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1. HOPENE Waterproof Sensitive Bicycle Compatible

HOPENE Waterproof Sensitive Bicycle Compatible

Universal and multi functional are included. The bike frame bag can be easily installed and fits most types of bicycles if the straps are free to be inserted into the storage bag. The bike bags can be used on a variety of bikes. is is is is aesteironts The backpack is suitable for a phone up to 7 inches. Large capacity designs for long-distance cycling, easy to carry some small items you need. The bike phone bag for bicycles has a high definition and touch screen that can be used on a trip without taking it out. The bike phone mount bag is made of carbon fiber and has sealed double zippers and seamless cementing to keep it dry. Their bike top tube phone bag has a Streamlined Design. You can see your phone screen in the sun, even if it's cloudy, with a Sun visor. The paint of your bike will be protected with an anti-wear pad. The top tube phone bag with velcro straps is easy to install and release, and it helps you tie the phone holder bag for bike firmly to prevent moving when you ride on a bumpy or rocky road. The top tube phone bag with velcro straps is easy to install and release, and it helps you tie the phone holder bag for bike firmly to prevent moving when you ride on a bumpy or rocky road.

Brand: Hopene

👤This was the perfect gift for my husband's birthday. It's the right size and he doesn't have to worry about it. It's easy to detach the bag if he leaves the bike.

👤I was hoping that this would work on my woman's bike. It holds my phone.

👤It was purchased for our Himiway bikes. Exactly as described! We bought 2 for each of our bikes.

👤The storage capacity is large. The space is large for my phone, keys, wallet, credit cards, phone cover, and bike vest.

👤The tube won't stay in place. I came back. Still waiting for the money back.

👤There isn't a place to put things on a mountain bike. I wanted to put some small things in the bag. The bottom of the car bag can be fixed, so why did I choose this bag? The length can be adjusted by yourself. The bag has a lot of capacity. You can put things down, such as sunglasses, earphones, wet tissues, and first aid medicine. You can put a mobile phone on the cover of the bag, put everything away, and zip up, the bright touch film on the top of the car bag will not delay you from reading your phone and replying to messages. It is sun-proof and rain-proof. The things in the car bag will not get wet in the rain, so it's normal and practical. It is very convenient.

2. ROCK BROS Bicycle Carrier Commuter

ROCK BROS Bicycle Carrier Commuter

The embedded body frame. It was hard to use. Protect clothes, shoes, phone, clothes, shoes, phone, cameras, kettle and other items in the bike trunk bag. There are multiple condominiums and pocket rockets. The main compartment of the bike trunk bag has a board and some pockets to help with organization for small things. There are pockets on each side that can hold a lot of side items. This is a good choice for a day ride. The structure and protection are stable. The trunk bag is filled with thick foam to hold it's shape and protect items. Even if nothing is in it, it won't fall to one side or the other. It's accessible. The package has a carry strap. If you go on a stroll and don't need to worry about it being stolen, you should take this trunk bag with you. The water bottle holder is helpful for avoiding the water bottle falling out on the ride. There are reflective straps on the bike luggage bag and the strap at the back for attaching the rear light. If you're a night rider, you'll want to add reflective items. It's fastened securely to the rack and doesn't shift, it has 2 straps on the front of the rack, 2 long straps going across the rack, and a fixed buckle. The bag is for fat bikes, e- bikes and other commuter bikes. It's fastened securely to the rack and doesn't shift, it has 2 straps on the front of the rack, 2 long straps going across the rack, and a fixed buckle. The bag is for fat bikes, e- bikes and other commuter bikes.

Brand: Rockbros

👤I recommend the bag to other ebike friends until it starts unraveling. The bag should be better.

👤I have a bike lock in the bag. There is plenty of room for a jacket and gloves with the 12V&5V battery. If I need them, this is a sturdy bag. It was perfect.

👤After a month of use, the zipper failed. The bag is well designed. I can't close the bag because the zipper began to separate after I bought it. Don't buy this product. The seller sent me a new item after I contacted them. Hopefully this one will hold up better than the broken one. The rest of the bag is not affected by the weakness in the zip. The new bag has been fine for the past month after being replaced for free. I am going to upgrade my rating. Hopefully an exception.

👤The main bag seems sturdy enough for all of its features. The main bag lid is difficult to access and operate when closing the attachment straps, there is not enough velcro contact area, and the Buckle used for looping the attachment straps is sewn.

👤The pack seems to be in good shape. The straps on the front of the bag had to be extended. There was no way it would fit securely without an extension. I have an e-bike. The rack is not new. The straps were not long enough to hold the pack in place. I would have returned the pack if I had not been given some extra velcro. A pack that can't be attached to the bike is not good.

👤This trunk is good. The side pockets hold more items. When one makes an online purchase, they hope the item is what they are looking for. I was expecting a bigger bag, but it is smaller than I thought. I commute and also use my bicycle for touring and tend to take more items than I do. I will probably have to get a different bag when I do, but for casual day rides and commute it is a good choice.

👤I bought this with a rack and 2 water resistant bags in hopes that this small guy can hold my spare water, my camera and other small stuffs for easy access. It won't hold on to the rack for more than a second. There are 2 hoop and loop tapes at the bottom of the bag, and 2 pathetically tiny tapes facing the seatpost. I thought shifting my rack to the back would help the small bag get on. I couldn't trust it to my camera. I put it in a small compartment in my water resistant bag. The pictures were taken after I returned from the trip. I took a bag with me on my bike trips. If I expose it to the environment and let it wear down, I will be surprised if it breaks after a week. The middle compartment is small and narrow, I filled it with a sun screen, my DSLR, and my journey log book. The side bags are not as big as I have had. I used to have a bag that could hold 2 days clothing. I don't think this one can hold up. I don't use it. There is a I won't use it anymore because it came intact and survived two weeks of protection. It's not useful for my purpose.

3. RockBros Shell Saddle Cycling Mountain

RockBros Shell Saddle Cycling Mountain

There are multiple applications. Bike bags can be used as mountain bike bags, road bike bags, folding bike bags, and electric bike bags. The hidden earphone hole allows you to answer the phone or listen to music while cycling. Special shape and upgraded stiffens provide inside shock resistant protection if the bag falls out. The upgrade straps make up for the old ones. There is rain. The fabric is waterproof and has a zip for rain. Do not put this seat bag in the water for a long time. The mount system is easy to install. It keeps the bag securely attached to the seat post. Night vision is not always available. The seat bag has a reflective strap around it. The Taillight doesn't include the seat post. Friendly customer service and a high quality Goya. There are any questions regarding the contract with RockBros Bicycle. The artist. There are mesh pockets that can hold small repair tools and cash. Friendly customer service and a high quality Goya. There are any questions regarding the contract with RockBros Bicycle. The artist. There are mesh pockets that can hold small repair tools and cash.

Brand: Rockbros

👤I have had this for a while. I have had similar bags, but it is heavier. It holds its shape well. The writing on the side was rubbing off the first ride I had. I had to change my seat back and forth to get it to fit. The straps are too close to the bag. It is hard to fit the bag because it is so large and structured. I have to make it fit at all because my seat is not in my preferred position. That is a big negative. The strap to hang the reflectors is loose. I am able to make it work, but other bags that have straps without slack in them hold the reflector more upright, this one lets it droop down. The structure of the bag means that it will hold a lot and be very roomy on the inside. It held tire levers, a multi-tool, a patch kit, and a spare 700 tube for me, and it has room for the spare. I wanted it because of the green accents and I have been happy with other equipment. Rock Bros. This one didn't quite meet that mark. I would be hesitant to recommend it to others based on the issues above. The areas where I had fit issues are shown in the red. The white line shows how hard it is. It was difficult to see how the text rubbed off, in the picture it looks like a shadow, but the white of the words is actually rubbed down.

👤2 of these were bought in September of 2019. There are two different bikes. The one did not last long. The other was for 85 miles on the Towpath. The Towpath is a smooth trail, and neither of these bags were loaded with anything heavy. The rubber strap that connects the bags to the seat post broke. There is a I suggest that you look for something that is more durable. They both are useless now because of the issues with the bag.

👤I received a full refund from RockBros after I wrote my original review. I have changed my rating to 3 because of their customer service. My original sentiment is still true. This is not a mountain biking bag. I'm sure it will hold up for road bikes. I am getting back into biking after nearly a decade. I bought this bag to hold a spare tube, my multi-tool, and a few small items for mountain bike rides. On my first ride, the 2 straps that hold the bag to the underside of the saddle broke. I am a beginner and my riding style is cautious, but I am traversing mild terrain. This bag is not built for mountain biking. I'm sure it's fine for road use.

👤It's easy to put on and off my bike. I have extra tube, co2 and multi tool in it. The turbulence from the weight inside and riding a trail caused the zip to open. I had to buy an inner tube, co2 cartridge, inflator and multi tool again after I lost all of that. I zip tie the zippers after learning my lesson. There was a small interruption for a good product.

4. RockBros Resistant Bicycle Cycling Accessories

RockBros Resistant Bicycle Cycling Accessories

The straps are firm enough to hold up on the bike, and the longer strap can fix the bag on the head tube. There is a vercro commuter strap on the lower bottom. Even if you ride on a bumpy road, it doesn't move. Large capital: The bike frame bag is large enough to hold your wallet, energy gel, inner tube, mobile phone, gloves, repair bike tool, power bank and so on. Size L is 8.25 x 4.13 x 2.55 inches. Sturdy anddurable: The main material can be durable and abrasion proof. The bag would be very steady if it had stiff sidewalls. Don't worry about it. The frame bag is made of waterproof material. You can have a cool ride with the bag inside not being wet. It's convenient and convenient. The bike bag is long. Your knees will not hit the frame bike bag easily if you have proper space design. It's portable, you can take it with you when you leave your bike. The hook and loop design is easy to install. The top tube bag should be installed and released quickly. The hook and loop design is easy to install. The top tube bag should be installed and released quickly.

Brand: Rockbros

👤This type of bag is the only one that can fit on my bike without it getting in the way. I can't have a saddle bag because I have a dropper, and when I drop my seat all the way, it gets really close to my rear tire, which will rub when I'm on some narly techincals. I can't put one in the bike triangle because of my bike geometry. My shock is in the way. This seemed to be the perfect solution. It mostly works. I have one gripe. It looks like a hiking back pack but is large enough to hold a lot of things. Solid material. The rain and mud held up. The straps are solid. They don't come lose. There is a There are some things that are CONS: This is where I'm not happy. The straps are great and keep it in place, but the straps to the top tube are not very well designed. The strap slides through a couple of holes on the bottom of the bag. With just enough force, you can shift the bag left or right even with the strap tight and firm. I've experienced this on every ride I've been on where I'd make sudden turns or take fast burms. The bag is shifted to one side off the top tube, which causes it to get bumped by my knee. Sucky!

👤I got the medium Seams that are good quality and fit all my essentials. Here is a list of things I keep in my car on every ride. I keep my spare tube strapped to my frame so this has eliminated my saddlebag, I prefer the easy access of this bag. On other rides, I have kept a phone battery in it, and I have run the wire out of the top with the zip open. I use the straps under the top tube to hold cheap safety glasses for rides where I know I'll be riding at night, and then put my sunglasses there when I switch. This bag is a lot cheaper than any other bag I have seen.

👤Not as rigid as you would think. The photos show it's shape, but it doesn't hold it.

👤I have purchased three. The first one was amazing, but I still love the bag. I decided to buy the larger one for my main bike. The bag that I received was the same size as the first. I could return it and get the correct size. I don't want to wait for the wrong one again. I wanted to let other consumers know about the issue because I didn't know who was to blame. The bag is very clutch and the saddle bag is great for keeping things on your person while riding. You can see that with my pics. The style is sleek and you can't beat the price. I went to the local bike store and they won't sell a bag like this for anything close to what you can get on I was under the impression that the first bag I bought was Medium when I discovered that the bags I received were the largest size. I bought two more at the size of a large expecting it to be bigger. If you are looking for a cool bag, this is the one to get, I love the bags.

5. ROCKBROS Bicycle Cycling Mountain Accessories

ROCKBROS Bicycle Cycling Mountain Accessories

There is a hidden earphone hole on the backside that allows you to listen to music and answer the phone while cycling. The newest flagship product is the Extension Sides Bag. There is a side bag with a frame bag. Up to 2L large capacity. The bag could be easily opened and closed. The left side of the bag is a mesh bag. There is a cloth bag that can be used to take car keys, ID card, and energy glue. TheBLE MOUNT SYSTEM. The mount system is the same as the other ROCKBROS bike frame bag. The left tube is on the bike frame. The bag can be held in three straps. The water supply is upgraded. Bike phone mount bag has a rain cover. The bike bag is made of 100% polyester and can prevent the rain from entering it. The rain cover can help protect the bicycle bag. 80% of phones: The bike phone holder can hold more than 80% phones. The largest size is 6.5” You can take phones, check emails, and see the map with a sensitive TPU screen. Lifetime warranty. Please let them know if you have any questions. The cycling storage bag is a great gift for your husband, kids, or friends. Lifetime warranty. Please let them know if you have any questions. The cycling storage bag is a great gift for your husband, kids, or friends.

Brand: Rockbros

👤The holder and storage are great. The main reason I bought was the water resistance. It has a shower cap that is fitted to cover the entire bag.

👤I sit in the right spot on my bike. My phone is accessible and in view while I ride.

👤It has been useful for displaying my phone and using the touch screen. Hope for longer bike rides.

6. Farway Waterproof Shoulder Accessories Reflective

Farway Waterproof Shoulder Accessories Reflective

Rain cover protects you from dirt, water,rain and snow. The rear seat bag is designed for long rides. The main compartment is made of 600D polyester material which is super durable, as well as anti-tear, wear resistant and heat resisting. X6.69” The corset is 19 cm x 17 cm. The bag for the bicycle is made from high quality materials. If there is a problem in use, please contact them and they will give you a free re-issue. The bicycle trunk bag could be used as a bike rear bag with two side bags when riders need to put more things in it. When you need more capacity, the bike bag can be unfolded with the rear rack. It's large capacity makes it convenient for long-distance riding. The four walls of the bicycle trunk bag are made of thicker material which can provide a cushion to reduce shock when riding on the road. It's safe to put things in the bag. A reflective strap is needed for safe riding at night. There is a nylon shoulder strap in the package, with easy locks on both sides, and you can carry the bike bag on the shoulder while not cycling. The bag can be used as a bike rack bag and also as a commuter bag with a shoulder strap. Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other holiday is a great gift.

Brand: Farway

👤My daughter felt that the price of the Topeak MTX bag was not justified, even though I have a nice one. She did not want to replace her rack because she wanted something a bit smaller. I bought her this one because I did a lot of research. I think it is a good value for the price because it would be irrational to expect the same quality. But... There is a I've used her bike a few times. I stopped at the grocery store today and bought 3 lbs of fruit and other items. I divided the load between the 2 sides so they had 3-4 lbs. When I got home 20 minutes later, I noticed that the stitching on the bags was starting to stretch along the line and small holes were appearing. If I filled the bags, this bag is going to rip if I do this many times. There is a She doesn't expect to carry things, that's why she couldn't justify the Topeak bag. This bag is for purchases that are unexpected. It isn't going to handle those well. There is a The bags with hard bottoms do not fall over. The bag has padded sides and bottom so it stays in place. Okay. We took a ball end bungee and put it through the plastic tab on the end of the bike frame. This holds the bag in place and the other items under it. It stops the shifting from right to left for most of the time. The only time I had an issue was when I put stuff in one of the side bags. The bungee stopped the bag from going too far. The straps on her rack were long enough. It is easy to take off and install. I can put my small handbag, skirt and sweater inside and ride to work with it. The mini bungees that are built into the bag have not been used by me. There is a This is not a good choice if you want to carry stuff in the side bags. The bags are not as large as those on my topeak. I don't think you will find a better bag at this price point, but if you need to carry stuff just admit to yourself and spend the money on a good bag. If we load the side bags multiple times, this will not hold up. There is a The zippers are made of plastic. There is a I wouldn't recommend this bag or any of the others I considered. It is not possible to get a quality product at this price point. If you only need a sweater and skirt, it would be fine.

👤You could see a hole through the bag it was crammed into from the box. After opening the plastic even more loose threads and questionable stitching on top of the bag, it was in the customer's face. I am in Quality and know that minor defects are a must for high volume cheap production. This should not have passed testing. I want to replace it. I am not sure. The packaging was not original and the amount of tape was an obvious clue that this was a return. There is a They will want me to send this one back. It will get to another person. It makes me want to protect others. I am cheap and like to shop. If you order one, you'll watch for this. There is a I have an unusable bag that took a week to arrive and will send it back, so the 1 is being generous. Let's look at that customer service.

7. Bicycle Triangle Storage Cycling Accessories

Bicycle Triangle Storage Cycling Accessories

Not only can the bike bag be used as a bike top tube bag, but also a stylish commuter bag or a handbag as well. Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other holiday is a great gift. There is a one year warranty against defects. The bike triangle bag has only 0.35lb and 1.2L of space for daily use. Their designer tried many sizes for this bag to get the largest space and the best fit. The bag is designed for mountain bikes. The most durable shell is used in the ROCKBROS bike bag. The middle layer is foam and the inner layer is cloth. The material is suitable for daily storage. It's big enough to hold all of your tools and small enough to sit under the frame of your bike. There is a big mesh pocket that fits your keys, nutrition, and more, while a smaller mesh pocket holds your phone, earphones, and money clip. The structure of 3 Mounts. The bike frame bag has straps for the bike tube. The staps can hold the bag stable. The triangle bag is easy to install and won't move if you are riding on rough roads. Most mountain, road and commute bikes have a pouch. The big opening mouth design is easy to access. A durable zip up. It wouldn't rub against your legs while riding. The bags have reflective trim on them. The Slim body design has a high capacity to minimize wind resistance. 100% satisfied customer service and free money back.

Brand: Rockbros

👤I was looking for a bag to hold my phone and snack, but the seat bag was too small. I'm not sure if anything larger would fit in my snug iPhone XR. The logo is a bit prominent, at least it is not very offensive. Comes with a 15 day warranty. Yes, 15 days.

👤This is a small bag. It's the perfect size for a phone, wallet, and still room for a couple of snacks.

👤My SO needs to hold her big items on rides, and everything fits. Doesn't add as much drag as a bag. Doesn't hit knees on ride. I bought two. Good enough for my needs.

👤It's a small bag. The main compartment has a mesh pocket inside that holds a Spigen Tough Armor case, but the straps hold well and the zip is sturdy. Outside the mesh pocket, it will hold a bigger phone. There is a When I tighten the straps on this bag, the cable between the top tube and the bag is pressed. I worry that this could cause wear over time as the cable rubs when I apply the brakes. That is not a flaw of the bag. The same bag would have an issue if it were fitted to my bike. I tried not to tighten the straps too much.

👤It's easy to move between bikes. Cons. None This bag is great for your bikes. It has enough tools to keep you going while you are climbing. Straight tube bikes only work with it. Women's bikes won't be able to use it.

👤It's too small to be of use to me, but it's fine for a phone. The bags that attach to the frame with a few straps seemed to be problematic to mount. I think the solution is poor. The rear rack is bulky, but far superior.

👤I like the bag that holds the bike. It's well made and has a good quality zip. I can hold my phone, keys and glasses.

👤I was a little worried about fitting to a non_standard frame, but the straps provided a snug fit. It's big enough for a phone and a wallet. I use the mesh compartment to protect my phone. Seemo is very strong.

👤The design is nice, but it has a huge flaw - the angle of the bag, next to the saddle post, must be reversed so the bag can fill up the space between the top tube and seat tube. It looks silly, almost as if the straps were wrongly placed.

8. CbRSPORTS Waterproof Accessories Fuel Tank Mountain

CbRSPORTS Waterproof Accessories Fuel Tank Mountain

The bicycle handlebar bag with 3 useful straps on the back is easy to install. It is used for one day bike riding. Installation and release is easy with a loop and hook. The bike frame bag stayed in place on rowdy descents and did not rub on the legs like some other bike bags. It's perfect for the mountain bike with plenty of room for your cell phone, wallet, keys, gloves, small tools, energy bar, gels, nutrition or extra junk. It's large enough to carry everything you need. Made of nylon and and TPU material, it is waterproof. It is easy to clean and care for. You can have a cool ride with the bike handlebar bag. The design of the top tube bike bag makes you ride more comfortable and smooth. It is possible to carry a bicycle pump when riding. Humanization design. The bag on the front of the bike is portable, you can take it with you when you leave your bike. The bags have reflective trim to keep them safe.

Brand: Cbrsports

👤I don't need to carry a backpack anymore because I have bought this, it's great. The bag is small enough for my cycle. The water proof is easy to assemble. If you are new to biking, I would recommend trying out this bag.

👤The product is good for money. It holds a decent amount of items. I put in a wallet, a set of keys, and two spare tubes. Everything fit in the bag despite being tight. I think it is a good size, but it is not so small that it becomes useless. I haven't had a chance to ride in the rain so I'm not sure about the waterproof aspect, but I will update once I find out.

👤It's easy to install. It's lightweight. Holds things such as a phone, keys, and snack. It is easy to zip and unzip. It is working so well that I am very pleased.

👤This bag is the right size for my bike. I can put my keys in a small coin purse to hold my cash. I could stuff more into it if I needed to. Highly recommend this bag.

👤Does not move either.

👤I use this bag to fit my electronics when I go biking. I usually have my phone and AirPods in my card holder. It doesn't fall off like my previous one.

👤There is plenty of room in the bag. Very safe.

👤It has enough space for a cellphone or tools, it seems good for the price.

👤Storage for glasses wallet keys is easy to install.

👤When this one came up for review, we were due for some replacements. We've had two different frames from Amazon recently. CbRSPORTS and Rockbros are related brands. You can clearly see the bag on the Rockbros branded bicycle, thanks to the marketing images attached. There is a CbRSPORTS is the "road" line with less padding and lighter materials, while Rockbros is geared to off-road/gravel and has a bit more padding with heavier fabric. The design, materials, and construction are all excellent, comparable to what we've seen on major brands like Arkel. There is a The sides of the bag don't have a lot of structure. It's easy to crush if you sit on it. They will spring right back with no lasting harm. There is a If you don't need impact protection for the contents, this is a great, small, water-resistant cargo carrier. It's so lightweight that I don't even bother taking it off the bike. I'm going to pick up some more CbRSPORTS frame packs as they're a great value and well-made.

9. ROCKBROS Cycling Mountain Folding Accessories

ROCKBROS Cycling Mountain Folding Accessories

The lid is open for easy packing and unpacking. The material is sturdy and solid. Their bike saddle bag made of PU fabric and diamond grid scratch-resistant rubber material is more durable, Effective, and prevents it from being worn out, while your bike seat bag is scratched by branches, or when your bike falls down and crash against the ground. This bike under the seat bag is ideal for 1.5L and can fit in a mini pump, wallet, folding lock, tire kit repair or multi. The reflective design includes a reflective strap on the side of the seat bag and a small space on the seat post to increase night visibility. It is easy to install, only two steps are needed, one strap is used for the bike seat, and the other strap is used for the bike tube. It won't touch your legs while you are cycling. There is a lifetime warranty. The cycling storage bag is a great gift for your lover, families or friends, because of their friendly customer service and the fact that you can contact them if you have any questions. Trust them and just buy it.

Brand: Rockbros

👤It works well. I noticed that the zip was sticky in the upper-right corner, just as a heads-up to anyone who notices the zip gets stuck/hung up when opening and closing the main compartment. The bag had nylon material covering the plastic inside which needed to be bent away from the zip. I bent it away and it worked well. There is a It's probably a good idea to see if you have this problem, since if you try to force the zip past the resistance of the teeth, you'll end up with a compromised bag that's at greater risk of spontaneously opening up.

👤The right size. I like the angle down because you can look into it and not fall out. I keep one of my locks on the cover. It doesn't get in the way when I ride because I never make contact with it.

👤The design of the straps for attaching the bag to the saddle is superior to the usual buckle, which allows for quick release and attachment to other bikes. The bag is roomy for gas cylinder, tube, tools, and miscellanea, and it fits nicely to post. I ordered one for my wife. One disadvantage... The bags of our strap-on rear-facing lights are in the more upright position, so we need to move them to the location provided on the bags.

👤I was expecting more room for snacks, tools, tubes and whatever you might need for a long ride, but it's not as big as I thought. You could fit a packable shell jacket in this with all your tools. The quality is great. I haven't tested it yet. The bag on my bike looks a little big because I'm small. I'm pleased with the purchase so far.

👤The bag is great for its purpose. The waterproofness of the seams is dependent on the amount of water splashes and heavy downpours. The quality of the materials will last the life of your bike. The bike's attaching mechanism may loosen over time. If they want to make a v2 version of this bag, they should use nylon straps and buckles. There is a I would recommend it to my friends.

👤I was looking for a place that would hold all my paranoid biking tools. This one will hold a lot. The straps are good. The bag will hold up over time. Many others do not have the front small pocket. A bit of quick grab items are held.

👤I had been waiting for this bag to come in stock again because of the functions, the main compartment has an ample room and the under side mesh compartment has a zip. It was perfect, right on the money, and stays on. I will be returning my other branded product after I obtain it.

👤This product is very durable and made from high quality materials. I ride a road and gravel bike and it's easy to mount. The pouch has a large storage capacity. There are no internal pouch or divider. That product was the only other thing.

10. Bushwhacker® Mesa Trunk Bag Black

Bushwhacker%C2%AE Mesa Trunk Bag Black

The load size is 12.75x7x8". The fabric is 600 denier. The interior is fully insulated. There is a rear light clip attachment. 4 point mounting system for secure attachment The main compartment has a dimensions of 12 L x 6 W x 7 H.

Brand: Bushwhacker Usa

👤I have been using this bag for a month. I'm happy with it. The construction is high quality. The main compartment is insulated and has a cold drink in it. I don't have a problem with it leaning to one side on my Bontrager rack even though it's strapped on tight. There is a I ordered a second one. It's different. The material feels stiff, the logo is larger, and the pulls are different. The main compartment of this newer one has a tag that says made in Vietnam. My other one doesn't have a tag that says where it was made. I don't know if there is a difference in quality between the two. I'm uploading pictures to show the differences. There was an update on 8/12/16. The first bag I bought has lost its structural shape. It hangs off to one side when it has any kind of weight in it. This makes the bag worthless. I had to change it. The rating has been reduced to 3 stars. The second one was for a friend. I know of no problems that he has had.

👤The bag seems to be well constructed with stiff sides. The side pockets and top pocket are similar. Put tire pump and tools in one side pocket and some first aid stuff in the other side pocket. The tie down straps keep it secured. There is a large main compartment. It was much better than the bag I had. If you don't know how they attach, you will be confused. After reading another review, I found out that the straps attach under the side pockets. The straps are hidden under the side pockets. I was able to attach all the straps. It comes with a strap for carrying it. I did not have experience on how it will hold up.

👤I am a police officer and started a bike patrol in the downtown area. I bought this bag based on the recommendation of another officer. I am not disappointed. The bicycle bag that I have is perfect for my needs. It holds the shape of my belt and holds some gear that I don't wear on my belt. I put a light to the back of the bag. The officer who recommended the bag showed me a way to loop a rubber band around the light clip on the bag. This prevents the light from moving side to side, and also keeps it from falling off the bag when you go over curbs or hard bumps. Other officers have lost their lights in the road. I will probably buy a Bushwhacker bag for my bike. I can tell you that the bags hold up well to abuse since there are officers who have been using them for years without any problems. There is a The main compartment has a lot of space for larger items. You can easily fit other items in the 2 side pockets. I have ticket books, sunglasses, gloves, and small items. It would be great if it was also used for phones and mp3 players. The top compartment has a couple of items that you want to put on top. I have a notepad and another small book there, but it could be useful for a wallet, id, or keys as well. There is a I would get this one again if I had to purchase another bag after using it.

11. BV Bicycle Strap Saddle Cycling

BV Bicycle Strap Saddle Cycling

3M Scotchlite reflective trim and taillight hanger are required for a safety ride. The perfect size for all your essential items. The bag is secured in place with a strap-on mounting design. Large and Medium can expand. A limited product warranty is included.

Brand: Bv

👤My experience with this bag is limited, but my initial impressions are that it is an awesome little bag. There is a The first thing I noticed was that the bag is very well made. The stitching is sturdy and robust, and it is obvious that whoever made this bag spent a lot of time making sure that it was crafted properly. If properly cared for, this bag will last me for a couple years. Being seen at night is always important to me, and this bag has 3M reflective tape on the side, which is a pro. The pictures I have attached show how bright that tape is when hit by a light. The bag has a lot of space inside. I have enough space to fit my wallet, phone, keys, tools, and a spare tire. There is a The only con is that the bag wiggles a tiny bit when you're handling it. It's completely unnoticeable when you're riding the bike, but when you open and close it it seems to move a little bit. This one is a stretch, but I couldn't think of anything negative about it. There is a If you're looking for a bag that's sturdy, well made, and thought through, this bag is for you. I could not recommend it enough. If there is anything happening in the next couple months, I will update this review.

👤I wish I could have found a similar review when I bought it. I am looking at a small saddle bag. The bag is too small. This bag is too small if you plan on putting all of your personal belongings in it. There is a If you only want a full repair kit, this bag is perfect. Is it possible that it's Snug? Yes. The whole point is that. I have enough space in my repair kit saddle. The Portland Design Works CO2 Inflator is the smallest one Topeak makes, so I specify it as the smallest item in the full repair kit. That is a good list. It may be too tight if you want to squeeze in your phone. I recommend going for the next size up. Adding a photo gives a glimpse of how everything fits. If you're looking for a large saddle bag, it's highly recommended. Hope this was helpful. Happy riding.

👤The medium size was ordered by me. I was taken aback by the size of the box when I opened it. I was expecting something bigger. I was surprised how much stuff fit inside when I put it inside.

👤I'm not surprised that this cycle seat bag has such high reviews. The bag comes in three different sizes, for this review I will only discuss the Large size. There is a The construction is solid. There were no obvious defects or points of potential failure. There is ample room. I was able to fit without using expansion. There was space for my phone and car key, but it was not enough to expand it. There are internal hooks and mesh nets for keys. There is an extra layer of security. The attachment mechanism is simple. The thin profile does not stick out wider than a narrow seat. The seat tube strap is too long. If you want it to be attached to the seat post, you will have to cut and sew it. There is a strap on the back. Most lights attach vertically because they go around the seat tube. I had to put my light sideways. An additional strap above the horizontal strap would solve this problem. Bag sways side to side, but this is unavoidable. I don't think it will affect anything. The only way to avoid this is to have an internal frame. The bag will collapse if there is no frame. It's a good idea to cinch down the strap completely and let the bag compress onto the contents to minimize swaying on rides. There is a I would absolutely recommend the bag. I would suggest that the manufacturer include my two recommendations for the future iteration of this great product. Until the manufacturer applies the recommendations, a rider can always take the bag to a sew shop and have the modifications done for a few dollars. A side profile with a ruler and a perspective angle are included.


What is the best product for bicycle accessories bag?

Bicycle accessories bag products from Hopene. In this article about bicycle accessories bag you can see why people choose the product. Rockbros and Rockbros are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle accessories bag.

What are the best brands for bicycle accessories bag?

Hopene, Rockbros and Rockbros are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle accessories bag. Find the detail in this article. Rockbros, Rockbros and Farway are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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