Real Life

Real life ... 

Our new dog who “reverse sneezes” had a reverse sneezing fit at 4:00am and I never fell back asleep. Search YouTube for reverse sneezing if you have never seen it. We only got her last month and the first time she did it, we thought she was having a seizure.

I battled with a coworker today who refuses to get on board with possible solutions. This has been going on for months. They should require more psychology classes as part of getting a management degree.  

Yesterday in the middle of 5 hours worth of my 2 most dreaded meetings I have to conduct (note to self: don’t schedule these on the same day again) I realized I needed a long weekend. I needed a “mental health” day. I sent the request for the day off and it was promptly approved. I don’t like to dip into my vacation time as I get another bank of hours to use each July 1. But I’m out of that bank of hours and I NEED A DAY. 

It was the only way I powered through those meetings yesterday and stayed productive today with so little sleep. 

My mini todo list for today had an item that was getting 10 emails out of the 68 in my work inbox taken care of.  Nope. Didn’t get to cross it off. 

I need Friday off to collect my thoughts away from work and reset and refresh my brain. I’m not taking it to go do something fun. Introverts Unite! Maybe I’ll go see a movie by myself. It’s one of my favorite things to do.