Why I Love My Apple Watch More Than FitBit

I was an early adopter of the original Fitbit and then most recently the Fitbit Charge HR. Things I loved most about the Fitbit: 1) gentle vibrating alarms to wake up to in the morning and 2) step tracking. I always looked at my sleep data too, but usually those numbers just told me I never got my desired 8+ hours of sleep on weeknights, so I stopped looking. Too depressing. Back in January I noticed Target had a deep discount on the Apple Watch. While I had originally made fun of the Apple watch, with my new job, I really started to see its appeal. So I bought it.

Within about 2 days I was in love.

Why I Love My Apple Watch More than Fitbit:

  1. NO SYNCING to some app!
  2. Easy alarm setting – right from the face of the watch.
  3. Once I learned how to properly use do not disturb – it has the vibrating alarms just like the Fitbit.
  4. My fitbit would often need to be “reset.” No more of that.
  5. Telling Siri to text my husband I’m on my way home from work – all done directly with the watch.  Because usually I forget to do this until I’m already on the road.
  6. Calendar view. Text message view and quick response. Call from the watch.
  7. Did I mention NO SYNCING to an app!
  8. Remote camera button – use your watch to snap a photo with your iPhone. You’d be surprised how useful this is in certain situations *cough cough* group selfie *cough*.

I’ve used the Apple watch a few times on an outdoor run, indoor treadmill run, and a bike ride. The app for this is very easy to use. I haven’t downloaded any other fitness tracking apps as the one that comes with it meets my needs.

Now I know the watch has gotten a bad rap about battery life. But the daily charging hasn’t bothered me. Since I use the watch to wake me up on work days, I put it on the charger about an hour before I go to sleep. It only takes an hour for it to charge enough to get me through the next 24 hours. Or if I forget, I put it on the charger while I’m getting ready in the morning. Pretty simple.

But overall I love that it just simply works. And I love that I don’t have to sync it with anything. I love being able to easily set a timer from the watch face. I love the ability to be doing stuff around the house or the office at work and not miss a message from someone because I don’t have my phone on me. I love being able to quickly check things when I’m in a meeting without having to look at my phone.

Bottom line – the thing just works and so far has been much less fussy and finicky than either Fitbit I’ve had.