Best Baleaf Men S 3d Padded Bike Bicycle Mtb Cycling Underwear Shorts

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1. BALEAF Pockets Cycling Mountain Bicycle

BALEAF Pockets Cycling Mountain Bicycle

Breathable & Wicking is a new fabric for stretchy and more absorbent than traditional bike shorts. Help evaporate the skin's moist content by blowing it away. It can be worn as underwear under workout pants or shorts. There are two side pockets that hold a mobile phone, credit card, or energy gel in the padded biking shorts. There are reflective elements for low-light visibility. 4D Gel Padding. The gel padded is for female riders. The front panel is doubled over to protect the sit-bone. Flatlock stitching reduces irritation. Bike shorts with anti-slip leg grips prevent the shorts from bunching or riding up while riding. The Wide Waistband has a streamlined design for less restriction and increased comfort. It's perfect for road bike, spin, commute and leisure rides. It can wear liner shorts under regular shorts.

Brand: Baleaf

👤I like the 3d padding from Baleaf. There is a I got these because I was looking for blue shorts. I didn't pay attention to the padding. I rode in them. Oh my! It's so comfortable. I bought a second pair. The material is thick and not crack. It's a good thing. I cycle, duh! You might want to know my mileage. I ride 3 to 4x a week, with a longer ride on the weekend. The shorts worked well for long miles.

👤Baleaf cycling shorts and capris are small, but I like the pads, the color choices and the price. You could easily size up one or two sizes from the chart. I was between a medium and large. I bought a medium. It was very snug. The large didn't feel larger than the medium. It was still snug. I can still use both.

👤The pockets are great, the padding is good, and the legs aren't sticky. I was delighted with the shorts at first, but then I noticed the band at the top of my stomach was rolling down while I was cycling. It's not about the fit for me, I'm 5'2", 153 lbs and ordered a large, which fits perfectly. The waistband doesn't fit right.

👤I weigh 106 lbs. Size small should work, but these were so tight. I put a piece of elastic on each leg before I rode there. This didn't help the waist or inseam. The entire ride was grabbing. The butt pads are nice and the product is good. I don't think anyone can fit in a small.

👤The price is a great value. They are a decent length and good quality. The side pockets are a bonus. The reason I am giving 4 stars instead of 5 is that I should be a size small according to their size chart. I followed the other reviewers recommendations and sized up to medium.

👤The padding is very helpful for my job, I got these for pedicab riding. There is a They're very comfortable and smooth, and I can glide across eachother, and the pockets hold just right. There is a If you have thick thighs, they can be small, so even if you have a waist measurement, I would size you up. The Large was my size, but the legs were too tight. There is a In the photo, I am wearing the larger size and it feels better in the legs, still too tight, but at least it doesn't hurt. There is a These shorts are meant to be your underwear, so be sure not to wear any with them, or it could cause more uncomfortable friction, and you're not letting the shorts serve their purpose. It's important to wash them immediately after a day of riding becausebacteria can get into the bits.

2. Baleaf Padded Thermal Stirrup Cycling

Baleaf Padded Thermal Stirrup Cycling

The material is 10% spandex. The thermal liner is perfect for cold rides. The fabric with thermal fleece lined inside keeps you warm and dry for about 8 hours on a road ride. The Pro Chamois is multi level high density foam. It is alleviates on long rides. The mesh bib uppers have elastic mesh stirrup bands. The reflective elements are perfect for cycling bike, spinning, road bike or indoor outdoor bicycle enthusiasts. The multi-panel design is perfect for the body. The Waist Size Chart is for S, M, L, and XL.

Brand: Baleaf

👤I bought these to help prolong my season. I wear these on at least 25 rides and like them a lot. There are gel inserts on the sit bones. I have ridden them in the cold. If the temperature is less than 30 degrees, you should wear athletic underwear to keep your junk warmer. There are minimal seams where you sit. My legs feel cold until I get my blood pumping and then I am fine. It's probably too warm for 50's for me. The micro fleece lining keeps you warm. I would like to have capris for 50's. There are no signs of premature wear for me. Nothing good to say. I'm medium-sized with a height of 165. They fit snug, as they should. There is an update. I wear these often and they are doing well almost a year after my review. No issues with stitching, seams, or premature wear. I love them and recommend them.

👤I really like these, they are my first long bibs, and I've ridden in them twice in 2 days. They've kept me warm on 2 rides in the 40's to 30's with no need for a base layer under or an extra pair of short or warmers over. The wind can make you feel cooler. I never felt cold. I think these would work by themselves. shammy is good for 40 milers and is soft and comfy. There is a The quality of stitching is not high, but for the price, they are pretty good. If you put a base layer under the straps, they are fine. The legs and stirrups are a little long for a large person. I'm 5'11, 205 lbs, the fit is good in the waist but the legs are small, I never wear a medium. I think medium might get too small up top, so I will stick with these. I put the stirrup over my shoe to stretch them out a bit, since they feel a little bulky inside, since they aren't tight under my foot. I try to pull the leg slack up so it's around my knees. There is a wind gap between the part of my leg that is exposed and the part of my shoe that is showing. I would recommend them for the price.

👤The price is reasonable, but the material is thinner than mine. I was skeptical about whether or not these tights would protect me from the cold. The outline or definition of all the features will be shown in these. The ride was 30 miles in 45 degree weather. The tights kept me warm. The padding on these is not as generous as other bibs, but it seems adequate. I did not think about my tights during my ride. They weren't binding or limiting in any way. I will need to test them out. They may not be as effective in maintaining warmth when the temperature is below 35-40 degrees. Will update when I test them out. Went for a 25 miler with a temp of 37 degrees outdoors. I was comfortable.

3. BALEAF Cycling Mountain Bicycle Leggings Waistband

BALEAF Cycling Mountain Bicycle Leggings Waistband

The material is 10% Spandex. Women's bike pants use stretchy fabric that keeps you comfortable while you ride. Chamois in the ideal place gives a good amount of extra protection around the crotch area, pad stays put without being bulky, which provides great comfort on long rides. The high-quality high waistband avoids the bike pants ride-up and adds great comfort. Excellent for windy days and winter biking, reflective elements for visibility in low light. The leg zip up is easier to remove. The women biking pants are perfect for cycling, spinning, road bike or indoor outdoor bicycle enthusiasts.

Brand: Baleaf

👤I figured I would be able to wear these alone when I start riding this summer. I was wrong. They are see through without stretching the fabric. I wore the large because I am a 10 in jeans. I don't want to be bent forward on the bike with all of the traffic watching me. There is a They were loose in the ankle and not tight through the leg. It is safe to say they will be returned.

👤I have nothing to compare these to. I checked out tights at the bike shop for three times the price and nothing in my size, so I ordered these. When I started, it was 65 degrees, but it was 70 at the end. These tights fit like a second skin. They didn't feel restrictive, they didn't sweat, they didn't get cold, and they didn't get hot. Exactly what I was hoping for. I can buy three pairs of these for the same price as a bigger brand name, so I think I will be all right.

👤Just received the pants. I got a Peleton for Christmas and wanted some padding. I like to cycle for a long time. Without these padded pants, cycling hurt like hell. My bike ride was pain free with these pants on. I did not hurt once. These pants are great. I ordered a second pair. I think I will end up with a lot more pairs. The padding is thick on the butt area. Yes. This pants are definitely recommended. The bottom of the pants leg has a zip that makes it easy to get in and out of them. I ordered a medium because I am usually a medium. They were tight around the waist but not tight on the legs. I ordered a large pair. I don't think they run small like some reviewers said. I think I need to lose a little weight.

👤These were not very high. I ordered three different brands and thought they were the safest since I own the cycling capris. They stopped above my pubis bone after being pulled up. I thought they were technically fit. They wouldn't stay for a ride. The 90s low rise of cycling pants were here. I don't want that in a pair of bike pants.

👤I decided to buy the same brand of shorts in long pants because I was happy with the Baleaf shorts I had been wearing all summer. I am currently overweight for my small, boy-shaped figure at 135 lbs. I don't have a large bust or rear and have skinny legs. I have excess weight in my belly. I ordered a medium because I don't like my pants to feel like they're cutting me in half at the waist. I expected these pants to fit snug, but not tight, at the waist, and a little loose in the legs. That's what I got. This size does not fit me. They are baggy at the knees and fall just below the ankle. All of that is okay with me because they feel comfortable, allow my knees to bend without restriction, and cover my legs to protect them from the elements, all of which are things I like to do. It will be easy to put another pair of pants over them on cold days. If you are about my height but have a small figure, you might find a small better fit. I might order a small if I can get under 120 lbs. The medium is ideal for taller women.

4. Baleaf Windproof Cycling Fleece Thermal

Baleaf Windproof Cycling Fleece Thermal

The winter mountain bike pants are made of soft fleece which is extremely effective at blocking out the cold and wind. The front pockets with secured zippers of the cycling pants are great for carrying your keys, phone, etc. The Athletic pants have a looser fit that can be used to accommodate over boots or just have a more snug fit. The elastic Waistband with inner draw-cord provides the right amount of flexibility for a better fit. You can change the running pants size on your own. The area around the knees is made more flexible by stitching. There are reflective elements for low-light visibility. It's perfect for outdoor activities during the winter. There are good things to recommend. A new type of men's thermal cycling clothing set with jacket and pants is available. New design and upgraded fabric. You can click on the link to learn more.

Brand: Baleaf

👤I'm 6'2”, 220 lbs., so maybe this will help someone else choose the size to order. Wear 36W x 34L pants. There is a The size large is right for me. I bought them for cycling. There is a They are wind proof. I've yet to wear them in wet weather, so I can't speak to the water-proof.

👤Too hot at times and too cold at others. It was not breathable. I start sweating when I start cycling at a moderate pace. The temperature is around 35 F. When I cruise, my workout intensity goes down because I sweat too much earlier. Confused? So was I. These things don't breathe, so they don't have much of a effect on the environment. These things are not intended for cycling and have poor heat management.

👤The pants are well-made and affordable. They block the wind on my bike commute and I've ridden them in temperatures as low as 30F and they've kept me warm. The fleece lining on the inside is thin but effective. They aren't the most comfortable pants ever and they don't have any vents to let more air in, so they tend to get sweaty by the end of the ride, and they take a long time to dry. When you take these pants off to dry, make sure to turn them inside out because they will stay wet for a long time. It's not the greatest pants of all time.

👤I love the BALEAF Men's Windproof Cycling pants. I wear these on morning rides when the temperature is in the 30's and 40's F. The pants keep me warm. They block the wind. I have yet to wear them on a wet day. I purchased the Medium because they fit well. There is an extra inch or so to the length, but not much to look at. The elastic is not tight on me and the waistband has room for you if you are a 34 waist. My wife likes how these pants look. I will be ordering another pair of these pants.

👤The 5'11" is 2XL. I did a 20 mile ride a few hours ago and wore tights. 16 degrees with wind chill and winds blowing at 15-20mph. Warmth wasn't an issue and wouldn't recommend not wearing a base layer under them. There is a I was pleased with the way they blocked the wind. There is a They are slippery on the saddle. Due to sliding forward, I had to shift my butt back constantly. If your saddle has more tooth than smooth leather, you should be fine. I've used my saddle for a few years and it was difficult to stay on it. Something to think about. I wore them at the navel and they fit well. If you are an under-gut person, they may not work out. I'll keep them in my rotation, as long as you're okay with saddle issues, for the price. I won't wear them on long rides.

5. Baleaf Mountain Shorts Bicycle Cycling

Baleaf Mountain Shorts Bicycle Cycling

The lightweight material feels comfortable next to the skin. elastic with inner drawcord offers ultimate comfort and adjustability, and Buili-in 3D padding provides you comfortable ridding and best fit. Water resistant fabric keeps you dry and cool. Two side pockets and a pocket with a velcro flap offer secure storage of valuables. The side of shorts has a "Baleaf" logo on it.

Brand: Baleaf

👤I liked the shorts, but the stitching on the pocket became loose and I dropped my car keys. I had to retrace my ride.

👤I am 6ft, and 250 lbs. The fit was correct for me. The XX large is great for my waist, and I have a 40 or 42 waist for most pants. There is a I have been having a hard time finding cycling gear for a bigger guy. These are a winner so far. I hope they feel good on the rides. I will reflect if they don't. I am very pleased so far. The liner is not removed. Not a deal breaker for me.

👤There were many reviews about what size to get. The size I bought was according to the chart. They fit around the waist and around the legs. That is very annoying. They fit if I pull them up above my bell button. Stay clear.

👤It's an ok fit for bigger guys, up to a 40” waist. They are only slightly baggy on me, I am 6'1" and 238 lbs with a 38-39 waist. There is a They seem to be made well, and they didn't skimp on the size of the sewn-in chamois pad. It is large. Yuuuuuuuge! Like sitting on a old fashioned hemmiroid.

👤I am past the age for spandex. I ride a bike a lot in the city. I have several sets of Pearl Izumi baggy shorts with liners if they were bought as model closeouts. These shorts are good baggy shorts and have a liner and pockets that are easy to open and close. The material is more comfortable than my P.I. The waist is elastic. The padding can't be removed. The shorts in a large are a little snug, I wear 36 pants. I wouldn't downsize them. Will be buying more.

👤I think they are about right. I wear a 34" and the L is slightly too big, so I will be ordering a Medium to try. If you are 36" or so, a L is probably a good choice, otherwise, these are a great value. I am very happy with them, they fit well and helped save my tush on the trail ride I did today. The draw string is nice to tighten if needed.

👤I'm 5 feet 10 and 150# wet. The size medium is perfect for the bike shorts. Not impressed with overall padding, only true padding is under the butt/tailbone area. There is no padding in the front area. I like the shorts, but there is no padding up front. It's not a huge difference when you compare normal shorts to road bike shorts where you are sitting on a memory foam pillow. It does the job. The shorts do well after riding downhill and around the block and I wouldn't mind the front padding being a piece of cloth in thickness and comfort.

6. BALEAF Padded Shorts Cycling Triathlon

BALEAF Padded Shorts Cycling Triathlon

The girls padded bike shorts are made for girls between the ages of 8 and 14. It's suitable for youth who like to ride a bike. Kids padded bike shorts with padding are made of high elastic, lightweight, breathable and UPF 50+ fabric which is soft against the skin and keeps children dry and cool during riding. The boys padded bike shorts use a new 3D sponge cushion that is lightweight and protects against injuries during cycling. The youth padded bike shorts have Silicon Grippers on the inside that keep it fixed and in place. The elastic waistband reduces hard pressure on the waist. The padded bike shorts are ideal for padding your child's bottom and are great for long distance cycling. It's perfect for mountain bike, road bike, triathlons or other riding sports.

Brand: Baleaf

👤I am used to the quality from Baleaf. The pad is not like a log, it is good padding, but not huge like some bike shorts.

👤It seems to fit my small wife well. She has a waist of 33 1/2 and hips of 23.

👤My son likes them. He said it doesn't hurt anymore when he rides a long bike ride. I had to size up one and they fit perfectly.

👤My son usually complains about his sore saddle, but these saved me from hearing about it. Good quality and fit.

👤Baleaf made the first mistake by ordering directly from them, and it's difficult to return products. The crotch is so poorly designed that it is embarrassing. The minute my 12yo put them on, we were both laughing at the same time. The gel insert is cheap.

👤Excellent quality and fit. The elastic at the end of the shorts makes them a good fit. The kids cycling shorts have the same features as adults. I bought a small size for my 8 year old. She likes it.

7. BALEAF Mountain Cycling Resistant Lightweight

BALEAF Mountain Cycling Resistant Lightweight

The mountain bike shorts are quick dry and wear resistant. The hiking shorts have 5 pockets and two air vent on the leg, as well as two back pockets that are secured and two big and deep side pockets. The belt loops are wide enough to hold all size of your belt, and the waist has a button closure to help keep shorts in place while moving. The men's mountain bike shorts use stretch fabric on their waist and crotch for a freedom fit, and reflective strips on the back improve the safety factor at night. The men's mtb shorts are made for most outdoor activities and sports. You can make them your daily attire.

Brand: Baleaf

👤It was reasonable to buy these for $30. $50? They're close to territory with established and well-known brands. The waist is very elastic. The L was too big for me. There's a mesh backpanel for the 4 way stretch. These shorts do not flex. It's not good for pedaling. If you only go downhill? Maybe these can work. There are two comical zips on the lower portion of the shorts. What are those? What about Vents? They won't keep you calm. At all. Silly marketing. The good? I think they're durable. But for $50? Pass.

👤Looks and feels great. But they were very large.

👤The shorts are well made and look great. They run a long time. I am 5 years old. They were 3” below my knees.

👤I use rain pants as my cycling attire.

👤They are ridiculous. There are no pockets for the two zippers. What are they used for?

👤The shorts are great. It looks great. There is a Great buy. There is a My shorts are short.

👤Los shorts son cmodos, pero me parece loficientemente gruesa. Ahora, las bolsas delanteras tengan zips, ahora, a M es pleasant.

8. Baleaf Cycling Bicycle Pockets Quick Dry

Baleaf Cycling Bicycle Pockets Quick Dry

80% nylon, 20% spandex. The fabric of the cycling shorts is high quality and suitable for sensitive skin. Two big side pockets can hold a mobile phone. The bicycle shorts have reflective elements. 3D Pad3D padding is adequately sized and thick enough to provide decent protection on your bike saddle while middle-distance riding. The padded bike shorts for men are held in a Silicone leg particle gripper. Whether you are riding a road bike, mountain bike, commuter bike, spinning or motorcycle, you'll love this long half bike shorts.

Brand: Baleaf

👤I'm a very fit man, 6'3"/190lb, and have been a cyclist for 20 years. The pant size is 33w/34l. I ride 3-4 times a week in the foothills and mountains of East Tennessee. I decided to try 3 new pairs of shorts this week. I bought a pair of BALEAF at $26.89 and I am reviewing them. I read comments on each pair to figure out what size to order. I have other reviews for the other 2 pairs. I have worn high end and low end shorts for many years and have good and bad results. You have to sort the usable from the bs when reading reviews. It was enough to try, at $27 with good reviews. These are the most expensive of the 3 pairs I am reviewing. There is a This review will have additions as I continue to use these shorts and I will update as I feel it is appropriate, so check back. The initial fit is *. I rely on customer feedback so I can always find a better fit without being able to try it on in person. Most shorts manufacturers in Asia don't do a good job with sizing charts, so if you want to return for a different size, read reviews and take time here. This pair fits nicely around the legs and crotch, with decent padding and stitching in the right places, thanks to the reviews of people of similar size and build. The feel is very similar throughout the coverage areas. The fabric stretches well. We will see if they can take a long ride because I like the feel and fit. I think these shorts are the best of the 3 pairs I am trying, but that doesn't always hold up when used regularly. Good for $27. As I continue to use, I will adjust the review rating. Stay informed. Took these out for a 50 mile ride. I was surprised by comments about fit and cut. I received a pair that was perfect. I have several pairs of cycling shorts that are 3x more expensive and I found them to be outstanding for the price. I have changed my review to 5-stars. If you don't get your size correct, you will be unhappy with any pair of cycling shorts. The shorts were snug after 50 miles. It feels like it's on the bottom of the shorts, with no sliding or riding up. I will order another pair after paying what I paid.

9. BALEAF Cycling Shorts Bicycle Pockets

BALEAF Cycling Shorts Bicycle Pockets

The fabric for the bike shorts is more comfortable. Offer to keep you cool and dry. 4D Gel Padding The padded bike shorts give a good amount of protection around the crotch area. It keeps you dry and fresh on long road rides. There are three utility pockets in the biker shorts, one for phones and two side pockets. The biking shorts have reflective elements. The elastic waist of the anti-slip leg bands gives a better fit for the men's cycling shorts. All indoor and outdoor cycling activities, such as biking, riding, road bike, spinning, and MTB, can be done with 9 inseam bicycle shorts gel paded.

Brand: Baleaf

👤These shorts fit me perfectly and are very comfortable to ride in. The stretch pockets are a nice touch and hold a phone or wallet securely. I don't give them five stars. There is a I put mine into the dryer because the laundry tag says they can be tumble dried at low temperature. I smelled a burning smell from the laundry room a few minutes later. I took the shorts out of the dryer and they smelled like burning plastic or rubber. These should only be line dried, no matter what the tag says. I'm not sure if the padding in my first pair was damaged by being in the dryer on low heat.

👤When I received the shorts I knew they wouldn't fit over my knees. The tag on the inside said something. I ordered size L and found out that there were two different size stickers on the bag. I returned the shorts. It looked like a pretty nice product, but I didn't want to order them again. Someone needs to have better warehouse controls.

👤The shorts are very cool. I rode a century after breaking them in. The padding is well positioned. There were no issues at all. It's true to size. It was nice flex. Storage pockets. I held my phone and fuel was perfect. Great product. I have many now.

👤The price, material, and construction are all excellent. The only issue I had with these was the rise of the back waist band. The legs, crotch and padding were all perfect. The waist is low and as a result my a** was hanging out when I squatted down. I'm built like a fire hydrant. The rise didn't work for me. A different body type may not find this to be a problem. I would have kept the shorts if it weren't for this.

👤I like the pockets, butt padding, and the color. I would like it to be at the waist. I originally ordered medium for a 34 inch waist, but returned and ordered a large.

👤The bike shorts are nice looking and at a good price. Bayleaf is a return customer and they do not disappoint. Our household has a lot of female bikers. This is a good company to know.

👤These seem to slide down in back.

👤The shorts were very positive to me. After riding on an indoor trainer for 10 weeks with these shorts, the material quickly lost it's stretch and became sacky and loose. If you're training daily, they aren't going to last.

10. BALEAF Cycling Mountain Bicycle Breathable

BALEAF Cycling Mountain Bicycle Breathable

The fabric is stretchy andBreathable. Men's bike shorts padded camo are made of lightweight, stretchy and soft fabric that keeps you dry and cool. The camouflage design highlights the masculine qualities. The mountain bike shorts with the brand new lengthened and widened cushion are lightweight and breathable. The grooves design is designed for men and provides high protection from injuries during long-distance cycling. Two side pockets for mobile phones and two back smaller pockets can hold cards, keys or energy bar. In low-light conditions, reflective elements in the back and side can make a difference. Flat locked stitching follows the body's shape for added comfort. Appropriate wideness reduces hard pressure on your waist and will not leave a mark on your waist, making you feel cool and fresh. The shorts have Silicon gantries on the inside that prevent you from riding up your leg while cycling. The padded cycling shorts are designed to be worn under shorts or trousers on short rides. It's perfect for mountain bike, road bike, motorcycle, spinning and virtual bike training.

Brand: Baleaf

👤I liked them because they matched my bike. After my second ride in them, I bought a second pair. It was very comfortable on the ride. There are two side pockets and two snack or chapstick sized pockets. I usually wear a medium in gym shorts or sweat pants but buy a large in these for a proper fit in the right areas. It would be a good idea to buy another pair.

👤It's great for riding. You can wear them alone or with a base layer. It holds my phone in a good way. The key pocket on the back is great. Will purchase more of them.

👤It fits, it's durable, and it's a great price.

👤The shorts were comfortable for riding a bike.

👤The fit and location of the pockets made me very happy. It's perfect for early morning bike rides.

👤The compression shorts have a well placed 4D pad. For my entire bike ride, stay comfortable.

👤The fit is great. I never thought I would like biking shorts.

11. BALEAF Cycling Breathable Excellent Performance

BALEAF Cycling Breathable Excellent Performance

The cycling bib shorts are made of high quality fabric and have a quick dry management. The back mesh fabric is perfect for different body types. 4D Gel Padding The Chamois in the bib shorts gives a good amount of protection around the crotch area. The Perforated layer design keeps you dry and fresh on long road rides. There are four utility pockets. The men's cycling bib shorts have two back pockets and two side pockets that hold your items securely. The reflective stripe is to improve the safety factor. Leg grips that are Silicone. The men's cycling bib shorts will not be too tight with the leg hem holding them in position. Flat seam construction makes it easy to fit. Muliti-Functions The men's cycling bib shorts are made for cyclists who love to ride. It is suitable for all indoor and outdoor cycling activities.

Brand: Baleaf

👤I have been on the road for about 12 years. I have always worn shorts and bibs. Some of my kit is in my tooth. I decided to try some of the less expensive brands from Amazon to save money and because the bibs that I love are not currently available in my size from any retailer. I thought I would give them a try. I rode in them for 1.5 hours today to get a feel for them. They seem to be in line with what I would expect. The height of the suspenders is odd. I'm not tall (6'1") and the straps feel tight on my shoulders. I don't like the fact that the chamois is common with the lower priced shorts. It's not as thick as other inexpensive bike shorts/bibs, but it still feels very thick compared to the top line brands that I am used to wearing. It's very uncomfortable when off the bike. It feels like you have something between your legs. It doesn't go as far up the rear as other shorts. I have to think about how I am aligning myself because of the thickness of the saddle I ride. If I miss, it puts more pressure on my sit bones. The edge of the chamois was very rough. There were parts of the cover fabric that were not aligned correctly when the material was cut, and there were rough edges that were not pleasant to ride. I used a pair of scissors to trim these down. I don't want to have surgery on a new pair of shorts. There is a The large tag is located on a side seam where the fabric is under tension and the tags are pressing against your obliques. It was okay for a short ride. I think it would become annoying on longer rides. I've only been in one of them. I don't think these will last more than a year. There are some loose stiches around the chamios. I'm going to give them a few more rides and will update my review if something changes.

👤The previous version of this product was very good. The value is amazing. It is better than other well known brand names. They held up for 2 years. I came back and bought more. They went with the diaper pad approach. This has never worked. The approach from leading bib short makers is always bigger is better. There is too much fabric between the groin sections. The danger zone is for chaffing. Put on a pair and ride 50 miles. You will see.


What is the best product for baleaf men s 3d padded bike bicycle mtb cycling underwear shorts?

Baleaf men s 3d padded bike bicycle mtb cycling underwear shorts products from Baleaf. In this article about baleaf men s 3d padded bike bicycle mtb cycling underwear shorts you can see why people choose the product. Baleaf and Baleaf are also good brands to look for when you are finding baleaf men s 3d padded bike bicycle mtb cycling underwear shorts.

What are the best brands for baleaf men s 3d padded bike bicycle mtb cycling underwear shorts?

Baleaf, Baleaf and Baleaf are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baleaf men s 3d padded bike bicycle mtb cycling underwear shorts. Find the detail in this article. Baleaf, Baleaf and Baleaf are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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