Update on Apps for Selling Stuff

I listed pair of sunglasses on LetGo and OfferUp earlier in the week. I didn’t get any response on LetGo, but  responses on OfferUp started rolling in immediately. 

I had specifically said in my listing my price was non-negotiable. Yet most responses were inquiries if I would take half of my asking price. One response asked if the sunglasses came with a manual. 

Then there were 5 repsonses of people wanting them at the listing price. But I couldn’t get a single person to confirm a time to meet up and make the exchange. 

Reminder - my local police department has parking spaces with cameras in their parking lot in front of the building for these types of things. 

Eventually I took the listing down from LetGo and OfferUp and put the sunglasses on Mercari. I increased the price to cover my shipping and Mercari’s % take. 

They sold in about 20 minutes and I shipped them today. Thinking I might stick to Mercari for now for easily shippable items.