories

LUMOS Kickstart Smart Helmet Accessories

A multifunctional helmet is suitable for traveling, cycling, climbing, horseback riding, camping, skiing, baseball, skateboard, etc. It's suitable for men and women who are on the go, invest in your safety and bring home a cute urban style bike helmet. Go, get it. Kickstart is a crowd-funded smart helmet. It is practical. The turn indicators and automatic brake lights are easy to understand. The impact resistant foam liner and PolyCarbonate shell are protection. 500 lumens of front and rear lighting is visible at eye level on the roads. The helmet size fits heads from 21 to 24 inches. Every purchase includes a helmet, charging cable, wireless remote, rubber bands, and a card.

Brand: Lumos

👤I ride my board while wearing this. I've had people stop me and say "thanks for wearing that helmet!" Some bikers are asking where I got it. I feel more visible on the road. There is a The price is the only reason I'm deducting a star. I would prefer a helmet with lights and no controller. Since I ride with a boosted board, holding the turn signal remote by itself feels clumsy, and mounting it to the boosted remote is too heavy. I would love to design and 3D-print a new boosted board housing that the signal remote can lock into.

👤I ride 3000-5000 miles a year, but I am not a hard core cyclist. Group rides in the 30-90 mile range can last up to 4 hours. I don't use a bike to commute. I like my current helmet, but thought it would be easier to see if I wore a helmet. The helmet does everything it says, but there are 2 drawbacks that I will return. It is heavier than my helmet. It is material on long rides but not on a commute or ride less than 25 miles. I used it on a 35 mile ride and it made my neck and upper back sore. It is the first ride for me. I don't want that on a 35 mile ride. It's not ideal. 2. The life of the battery. I had it fully charged and on the first setting. The battery gave out in 80 minutes. It doesn't work for me on long rides, but it would be great for people doing 30 mile rides. Great product, great safety, great concept, but it doesn't work for me.

👤Where do I start? This is one of my favorite purchases. I love this helmet. It is the most comfortable helmet I have ever owned. Everything works as advertised so far. The front lights are bright enough to be seen, but not bright enough to be useful. I put a light on the top of the helmet. The turn signals make me feel safer while riding in the city. I don't know what they look like from the perspective of drivers behind me. The design seems to have been thought out. The helmet and the turn signal controller have magnetic charges for them. When the turn signal is initiated, a sound is emitted. It's difficult to put a price on safety. I think this helmet is worth a lot.

👤I received my helmet on April 18. I ride 16 to 20 miles a day through rural developments. I looked at several style led helmets and considered aftermarket blinking led lighting for my existing helmet, until I found this helmet. It worked out of the box. It was easy to pair it with my phone. I adjust the helmet size for my large head. I turned on the brake light after running through charging, left and right turn signals. I had my wife follow me as I tested the light. I adjusted the sound to be heard on the 8th led flash. There are also options of none, 4th flash or every flash. The turn signals are very good. The helmet's front and back are illuminated by turn signals. The battery life seems to be good since I ride for an hour and 20 minutes. After each ride, I charge my helmet and turn signal device. I ordered a second magnetic charging cord from Lumos after finding no problems with the first one. I can tell that drivers coming toward me and coming from behind give me more respect on the road. I paid full price for this helmet. I'm not connected with Lumos. The helmet is the final version of the project and I'm looking forward to any software updates. Be seen and ride safely. Buy it!

8. Giro Vanquish Helmet Matte Black

Giro Vanquish Helmet Matte Black

Market-leading performance and protection. Giro has a helmet test lab. The aerodynamic design uses Transform Air Technology to reduce drag. The MIPS Brain Protection System is integrated with the Roc Loc 5 Air Fit System for an added measure of protection in certain impacts. VIVID SHEILD has a magnetic on/off system and VIVID lens technology that increases contrast and definition while keeping colors true to life. VENTILATION AND COMFORT. The wind tunnel vents allow air to flow through the helmet. The Roc Loc 5 Air fit system can be used to adjust vertical position and tension.

Brand: Giro

👤The Giro Aeon has been my primary helmet for the past year. That is the basis for the comparison. I have not worn this helmet on any rides without the visor because I only bought it for the visor. I've taken it out on 4 rides, one of which included a 889' climb with 4% decent. I've been a cyclist for over 20 years and can be a little critical when it comes to my gear. The helmet is not perfect out of the box, so I give it 4 out of 5 stars. The desire to purchase an aero helmet is due to the winds being 5-10 mph this summer. My first ride with this helmet was on a windy day. I noticed a reduction in drag about two miles into my ride. I ride a road with a 45 mph speed limit in between my house and my favorite cycling trail at 41 mph. I am very pleased with the reduction in air resistance. There is a The videos on the Giro website presented some interesting airflow and wind tunnel tests that had me very optimistic about the cooling effects. The Giro Aeon is my go to helmet when there is no wind and it is noticeably cooler. During the months of July and August, it is usually between 85 and 100 degrees. The conditions are very bad. The visors block some of the air flow that would come up from underneath the helmet. The four vents on the visor bring in air. I have to hold my head at a specific angle to maximize the air flow. This is not going to be a problem during the fall, winter and spring. I anticipate loving this helmet in the fall and spring. I ride down to 20 degrees if there is snow or ice on the road. Reduced air flow is going to be good. Giro makes their helmets with nice color schemes. The designers could have put more effort into the appearance of the helmet. I had a hard time selecting a color. I didn't like the color black. I like helmets that help drivers spot me on the road. The white was not colorful. I spent a few days making metallic silver strikes with a black fade. I'm not the best at airbrushing so it's not perfect but it looks better in the meantime. There is a I am okay with the lens. I haven't experienced any issues with fogging yet. The magnetic locks seem to work well so far. The visor has a good field of view and does not interfere with my peripheral vision, which was a major concern. The glare off the road and trail surfaces hasn't been too bad with the lens that came with it. I wanted to order a clear lens so I could wear my photochromic cycling glasses underneath, but they are not cheap and hard to find. Giro does not sell replacement glasses. When I contacted Giro to inquire about replacements, I was sent a link to a different website. There is a handling fee for orders under $100. It would have been great if Giro could have ordered the helmet directly from them. I don't want the lens that comes with the helmet in winter. I need a clear lens so I can wear my photochromic cycling glasses. The anti-fogging will be tested in the winter. I wear a balaclava. The glasses fog when I stop breathing. I'm hoping the lens is far away to prevent that from happening.

9. JBM Specialized Protection Adjustable Lightweight

JBM Specialized Protection Adjustable Lightweight

How can I tell if a prophylactic is effective? Wrap a flexible tape measure around the largest portion of your head to find the right bike helmet. Wrap a string around your head and measure the length with a yardstick. If your size is between 21.3-22.8inch, you should be in Size Large. Can be adjusted to different head size. The nutcase helmet is suitable for both men and women and has a dial system that makes it easy to use. Impact resistance is something that can be done. The nutcase bike helmet is for adults. The material uses the tough and durable PC, EPS foam which helps absorb the impact and protect the head during crash. VENTILATION: The adoption of specialized aerodynamic and ventilation design allow air to go through the biking helmet which helps increase the speed and keep it cool. Light weight: The helmet is made of lightweight material and the inner pad is made of breathable material. The package includes a helmet.

Brand: Jbm International

👤I want to write good reviews when I like something, but often don't get around to it. There is a Yesterday, this helmet saved my husband's life. This helmet saved my husband's life yesterday. There is a He crashed riding his bike and fell back, the back of his head hitting the ground. Didn't have a throbbing head. There was no pain from hitting his head. There is a The helmet is broken, cracked, and damaged from impact, but it is supposed to take the impact and protect your head. This helmet did what it was supposed to do. The crash happened very fast. Make sure your helmet fits on your head. Be safe. I will be buying another helmet that I recommend.

👤The helmet looks great and the general construction seems to be fine. The helmet would get five stars from me, except for one shortcoming. The straps can slip out of proper adjustment if the plastic guides on each side don't lock. The helmet is less than ideal because of this oversight, since proper fitting is critical for any helmet to protect you in a fall. The design may work for you if you have a large head.

👤The adage "you get what you pay for" applies again. It's simply adequate and not a bad helmet. It's cheap, looks good, and fits the bill for protection. There is a There are a few minor problems that detract from the overall quality of the helmet. Every time you put the helmet on, you have to adjust the strap on the sides because they don't lock. The back of the helmet has two connection points, so it's placement on the head can vary from ride to ride, and needs to be adjusted each time. When it's placed on my head, it feels stiff. I don't know how to describe this one, but most good bike helmets just seem to cradle around your head - not this one. It feels as though it's too wide and short, making it hard to fit on the head. It feels as though it's creeping up and off my head because of it's shape, no matter how much I press it down. There is a It's inexpensive, but I would rather spend more money on a quality helmet at a bike shop.

👤The chin strap is comfortable and lightweight. Ladies head up! Only low pony-tails are allowed.

👤I bought this as a replacement for a helmet that was stolen. The dial is in the back to make sure it fits. There is a The front has a lump on your forehead. It's not comfortable. The padding on the helmet doesn't help the visibility of the bumps at the front of the helmet.

👤A nice helmet. Nice changes. It feels great on a few rides. Lots of air! Like the visor that comes with it. I did a lot of research on helmets and found out that even though there is a famous name on a helmet, it didn't make it any better. If it's certified and this one is, it meets all crash standards.

10. FEND Commuters Certified Lightweight Protection

FEND Commuters Certified Lightweight Protection

It's easy to fold and store in a bag or backpack. FEND is an adult bike helmet that is always with you. FEND helmets are built with an award winning DURABLE DESIGN and are made with a durableABS shell, PC, and high impact absorbingEPS core. This year The Red Dot Design Award winner. This year The winner of the award. It was designed and engineered in New York City. Bike accessories that are safety certified. FEND surpasses US and European safety standards for bicycles, skateboards, and e-bikes/scooters under 20mph. It's convenient and light. Their foldable helmet has an integrated dial fit system for precise adjustments and additional padding for the perfect fit. Their size chart has more information. There is a 100% happiness guarantee. Your happiness is their top priority. If you have a problem with their product, they will solve it. You can return it. Send a new helmet. Whatever it takes. Just reach out to them.

Brand: Fend

👤I bought this helmet for its safety certification and it is amazing. The design is thought out and the attention to detail is great. The helmet folds into my bag when I commute in NYC. It is very comfortable and compact. I have tried folding helmets and they don't feel as durable as this one. It's most important that it's CPSC and CE. It is certified. I know it will keep me safe. The canvas carrying bag, thick pads, and rotating adjuster in the back are great touches. I'm happy!

👤Talk about how you feel about a purchase. This helmet design is sexy and sleek. I bought two of these for my wife and I was waiting for them to arrive. It was nice to know that the helmets arrive one day early, but even better was the fact that they come with their own helmet bag. I have to give it to the team that designed it. Great job. I am very impressed with how this helmet folds and gets all compact. Very neat! This is the best addition to my new biking and riding gear. They're very comfortable. The knob on the helmet makes it easy to tighten it. We're so happy with these helmets that we're just going to wear them around the house for a while.

👤I have never been a regular wearer of helmets so I can't compare this to other brands, but this one suits me. It's comfortable to wear throughout long rides, and the medium/large fits me well. It's cooler than I expected, which is a real benefit as I live in a hot and humid climate. I like the simple design of this helmet as opposed to the more aerodynamic ones. I like the low-key logo, it's not garish like many products. There is a The fold is the most important thing for me. I had to lump around a bowl before I wore a helmet. I know it's a bad reason, but it's the truth. This folds down to fit into my bike bags and even the small backpack that I carry as a purse. I don't carry much in that purse, but the fact that it fits means that I'll use it, and it's definitely safer than not using it. I think it's worth it even though I was lucky to get a nice discount for Prime Day. It feels like a sound helmet and works for the way I bike, even though I hope never to give it the ultimate test. I would buy this again.

11. LIVLOV Adjustable Lightweight Skateboard Mountain

LIVLOV Adjustable Lightweight Skateboard Mountain

The chin strap is suitable for most adult, youth age 14+. The built-in 18 vents are for maximum ventilation. The adoption of specialized aerodynamic and ventilation design allow air to go through the biking helmet which reduces air resistance and stays cool. The helmet is lined with pads that are soft and comfortable to clean and keep it fresh smelling. This is the grade adjusted system. You can easily secure and adjust the helmet fit with your head with the easy-use dial system and side straps. Perfect bicycle helmets for adults men and women are available from 56 to 62 cm. Light bike helmet, weighing only 8.7 ounces, has a Daylight and Daylight Sun Vision Design. You don't feel it on your head. The LIVLOV helmet has a visor that can be removed in seconds. Take your mountain bike helmets and enjoy your trip. LiVLOV offer a 1 year warranty and 30 days satisfaction or return guarantee for this bike helmet. They will reply to your message in less than 24 hours if you contact them. If you don't receive a sun visor after you receive the helmet, please contact them through Amazon email and they will send you a new one for free.

Brand: Livlov

👤The helmet is very nice. It's comfortable on my head. Looks great.

👤The seller reached out to me immediately and offered me a replacement helmet. Excellent customer service! There is a This item is terrible. The straps are too small for the openings.

👤I hit my head on my bike and it bounced, but it wasn't broken.

👤Did not come with a visor. Will be coming back.

👤The helmet was very comfortable and lightweight. In the coming summer months, it will know how it handles humidity.

👤The helmet is great. I love the color pink.


What is the best product for bicycle adult helmet?

Bicycle adult helmet products from Schwinn. In this article about bicycle adult helmet you can see why people choose the product. Giro and Frofile are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle adult helmet.

What are the best brands for bicycle adult helmet?

Schwinn, Giro and Frofile are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle adult helmet. Find the detail in this article. Outdoormaster, Sg Dreamz and Lumos are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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